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A5 marketing online marketing business transformation indispensable knowledge

if you are a business owner, read here, I want to say is: Shanghai dragon website promotion, is a long-term process, often need a few more, even at.

three: short – and long-term development planning

in many enterprises, an on-line website received the "love Shanghai promotion" call, recommends that companies choose to love Shanghai auction, get a better ranking effect. But: click on a few dollars, but let more enterprises repeatedly complain, some websites or even a month in Shanghai on the bidding cost million.


if you are a person in charge of the enterprise, if your company is really going to the transformation of online marketing, this article will help you take some detours, at least, some will pay less tuition, like any company early start, will pay all fees. Of course, if you really rich, can ignore this article.

what is the natural search? Is not to need to do bidding can also have a ranking of search results, most of the sites are also relying on natural search. Do natural search technology called "Shanghai dragon optimization", or "website optimization". The subdivision is divided into "Keywords: outsourcing", and create a similar A5 marketing in the 2010 "Shanghai dragon diagnostic services".

two: ranking can also be a natural search

in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis clients, a responsible person said: "the boss does not know Shanghai dragon, a target crazy, not ah, can you help me to tell the boss?" in fact, the key problem is the boss really do not understand Shanghai dragon.

: a rational choice of love Shanghai

I want to say is: the fundamental reason is the promotion of Shanghai red choose love: selective mistakes, not all of the products of the word and click conversion rate is equal, not all people click into is a "desire to buy". But this time, some suggestions for "love Shanghai bidding optimization company to bid word planning analysis, though it will take a little money to buy the service, but it is far lower than the consumption price. Of course, you can also search for "love Shanghai love Shanghai bidding optimization" with a lot of knowledge to learn.

for outsourcing enterprises only need to spend money to solve, is equivalent to the decoration of the house, only need to spend money not to worry about.

for Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, for example is said to go to the hospital the patient, do not need to buy medicine directly to the hospital, the hospital opened a prescription, patients can go to it. On the website of speaking is: enterprises have their own website team.

both choose which is more suitable for outsourcing? Keywords: belong to long-term pay, while Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis, belongs to a one-time payment, in accordance with the implementation of technology transfer, will be long-term stable ranking.

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Don’t be blinded by the user first appearance of Shanghai dragon eyes

in fact, when we calm down, carefully pondering in website optimization, the relationship between work and search engines do we need, you will find that Shanghai dragon is not only in the "care" of the search engine if you feel that too much focus on how to take into account even a flicker of search engine, then I believe that in the "5· you will be on tenterhooks 20" event, continuous speculation love Shanghai in the end of the station you took what measures, in fact, this reaction originally should not be our appearance. See the essence through the appearance, we need to return to the understanding of the nature of Shanghai dragon, understand user occupied in website optimization position, and adjust the relationship between the coordinate user and search engine, let Shanghai dragon return to a normal track.

experienced a recent love Shanghai "5· 20" event, let many webmaster and Shanghai dragon ER occurs many regrets, two days ago I talked about some A5 in Shanghai dragon behind the problem from this incident, in fact, this is not the first love events in Shanghai, but still in the webmaster circle cause a great disturbance, a reflection is the webmaster and occupation optimization workers to pay special attention to the love of Shanghai, on the other hand, but also reflect the lack of some webmaster and Shanghai dragon ER in the presence of the mentality and Thinking on engaged in optimization work, to a certain extent, thought to be "abducted" search engine many appearances blindfolded.

first, the search engine is working for the users "wage earners". In the eyes of many web site optimization, time to search engine attitude is the focus of the work of the day, it is made a mistake have the order reversed. You know, it was originally positioned as a search engine for users to work "wage earners". His work is to serve the users of that website users to find relevant information need and interested in them, so is the search engine in time regardless of preferences and attitudes of users, constantly to match, the user can search for it to produce the effect of identity, then the existence and further development may, therefore, in the standard search engine is developed based on respect for users, constantly grasp of user preferences and needs of the.

second, behind the standards of search engine is reflected in the user’s preferences. In order to make search results to get user acceptance, the search engine needs to do is continuously according to user feedback, according to the analysis of user access on the search page and time data, understand the preferences and customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, it is fully that the standards of search engine is a manifestation of user preferences and good the user experience. In order to get the favour of search engine, the most important is to let the website to obtain the user’s recognition and love, so that they can easily access on the web, find the information and data they need, also let a website to attract and retain users, this is undoubtedly the web search engine.

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Discussion on profit making model of dating websites

free is the most expensive. In the Internet community, this sentence has been constantly confirmed. QQ and Baidu are free for users, and then earn money through value-added services. Free is the best profit model, dating sites apply this model, it will certainly be a great success. Unfortunately, so far there is no free online dating site (fair market, 58 city in 2007 before the free dating section), as for the reasons for this is not discussed here, the following explore the profit making model of dating sites.

selling membership data

this is the most common and direct profit model for dating sites. The purpose of making friends is to establish contact with others through the website, and to get the contact form of the other party is the most direct demand. The website gains profit by selling the contact form of the member.

usually sets two modes:

is a member of recharge per view a member contact, on certain points deduction (recharge in the station into integration, different integration sites of different names, such as the "red" gold ");

second is a member to recharge certain amount to become VIP members, VIP members can check all members of the contact, and no longer deduct points.

Some members of the

website to see photos and diaries also need to consume a certain amount of points, this model allows users to experience a decline, so the use rate is relatively low, however, the nature of the Witkey dating site using this model better, this will be mentioned.

value-added services,

common value-added services: letters, online chat, send virtual gifts, membership service, accurate recommendation, artificial identity authentication, video services, space dress, View album diary, others view other location, view other registered landing time, issuing special signs, signs and other honorary right.

model is the most prominent Jiayuan members write, read the letter stamp, stamp to buy.

video dating sites typically use virtual gifts for profit models such as YY, 9158, and six rooms, as well as traditional dating sites. The money to buy virtual gifts is the profit of the website.

marriage website and some high-end users dating network, using accurate membership recommendation and manual service model. After the member pays the money, may through the station, the station outside mail way receives the website recommendation member’s information, or directly enjoys the website customer service, the artificial recommendation service.

some websites allow users to provide chat, answering, tutoring and other services on the site, in order to ensure the security of transactions, the website will on sale service member certification, certification service charge, one of this cost is also the site of the profit mode.

ad site for sale

selling fixed advertising bits is also a common way of website revenue. This model >

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My and my safe site story


network is colorful, here we can do whatever they want, but there is not some people remain in a proper sphere to destroy our data and computer, for these people we have come up with their own technology to fight back, but as a student, what can we do? After a few days and nights of repeated what I decided I used the technology to attract some technology, people have a sense of justice to organize a group of network security, restless people back, and those who do not know how to protect the network.

May 15, 2007, a foreign registration host inside my space, although it is free, but I feel this should save a little money, it is difficult to start, I in the secure site, the security community for my friends, so after 10 days, my membership registration up to 60, in the evening of May 27, 2007, at the same time, there are more than 40 people online at the same time, it makes me happy and worry, happy in my initial success, reached my expectation, but there is a disadvantage, because the foreign server is free in the head and the bottom point station has his server advertising. But only the northern southern Telecom Netcom users can access, no access at all, the server plus speed is not ideal, so I plan to buy a website space.

like every webmaster, money is indeed a problem, from my parents, because they are the older generation of new things can not accept, so my attitude is not supported, but these did not break my purchase space to establish the goals of the site, I told my classmates each borrow total borrowed more than 500 in June 9, 2007, I took my borrowed money to buy the first space, the site of the data are moved over, so you can rest assured.


server due to hardware problems but good times don’t last long, my station data almost nothing, that I cried, despite the fact that men do not cry easily, but looked at the results of their own so lost, I can’t find a place to cry, in the group of all team members are asking me how network station and I really don’t want to tell them the bad news, but sooner or later have to face, long story short, I released the information, a message sent to all the people for the two day, all the people without enthusiasm, have a partner, we will not go across the snow. We will not close the [H.S.S.T] because of this, big deal all over again.

He said

group and boiling, with their attention, so we [Ao technology group] network security in June 27, 2007 once again open and organized a "Anti Japanese" activities, July 1, 2007 officially held, through this activity let in accepted us, let us more friends, so after 4 months, I contacted GG, then in September I was in contact with the mother of Ali, and registered in September 21st, through the audit, and I registered a new site Wangzhuan when I spread inside Ali mother >

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Ma Yun winter on suspected recuperate wllp

these days Ma’s "winter" get jittery, I also speak for the ride. I think Ma Yun’s theory of winter can be understood from three angles:

is an internal warning, crisis management and rehabilitation.

Meng Zi said, "he who was born in misery died in peace.". Ma Yun personally experienced the first winter of the Internet, learn the first winter lessons, may also have a lingering fear. In order to better nip in the bud, Ma needs to remind employees when the situation is not very good and prepare for the "winter".

Ma Yun once said "I have seen in the African desert elephants and lions starve to death, but has not seen starving ants", although he said that more is to listen to the customers of small and medium-sized enterprises, and Ma Yun will be more willing to Alibaba to ants instead of elephants, but the Alibaba is the elephant, this is an indisputable fact therefore, once the situation worse, the first to suffer are the elephant. This, I believe that Ma is very clear, so it is necessary to play a precautionary approach, closed the door to practice internal strength.

prevention is also a lot of small and medium-sized customers playing. Remind them to control risk.

"winter is not terrible! We are not ready! Terrible is that we do not know how long, it is cold! Equality before the opportunity, but the disaster is equal! Who prepare more fully, who have more chance to survive."

two is a smoke bomb for competitors.

Ma smarter than everybody, "he may not high wall grain" the old do not know, but in fact he did. "Last year, the grasp of the financing opportunities for listing, and let us have about two billion dollars in cash reserves for the winter.". At the beginning of the group, the strategy of "digging a deep hole, accumulating grain, doing well and not being big" began to be firmly implemented in various subsidiaries." The Alibaba has already saved $about 2000000000 in cash for itself. The holes have been dug deep enough and enough have been saved.

refers to the phrase "starve the African desert only elephants and lions without ants", Alibaba customer service to the tens of thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises, although the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis triggered a global recession, although the China Olympic year although Fujian coastal Zhejiang dogged by bad luck, many small and medium-sized enterprises very careful, but we should believe that there may be a number of small and medium enterprises so drained, but there will be another batch of more adapt to the market of small and medium-sized enterprises, expand new birth. Because SMEs can not fall, the government does not allow them to fall. The stock market is a barometer of the economy Chinese said it is nonsense, the development of tens of thousands of the growth of small and medium enterprises, is a barometer of future economic Chinese. You see, the $about 2000000000 prepared by Ma Ma does not happen to come in handy? When the crisis comes to see the truth, I believe that after the trials and hardships of this wind and rain, Alibaba turnover may rise in a straight line.

so, Ma’s winter is about a little smoke bomb

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How to communicate with customers more easily

at present, many young people want to start a business of their own shop, but the shop will have to meet the customer door, how easy to communicate with customers? Let’s find out,

tips: easier to communicate with customers several words

1, special induction method

example: "Miss, you are very lucky, in order to thank the consumer / company anniversary, we × × × the product is in the concessions, I would like to introduce you to?"

2, positive induction method: determine the advantages of the product (highlighting new, etc.)

example: "Miss, you really have a good taste, the × × is our best selling, last month sold out, just purchase the latest / this year, both in terms of environmental protection, and other styles are better than similar products, but also to create a variety of art forms of"

3, praise induction: sure the customer’s advantage

: "this is your child, really cute, little friend, how old?"

"Miss, your hair is very beautiful, where to do ah?" (caution)

4, self deprecating curiosity

: "Miss, Zha a look, it is not as if we feel that our products with other products no difference ah, the price seems to be higher than they do? Let me give you a brief introduction ^_^

personal tips:

if you feel close to the customer when still feel nervous, so you can pretend to side a clever tally, using one of the above operation is better then accidentally.

is the first shop to greet customers off to do business, but many owners do not pay attention to the guests when speaking skills, one or two wrong customers annoyed that nature can not do good business, so, want a friend, from how to more easily learn to communicate with customers!

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Real life experiences help guide you in your early career

entrepreneurship is not a smooth road. Reporters in the interview, some young people want to start a business, their purpose is very simple, that is, in order to earn more money to improve their lives. They see entrepreneurship as a gold rush. Although this is the

LangleySteinert is a continuous entrepreneur, is now the founder and of CEO. He has experienced a number of entrepreneurship, but also very aware of entrepreneurship in addition to the passion is commendable, entrepreneurs must step into the wilderness before this, you need to consider a few things. LangleySteinert shared 4 real life experiences to help early entrepreneurs.


LangleySteinert in the first to create the and another company had failed in other people’s money, he made product manager at the Lotus Research Center, in which he has personally developed software experience. At that time, he had just graduated from business school, and many of his classmates went to Goldman Sachs and McKinsey to earn a lot of money. LangleySteinert is engaged in this rather modest job, and the salary is equivalent to the product manager assistant.

LangleySteinert believes that he will make mistakes in the entrepreneurial path, but he suggested that the best way to learn from the experience of other people’s money. LangleySteinert believes his experience in Lotus helped him form the point of view of Create Company.

2, enterprise must have the correct />

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Big mouth – how much is Hot and Sour Rice Noodles joining fee business

mouth to eat the Quartet, we have such a long time ago, of course, now the big mouth hot and sour powder is to make the world to eat people to eat. Hot and Sour Rice Noodles is a delicacy snack market is very popular, more Hot and Sour Rice Noodles various brands on the market, big mouth Hot and Sour Rice Noodles in Sichuan area is more authentic Hot and Sour Rice Noodles chain stores, although the operation time is short, but the development speed is fast. Now many investors are interested in joining the big mouth hot and sour powder. So big mouth hot and sour powder join fee how much? The following for you to introduce.

big mouth hot and sour powder join fee is how much?

big mouth hot and sour powder join fee how many money? At present, the investment to open a big mouth hot and sour powder needs 20-50 million start-up capital. Big mouth Hot and Sour Rice Noodles is pure natural health delicacy, has the secret recipe, delicious spicy Hot and Sour Soup bottom is the use of pig boiled soup, rich flavor and rich in calcium, has high nutritional value. Big mouth of the same type of business Hot and Sour Rice Noodles delicacy is rich, not only Hot and Sour Rice Noodles, and there are other features of noodle, popular in the market. Investors join big mouth hot and sour powder naturally more competitive.

now joined the big mouth Hot and Sour Rice Noodles investors not only need to meet the capital requirements, but also need to meet other requirements, franchisees need to agree the big mouth Hot and Sour Rice Noodles business philosophy, management training can accept the headquarters, and consciously safeguard the big mouth Hot and Sour Rice Noodles brand image etc..

after the above introduction, I believe we have a large mouth hot and sour powder to join the question of how much money have the answer. Join the big mouth Hot and Sour Rice Noodles investors need to have a certain economic base, including the initial investment of equipment and facilities in the shop after the successful preparation, you can enjoy the long-term benefits, only need a few months time can quickly recover the cost to create revenue.

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Snack characteristics recommended brand

now do what business risk is relatively small, what business to make more money, what business is more interesting. Xiao Bian also think it is a snack. Appetite is one of the human desires that people can not resist, and most people can not resist the temptation of food. The food and beverage market is the most delicious food. So now what snacks more money, make money snacks big recommendation. Now, no matter where the food is like a lot of friends, and now investors also attach great importance to this, are looking for a good snack items, the following Xiaobian recommend for you.

Beijing Noodles with Soy Bean Paste

Beijing Noodles with Soy Bean Paste is undoubtedly Beijing headed meal. Summer special snack Noodles with Soy Bean Paste, both convenient and appetizing. Until now, Beijing alley tenements, you can still see this scene, neighbourhood in the mouth to eat together in a heap, holding a bowl of Noodles with Soy Bean Paste, bowl put a crisp cucumber, in the yard or doorway a squat, eat two Noodles with Soy Bean Paste, a bite of cucumber, do not delay the chat don’t delay, play chess.

pancake fruit

pancake fruit for breakfast is more convenient, in recent years began to popular in northern cities. Become a member of the domestic snack. Pancake fruit is one of the snacks to join Beijing.

Korean crispy BBQ

unique is the first pig, sheep and cattle, chicken meat string and a variety of vegetables and fruits placed by dozens of spices marinated tasty and then roasted, baked brush on the secret sauce fragrance, the golden color of the baked food, meat tender, crisp and refreshing, can adjust the seven eloquence that generates perfume. More than 10000 kinds of food flavor, baked, like "fish sauce", "crisp rice ribs, crispy fruit and vegetable" and other dozens of barbecue, eat after stunning.

Mongolia barbecue

The authentic flavor of the

horseback nation is baked. You went to Mongolia, drink tea, pass hands took the hospitality of the Wrangler hands hada! Waiting for you around the campfire, enjoying the breeze slowly grassland sent smell of barbecue, you will certainly think of "the wind blows the grass see cattle and sheep".

baked potato

have you had this kind of wild flavor of roast potatoes? Roast potatoes should be out in the dregs of the earth Clay oven rolls prevails when the order, but this type of Chinese, soil dregs pizza is rare, but is popular up roast potatoes, in each snack bar almost all baked potatoes figure.

fish meal

South Street, the most attractive is the delicious meal and fish meal soup! Taste original seafood fish meal, fish meal, fish meal pepper, fried cake.

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You make money to join EMU Lang Tofu pudding wealth


Tofu pudding Lang wealth train? The investment cost is small, but the profit is very considerable. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the EMU Lang wealth Tofu pudding project, is a very profitable choice. Tofu pudding Lang wealth EMU join, rich business project!

Tofu pudding Lang wealth EMU join, liquidity management, flexible and efficient, train the initiative Tofu pudding Lang wealth streets, street selling high streets and back lanes, along the street, money, wealth Tofu pudding greatly improves the operation of EMU Lang offensive, which is convenient, and make money, is the so-called "mind how big the stage is as big road. You can earn money how far! Function change, taste change, covers an area of 1 square meters, earn million


EMU Lang Tofu pudding wealth investment, create a revolutionary, revolutionary achievement. Designed for the lack of facade, lack of funds to create entrepreneurs to seize the absolute advantage of the blank catering market. The monopoly of hand, fresh grinding Soybean Milk, Tofu pudding sucking ribs, tea drinks, special incense tofu, amaranth juice Stinky tofu series of classic delicious. Small investment, easy to operate, strong liquidity, make money.

has a distinctive snack brand is a very good choice to join. In fact, the choice of business to join the EMU Lang Tofu pudding wealth project, is a very good choice. If you are also very exciting. So, hurry up! Come and join us, let’s work together to create wealth!