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Microsoft released their version of Bing search engine


Bing for Schools will be officially launched later this year, so today Microsoft stressed that the company is still in the first edition of Bing for Schools will determine which function. Microsoft will be free to participate in this spontaneous plan schools and school districts to provide this kind of search engine. Bing behavioral scientist Matt · Warrior Te (Matt Wallaert) said: "we believe that through this plan we will be able to create the best possible search experience for children."

) Sina

Bing for Schools will also bind many short courses, teachers and staff can use these programs to teach and search and Common basic Core digital literacy. Common Core called Common Core State Standards, "the common core state standards in education", is a common standard used by the American education system.

technology news Beijing time on June 25th morning news, Microsoft on Monday released their version of Bing search engine (Bing) Bing for Schools, the target user is a student in the United states.

the student version of Bing search engine suitable for kindergarten children to high school students, this version removes all the ads, because Microsoft believes that the school is "learning rather than sales places". In addition, Bing adult content filtering function in afeSearch will be in accordance with the most stringent set of automatic configuration, and modify the student cannot change back to the original settings. Microsoft also said that the Bing for privacy protection function Schools will have some other enhanced, but the function has not yet been finalized.

industry pointed out that from the international view, Google for its engaged in the education sector in the work and reputation, so Microsoft also want to show a similar spirit of benevolence is not surprising. The students in the classroom using software and web sites often in their graduation is a custom method to find the information, so Bing for Schools can also be seen as an investment in the future. Bing search engine from Google search engine is still a long way to go to catch up with, but for Microsoft, the launch of the Bing for Schools is another one of the measures taken to win the public attention. (Tang Feng

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Today no rice break through the limitations of single page station also can be detonated flow

don’t limit and make the key word to do index, small index keyword can do the same for thousands of traffic. Analysis of the website I found here, this website love love Shanghai station show included six pages, actually only three pages, but every day from the sea to flow through love love station analysis, traffic in about four thousand to five thousand, and there are other search engines, and other traffic sources.

This flow is the most accurate ratio of



you don’t just put the eyes on high traffic keywords, keyword small as promising. Don’t just rely on the acquisition, one will easily fall collection software is just lazy, auxiliary. And not to use one hundred percent in all sites. Many people want to use the acquisition, millions of data acquisition for high flow, then? Is K off, and the input and output is not equal. Some accurate than choice of small flow keywords to do some single page website.

domain name registered just a few days, Shanghai dragon’s performance is not very good, because I did not do not promote the chain. Why did I choose wangpansousuo. The domain name com, this is the first one of the four pieces of domain name; secondly he is a precise keyword again; itself some natural flow though not much. SkyDrive search index is the key to love Shanghai nearly one thousand, as long as this keyword this website cost on the back, and certainly have profit.

today without copyright: 贵族宝贝jinriwumi贵族宝贝

ip/PV high, production site is also very simple to use, noble baby custom search. The following is my imitation of the two days of data, how you can see for yourself.




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Can not guarantee the optimization effect of Shanghai Longfeng company

I have already mentioned more than once, every site facing the situation is not the same, we want to develop an appropriate strategy according to the actual situation of Shanghai dragon website, rather than a "have been made applicable everywhere" Shanghai dragon strategy, because of this the policy does not exist. >

Shanghai dragon training institutions and network optimization company of Shanghai dragon love is a myth, the Shanghai dragon training institutions website information.

search engine algorithm change more quickly, no company can fully grasp the change of Shanghai dragon search engine algorithm, even a lot of Shanghai dragon company don’t grasp the trend of search engine, the so-called "can guarantee the" Shanghai dragon is groundless statement.

personalized search resultsWhen

last year, similar publicity or more publicity over now when love Shanghai search more rare. Don’t know what is love Shanghai for this kind of company website drop right or the company to make money out of business. However, there are still a lot of Shanghai dragon training institutions and network optimization company still has many similar publicity. In fact, this propaganda is not only to attract a lot of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners more attention, so many companies entered a misunderstanding of the Shanghai dragon. I have said before, Shanghai dragon is really not so


1, search engine algorithm has been changing in

3, each site is different

some publicity invalid charge network optimization company is usually a lie, because no one can guarantee the results of Shanghai dragon. I want to love in addition to Shanghai, there should not be any other optimization company can guarantee your site optimization to love Shanghai home and will not fall off. In recent years, many enterprises that through Shanghai Longfeng can save marketing expenses, so confident to recruit some Shanghai dragon ER optimized for the company, but for a period of time may be two or three months later did not find Shanghai Longfeng benefits, many companies began to lose confidence in the Shanghai dragon. I have said before, Shanghai dragon is a long process, it is not three days can do, not do a thing for three years. So, this also caused many companies do not trust the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon or that there is no effect.

here I want to say, really no one person or one company can guarantee the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng effect. The reason that we can be summed up as the following:

SERP has gradually to change without standards, if only to keywords ranking to assess the effect of Shanghai dragon is undesirable. Since the main evaluation points of SERP is not Shanghai dragon, then the so-called "love Shanghai home payment" Shanghai dragon company, did not understand the role of Shanghai dragon.


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He Tao eight key elements of the Taobao optimization


core Taobao shop optimization summed up eight points: under the frame of time window is recommended, the popular baby, store credit, search options, set sales, keyword matching, join disappear then I step by step analysis.

website optimization friends will always focus on the search engine, in fact, with the development of network. A new land has been taken, it seems to me that piece of treasure is Taobao optimization. I will also want to use after all certainly will search is the same in some ways sometimes, for we have the website optimization basis for people to be very simple. I recognized this point of view, through He Tao’s summary: whether it is a piece of their ultimate goal is to search for their user experience



in last year when I was in the Taobao store operation has not been considered so deep, through further data mining and operation. The popular baby will be a major factor affecting our Taobao ranking.

for the shelf time why so important, I have done the survey data. From the data we can see the "Taobao" optimization of the statistics and analysis of data you can look at the table under this article, this form is what I do when the second half of last year. There are data statistics but also particularly mentioned remaining time baby.

user experience? May be a little empty for many friends. Do optimization is this statement, Taobao is saying this is often easier said than done. After all, there are too many things to consider, including our shop decoration. But today he Tao is not to tell you truth, I want to through my reference up to Taobao optimization ideas for everyone to understand summary.

from Taobao’s point of view I personally think so, because we have to take into account the user experience, after all, Taobao inside or buying and selling as much. Imagine, if we buy things inside, what kind of things will be cheaper? What consumers most want to buy? In fact, that is the discount and clearance. If a baby recommended time to, is not to represent the shelf. It is closed to sell? This time Taobao will soon put off the shelf products in front of the position is not difficult to understand.

on the window I most want to say a word: please cherish that few of the kitchen window. There is a small trick: do you all in the kitchen window we recommend in the choice of products to the attention of the time, there may be our stores Zhendian treasure, only the only product in our home. Then I can be the price is relatively cheap, relatively high cost of products. Because we have to take into account, we may store on a few pieces of this product can bring a good part of sales.

popular baby

time frame

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Taobao share sh419 know guest Wangzhuan practiceIPO is delayed until the end of next year or oversea

ants Kim said, the company has not yet made the IPO schedule, nor make any decision on where to go public. At the same time, the ants are currently busy expanding through trading in overseas markets. In March this year, the ants joined the Alibaba group of India technology company Paytm’s electricity supplier sector investment of $177 million, to obtain the controlling stake in the business. Ant gold suit and Alibaba group have injected more than $500 million into Paytm. In addition, the ants also spent $200 million on Kakao Pay, a financial services provider for instant messaging in Korea, and announced last month that it would spend 1> on Kakao

saw Dai Renguang today: using the prospective SEO done through Taobao off the post, I think I can write the content, and is combined with the successful case of their own to share, is not very successful, but it does have effect, and to just do a Taobao customers to promote new people that is also a useful method, as the saying goes: the master door, rely on individual practice. Everyone especially Amoy new don’t think that this can be lucrative, in fact the operation is more important than method comes.


Dai Renguang wrote this blog, the use of SEO, in the network marketing promotion this section is not discuss SEO, but SEO in network marketing promotion but also plays a very important role. Amoy promotion, I would like to say, "Amoy marketing", this is not a new term, after all, is already known to every family in the guest Wangzhuan, at least do network people know, and many people realize the dream through guest wangzhuan. Amoy new, may not know what is SEO, but Never mind, in the network marketing here, if not SEO, can achieve the same guest Wangzhuan dream, Dai Renguang said: using the prospective guest to do marketing, what is forward-looking, in network marketing on the prospective, I can’t make a formal written interpretation but, to quote Dai Renguang for example we can better understand, for example, today is February 8th, and in March 8th, there will be a Lakers and rockets, then have a keyword "the March 8th VS rocket" in March 8th after becoming quite popular, but the key word in February 8th when that is almost not competitive, so you can easily put the key on. After you rank, when you arrive in March 8th, you get a lot of opportunities to show off."

Dai Renguang’s prospective customers to promote Taobao, it is worth do research, but we know, do search engine marketing, must use the domain name and space, of course, if you use the forum or blog promotion promotion, the effect is good, but it will involve.

, an investment bank said, because of the need to obtain regulatory approval, and focus on enhancing business, ant gold suit IPO time will be postponed to the end of 2018, or the first half of 2019. "The ants want to be listed overseas, which needs government support. "The company’s initial public offerings plan has been shelved," the investment bank said.

is the parent company China ant gold suit popular mobile payment service alipay. Investment banks have been counting on Ant King to be the star of this year’s initial public offerings. In the last round of financing in April 2016, the valuation of the ants was $60 billion. The valuation is more than double the valuation of the Snapchat parent company, Snap, when it comes to the US listed in March this year.

lawyers and investment banks expect the Chinese government to approve an overseas listing of the ants, but it will take some time. Once the ants have received payment licences, there is no need to consider the problem of listing only on the Chinese mainland stock market. The company may choose to list on the securities market in the United States or Hongkong, China, another investment bank said. The investment bank says the ants will still need 18 to 24 months to go public.

lawyer also said that if the ants want to be listed overseas, they need government approval. "Ant King" is still using the Chinese company’s architecture. Ma Yun micro-blog Alipay spun off from the Alibaba in the group in 2011, set up a gold suit of ants. When the Alibaba group split Alipay has triggered a war between the slobber and major shareholder of YAHOO. Ma Yun had said, Chinese government payment services regulations on third party, means that Alipay must change its ownership structure.

although there are a number of small Chinese payment companies listed overseas, but if the ants want to be listed overseas, you need to get government approval, which is also the current regulatory gray areas.

mentioned here is to do keywords prospective use of search engines, we can also do so wearing a Taobao customer, Sheng said: "blog by Taobao in some major foreseeable events as search engine keyword, here I only do a more specific, some more digging, we can look at for example, a few days ago in the webmaster group, aunt said" X X April seckill seckill ", that is a relatively faithful concern, they hope to understand the recently launched activities such as" seckill seckill, March 10th "in March 9th it must be very popular, so the words and the words will hot up, if you are in February, put the key on it, so that you can get a batch. Door."

Tencent Alibaba – the time for the IPO has been delayed until the end of 2018, according to sources from the investment bank.

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Confused Webmaster persist or give up


website is still half a year, in this year’s harvest is too small to pay too much, the owners of the road to understand only stationmaster income for a year, only second years of space charge is not persist or give up! Hope predecessors to the point, now I also talk about a webmaster story.

really do this line is the last station today to join it, when there was no purchase of this system with other self-help personal network play, has seen many webmaster earning several thousand story is not true, also saw some big success stories such as the Baidu /QQ/51/56, is a sword these affect me, I also will have a fantasy in one fell swoop famous in the Internet, also think at you will have a self network company, now like to really understand that one is so naive, so naive.

2007 11 friends and my brother cousin three per person to buy a 1500 ocean self-help Station system, just put the money in the past when the system to test website for ten days, then was really afraid, but after ten days to finally see their website online, the space fee to send a year to buy their the system, is to use their space, my site I have what permissions really dizzy. A background is only open members use, to modify the site, have to find them, opened FTP caixing.

online for a month without VIP members, free of charge is a lot. The question again, this system can only hold 400 sites, can not only remove some of the line on the website, I am a person every day of their two side canal publicity, forums are do not understand, then I just pull them into enough money, the whole group of people the wrong choice, but I have my computer they don’t understand I put the computer I got here I don’t have to go to Internet cafes, two of them in Guangzhou, my Dongguan.


website launched two months finally someone give me money, income is hope, confidence in there, but the monthly income is too low, but slowly, the days passed, the site and the problems encountered, some TN really irritating, Baidu is my the net station to K, until now there is no solution, I think I used to know why they post too much publicity. That’s not enough. In September the Dongguan branch of Baidu phoned my site to do the promotion, if done to promote my website. I was mad one sentence answer them: This is your "rape" in our webmaster.

my site from the beginning to now only 300 to 500 of the monthly income, sometimes only more than 100, up to more than 800, and now I am working management of my website, I still own a computer, if there is no computer that I didn’t pay enough for Internet access, Internet a bell 3.5 yuan here. In this period also help others to make a business website, it is the source of others do, remember the first site is a business management to help them find me a bilingual website, I promised, I will source for two or three days, then still don’t understand.

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Shandong Longkou initiatives to promote entrepreneurship

now the whole society’s employment problem is more prominent, at the same time in many places are actively promoting people’s business, in the whole society, entrepreneurship has become a new trend.

the city people club Bureau, trade unions and other relevant departments, through project driven, entrepreneurship, training and other measures to promote and carry out the 20 special recruitment will, for the city’s more than 500 enterprises recruitment and employment of more than 6 thousand people.


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Guangxi started construction of migrant workers Park pilot counties

A business that

today’s era, everywhere to create a series of business pilot, many entrepreneurs to provide a good public entrepreneurial environment, at the same time, but also a better interpretation of the theme of such an era of entrepreneurship.

2013 in mid November, Party Secretary of the autonomous region, autonomous region people’s Congress Chairman Peng Qinghua to Tianyang County, migrant workers work to investigate, and asked the local Party committee and government should try boldly, continue to break through the obstacles and restrictions, create better conditions for migrant workers.


It is reported that

, by the autonomous region identified as migrant workers entrepreneurship Park construction pilot counties, the county will acquire autonomous special grant funds 4 million yuan, for migrant workers to strengthen business park infrastructure construction. At the same time, the county migrant workers entrepreneurship Park will also serve as the autonomous region of the first batch of migrant workers entrepreneurship Park project construction is included in the annual performance appraisal, together with other pilot county migrant workers entrepreneurship Park construction project to meet the end of December this year and next August to periodically check the project acceptance of the two assessment. After passing the examination, will receive 1 million yuan subsidy funds incentives.

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2015 college students micro entrepreneurial action results conference held in Beijing

micro business refers to the investment is not high, small and micro business projects, from a tiny step, down-to-earth, step by step to success. For the weak capital of college students, micro entrepreneurship is a good choice.

12 12, 2015, the results of college students micro entrepreneurship Action Conference held at the Centennial Hall of Peking University. A total of 50 won a total of $500 thousand to support the project, and with the financial institutions face to face negotiations. Activities jointly sponsored by the KAB national promotion office and Guangdong GF Securities social welfare foundation, GF Securities Limited by Share Ltd, China Youth newspaper and related colleges and universities Youth League, KAB Venture Club Co.

During the

11 at the beginning of the month, through online voting, expert evaluation, the final at the notary office notarized entire, organizers, group of experts selected the 50 winning projects, the total prize money of 500 thousand recommended

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5 rural entrepreneurship projects supported by the government in 2015

entrepreneurship can be supported by the government, the success rate is greatly improved, the choice of government support for the project investment, the broader prospects. The whole network inventory of 5 2015 government support venture projects in rural areas for you!

1, handmade delicacy

in financial support, migrant workers license complete housing property, equipment, consumer durable goods and intangible assets and securities are registered trademarks, patents as against (quality) collateral for loans to financial institutions. And to explore the transfer of land management rights, commercial forest rights, rural housing, agricultural production houses as collateral for migrant workers entrepreneurship loans.

2, ecological farming

Planting and breeding

the energy foundation as a non-profit organization, is committed to changing the policy environment, the environment and new energy business projects can be more smoothly. But the wages of energy and other aspects are relatively secure. We believe that we have a technical solution to the energy and environmental problems that we face, but with good policies, we can make these solutions work on a large scale and encourage more innovation and technology