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Three points of original content included love Shanghai

: the first standard

third: Shanghai original love can do

this problem, it is difficult to say, simple is not simple. So what is love Shanghai to determine whether the page should be indexed to the database? First of all, there is no doubt the "scarcity" and "timeliness". Why? I have personally tested, I made a small game blog, then published a video blog, submitted to love Shanghai.

second: the love of the original Shanghai

we all know, love is a search engine in Shanghai. The core task is to meet the needs of users, allowing users to find the needed information in the shortest time. This time, he must be considered in this article and the quality of the audience. If your content is very low and the quality is a collection of articles, but also want to see you very user website content. This time you will not have to bear the beloved Shanghai problems included, I think your article will soon be included. Love Shanghai on a web page quality judgment, largely depends on the user’s click (in short, is to vote). So we can understand, love Shanghai really do not care about your article is not original, he cares about is the content of the user who love, who can get good rankings.

of the original judgment included love Shanghai

second days, I found the blog page and content pages are included. The webmaster friends should know that the love of Shanghai have a assessment period of the new station, for the new online website content; even was collected could not immediately be put out. Because my blog video is a popular online video, and there are fewer; it is proved from the side, a standard love Shanghai included: scarcity and timeliness.

me, a blog of my own game. The case is not made, I said, steps and methods I write original articles. The first step, I will first go to mining the long tail keywords, and then to love the sea search. This time I will take the first six pages of this long tail keywords in the search results to open and sort, then I will process this article. I will go to do a few things, I will write in the title on the extension but will contain long tail keywords, a page of text, I will put over the content posted up (the title of the article learn to meet demand, and make the word around). The final test results; those of my long tail keywords ranking is very good, this is true.

about "love Shanghai original" this topic is often mentioned in the relevant posts circulated on the Internet a lot; they say different, but when it comes to this point, in fact, a lot of problems in the Shanghai dragon friends, including my own. From the beginning of June last year, until this year. Love Shanghai, a series of algorithms, has continued to be stationmaster friends and spread the interpretation. Today, I want to say some of the original problem for Shanghai.

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Some small tricks website image optimization set the ALT attribute and text label

?Consistent with

first, speak before we must first look for images, between it and the search engine’s subtle relationship! You know for search engines, it can understand the basic meaning of characters is very good, can identify the picture and picture a simple distinction, but also unable to identify what is the picture in the content, so this time we need to pay attention to the following two points, they can be very good to help search engines to identify, understand, read the picture, then please follow on rhythm, to understand the method of web image optimization.

two, text

in the picture have added the ALT attribute of the tag, we are already well? In fact, this is just the first step of it, in addition to the ALT attribute of the tag.

ALT attribute add we need to pay attention to what can achieve the best effect of image optimization of

After 2, try to use the

Here I have to mention

this is a picture of me in "WeChat’s unique charm attracted me" are posted in the text, then the ALT attribute of the tag and what? Just click the right mouse button to view the source code, and then find the display code that picture of us at a glance, please see below:

So when the

the red arrow is part of the ALT attribute of the tag, presumably form so clear that everyone should understand.

3, should not be too long, in 20 Chinese characters within


alone, and I saw it a few days before the keyword stuffing, please do not for the layout of the keywords and silly to stack keywords, it is not rational behavior.

believes that for the vast majority of owners, should be able to understand the ALT attribute of the tag is what, if there is not the friend Never mind, please look at the picture below:

1, and the main page.

recently had a lot of friends in the QQ asked me how to do this website image optimization problem, this problem has previously asked a friend in the blog, I secretly gave him a little say a little at the time, today is here to write an article, method is simple to introduce the optimization of the site map.

page layout keywords.

in the search engine, you for the ALT attribute special add picture, this picture is for the interpretation of the content. The search engine is what is through the ALT attribute of the tag to determine the picture you speak, so for the website optimization in terms of picture ALT attribute can be said to be a priority among priorities.


, a ALT attribute in

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The interpretation of love Shanghai webmaster community information included the limitation of resou


love Shanghai webmaster community has been quietly on the line yesterday, I also in the resource area "Shanghai dragon advice bar found love Shanghai Shanghai dragon Er simple answers are interested in a topic -" the timeliness of resource collection". Perhaps some Shanghai dragon Er will for this new term feel strange, but I put forward the "fast recorder" (time resources included) you should have for having heard it many times. Gu Jun also then this will be their experience for the interpretation of timeliness included to share resources.

love Shanghai how to judge whether resources are "resources" the timeliness of the latest, three a brief description is given of the love of Shanghai.

certain audience

two, the timeliness of judgment and included

any resource is eventually to users ready. Can a number of audience resources reflect the resources is efficient. Love Shanghai on this point: "the interpretation of the original value number of loyal audience can reflect the website, the audience search engine will reference sites, such as website price >

, a real-time resource source form

what is the high quality resources, the premise must be original, and readable or resources can be used normally. In the love of Shanghai "high quality resources" to explain the even proposed more stringent requirements: text layout is reasonable, easy to read; or less advertising, video clarity; resource download speed. I think the simple pseudo original, in the content with keywords of traditional Shanghai Longfeng creation will be gone for ever. As for the search engine how to identify whether resources meeting these demands, this is not in the bottom, the reader can explore exchanges.

B: high quality

C has

with real-time Internet to improve search engine retrieval, a new thing but can not get to the user, it cannot meet the new demands of customers. Love Shanghai also introduced on the timeliness of the new resources for rapid collection. What time is the latest sources? Forum posts, the latest video, the latest novel or love Shanghai news source of the latest news? Prior to his source forms are limited to this, it is the source and form of love Shanghai are rich, he can be carried under the resource. It is a blog or even classified information, only he has the "efficiency" and "new" can.


A: new resources

for the current Internet plagiarism, pseudo original disaster is a panacea, the original must be added, resources must also be based on the "content" as the foundation of the new resources". And the search engine for the original judgment has also been improved, for now the search for this technology is very easy.


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Webmaster don’t toss your users

we all know why love Shanghai to launch Scindapsus algorithm 2 is the "spark plan" to support the project, or really in order to integrate the entire network environment and open to the user as the user, according to the importance of this? We may not.

in the spark plan, many webmaster in the "soft" the fall over each other to write, what to do. In order to cater to the small spider like chant, they said to respect the original, but most did not look after, the text is really soft, simply "soft" to the extreme. To this kind of soft, not advertising, but fuck too cheating, no content, no quality, no readability. Such as the three products how you let users love, even if you love Shanghai for the original judgment, immediately included, but how, just to increase the number of IP, increase the jump, reduce the conversion. So, if things go on like this, you think that search engines are not from the comprehensive factors to determine whether the value of your site? Then you begin to estimate jiwai, what my website 90% are own original, why is this fate. In a word, four words "you deserve it"! Is a complete waste of time for the user to increase your website IP, what is the use of

as you say, you just write what the contents of the article are three original, so what would the log space, ranking, but also to you do that, why the search engine does not include the contents of the log space, the problem is here, where are the personal thoughts individual mood, essays, no public taste, but the search engine doesn’t get you.

, have been misread the "spark plan"

here you start so hypocritical, social networking sites, Blog websites are not true, is a personal registration station, why included is good ah. I would like to ask you, the article you browse a eight thousand million children, unless it is creative, sympathetic and readable, this is the kingly way. So, webmaster, don’t torture your users, judge misread the search engine for the original article, the bright blind not only her eyes.


two, Scindapsus algorithm 2 virtual reality virtual reality

has recently been too busy to write something, always think things can not write, time is not sufficient, whether it is finished or still inside the ink too little or it is nothing to say. Today in the online search to find a lot of material, news source, but also did not find what I wanted to write, we feel like this kind of webmaster, want to write some creative new things to cater to small spiders, really hard. The Internet does not feel like a bit of thing, really do not know where to write too much, after all we like this kind of webmaster, write every day chewing and tasteless, repeated long winded articles, even false original also conforms to the theme of the content, or to their brains, try hard to cater to the spider and thinking user preferences.

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Website abandonment and traffic haven’t been bigger reasons

site abandoned and traffic did not make big reason

           ;   Yang Tao; QQ:58150586;

has given up several websites over the past year, analyzing the reasons:

one does not like or do not understand content, such as entertainment and health classes.

two is a domain name is not good, with net or domain name is too long, the name does not convey ideas.

three is content and previous sites, some of which can be merged together.

website traffic has not been bigger reason:

one is not insisting on updating.

two is only by Baidu.

three is not original.

four is not propaganda.

five is no investment, and even the pages are reluctant to find someone to design, download the software or on the free space.

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Tagging social networking sites easy to search for analysis

compared with the large-scale social networking site, easy to find a new social networking site is small, easy to find to tag " " social networking site positioning characteristics, believe that this feature can avoid the drawbacks of large social networking sites, the current major social networking site mainly has the following disadvantages:

products complex, long industrial chain

Whether Sina or micro-blog

all network, whether it is MySpace or Facebook, are quasi for large and complete social networking, including games, space, business opportunities, attention, promotion and so on, which also spawned many Internet products, in fact, the actual needs of the majority of the products and not the individual, miscellaneous products also, the optimization over which shelter evil people and countenance evil practices, advertising.

, information overload, reading fatigue,

large social networking sites in the pursuit of large and full, at the same time, the amount of information is bound to surge, especially social networking debris information is exacerbated by this trend. As a result, the loss and fatigue of individual social groups in large social networking sites, and the ability to discriminate information, are greatly reduced.

difference between supply and demand

‘s search for friends and finding information is the two most basic function of social networking sites, but the two basic functions are lost in the sprawling web of large social networking sites. Like-minded, near late, in fact far away. Individual needs, Ling Lang everywhere, in fact, good for nothing.

, a startup entrepreneur, has sought to make it a small, social networking site featuring " and tag ", based on years of observation and thinking about the social networking industry. Easy to find, mainly has the following characteristics:

from point to surface comprehensive social

social networking basic content is based on interpersonal relationships as the main line, to entertainment, information, connections, communication as a branch, forming an integrated, one-stop network of life circle. Easy to find is also true. Originality is easy to homing: " tag " as a social starting point, access to information, and then extended and extended to the network search, recruitment, and entertainment experience and so on, has become a characteristic and a wide range of social networking sites. As a result of the website ", tag ", the user will be faster and more accurate in resource acquisition and entertainment search.


label social fairness

market forces everywhere, social networking sites remain the same. Information publishers demand a large number of fans, and information needs will become fans of different people. Fans who, from first to last less attention, fans, even if there is still information value, No one shows any interest in. With ", tag ", features an easy search for a fair Internet social, so " and tag " have equal influence, and users don’t need less fans

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Website optimization is a long and arduous process

SEO also had a period of time, the website is not handled 10, conducted a number of tests to test, have their own experience for the SEO search engine optimization, today want to talk about the mentality of the main aspects of experience. Website SEO optimization is a very time consuming energy matters, optimize the way, you have nothing but is content, for having heard it many times, the chain, the website structure and so on, these learning is not difficult, the difficulty is the real time problem. Originally confident to optimize the site, but a little longer time, no effect, will spend our confidence, resulting in inertia, the idea of giving up.

SEO is not to say that you do optimization to optimize the site later, the effect will be out of your site keywords ranking will go up, this is basically impossible, SEO optimization is the need for a long time, the search engine to you have a certain level of trust, will give you good rankings.

a website whether new or old station, keywords ranking fluctuate is very normal thing, maybe today is 30 away, tomorrow is likely to be into the home, and tomorrow probably returned to the top 30. For this floating up and down, to some new webmaster have quite a big blow, thus gradually lose confidence, even desperation, choose to use informal means to optimize website cheating type.

website SEO optimization ( using cheating means, not that you cheat, and will be punished immediately. Sometimes, a webmaster or two cheating, reined in, not in the form of cheating, continue to optimize the normal means, but after a while, the website baffling problem, this problem is likely to be used by cheating the dragnet but, do not take chances to try, for long-term interests, must use the regular way, so as to compare insurance.

website SEO optimization in a variety of ways, the need to continue to try, continuous exploration, is the so-called "road through Rome", while learning and practice.


do SEO friends, when you’re tired, feel boring when we must remind ourselves that confidence, confidence! Persevering! Use the lyrics, the sunshine after the rain, please believe that the rainbow. When you are successful, the sense of achievement is beyond words.

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Taobao proxy process is what to open a Taobao shop to see it

Taobao is now very fire, a lot of friends want to do agents on Taobao, so we are more concerned about the process of Taobao proxy. So, what is Taobao proxy process? Do you have any idea? Xiaobian for everyone to sum up the Taobao proxy process, we want to help.


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Magic bubble fish – the whole to join to make money

in our life, hot pot brand to join the project, has been very much. Small entrepreneurial choice to join the hot pot project, no doubt, is very wise, very choice of business opportunities. What magic bubble fish? Brand with new ideas to join the project, always very business opportunities! So, join magic bubble fish, what are you waiting for?

magic bubble fish join? It is domestic bubble fish with strength and prospects, have great value to the project. Magic bubble fish successful design elements will be stylish and traditional characteristics of food products and advanced management philosophy combined to design a Hot pot for its delicious. Magic bubble fish avant-garde and unique decorative style, stylish and elegant dining environment, to ensure that consumers want to come, so as to increase the franchise owner income.

magic bubble fish join? Magic bubble fish delicious, many guests appreciate the delicacy, another is the headquarters for all of the franchisee to provide help and support, to ensure that everyone after joining the project, the project will be true as to develop their own career development, so persevere down, eventually magic bubble fish will become the domestic industry leading brands to join Hot pot. Magic bubble fish is currently in the country has 500 stores, located in national each big city.

highly sought after food franchise projects, the best choice to trust. If you to join magic bubble fish project, is also very exciting. Act up! Come and join us to realize our business opportunities!

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Join in after-school hosting classes to comply with the principle of location – the whole of

with the development of the education industry, the market is now a lot of after-school hosting classes, if you want to start hosting classes, the location of the need to pay attention to what principles? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

investment in the education industry is a good choice, and today, the need for more after-school hosting, professional after-school agencies continue to emerge, how to choose the class after class? And now you want to expand their business, some after the commencement of hosting stores to understand some elements of everyone! Many of the elements in this site link to cause the operator’s attention, then, after the commencement of the franchise to novice managed what is to keep the location rule? Xiaobian detailed analysis to the next.

novice classes after hosting the franchise, before selecting shop location, we must first clear the source where? Then shops location must pay attention to the people around traffic, traffic conditions and the surrounding residents and units, after-school hosting classes to join what location? Contribute to the accumulation of popularity of the lot to attract the attention of the franchisee after school.

novice to know a reason for the popularity of the region is more conducive to the development of the class, how to choose the site? And the new development area of the city, the population of the area residents less Xiling is not suitable for hosting after the commencement of the franchise, although sometimes set up shop in the new area, should pay attention to the problem of students.

now after the start of the custody of the store should also pay attention to the cost of rent, how to choose the class after class? Different geographical conditions, traffic conditions, the store structure of the building, there will be a lot of rent, rent price ratio, through data analysis and analysis.

competition in the education market is becoming more and more fierce, the surrounding environment is constantly changing and developing. How to choose the class after class? For the development of an after-school care franchise, the new site should be selected with commercial development potential. The competitive advantage in the region, after a certain period of time are profitable in to ensure.

the above is about the after-school hosting classes to join the location principle needs attention, hope this to a lot of attention, a clear understanding of these location principles, nature can choose a shop location ideal in a short period of time.