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The quality of the chain like quality assets can double the optimization effect

sites do the importance of the quality of the chain no trivial matter. We often do the chain, such as blog, forum is more popular now, micro-blog is also included, is also good. For the chain forum, looking for high quality outside the chain, we can find the higher the weight of the forum, or the corresponding product forum, etc., should be targeted, such as local station site, can do outside the chain, but 5, at least 4 to ensure effective, there is a failure it is, in short, to be effective, not for quantity and quality, do the chain, you must first understand the quality not quantity. A good quality of the chain, bring your income is far greater than the number of junk chain.

I remember doing a product links, there have been linked to mistakes, do Links outside the chain, then is to read an article, said Links is very important to do as much as possible. At that time mainly do website Links. But in the process of doing, and paid no attention to the other side of the site is K off. So after a lot of thought to complete the Links, causing my site affected, be right down. Overnight, so you are blind. After analysis, it was because of the friends of the chain out of the question. So there is no way, can only remove the other problematic links, and slowly restore love Shanghai right down. After a month of time, the weight of the website to recover. After the incident, summed up, do Links chain, we must pay attention to the website of the other side is right down, is not to be K, after careful investigation, to make Links, be safe. Otherwise, the painful experience will make you even have no chance to cry.

Find the

of the chain has been a technology must master Shanghai dragon staff, said the reason is because the technology, and to find the chain is not so easy. Not to mention made of the high quality of the chain. The same person, do the same to a site outside the chain, at the same site, the chain effect made out are not the same. So, do the high quality the chain is very important, some of the garbage outside the chain, the effect is very small, some can also destroy your website, so we in the chain, also need to be careful, must not be heavy quantity, not quality. As long as the good quality of the chain, only a good method to look for the chain resources, links to resources will you Everfount.

for the blog links, we still recommend to maintain a good blog the most important, so the blog of the weight of your maintenance up, then you send the chain of quality would be relatively improved a lot, it’s your own blog, your voice is more active, not external in other people’s blog chain so passive.

also need to share with you is looking for high quality outside the chain, we can love Shanghai of your product, or is your love Shanghai related websites, they look at the opponent is the chain in what place do, links to the row in front of what type of website, this website to find from competitors the chain, after looking into, you will.

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Paid links is the rapid promotion of good ranking method



so I want to get good rankings, paid links is essential, but the noble baby has banned paid links that will hit, we look at the following information.

This is the

; noble baby?


we first refer to the official version of the noble baby.

does not know where to go.

noble baby long ago launched the report measures, and put into action, then pay does not link with it, the author to analyze, paid links are generally trading by QQ, and a series of complex processes, these search engines are not detected, so we don’t worry about being noble baby you can also see the punishment,

address 贵族宝贝贵族宝贝.hk/ggblog/ webmaster-cn/2009/06/ baby baby noble noble noble baby.Html

贵族宝贝support.贵族宝贝/webmasters/bin/ hl=zh-Hans& answer=66736

website editor Chen Guangzhou Shanghai dragon voluntarily, never knew how to be foreign environment, at least in China, if you not have iron and other webmaster relationship, they will not give links to your site, the author published several articles in the A5, there are a lot of site acquisition, good retention of the name, and text. (I think this ranking effect is not large, most of the name) and remove the site released, we look at the screenshot.


for paid links, while the nobility baby in an official statement, but root >


know there are friends all know of Shanghai dragon, the chain is an important factor affecting the ranking, probably is the most important factor. How to get the high quality of the chain, classified information, blog, forum, forum signature and so commonly used chain means are exhausted, you may have a feeling, why did not rank rise, Guangzhou Shanghai dragon Chen Yong here to answer all the doubts, the anchor text is search engine value chain. It represents a vote of others on your web site, and those above means how much can put the anchor text, now basically a lot of forum, classified information in order to keep the weight loss, basically can not put the anchor text, forum signature known weight is very low, the lowest is blog to raise half a year just have the effect, so want to let the ranking rise fast paid links is the fastest way.

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Station to make money process, hurry, webmaster must be patientWhy does stationmaster business fail

five: the wrong direction, the first business is to make money, this is a big goal, don’t pull the imaginary, who entrepreneurship is to change the world, you go and change, which is the social change in the world so many opportunities and opportunities? Besides, you change the world, the time consumption of affordable? Well, said the amount of representation of a point, you have so much money to support this process? So we must firmly grasp the principle, grasp the idea, don’t say what on tv… Don’t do empty things, do practical things.

to the Internet was exposed in 1997, also heard that the Internet can earn money, but he still don’t know how to make money through the network, and finally in 2007, some basic ways to make money online through a friend’s advice to know, and know the long net, and slowly began to feel a bit have a fever the road of the site. Of course, do not know how to make money to earn some money, regardless of the network location problem, or personal promotion, or a matter of time, on the road to the station for nearly a year, I also with all the webmaster, hard to walk! Sleep less, red eyes, even thinner. Although, did not make any money, but still in constancy kuzhongzuole, narcissism.

Why did


six: no money, just do things. I >

two: excessive demands, such as a team manager, he quit, to form a team to start, he wished everyone quit to accompany his business, this is not nonsense? Not many people will in future and with no reality whatever is not very practical good to give up their stable work and life, you’re not Jobs, what requires people to accompany you to change the world?

Although the

is the late summer of 2007, neighbors guide I started Wangzhuan road "culprit" to find me, and I talked about some of the things I was building the network, in the company is also responsible for the company’s website, which also has a point of interest, and know a lot of knowledge from him: CMS, SEO shlf1314 Adsense, union, etc., really convince me is the income he showed me his advertising every day! And a day is ten pieces or even dozens of pieces, but the real dollars! In addition to the network advertisement, he seems to have other sites to make money by charging a commission every day, there are one hundred or two hundred yuan income! Counted his day’s income is much higher than me a month’s wages! How can not let people like him? Life is my ideal life: you can not go to work, and Every day there are income, and can meet the needs of life and even there are savings! So I can free, take time in less than one year old to take care of my son, if there is time, you can also engage in my favorite photography

webmaster fail?


three: management of lazy, here also talked about management of this problem, a team, management is very important, here is a story: "a flock of sheep a sheep led by a lion and a lion team leadership team. As a result, a team of lions led by a team of goats is stronger than a team of lions headed by a sheep." This is the management of things to do for others, Yaowuheliu is what

okay, in shlf1314 strict >

because he has a server, free to provide me the space website, and because I love photography, photography from the first start! Do digital photography website! Perhaps the digital photography website I have features, or my poor promotion, sh419 hundred has been bad, the flow also has not been in addition to search! "Digital photography website" is still ranked in front of sh419, "according to the input digital photography" can’t find my station! Most of the time one day is more than 100 IP, even now only a few IP, the server was attacked because he, later may be expired, but I believe enthusiasm have been unbelievable high, please yourself through the stationmaster net rented a virtual host to continue to adhere to, has also been the sh419 K, but later included! Though, but Flow less! Except that the domain name is pretty good, I to the station did not hold what confidence, but still insist! Some say persevering! I do not know that the status quo of the stick, or to continue to find a better way of

website! !

four: punishment is uneven, a team must have done well and do not good, I have seen a lot of good management, do not praise, do not criticize the poor, not what the whole team management system, what you see from the unconscious, that is actually punishment fee! The system is more important in a team, do things and not do things that are treated like we are not doing things…

Remember that ?


webmaster fail

to tell you the truth, Hu Xiaoyi is not the record industry, but in the webmaster of this circle so long, some people desperately want to start, some people desperately planning business, some successful, some failed, this is a normal thing, I also joined the team, I sort out something from it. Share:


Why did

: a thought too much, once see this article in the home owners: "poineering company is destroyed by the new idea to be constant?", is really very reasonable, we Adsense it, there may be no good resources, there may be no good, but some people see others do we have a forum! Others do portal, we also do a single page station! Others do, hey this money, we get a final! Toss toss to toss out time…

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How to optimize the site links Shanghai Longfeng depth

due to the weight of the website, the PR value is transitive, we can understand the positive transfer weight or PR, namely, PR home page weight is passed to a page to two pages to three pages that have been ordered to pass on. But in fact there are reverse transfer or reverse transfer. This article is from the page, turn the weight transfer to the home page of PR. Then, with the weight of the inside pages of the first page of the weight will be promoted.

increased the weight of the inside pages:

Maintenance External links

This is the best understanding of Although the link between The increase of

suggests that we in the construction of the website links, all links have carried out a series of web pages within the site within the page with each other.

is also very good understanding, is between the internal site page link. Such as: B website C B web page links to D pages.

no matter in our external links construction in depth, is the site of the internal links depth construction must have a "degree", and the degree of how to grasp, then I (Wang Xiaobao: "dignity" this thing someone should mention to) we need comprehensive search engine and user >

enhance the user experience:

, the depth is the website of the internal links to pages, but if the internal links reach a certain number and this number is the time of quality, then the weights will be within the site page there is a great improvement in the ranking, the attendant is the internal page search in the search engine results upgrade. Sometimes we may find a site inside pages in a particular keyword, the search engine ranking will be much higher than the home page, link depth is likely this page "quantity" and "quality" caused by.

, depth of links established and not say where, after they will take care of him. Or on a regular basis to view maintenance link depth.

internal link depth:


web pages through internal link depth implementation, makes the relevant points "page to maximize the display to visitors between the pages and pages, which will undoubtedly increase the visitors to the site experience.

home page weight:

Shanghai Longfeng link depth have degree and value:

web page links between the internal depth of strengthening, the user experience, so it is rising, site traffic PV.

website PV:

Shanghai Longfeng link depth function:

today Hangzhou Shanghai dragon Xiaobian teach you in the process of Shanghai dragon link depth, we first need to understand the classification of Shanghai dragon link depth:

Shanghai Longfeng link depth:

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2013 new examples of analytical algorithm of the site is down right reason

Links itself can be beneficial to the website ranking, but because the webmaster has become increasingly busy, often to detect Links site omissions, often because of Links site right down, involved in their own website right down.

is Links website implicated


blindly rely on the old site transfer weight

new year just after the webmaster is still in a happy new year, on the site’s attention declined obviously, only to find work after the query site, new year is not worth, website operation situation worsened, many high weight site are subject to varying degrees of right down in February. Love Shanghai algorithm kept updated in the new algorithm under the site, in order to survive must meet the provisions of the algorithm, the reason for everyone to talk about the new algorithm under the web site is down right.



the garbage chain foul of the new algorithm

love Shanghai launched the website tools, many webmaster started wanton revision to the website, meet your site being punished, again for a new domain name directly copy program, a new site from the new, with 301 steering and love Shanghai revision tools, 301 jump is the only recognized Shanghai love can turn to transfer the weight the new website can transfer the old station weight, but many owners expect the weight of the old station, the weight of new sites within a short period of time can get a new station, included the number are also transferred to the new station, also received a corresponding keyword ranking, but did not add optimization factors to the new station, railway station, the chain number is less the poor, even for this site because the old station weight transfer, love Shanghai will be mistaken for a optimization, and set the chain completely proportional, Coupled with the new station during operation, it is vulnerable to love Shanghai in the review period, Shanghai was love right down is normal things. The weights of the old station to station transfer is limited, for a new domain name is new, we must optimize the Shanghai dragon to the railway station, so as to more long-term survival in the search engine. The following is by old site weight transfer is right down the website:

fell in love with the sea line of the new Scindapsus algorithm, in the new year to the webmaster sent a gift, but also let some of the long chain of people eat junk cold-shoulder treatment, clearly pointed out that in order to protect the real algorithm diligently do station, to crack down on the chain of garbage station. In the forum everywhere owners complain about affect the algorithm, buy links to spend money, but also was algorithm punishment, really lose the wife of another soldier! Here is the large-scale fluctuations from love Shanghai tools query website chain, which for the website is very large, originally on the link to the website started to disappear overnight, love Shanghai, here to remind everyone to survive long not to be right down in love in Shanghai, the chain of garbage or do not appear in the website.

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Q O2O (two) the entrance will be the final form of the entrance of O2O

this is the choice of O2O series second, this series from the O2O loop began to talk, the articles published after a heated discussion, no matter my analysis is in place, if we can be inspired from the point of view, this is the most I want.

extended reading:After the outbreak of

in the mobile Internet, before it had limitation because of the communication industries have emerged, especially the large scale intelligent mobile terminal, the network makes people more convenient, no PC Never mind, as long as there is a mobile phone or PAD and other devices connected to the WIFI or wireless network with direct communication businesses can access the.

in the mobile Internet just when the rise, when people tell BAT giants such as the layout of the mobile Internet, always mention the Internet entrance, for the future of the consumers, smart devices can almost province edge network, consumer choice is more and more big, the concept of "person entrance" is slowly becoming a reality.

several major online entries for the current


refers to the online Internet entrance entrance, this concept is extended from the traditional Internet, the development of the Internet as the platform, each platform has a lot of products, these products have a huge user base will produce the group effect, Internet product is called an entrance, such as search engines and TM software; some products may not gather the crowd, but its function is people will be used, this is the entrance, such as various online payment; with the transformation of many cable companies, their products also gradually on the Internet, the first thing is to upgrade the bank card for online banking, it is also now the entrance; the entrance of what people say are more about people’s life scene of the entrance.

therefore, from the direction of the mobile Internet entrance into the application, equipment and equipment entrance entrance entrance: application of entrance, namely mobile applications on the terminal equipment; entrance refers to intelligent hardware to provide networking services or networking equipment; entrance refers to the emerging wearable equipment. This reflects several entrance to the mobile Internet entrance, relatively large including browsers, instant messaging and social networking applications, search engine, LBS, security applications, online payment, two-dimensional code, four screen equipment, intelligent Home Furnishing and various other things. Interestingly, every entry here is suitable for O2O mode, and these portals are the basis for the implementation of the Internet of things, and it can be said that the next O2O model is based on the Internet of things.

should be noted that, in the mobile Internet environment, past Internet giants have a massive user of Internet products has been gradually weak, with the increasing application of various vertical segments, many APP have reached tens of millions of users, these APP are important entrance, application platforms are being used against segments more professional.

, look at the entrance to O2O’s line,

as long as there is human habitation

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Lei Jun millet Tibet patent development path clear strokes

because the hunger marketing millet mobile phone at a time Hongbian on both sides of the Changjiang River with many old tricks, but inevitably lose effect, when consumers slowly lose confidence in the millet, Lei Jun has seemingly good cloth overall.


have heard of this intelligence Valley company? It is a high-tech company specializing in investment and operation of intellectual property rights. Coincidentally, the company’s chairman is the chairman of Kingsoft Zhang Hongjiang. Perhaps to say, other industry executives as chairman of the company is normal, but more coincidentally, the company registered Xiao Ying Road No. 33 is the headquarters of kingsoft.

The main business of

research collaborative innovation: Intelligence Valley company is committed to fostering a healthy, efficient and innovative investment system, supported by the scientific research group and a

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My present university Wangzhuan experience

I am a college student in Chongqing, contact Wangzhuan is probably close to half a year, or a novice, do not know a lot, but often see some older articles on Admin5, webmaster articles, make their own benefit a lot, hereby here thanks Admin5 and before you contact these people! Time Wangzhuan, have many feelings, you want to write his own history, written in Admin5


from the first, because my family bought a computer, University and boring, playing the game only uses the computer to learn English, watch a movie, a long time, I feel very guilty, so much money each month to spend at home, do not want to Study hard, the heart is the Internet earn money by computer, is still very good, at least than playing games, so I started to search on the Internet some Wangzhuan what ah, find a lot of Wangzhuan project. A lot of content, see a lot of advertising, I was so happy, I thought I would make money,


from the beginning of the click to make money, I mastered the basic knowledge Wangzhuan, start a large number of clicks, every day immersed in Wangzhuan, then learn to register surfing class, but for a long time, found the good grinding, one or two months will be able to receive the money. A lot of Wangzhuan hang up is not so easy, in short, have to rely on many referrals to complete, was also encouraged a lot of friends get together, too boring! Later I saw on the Internet some articles said those Wangzhuan is thankless, to Wangzhuan, must first have a website, to tell the truth, is not afraid of you senior joke, I really don’t know how to do a website at the time, just watching the web every day, never thought I have a personal website, then I went into what personal website, every day Learn this and that, for a long time had nothing to learn, low IQ, don’t joke! I saw as long as there is free to give you a website, which is later I joined the Alliance for a class of content, it has its own website, although the content is not his own but began to learn! Something new, what advertising ah, a kind of flow, the most painful is Baidu included me, my address is, I listen to some predecessors said to be included at the beginning, so I started in accordance with the online method, what Baidu know, Baidu posted a blog ah, ah. All used, really did not expect included, but it was not long before, and not a page, then, and now this page is not left. Also don’t know what to do now is like this, after six months, have not earned one point, really depressed, but some older told me, insisted that victory, I think I still need to stick to today, write it, just feel, feel better to delay the two mistakes in! The study did not learn, the money did not earn, but, after all, please predecessors lot, let me thank you,


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Eight ways to quickly increase traffic on your site

eight ways to quickly increase traffic on your site

1 in the post bar, more posts

as far as I know, Baidu post bar is now very fire, casually send a post, you can bring dozens of ip. So we have to work hard.

2. at Baidu knows the answer to questions

as long as you enter, Baidu knows, search for it. There will be a lot of problems to be solved, and then you should use our internationalism to help them. When in answer to a question, make a publicity.

3. reply post

now, Baidu post bar every minute there are many new posts appear, as far as possible in front of the reply. Others see your space, from time to time there will be clicks.

4. give other people space to leave comments or comments

when you click into other people’s space, you usually find a lot of messages or comments. You send messages or comments on their space

when webmasters see, usually Click to see, and may back on your space,

5.QQ contact

QQ modern network essential chat tool, if you add in the link of space, click "send message to me"". Other people can contact you via QQ, or consult or study, and so on. If you help them, they will be very grateful to you, may ask you for a space address, or you can give them the initiative, when most of them will click

6. published tutorials posted

Baidu space released less than a week now, there are many novices and novices, etc., at this time you use your learned or original to teach others,

, that’s a good thing. People will click on your space,


7. contributed to the site

, if you have the original article to release, you can publish in this forum, it will give you space to bring a lot of traffic,

8. on QQ group discussion

a QQ group can generally accommodate 100 people, there are 20 are often online,

you can discuss the related issues in QQ group, help each other to show your space.

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E-commerce site analysis Why are users on your website UGC

is now the domestic e-commerce is like a stone soup, because pay only the material, because rich and delicious. But don’t forget that only the qualities of selflessness are shared.

then share a little story: "stone soup", this is a true story.

Napoleon was defeated in Waterloo, all the soldiers in situ retired, many soldiers left with nothing whatsoever, in the long way home sick and died hungry. One day, a hungry soldier came to a village and found a very special stone. He had a brainwave. He took off his helmet and washed the stones by the river. He caught fire and made a stone at the entrance to the village.

has a good villagers think he is very strange, and asked what he was doing? The soldier replied: "I cooked in the world the most beautiful stone soup, because I have a strange stone." The villagers, of course, did not believe it, laughed at him and said, "you’re crazy. How could that be possible?"." The soldier said firmly: "if you doubt is not really delicious, I can give you a bowl of soup. However, you can’t drink my soup ah, you need a bit of contribution. Do you have any vegetables at home? Please bring them in the soup."

this soon brought vegetables, met his neighbor, said to him: "the village has a strange man in the boiling stone soup, taste good, want to have a taste? However, want to drink to contribute a little something." So quickly came three or four people, some contribute vegetables, eggs, and some contribute salt, spices, soup, more and more things, the aroma overflowed. Finally, the soup soldiers stirred said: "OK, those who add material can share a bowl of soup." Everyone after drinking, that taste is really not the same, the stone soup is amazing. The soldiers took the "magic" of the stone clean to continue on the road, along the way in each village to boil the soup, leaned on it safely back home.

there is a time and a friend telling the story, he said this is not you Sleight of hand? I said no, sleight of hand is you take what plunder past, you win others lose, even if you win others off. In fact, the market is large enough to share, so that we can make our enterprises do more. Today’s Chinese e-commerce like the pot stone soup, each vertical market can boil soup, the problem is, if you want to drink the magic stone soup, soup to boil the soup by who? In addition to outside resources, the result is that everyone can share.

and the development of e-commerce based on social e-commerce, that is, Social Shopping, is also true. In the wake of its prosperity, there are many issues that concern you, such as: UGC and social networking, social networking is called socialization, because it has a strong social. Discovery, liking, communication, word of mouth, participation (discussion, evaluation, grading), sharing, content, and relationships. All this is to make people like the goods more people