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How to choose the long tail keywords help site by leaps and bounds

website has become a top priority for the website, the website can say keyword selection determines the site later to reach the heights, made the website friends all know the choice of keywords is in place to cash flow and improve the conversion rate.

The main keywords

buy the long tail keywords can effectively improve the user’s desire to buy, for example when we do a product, often there will be many types of keywords can be selected as a user, if he wants to buy your product, then it will often search: * * * * * what effect how much words, which is the site of the long tail to buy keywords, but also related to whether the user can search your site keywords. So as a webmaster should be in class to buy keywords to do more, do more summary, let site title, description, keywords themselves can effectively cover these words, to attract users to buy desire to improve traffic.

Select the keywords

selection buy class, improve the user desire to buy

website brand, improve brand development efforts and website

different users have their own needs, different users have their own procedure, it can be said that the demand and litigation user determines the site can reach the height of. The site’s answer keywords can effectively improve user involvement, let more users to participate in the construction of websites, if you are a computer website, and the user is looking for a computer problem of the user, the user will then search: * * *, * * * good computer? How to computer CPU words, and these words webmaster layout can effectively improve the site on the site of the PV value, because after the user enters the site they see not only the basic information website, on the contrary they wish to obtain other information.

Internet Tencent贵族宝贝, sina贵族宝贝.cn, Sohu and so the network has its own brand, and we show in search of these brands have their own website, for example, when we search the word Sina in love in Shanghai. We will see all show the Sina website, the same way, if we the site has a brand, it is not the user can show our own website in search of time? When we are building a web site can according to their own industry characteristics.

choose the long tail word quiz, improve user involvement in

site selection is relatively simple, the main keywords of an industry or a region is basically uniform, what a big change will not, say you do Shanghai Longfeng this line, the key is nothing more than Shanghai dragon, Shanghai Dragon Phoenix, Shanghai dragon, Shanghai learning tutorial dragon training and so on, also won’t have too much change, but there are many types of a site’s long tail keywords will, and often do long tail keywords is the key site of rapid.


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Websites don’t necessarily make money on IPYou never think of it! The new third market has been so Z

shareholders guessed at the beginning, but did not guess the ending. A series of mistakes led to the drama of the controlling shareholder’s hasty end, the information management plan was buried deep, the controlling shareholder itself is also facing huge payments.

sites do not rely on IP to eat? No traffic without IP can make money? Oh, it depends on your site is what, if your station is the kind of popular entertainment website, navigation, news, download and so on that way, by the IP want to make money, it is almost impossible, of course, all people are not all websites just can do… Well, the crap… My station is not popular is that, like marketing, now I understand it, is to sell products, I rely on the customer to eat, not by IP. IP doesn’t mean money!

a new three board company, listed in early 2015 new three board, began to make market in June 2015. The company’s performance is not good, loss in 2013, profit of about 2000000 in 2014. But management will "play", listing six months time, with equity pledge, additional financing, etc. 1 billion 500 million yuan. With the money coming in, the company began to make big moves, and bought another company with big shareholder control at great expense.

later, I found on the Internet, found here is a factory production, in my near sales, but there is no site… And I of the product sales was more interested, because feel money " " exit… Call to them say, say the website can bring them much extra sales, but also do not have to invest what, there can be a website, let me do the network sales agent of this one, and what they need to do is only to allow me to put up their company information, what others do not use, customers will see it or take the goods came straight here, I can get the money is over, sales agent price ~ told us all about good, began to do it, it was a small company, but it is definitely a big website from the strength of the company’s website, hang up, On the promotion of ah, what, nor to engage in those IP useless what, but sometimes active call customers, in fact the largest no fifty IP, sometimes several dozen, ha ha, but IP is more useful for. So, after ten days since I have contacted the customer, the first customer to earn four more than K, the excited ah.. but.

said this "fail on the verge of success" company, and a company to the satisfaction of all ".

editor’s note: want to dominate the market in three new board, facing great difficulty.

small plates, circulation chips limited, very little money can move stock prices, coupled with the concept of "IPO" and "poverty alleviation" tuyere, such a company is funded

Zuozhuang playing up, the controlling shareholders have been deep set

see this title, will say is soft ~ but soft, see what ~ before where I saw an article on the IP twenty, a month can earn thousands of dollars, at that time I also feel unbelievable, finished only after the original " not all sites have to rely on IP eat "

unfortunately, the company suspended for half a year, the new three board market and trade more and more deserted, the significant events planned by the end of 2015 also came from the major shareholder assets on hand to buy expensive and exposed the huge losses problem. Three pieces of stone together down the company’s share price plunged 47%, resume trading day, the information management plan crashed warehouse explosion, companies have started the suspension.

everything is ready, the controlling shareholders began to roll up their sleeves, direct approach simply buy buy buy. Just more than a month to buy the company’s two shareholder. Then, the company began to suspend, planning major events.

went to a few companies, website maintenance promotion, found that people are relying on a website to sell products, they also afford a dozen people, I am really depressed, and found that the business is not how ah. There is not the products of their production, agent only. But they are selling products more than ~ three or four times cost I found a lot of companies like this, then I think, why don’t I do such a business website, do a little better, do not come to it, but also that it is a great company! It was so decided, but sell what product is good, then quit orders do at home, but not a " then the facade " do not have well, one or two months passed quickly… The heart anxious ah, mom also hurried to go to work, ah…

in the primary market tasted the sweetness of the controlling shareholder did not stop here, and hand extended to the two market. In May 2016, as a poor investor, he participated in a management product, which was designed with three times the leverage of information management products, with only one purpose – to buy the company’s own stock. The total size of the product is 120 million yuan, the controlling shareholder funds as compensation for the entire product, fallback.

this is an example of Zuozhuang sit up.

time point pinch is so accurate. Dare to let go and add leverage to buy, and personally look backing, the controlling shareholder of the company’s future stock price is confident.


information management company Duanchao to Fuying one hundred million smooth out

shareholders not only play in the financing market, but also for the company "play" out of liquidity. The company has up to 33 market makers, after Huaqiang infante 834793.OC and lianxun securities 830899.OC, is one of the best stock flow on the new board, the average daily trading volume is once more in the market before the enterprise 5.

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My website is not down right

my site is not down right? Power, electrical equipment network, included, or yes, is ranked disappeared. It should be down right, but not K off. Now looking for reasons. If the master knows, please enlighten

;     more questions please go to the webmaster to know the Forum

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Link the snapshot mystery

Hello, I’m A5’s professional link seller, my QQ is 88124886. Today we bring is a snapshot of the. In China’s market, Baidu is undoubtedly "big brother"; in the user groups, Baidu is definitely not lost in GG, so in China, Baidu’s SEO technology is the most popular technology.

stationmaster studies Baidu, make Baidu very headache. Baidu always wants outside to know its real algorithms and changes. So, as long as SEOER released the latest research results, Baidu will change the algorithm. That is to say, SEO technology, which is widely circulated on the Internet, is not necessarily the best technology.

we have to believe that all the best technology, can only be stationmaster friends privately, more and more webmaster master have learned low-key and earning money, after the encounter a hit search engine nerve core technology, are quietly in use, and quickly quanqian. A topic of our discussion today hit search project officially — "snapshot" nerve problems.

"snapshot" is not limited to a Baidu search, virtually all search engines have this function, or that such a state. That experienced 51 many friends all know, in May 1, Baidu snapshot to No. 23 before. And lasted nearly a week. It was not until last night that I returned to normal.

so, why there will be a "snapshot" imagine


the author believes that the first is the search for an internal setting that facilitates employee vacations and reduces personnel maintenance settings. Because every Spring Festival, 51, eleven or when a major meeting, one hundred per cent appear to file phenomenon. Correction of the object of the affected area is wide, and about 50% of the sites are affected, and lasts for more than a week time.

also has a search algorithm when the correction is inside the great adjustment of the emergence of the phenomenon of correction. Believe that experienced such a correction of the webmaster remember their own side of the webmaster friends complained that K stood for "top down" included "suddenly increased" "plucking" started the inside pages included "etc.. Have been mixed.

and "object snapshot" delineation of how sure? Two is a short term limit, given the high weight, included fast site, easy to spread the correction area; two is not get a very high weight, included almost no update, easy to be spread to file area. Some day included stable, stable update site, you can easily avoid entering the correction.

in this round of 51 correction, I told my customers a lot of exchange. Because some of the site’s author, unfortunately also entered the correction area; and my clients are some of the site is in the area for a long time without static correction. The customer is in a hurry. But in the face of powerful search, we can only remain silent, a ">!"

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An unsuccessful webmaster doing station experience

      in fact, now as a personal webmaster, I should also not started quite late, in 2002 began to do a lot of things, I stand; experience is not little, for example, the domain name website was shut, stolen public security penalties, the program is not deceived, but experienced success. There is no new hair count for more than a year, a few days ago once again into a personal webmaster this long, many feeling, to speak out.

      first I do is a county website and the forum, in his hometown when he opened a small computer company, because the store business is not very good, some time and access to the Internet, so they started his career site. The website for program can be a mess, there are alumni, message boards, yellow pages, the forum is using the network, many different kinds of programs are often revised, put all sorts of things together, then feel or column is still too small, always kept on searching, the results are a set of the "new Yangzhou", on the Internet and other transactions, because the results have never been exposed to SQL, is not installed, so far, are not sure whether this was cheated. Those years should also be out of the website management system, but has not used. When is the first site because of our county’s website, even the government website have not come out, so in the local also has a certain influence, although the flow of people is not accessible, but it feels very cool, at least at the forum can do a hundred responses to a single call not considered, although the profit in this area. But because of this, the gun fight bird, catch up with the national anti pornography, everywhere in the zhuadian, results because the site there is a chain to a free space link is not removed in a timely manner in the revision of the time, I do not know why the free space when what became, with a lot of teaser images and the content of pornographic websites, the results I go to the Public Security Bureau police brigade, the police do not know the network, they do not look at the site, do not understand the jump, it is a port that the yellow website is what I do, said the county Party Committee Propaganda department and the Municipal Public Security Bureau attaches great importance, with the camera card, they also printed more than 10 pages out of appreciation. The results do not know that time is still in trial, I give them the training, then that is a $more than 2000 fine, did not see an invoice. After coming out from the Public Security Bureau, the first thing is to delete the website and forum from the server, and the backup is not left, so the first station is aborted.

      a few months, the heart has been unwilling, I thought, where is the fall, where to get up, at least to a fine from the network inside out, say it is not afraid of a joke, then think so. The second station is QQ network, later changed several times, cattle QQ net, do some related software on the QQ and the data of what, at that time because QQ Tinghuo, website popularity is also good, they kept selling >

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An analysis of the purchase of foreign space

generally, the prices of foreign virtual hosting services are lower. Why,

?The reason for

is the so-called economic of scale in economics. According to this theory, the average cost of production decreases by 20%. Similarly, in the virtual hosting market, the more customers are hosting web sites, the more likely they are to reduce their costs. Therefore, the cost savings can be passed on to customers, and achieve the monthly low price competitive advantage. In contrast, the number of domestic websites is far lower than the number of foreign websites, so the domestic virtual hosting market can not take advantage of economies of scale, so the price can not compete with the foreign virtual hosting business. You may not know, the price difference between them can sometimes be as high as 5 times.

, for example, the annual cost of the LunarPages virtual hosting business in the United States is only a mere $$95.40, while some of the same hosting facilities in the country are up to about $$700. So, if you want to reduce the cost of your website, you should really consider a cheap and high-quality virtual host.

reasons for using foreign space:

1, overcoming the problems of telecommunication and CNC visits

the furthest distance in the world is not China and the United States, but Netcom and Telecom, and foreign space, telecommunications and CNC access are fast (GCND global acceleration)

2, avoid filing and other complex procedures

filing = press

3, cheap, server stable

foreign host market mature specifications, network facilities absolutely first-class

4, general service providers have 30 day money back " "

sound laws ensure the reliability of business commitments

5, to solve the problem of slow speed for visitors from other countries

, especially for foreign customers, it is necessary to choose the host


6, site content restrictions relatively loose,

needless to say this is the virtual host of the domestic market is not perfect, if you want to make a station to play, do not hand off the domestic record and headache and other complex procedures, or your site popular domestic host can’t satisfy your traffic requirements and want to spend a small amount of money to buy a stable space, the best use of foreign host

uses foreign space problems:

1, upload speed is less than some domestic server

because of China’s export bandwidth restrictions, it is possible to upload and download speeds that are not comparable to those of domestic hosts (but most hosts have online decompression capabilities that make up for this deficiency)

2 and IP have the risk of being shielded from the domestic

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Where is the investment value of the light industry website

The website of

industry investment has advantages and disadvantages and disadvantages are: B2B industry portal market is too small, in the eyes of investors, even if you do better, all of the market are occupied, also can imagine how much you can profit, not much imagination. The advantage is: because of its small, so many small investors are given certain entrepreneurial opportunities, 30-50 yuan will be able to start building an industry portal, maintained for more than 1 years, and can be opened after a year to achieve self losses, this is a can let many grassroots entrepreneurs choose the way of business, though said the market is small, but every year 100-1000 million in sales, the profit of 30%-50%, a small company is still a considerable return, although this is a great company is far worse, but at least it can achieve our dream.

"do industry website with the office of the university is a reasonable, rich university comprehensive, and have no money; and the school to engage in professional, such as a special school, or even College of traumatic injury". Global network hardware general manager Li Jianhong believe that the future development of the situation will also be weak vertical selection, strong selection level, but not the level of development to the Alibaba, which shows that the scale of HC, reducing the threshold for our actual B2B website industry entrepreneurs created opportunities, is a choice without too much money for entrepreneurs is very good the.

industry B2B website investors are generally more familiar with their own industry, even if they are not familiar with, also need to venture partners, the core team members are familiar with the site of service industry, B2B industry is the first industry website, the website again. At present, most of the investors have their own industry, want to find business expansion, invest hundreds of thousands of, in their familiar industries to do an industry B2B website. At present, in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai area is more common, many investors are such a situation.


that the investment behavior has advantage and disadvantage, advantage is that they understand the industry, have good relations in the industry, can find more support for the development of the website, can understand the industry need to solve the problem of Web site, in-depth industry, to find suitable and innovative service mode has great help; disadvantage is often so many investors on the Internet, the lack of in-depth understanding, understanding is not enough, resulting in the great problems of team building, personnel appointments, resulting in product platform to do the poor, thus the failure of investment, or take a lot of detours. So often that investors must choose the right person, is crucial to the formation of the core team, once the wrong person, the whole project is likely to fail, because as an investor, because he is not very good at this area, and can not control the risk. Too many risk factors inside this, various aspects of site planning, website development, website design, web site testing, website promotion, marketing, website operators and industry users demand analysis there are risk factors, so we can find a deep understanding of B2B industry site planning and operations, or to manage the people are very heavy.

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Webmaster should learn to use website this tool to make money

webmaster website, said directly, it is to make money; do not purely for interest, more "life", enrich the material basis, the site is more confidence, also can do long-term. But the survey shows that eighty percent of China’s webmaster is not profitable, or, very little profit. How to achieve profitability, this is an urgent problem.

A5 forum November 27th version invited personal webmaster Guo Yujiao together to discuss how to use a website to make money "topic study website which profit opportunities, how to make money. This paper summarizes the baby part and share with everyone.

: how many garbage stations are there in Guo Yujiao now? What kind of garbage do they have,


answer: QQ, papers, pictures, both sexes, in a mess.

: how do you do it? How do they make money?

answer: what I said might not be the kind you understand. Do first. My station each keyword index will not exceed 1000, for example, I do papers, I will choose an industry, a position, to specialize in it, so it is easy to gather traffic, competition is not big.

asked: "this is good, there are traffic, how to make money?"

answer: usually everyone does GG. Next, I tell you, my own method, may be old-fashioned, but I think it is very practical.

, first of all, let me share with you how I did 100 thousand IP with a single page, with 4 figures per day with revenues of 3. I believe that pictures of friends of the station, now know traffic exchange, and make friends with everyone in the picture station exchange, I repeated the study for a few days, found that the principle, as long as you have 10 thousand IP, you can switch to 100 thousand or more.

I took out a single page to do experiments, when I first built this single page, Baidu will not be included, let alone traffic. I have some pictures in the website, the website to buy some sexual advertising, about a day 3000IP, when I have 3000IP, I will exchange with some chain in the exchange flow, my website and no real content, a home page, a few text links, and several pairs of customers link.

these links all point to the corresponding swap chain address. In the picture station and the bisexual stand, the advertisement probably spent 1000 yuan or so, came 3000 IP, these 3000 IP take the exchange, changed more than 40 thousand IP, 40 thousand IP every day puts the window revenue to have between 70 and 100 yuan. When the traffic flow is normal for a day, you can no longer switch to traffic, and if the site or the exchange chain is no problem, these traffic will always be exchanged. So slowly, the bigger the roll, the 100 thousand ip.


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How to open the market of non – famous brand products

many well-known brand products although almost do not have to do promotions, sales have been very good, however, the product price is almost the market, which earned only modest price, want to earn big profits is not easy. Therefore, for countless cosmetics store, will be into some of the well-known brands of products, however, how to open the market for these products has become a difficult thing.

from the practice in recent years, the sale of cosmetic products in cosmetics stores ignore. In addition to the individual area, individual time, individual species lead to the popular commodity proportion increase, in general, the contribution rate of sales of supplies less than 2%.

I had on the daily necessities in the cosmetics store sales dilemma has been investigated. In the research process, the author asked why not accept the customer the cosmetics store clerk recommended the purchase of Head and Shoulders, and other well-known brands of cosmetic products, more than 90% of customers think the price is definitely more expensive. But in fact, most customers did not see the price. Asked why do not accept the clerk recommended to buy non well-known brands of daily products, the vast majority of customers said that the quality is not assured.

it seems that the cosmetics store to solve supplies sales problem, need to focus on three issues: first, PEG supplies the overall sales and staff salaries; second, brand cosmetic product price problem; third, the quality of non brand cosmetic products. Among them, the first problem can be solved by adjusting the performance evaluation program, second problems can be solved by POP and the third problem requires a process.

from the author’s practical experience, the cosmetics store can be used as a variety of commonly used low-cost small non brand cosmetic products, "vanguard", let the customer experience of non brand cosmetic products with low cost, and can avoid the free use of the low rate of.

2012 in September, a cosmetics store to introduce a number of well-known brands of daily chemical products, the sales price is about 80% of the same specifications of well-known brands, the gross margin of about 65%. The chain has developed promotional policies and incentives, and the focus of the display in the cosmetics store, but the sales situation is not optimistic. More than and 100 regulations, the daily sales of less than 100 million, resulting in the loss of sales staff enthusiasm and confidence.

to change this situation, the store owner took the following two steps:

1, choose cheap hand cream as the entry point.

keep the original "first or the highest bidder price, lowest second or 90 percent off promotion policy unchanged, the original display unchanged, the original incentive policy unchanged. In view of this time has gradually autumn, the weather is dry, the person responsible for the mobilization of all the key recommendations

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Ye Bin to pave the way for the ecological farm with Roasted Goose

with the development of economy, the majority of entrepreneurs are facing more and more peer competition. Do not take a special marketing practices it is difficult to stand out in a peer, get consumers favor. Jiangxi youth home business Ye Bin will combine with their own Roasted Goose ecological farm, create their own brand Roasted Goose, won the new competition in the market.

"this year I set out for dinner. Nearly 400 copies of Roasted Goose!" The day before, Jiangxi Keyuan Wanzai County farm founder Ye Bin said happily. During the Spring Festival, his Roasted Goose museum every day there are several tables, ordering Roasted Goose customers through the network is a lot more.

2012 returned to his hometown in Guangdong, Wanzai business Ye Bin, in a chat with old classmates to do the germination of the idea of ecological farm. Soon, Ye Bin and several partners rented 1000 acres of land, the founder of Jiangxi Keyuan agricultural development limited company, in the original ecological farm backyard chickens, geese and fish etc.. After a period of time, a few of the partners Ye Bin found a large investment in the original ecosystem, the market supply and demand is not stable, the rate of return is not high, they have gradually retreated. Ye Bin did not give up, but in the marketing of agricultural products and expand the market to do articles.

2015 in the second half of the year, Ye Bin spent a large amount of money to hire a Guangdong chef, and managed to shipped from Dongguan litchi trees, Wanzai Industrial Park opened a Roasted Goose Museum, Guangdong launched delicious – litchi Roasted Goose, named "best products Roasted Goose", and through various media especially the Internet, will be gradually Roasted Goose brand market. Today, this dish has become the experience of the museum’s specialty, specialty dishes.

"Ruyi a Roasted Goose" made the people of his hometown favorite brand, is the vision of Ye Bin. Ye Bin said: "now some WeChat public number or in the circle of friends to share my Roasted Goose. Admiring friends say that as long as the Wanzai time and place, we’ll cooked goose and door-to-door, let Roasted Goose achieve "private custom"".

by the development of electronic commerce in the East, the new year, Ye Bin will make full use of electronic business platform, WeChat circle, circle of friends and social groups WeChat public number, sales promotion and development of his Roasted Goose, membership, expand sales customization influence, this year plans to complete the twenty thousand sales target Roasted Goose. At the same time, to expand the market, the Roasted Goose Museum from Wanzai expanded to Yichun city center, strive for more fans and members of Roasted Goose effort to build the whole industry chain, let Yichun people eat delicious Guangdong in my hometown.