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How to write high quality original articles

in Shanghai dragon who did not know the importance of the original article today, many websites even spawned a new industry – to write the original article. We have all seen many ads in the Shanghai dragon forum or website, write original articles, each 2 yuan and so on, which illustrates the importance of the original article and uniqueness. In my opinion, the original article must have the following characteristics:

3, the view of

4, the end of the paper summary. A high quality original article, must have a good ending, this is why many people often say, write the beginning and the end must be written, the middle part of the truth can be. At the end of the article is not only a summary of the discourse, more is to write around the narrative of the problem, such as router write characteristics, excellent editors will write the current router at the end of the overall market situation and existing problems etc..

. All have their own unique views on anything written, such as writing characteristics of a product, is from product performance, compared to similar products, product advantage and so on contrast and write their own ideas. On the road of rice network, are the characteristics of the product to the router, if just copy others write the content, love Shanghai spider will think you stand without the actual content, since there is no actual content is no longer necessary to grasp, the natural love of spiders in Shanghai left collecting or false original impression, light fall right; serious, direct K station.

The uniqueness of the

short, to write a good article, personally think that to follow the above.

2, the rational. Write an essay as to speak, methodical and logical, structured refers to ideas, such as writing a person or a thing from top to bottom, from the inside to the outside of his right, let people look comfortable, be closely around the title of the article narrates, Qiebukedongla Xiche, don’t write without content. When the segment segment, the mark must indicate punctuation. The logic is more abstract, refers to the concept of definition should be clear, accurate, clear system, self consistent content, the order of things, this is clear, appropriate, with philosophy. Spiders crawl also should follow this rule.

said the high quality articles, the first people to think of the original, the original is 100% of the original, with their experience a little bit accumulated. The second is the readability of the article, even if there is no originality, readability is not known as a high quality original article, at most, just to make digital text only. Following small to rice road network as an example, to explain what is the high quality original article


1, the title of the. Spiders first grab is the title of the article, if found spider grab the title of the article and love Shanghai database most consistent or similar title, will be considered pseudo original, naturally not high quality.


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How to optimize the corporate training company website

site structure design >


corporate training company website optimization: site structure

website optimization has been more than a year’s time, has been constantly exploring optimization techniques, and summarizes some good experience, every day to learn some knowledge of Shanghai dragon. The first is when I just set up the company, a corporate training company leadership for me (this is also the present enterprise training website optimization), so I am responsible for their website, they do not know the site needs to be optimized, only one site for customers to see it before. The construction of the enterprise but I just learned of the training network website optimization this concept, the moment when I finished the construction site of the leader looked subconsciously I told myself the website construction process, have a website, no network marketing strategy good website, can only say that it is useless, I will not have any value. Repeatedly remind you must to use the shortest time to network marketing research thorough heart to this website online, so I looked on the Internet Some of the website optimization, website optimization is most beginners because I saw some articles of the A5 forum, let me realize the importance of the structure of the site, the site began to have never considered the website structure, this time in order to facilitate the later website marketing strategy implementation, must make a standard for web site optimization almost a month’s time, the website officially launched, there is a note and you must emphasize that the server is suggested to use independent IP nets or new network server, the domain name can not be the best simple and convenient memory is too long, if the company is willing to put into words, we can the weight of the domain name to select a relatively long service life (Note: the domain name is also the industry, such as the US is looking for high power industry enterprise training Weight of the domain name). The website architecture design + website + domain name for the record to the end will be officially launched more than 1 months, now it seems that early do those "architecture" and "site", "server" and "record", "test" these are optimizing the site initially entry-level some basic knowledge. The author thinks that the website optimization of the technology, the Shanghai dragon is much the same principle is also invariant (chain + original), just because our website belongs to different industries and eventually lead to the overall network marketing strategy of our different such as the release of the chain platform, content planning and so on, so what the enterprise training how to optimize the company’s website? I think that no matter what industry website optimization remember, we optimize the website and search engine is not in the game, the more we should think about how to search engines and more friendly, so in the design will be required to site structure is very strict, to facilitate the search for robot SE crawling, construction site the best chain or some industries relatively high correlation platform to publish website content; we should pay attention to the quality of the original author. The basic focus on these 3 points to explain how to optimize the corporate training company website:

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See how expert three days to enhance the performance of web traffic doubled

Some of the methods of operation under

(1): Links exchange, and keep the station for the update, use some resources to improve the hands of the snapshot. About a week, a snapshot of the last few days.

In the case of Xu

(2): find an occupation or edit the Gunners, wrote an article entitled: "the server is attacked do", this article is to make this site traffic increased sharply.

we specifically Xu group, from which we can learn the secret.

has just started, Qingdao Shanghai dragon is also very strange, an article can make a site traffic can be greatly improved but saw the reason only see light suddenly?. At that time the website included about 600 pages or so, select some good weight of the first 20 pages including the home page, all pages are linked to the article. But after the update is added on the article links, also do some of the external links page. This is not the most important reason to enhance the flow, there are a lot of users or IDC companies often encounter the server is attacked, then think of ways to solve the problem, most people practice is to ask other people or to go online to search the server is attacked do "to seek the answer, it is this market demand from this point of view based on the keywords of the arrangement. Did the "server attacked" the word is still very small, ranking is of course the client station, users search, market demand, of course, the flow will be improved. This can also be regarded as a classic case of the Shanghai dragon precise search. The flow up, but the conversion.

Qingdao Shanghai dragon in recent days just to participate in the 28 push public training, this is also thanks to the Yangtze River to recommend students that I have the chance to enter the 28 push public training. I hope in 28 in efforts to push training tasks, while trying to learn from the prawns, also hope that the eight groups of students together for the eight groups of gas.

group to do is to do a website (domain name server is not published), the website is the domain name for five years (it is an old station), included more than 600 pages (included not many), the snapshot is not very new, the website is keyword server. The safety of the two. Of course we can love Shanghai under the two words, the competition is very fierce, and indeed a bit difficult for a general station. But we do Shanghai dragon never get, do a situation is: do the brand, another is to obtain direct benefits. The site has the flow, there will be a natural conversion rate, it will certainly improve the performance.

OK, OK, saying Qingdao Shanghai dragon in 28 after the first official YY voice communication is a great harvest, see expert Xu group (Xu Lingsong group, referred to as: Xu group) three days to enhance the flow of what is the secret? If it is secret you may not believe, so I believe you I will applaud, don’t worry, I slowly come to listen.

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4 100% page secret bidding transaction!

low. Most bidding page has the defect, the flow is mostly purchased, no conversion, equal to burn, a project if has been burning, is at a loss, and that this project will not do, if you want to do is return on investment than under normal circumstances can do.

This article is mainly about


, 2 pages open slow

this is a common problem, maybe a lot of bidding words are analyzed from the product keywords and Related words, in fact, you need more long term, more accurate and more long tail, not just the transformation of high flow.

page is not attractive enough to clinch a deal page

may I say "slow, you are not aware of it, but in fact, this problem is the problem of more than 50% play but the price of your visit, fast, do not feel, can not represent all the customer’s speed is fast enough, can be the same speed and you open the page.


100% were cheats But the price of any

99% this bidding page, which did not change the bidding page rate reached more than 30%, the entire industry rarely has this kind of situation, relatively common is 1% or less, if you can reach 5%, it is already a miracle.

about the precise flow, from love of Shanghai know all products and product related problems such as keywords function, flow is more accurate, but also from the related products official website, forum and industry forums to find the user in the questions, this is the most accurate word conversion.



traffic is not accurate

if you can allow customers to read this page after you fully believe what is expressed, the transaction becomes very simple, only need to give preferential or finishing touches, sweetness, Ok.


4 rapid increase conversion method:

3, turnover is not enough to attract the

just brother play in the past but the price of the project, also have this problem, a month, a waste of tens of thousands of pieces, this is not caused by experience, if considering the actual loss, can also add 5 times, only the input, without report, minus the bidding cost minus the actual should business income, the experience of failure than want to pay a higher price.

traffic is not accurate

why? We get rid of those problems above, the reason why customers don’t buy only one, is not enough to believe you, the transaction is the core of trust, if enough trust, your price, the actual product is good, it is not so important.

to play, as long as the page do, must do a N measure, with software testing, let friends or QQ circle of different people to help you speed, make sure everyone can access quickly, cannot pause or catu is like, it is.

, 2 pages open slow

The conversion of

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Shanghai blue sky love search algorithm officially launched, to crack down on the low quality soft i

recently, Shanghai officially launched the "blue sky love search algorithm", a further blow to some of the news source site through the sale of contents, charge release of low quality soft, vandalism user experience.

love Shanghai anti cheating team found that there are still some news source site through the sale of soft paper, the form of directory, released a large number of low quality content, the emergence of a large number of user information in the search business, stand it. In this case, Shanghai "blue sky love upgrade algorithm", designed to combat the phenomenon of taking the news source soft interference users search, trigger "site skyline algorithm" will be cleared out of the news source, at the same time by reducing evaluation in Shanghai search in the system of punishment.

Shanghai: "blue sky love search algorithm" officially launched, to crack down on the low quality soft intrusion user


note: love Shanghai news sources which are consistent with the love Shanghai search engine seed news station standard, news sources within the site is the result of love Shanghai selection, the original information content with high quality, matched with the theme of the site itself, in the target field has certain user awareness and a certain amount of news site.

blue sky!

love Shanghai search proposed all news source site as soon as possible to check website content, correct mistakes. In order to facilitate site self-examination, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform special news source project, site by the education website check rectification: https://zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/act/baidunews, being punished site cleanup related content can also be applied again to the news source, we will according to the contents of the rectification requirements to determine whether the news sources included.

commercial soft Wen promotion, for the word we should not strange, do promotion by the news source, to affect the search engine ranking show; using the news source soft false marketing, these are the love of Shanghai search area, because these elements not only affect the user experience, but also the error in the process of information dissemination the guide users of consumption decision.

address: https://zhanzhang.baidu贵族宝贝/feedback

in fact, in recent years, Shanghai has been in search of love through a variety of means to combat the low quality of the commercial content vandalism user experience, such as before the ice bucket algorithm, pomegranate algorithm "is through the regulation of low quality content to reduce the page, so that users can search faster and more accurate access to the information they want.

"blue sky" algorithm after the upgrade will be long lasting political such phenomena, and to the public to report the opening channel, if found news source soft selling behavior, through the Webmaster Platform news source feedback center feedback, the platform will make timely treatment according to the authenticity of the contents, but also a healthy user search search

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The novice should be how to learn and master the six methods of Shanghai Dragon

as the saying goes, "practice is the sole criterion for testing truth" in the face of us that some of the information picked up how should we use? For many webmaster, read an article in Shanghai Longfeng information if you only stay in the watch without practice, then learn all you can see are the clouds. Shanghai, the most important thing is to do, only serious data according to the steps to implement to get the effect, otherwise, only the theory without practice is stagnant.

the ranking of a website is a large part thanks to the keywords ranking. Therefore, the optimization of the key words has become an important part of our search engine optimization, of course to a keyword to bring traffic to the site, itself is very critical for the choice of keywords. But now in Shanghai Longfeng using the proliferation of the Internet era, the new owners if you want to pass the keyword and the old station to competitive ranking, it can be said that is almost impossible, so instead of the long tail word. So how should we select these long tail word? Long tail words selection, we should seize the user’s psychological, because of the long tail word is the most directly reflect the needs of users, for example, now use a lot of "what medicine reducing weight useful" so we can from the long tail word that the user is directed to weight-loss drug types and then, just point to.

just for the webmaster, Shanghai dragon is a fuzzy project, novice often ask "what is the Shanghai Shanghai dragon dragon? What is the use of Shanghai dragon? How to operate?" and so on some basic issues. Then the face of the Internet information countless how should we select? For the novice, should be good at screening some basic information, do not to contact the Shanghai dragon learn others to adjust the structure of the site keywords, these must be down-to-earth, step by step, when you have mastered the Shanghai based Phoenix step further to explore.

brief Shanghai Dragon (Search Engine Optimization), also called the "search engine optimization", is now the webmaster using a marketing way widely, his role is to enhance the site’s ranking of keywords and optimization through the station outside the station, so that the site traffic and get profit. It is because of Shanghai dragon now use such a broad, so many owners will put some of their own experience published to your blog, some Adsense online forums, one can put their own experience to share with you out, and can also increase your exposure rate, which is a commonly used method of Shanghai dragon. So here today and I want to be the new Adsense easy to talk about the face of the Internet so much information on Shanghai dragon how we should learn and master


third: clever words instead of the long tail keywords

: good at first screening for their Shanghai Longfeng information

second: learn to combine theory and practice

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Little joke the quality of the chain with the website mother-in-law

: I said high quality outside the chain of high quality the chain is some weight high site leaves, the chain is the more the better, and the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, resources outside the chain of choice oh.

so do not only do the number of the chain link quality, but to do links, in the search engine’s quality is far higher than the number, a quality chain is equivalent to 50 the number of chain, finally the little joke you please leave the chain, you want to learn more knowledge, why not give others some of the benefits? There is no free lunch! By (贵族宝贝xiaobud贵族宝贝) little joke Daquan feeds, reproduced trouble to the younger brother left a link, then.

at A5 this afternoon issued an article, after an audit by the Shanghai love search, find a few articles reprinted, this can increase to several high quality of the chain, who knows actually the link, this is against the enthusiasm of contributors. Again, few people will share the experience and experience, I think, people write so hard, not just for a few chain removed? Why? Oh, going back to the topic, just a good article reprinted, sudden inspiration, combined with their own experience, to share with you the relationship between the chain and the site.

chain and the site has a close relationship, as long as the owners are aware of, but not to say that the chain that website ranking, or is a new snapshot every day, like a little joke of the station, the chain has more than 30000, but the snapshot is actually half a month, but also included so far, only one page, so the chain with no ranking what relationship, sometimes counterproductive, will increase the burden of this website ranking and snapshot. So what kind of chain will help site

that little joke told you that the quality, with the same type, the chain will contribute to the site’s ranking and optimization.

: means with the website chain meets the requirement of high places, such as the classification of the inquiry platform, identify their site type, initiative, a hit on the chain, relatively speaking, the quality is good, is worth the time to do.

: is related with their website content related blogs, forums, classification of Web site navigation, search in Shanghai, a bunch of out, not to say that everyone will find good, good, good snapshots and weight, get rid of the bad leave, then patience step by step or link, this is the second choice.

off?According to the

: This is the same type with respect to Links to do, find Links to find sites with the same type of website’s exchange, do not think about what the chain widely degree, K you don’t have to say, drop your weight no words, just like a tour with a smile you do for Links, not what the use of such words, only the opposite effect. Unless you have a purpose.


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Novice webmaster free guidance training lecture notes (five) successful station experience exchange!

Hello everyone, today, Shanghai SEO (SWJ), participated in the "King ADMIN5" organized by the novice Adsense training lectures (five) successful station experience exchange.

original text is as follows:

I am the Guangdong life network webmaster, called Chen Yangxuan

I make a network deal with more than seven years of time, don’t want to talk about what truth, just talk about the promotion and Wangzhuan their own web site, it is a summary of my seven years of the establishment of the.

I make a network deal with more than seven years of time, don’t want to talk about what truth, just talk about the promotion and Wangzhuan their own web site, it is a summary of my four years of the establishment of the.

SWJ listened to the speaker 2 times, but he didn’t know whether it was 4 or 7… It’s always good to write anyway.

How much is the current


around eight thousand,

, GG, Baidu, YAHOO, three main

other advertising alliances make up part of

was K last September, for no reason,

now how much is the basic page of the Internet cafe


I’m basically calculating by IP, a IP, a computer,

is now talking about the creation of the Guangdong Life Network:

, a first web site:

said I contact the computer really is from a start, never touch the computer, when the Internet seems to be the first time a NetEase, was feeling particularly excited, there is such a good thing in the world, so that he wanted to be a website, since then I often surf the Internet, as the software and program the design of the web page, slowly will have their own home. Do Guangdong life network is what I did after graduation, 06 years in November 1st, the day I checked the Internet, ready to do the place of the portal, Baidu search for a while, there is no Guangdong life network, so I set about doing it.

Guangdong life network (, in November 1st 06, beginning of the line, the development program with my time in a month, the month I was working overtime, also called a few of my classmates in college on-line help, remember that night, I took the glass at home, filled with wine. Lift the cup quietly said: I wish Guangdong life network

I wish you a happy voyage.! Haha!

two, website promotion:

I remember my life in Guangdong for two months the flow is very small, only 100 IP every day, where I want to shut down, at that time I want to do it yourself so hard for such a large site, I can not be reconciled, so look for the promotion method:

one day one of my friends from an Internet cafe came to my house. I told him that my website was too small now. I didn’t want to do it. He listened and felt strange. He told me you could be in mine

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Full house network CEO Feng Xiaohai learn from Groupon, but do not copy

domestic buy site full house network CEO Feng Xiaohai (Tencent technology photo)

Tencent Francisco July 2nd news, said in an interview with the Tencent of science and technology of domestic group purchase site full network CEO Feng Xiaohai the day before, the success of the Groupon mode and the market environment are inseparable, and when the domestic group purchase website in Groupon mode is introduced, in the face of the market environment and consumer groups and the difference is very big, so the Groupon should be learning, but not copy, adding new to China indigenous elements.

before creating a full network, Feng Xiaohai in the Internet industry experience is not blank, he is one of the founder of the famous domestic car website, love card network, and the network is started the car car car service group purchase, but this site to tens of millions of dollars sold.

"at the beginning of 2008 after leaving love card, I have been concerned about the consumption, everyday concerns of foreign reports, in the English, whenever there is a new venture abroad came out, I will go to the assessment." Feng Xiaohai used the "eyes" to describe the first thing he saw Groupon feeling: "before we have done at that time can not enter the group purchase group purchase, have to pay link in the transaction, but now the Groupon mode is completely connected to the payment link among group purchase mode."

buy site originator Groupon created the myth of the Internet industry, the site only in 7 months to achieve profitability, the market valuation has reached $1 billion 350 million. In China, Groupon has also attracted many Internet users to buy gold sites.


Feng Xiaohai created a full house network, there were fewer than 10 websites in China. Today, this figure has exceeded 400, and is still increasing every day.

has been criticized dead, more than 400 buy site, can make their own characteristics of very few, basically copy the American Groupon model. In Feng Xiaohai view, buy site will be integrated within the next 6 months, only a small number of local adaptation of the site to buy the site can survive.

in the huge competition, high pressure, some group buying website is improving the Groupon model, such as 58 city to implement a day, city, a number of group buying project, as well as buy site launched the first payment mechanism. Feng Xiaohai and his full network also improved their model, they pioneered a new model of group purchase website sidebar to place other items in the group purchase group purchase website, first to introduce the 400 telephone service and the opening of the community forum, and plans to develop a relationship between the user consumption level based platform to increase website viscosity.

Feng Xiaohai appears in the group purchase site is a change Chinese commercial form potential, because traditional media platform pays more attention to the large enterprises, the main brand advertising, tens of millions of domestic small and medium sized businesses can not afford the high brand advertising, and the network group purchase.

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When I have money, I’ll go wandering

of course, my wandering has failed again. I don’t want to go wandering with regrets. Do stand really tired, from 7 last night to 8 this morning. I’ve been numb

someone once said: "when I have money, I will go wandering."". If there is really the money to go wandering, why can call stray? The money is not a luxury street name "tourism"? Why is it a poor name on the crown? Some people say: "I have to go to the street what". However, how can we have nothing? No family, love, no love, and friends…… If you say nothing, it’s only because you don’t know you have friends or relatives. The person who loves you may still be waiting for you to return. So when will it be said to be wandering or wandering when you want to roam, without any baggage, without any emotion?


of course, I think I’ll continue to want to go wandering in the days to come…… Until one day, I will carry on my wandering to the end.

, that’s what I’ve always wanted to do……