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The original article reproduced Shanghai search engine ranking as love to protect the original in pl

the same article, page structure in different website template, appearance design, the effect is not the same. For the reader, text the same content, different fonts, color settings and the overall layout is not the same for the readers attraction. Readers have such experience, sometimes into a website, see the website layout out of order, the text look uncomfortable, color is unreasonable, the power will not continue to go on. So, no matter how good the content is not attractive. To search engine, the text of the article is just one of the content of a page, in addition to the content of the text, but also contains many other content, for example, the extended reading, in the chain, the template content of its own, the reader comments content, as well as some readers do not see but exist in the contents of the code. These things together, it is the final version of the search engine to see.

Zhu Haitao’s article is also a lot of time on the Internet is spreading everywhere, the original has not been included, we just search a. This article take "from the media on the small Feng Dongyang Feng Yaozong against seemingly impossible odds, boring situation" for example, the pages are not my article

website, especially in the form of a blog, many webmaster is in the original article. Zhu Haitao is one of four months to write original articles, about hundreds of original. There is some truth in the original article: first, especially the new Adsense webmaster, no original article is difficult to form a fixed fan base second of its own: love Shanghai search engine more and more attention to the original article, especially the value of the original article. However, the reality is that the original thinking of webmasters become wishful thinking. You must have many webmaster feel depressed: why their ranking is far less than the original articles reprinted articles rankings, even more exasperating is that many of his article was reproduced after the ranking is very good, but the original article was not included. Here there are many reasons, may not be the only ranking of original and non original factors.

Speaking of

2, the search engine in the eyes of readers and the

search engine in the eyes of the weight that is human in the eyes of the authority. The same words in the two different population say that the effect is not the same. This is like your website issued a press release on Sina and produced a news influence cannot be mention in the same breath. Every webmaster all know, the higher the weight of the website article was collected faster, easier to rank. As a personal blog, can produce content from the quantity and quality are not with big website weight naturally as far. No weight, the original article is difficult to have a good ranking, it sounds like a paradox, the principle is similar to Matthew effect. Of course, adhere to the long-term original website is goes up, but this process is sufficient to destroy most personal webmaster.


is 1, the website weight blame



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See Tmall in Shanghai in search of love to show enchanting

group chief marketing officer Mr. Wang Shuai said that the Taobao mall officially renamed the "Tmall online shopping", is based on Tmall search for gene strategy and future prospects of the strategic decision-making, but also the Alibaba group formed and decided to further improve the ecological system of the strategy. "Amazon is not only a river, is also a great enterprise e-commerce in the world; Starbucks is not coffee, but it represents the biggest coffee chain giant and culture; what is Tmall? It is fashion, fashion, quality, sexy and incarnation synonymous.

loves Shanghai and Alibaba to compete is not so obvious, a search engine is a Tmall B2C C2C structure taobao贵族宝贝 Empire, but their war has not ended, the Tmall released, fell in love with the sea and who play

link love Shanghai auction, the founder of TV, we found that the ability of river, "nature" to the Alibaba Tmall Mall (Tmall fashion page). We naturally see Ali mother "id:mm_" in the browser, see "SPM" SCM "". How do Robin Li and ma? No doubt, careful shoes will be found, the two auction website and Tmall have what relation, not the Alibaba’s company, just two Tmall became the puppet, puppet, love Shanghai what became the





search love Shanghai

two, Alibaba – taobao贵族宝贝 – Tmall mall

, a Tmall


Tmall CEO Mr. Zhang Yong said, the name is changed because of the consumer. In June 2011 with the Taobao mall from taobao贵族宝贝 independent spin off, consumers have a variety of online shopping options. This will be renamed Tmall Taobao mall, is to let consumers more clear positioning of this platform, to help consumers online shopping more for the choice and decision of.


three, Tmall and Shanghai

Tmall mall, Taobao mall. Tmall贵族宝贝. The largest B2C website, taobao贵族宝贝 to build a new B2C (Business-to-Consumer, retail). The integration of thousands of brands and manufacturers, to provide one-stop solutions between businesses and consumers. 100% the quality of the goods, 7 days no reason to return to the customer service service, shopping and other services cash back points. The morning of January 11, 2012, Taobao mall officially announced renamed Tmall". In March 29, 2012, Tmall released a new Logo image.

1, "Tmall"


Two click on the

fell in love with the cool days of sea cooperation with Japan Lotte also announced the closure of Shanghai >, love

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What is the role of the 404 site settings page

on the site in HTTP code page 404 error means that link to the page does not exist, the path is the original page failure, for example: the path of change, "page file rename or move the location, link spelling error, cause the path to address the original non access method; when the Web server received a similar request. Will return a 404 status code, many websites tend to ignore the establishment of 404 pages, causing the site does not exist. After opening is a dead link, seriously affect the weight of the website.

2. database and the program error will have a dead link.

404 page is mainly to guide the user can also access other content inside the website cannot open in the link, rather than allowing users to close the window, will help to increase traffic, and is also good for, can let the spider will not stop the wrong page for crawling, page can be set 404 to improve the user experience.

website address 3. path suffix write more or less write slash.

1. a page or file exists originally, but later on this file or page is moved or deleted, which leads to the page link into a dead link.

2. site path address writing error.

1. is the user input in a domain name wrong

error link and dead link? What reason produces wrong links? Have the following reasons:

two, 404 page main function

The main function of What is the difference between

4. site path address case mismatch error would be generated links.

the dead link is how come about

three, 404 pages with the following methods:

2, can use the public 404 pages, this is very simple, as long as add code in site 404 template inside can (code in Shanghai public search 404 pages of love can be found in the 贵族宝贝yibo.iyiyun贵族宝贝/Index/web404, or this website to generate code), as shown in figure

1, on the Internet to download a 404 page template, the text links, modify, generally 404 page you download the download address jump is pointing to your site’s home page, you have to put it into their own web page to modify the 404 good FTP to the root directory. Then, the control panel in the space, 404 is arranged on the 404 page, as shown in figure

, what is the 404 page of

404 page is when the user input the wrong link, the page returned. As some of the page is deleted, the URL input error, access to the site there are 404 error page.

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360 search by leveraging what love Shanghai

1, Shanghai closed the content of love.

3B war started, Zhou Hongyi of love Shanghai also began running slobber, micro-blog has been on the general assembly and various attacks love Shanghai’s weakness, and has been claimed to search "huge opportunities to subvert the world". Summary of Zhou Hongyi love Shanghai repeatedly attacks him in the eyes of the subversion of opportunities is nothing more than two:

for the love of Shanghai over commercialization, Zhou Hongyi face the irony love Shanghai bidding model ", the notorious repute" joy and wonder: what you can come up with a better business model? For the search, ranking is the eternal theme, of course, can not avoid the fate of PPC in business. A popular word do not bid, how to determine.

actually love Shanghai own content platform is an open platform, such as Wikipedia, library, experience and so on, its contents are ordinary users to share the love of Shanghai, "writing experience and experience with remuneration" incentive mechanism, in the open top actually do very well, and as Zhou Hongyi said so close. 360 itself is in fact to build their own content, love Shanghai attempt to catch up on the content, such as Qihoo, ask 360 library, but love Shanghai so many years of accumulation of content construction, 360 is far behind.

for the two Zhou Hongyi serious subversion opportunity outlook is not very clear, the search for the 360, and even a bit powerless.

2, love Shanghai overcommercialized.

In fact,

Shanghai has been in love Chinese search for years old, and the roots go deep, but it is very difficult to move the love status of Shanghai. In August 16, 2012, Zhou Hongyi launched 360 subversive innovation comprehensive search, caused a stir in the industry. Zhou Hongyi go to where, where there is smoke, once let the mighty Penguin empire with hate a plus. And after Zhou Hongyi was founded in 360, the user experience is referred to the supreme position, claiming that "only challenge big brother, not bully". Therefore, the 360 strong reached the search market, there is a "cheerful" feeling, after all the years of stagnant water search also allows many users feel boring.

first for closed, with sea indeed continue to strengthen content construction, dug from the portal website even. This may in the eyes of Zhou Hongyi will hurt a part of the interests of developers, but it is to a certain extent, guarantee the interests of users, because this is the love of Shanghai to improve search quality performance. After years of technical accumulation, Shanghai will not love in the vertical content index than the 360 difference, love Shanghai to strengthen content construction to make up deficiencies in the vertical content, such as some encyclopedic knowledge, experience, documents and so on, the contents of the complete and professional vertical website is difficult for the user to provide. Most users want to search engine is an omniscient knowledge engine, users want to know what can instant.

After the

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How can the Internet money station earn 100WLinktech 99 online bookstores, double time Commission

what I’m doing right now is that as long as it’s about money making, learning can really help me make money, so go to school, and the way to learn is to "practice" and "do it.". For example, in about a year and a half ago, I can only do the manual site with frontpage, but this is really not the way, see a lot of people talk about WordPress on the net, then WordPress learning method is to use a web site to WordPress frame. The methodology of WordPress is not to buy books, not on the Internet, not the climb to ask people not to go to cram school computer, but they use WordPress as a platform, when I used to make a decent WordPress website, I just learned, but if it is to buy a book to see not begin to do, so we can only say that I read the book, I understand, but that does not mean the ability to use WordPress to make a website.

more League information is available: http://top.admin5/u

network money webmaster, in the capital, technology limited conditions, in order to make money online, should learn what? How to learn? Maple network’s view is "to learn, don’t learn, Internet money webmaster do, mainly is to make money on the Internet, or said the use of online technology, the ability to" make money ", rather than" learning ". The graphics software used by Maple Leaf network is photoimpact, not Photoshop, and only uses a small part of the functionality of photoimpact. Web editor, I use frontpage instead of dreamweaver. Basically, there are only things I have to do, some functions I don’t use, and I don’t know how to use them.

Adsense network alliance information release group: 2360256

dear union members:

99 Bookstore doubling doubled to 15% of the activity time extended ~ ~!

At the same time, a number of websites

exclusive book book, the new year’s surprise special offer 5 yuan, 9.9 yuan, flash sale, only 2 weeks!Event details: 99read/moban/050307moban.aspx

advertising has been updated!

Merry Christmas!

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

brand promotion with these strokes, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

reprint, please indicate what breast products are good http://ww>

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address:



perhaps the Internet money maker can improve his earning power by changing his language habits. That is, do not say "to learn", but say "practice" or "make". In other words, instead of "practice" instead of "learning".

some time ago, due to the finishing of pictures, although the use of photoimpact in the "batch work" function, but there are still a few steps to repeat three press different buttons to do a little trouble, then went to the "Wizard button" to solve this problem, so the "Wizard button" I understand is just to solve my own problems need to be solved, any more, I will not. This is not my lazy ah, I was actually a very good school, super good science, what is useful and useless to learn a love is chaos, the net is to do something that has nothing to do with the money, the result is "high skill, less money, usually seem to look for however, a problem is not good, I think this character does not change it to impoverished life.

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Site positioning and revenue, new website profit discussionAttractive marketing tips for websites

  the production site before going to the website localization, technical station or entertainment, regular stations or garbage station, has the goal to quickly enter the earnings period, unless you just play it.

normal station and garbage station scale and proportion of income, such as 1:10, a 20000IP dump the proceeds of the day, as long as the normal station can reach 2000IP. Just talking about personal experience is not authoritative.

station benefits, fast starting, disadvantages flow easy to do, no future, life is short. General garbage station can reach the revenue target within a month, three months at the latest, if three months can not yield, basically proved that the station no income possible. Can abandon.

1. Acquisition, the Internet is filled with hundreds of thousands of identical websites, which are collected from each other, so that there are only a few benefits between the same sites. I don’t like buying and selling data. A spread of data is of no value. Have to pick, collect, also speak skills, can not pick a station, try to make the site diversification, as far as possible and the target station to maintain a difference. Only in this way can you keep a good ranking in search. Collection and discharge.

2. traffic, save a lot of traffic flow. Most webmaster choose SEO, once and for all. Crazy AD isn’t much more traffic than a keyword. As you’ve said before, if your data is spread out a lot and there are too many sites in the search results, it’s impossible to have a good ranking unless you’re in luck. Keeping content unique is a great advantage. Domain name selection is also important, and COM is the first choice. The recent 1 yuan CN domain name has led to a crazy rise in the garbage dump. I don’t recommend using CN meters as garbage stations unless you have plenty of time to stick to the garbage bin and set the revenue target in 35 months.Keywords

3., data and traffic are available. Income is not a problem. A 20000IP station do GG monthly income in 500-600 knife, see suggest webmaster keywords and antecedents, if people like to search image conversion keywords, we can put PICASA on the page to download, if >

      how to build a reputation for small websites, drive traffic and improve brand loyalty, in the current severe economic situation, is not easy. But if a company is resourceful, there are several tricks that will ensure success.

      selected products;
      the first principle of online sales is selling suitable products; this is especially true for small companies which can not tolerate more mistakes. Trying to sell inappropriate products on the Internet is like failing to put a horse in a wagon, and you can’t succeed even if you do very well in other ways.
      not every product is suitable for online sales, and the really suitable products may have reached saturation in the field of e-commerce. Adi Kishore, an analyst at Yankee group, suggests that before starting a new e-commerce business, he says, "seriously, analyze your business model.". Did anyone else do it? Develop specialty products." Kishore emphasizes that popular products are suitable for online trading, but are often sold excessively by online retail giants, so that people have no interest at all. The secret is to develop unique products for niche markets in some popular products.

      advertising targeted;
      ad campaign is another hidden trap. For most small e-commerce companies, large-scale advertising campaigns are not only expensive, they are not even suitable for themselves. "If you use overwhelming advertising, you’ll waste half of your budget and you don’t know what half you’re wasting," says IDC Research Manager Jonathan Gaw. Instead, companies should explore more targeted and sometimes experimental promotions. The good news for small companies is that they don’t need to experience this as much as the pioneers of e-commerce.
      the key to looking for targeted media to disseminate marketing information is to consider from multiple sources. For example, when a company tries to trade online, it does not mean that traditional promotions can be ignored. Even in cyberspace, it’s not all about network promotions, and there are opportunities for e-mail and informal connections. Ideally, the promotion strategy ignores the differences between channels, because in today’s multi channel marketing environment, all channels contribute to advertising for e-commerce.
      in short, small companies should make a series of mutually reinforcing sales promotion plans. "Specific targeted media services for a particular audience, email, news bulletin, a

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The new version of the CNZZ webmaster statistics to help you become a good free pulse

a successful website, not only depends on the page design and beautiful effect, the content of the website and promotion degree is equally important, the three are indispensable. If the site itself is no problem, page beautiful, rich content is more important to see its promotion effect, a successful flow play absolute effect, users come to the site data quantity data flow level. How can you increase the number of users visiting the website, content and promotion play a decisive role, but blind promotion and modify their website content not only flow does not improve the effective but will achieve a multiplier effect. Since it is the promotion of course to see the effect of the promotion, according to the analysis of the data obtained after the promotion and promotion of rapid improvement and optimization of the site, so the site and data statistical tools are closely related.

currently statistics market statistics products, choose a stable, safe statistical product is very important. Good statistical tools can not only provide you with data display of website traffic, but also provide you with a clear statistics of user access behavior and interest points, which will provide a reliable reference for your future website upgrade. As one of the most influential independent third party data statistics and analysis service providers in the domestic Internet, CNZZ has always been known for its stability, integrity and speed. Recently CNZZ webmaster statistics conducted a large-scale product upgrade, the new version of the product in the webmaster statistics to the webmaster provide new interface and convenient operation experience at the same time, the access speed is more rapid, statistical analysis indexes are more comprehensive, more important is the site statistics will be safer and more stable. Below for CNZZ webmaster statistics, the new version of the special features for you to introduce, make you in the use of statistical products at the same time, better planning your own web site.

first of all, in the form of data on the interface to show a more comprehensive, and in the form of legend to make you more comprehensive understanding of your site’s current operations. The webmaster statistics should be user demand in the period of new access list function, you can understand their own website data and comprehensive information accurate detailed data to track every click track of website visitors and users.



search engine in the data of increased total search volume nearly 30 days, the main trend of search engine search volume nearly 30 days, you can not only see the search engine traffic proportion, can see the search engine to bring the flow of the trend, and using the line graph is more intuitive for you to show. You can according to the search engine statistical rate, as well as the keyword statistics, for the future site of the corresponding SEO optimization, so as to achieve the desired promotion effect.


antecedents analysis, you can clearly analyze the way you visit users and their traffic data, according to this data you can analyze the site >

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Transformation of local websites in the mobile Internet Era personal webmaster, you should call the

2014, that year, the local owners obviously felt the "winter" of the atmosphere, where the huge skeleton site still stands, but the old situation has become a low voice in the past, BBS star friends also began to fade, behind all this representation is brought about the rapid development of mobile Internet and intelligent hardware the results, at that time, almost all of the local stations are facing such a scene.


the sharp reduction in the amount of subsidies, reduce the amount of reading, there is no past downtown community interaction, site participation also drastically reduced, you obviously feel the mobile platform, WeChat has become a platform for the sharing and dissemination of local information most quickly; Phoenix, today’s headlines and became national news portal APP maximum reading entrance. At that time, the webmaster realized that the local station to vitality continues, we must have a transformation, to be innovative.

lets BBS move, design, make BBS mobile client, become the common cognition of most website including me. In 2014, the market is not a place for the website design of APP company, although the company has some APP development of this business, but the lack of professional development, the price is expensive, safety and continuous improvement are the existence of hidden dangers. Local websites need APP products need to upgrade, and not stable products, this is destined to be some development companies can not guarantee the problem, it has become a lot of local mobile station obstacles.

also in 2014, a company in Nanjing, saw that the crux of the problem, see the huge business prospects for hiding behind the crux, where BBS has developed a professional APP products – vest APP.

APP when the vest products appear, let the local station eyes light up on this product, in addition to synchronization of the local station outside the section, add the life of the function module, mobile interactive module, do a good job in the community movement, more dazzling mind.

since 2014, has nearly 1000 Chinese place of the mobile layout, were launched APP mobile phone products, as of September 2016, the number of hundreds of local APP station installed more than 100 thousand, the number of users has exceeded 20 million, and this data is still a geometric growth update. Behind the growth of data, is the recovery of user viscosity, the return of access traffic, mobile terminals to promote the success of the local station, ushered in a new life.

The flow rate of

regression, on local station is rebuilding a kind of self-confidence, from traditional PC side to the APP side, the local stations were smooth and temporarily stopped heel, but the lack of a sense of security, seems to be facing since the local station long suffering. So, when WeChat appears, WeChat public number has become a local station, have to layout of the mobile portal.

WeChat is the most mobile one in China at present

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How can you make a lot of money

how to make a lot of money? This is a lot of people who want to venture to understand the problem of investment, each person’s growth environment is different, the way of thinking is not the same, but there are still certain principles of success can be found. Many successful entrepreneurs must have some unique skills to succeed, let’s see how they succeed!


"China representative is chicken king," said the Dalian Han Wei Enterprise Group founder Han Wei.

1956 years, Han Wei was born in Dalian, a town of three streams East mud river village, a peasant family. In the middle of 1970s were recruited for the three mountain town of livestock assistants. How to make money? The 1984 Korea resignation of the sea, venture capital to 3000 yuan from relatives and friends to borrow, raise 50 laying hens, with the end of the year, bank loans in Korea from 150 thousand yuan, began to set up a chicken farm, Dalian has become the largest breeding specialist, also become the most individual household debt in Dalian.

Korea has been able to in the case of unsecured loan from the bank in such a huge sum of money, because at that time the city of Dalian is carrying out "food basket project", Han farm extension project is "urgent government is urgent". In support of the government, and loans from Korea soon built a 2 million 80 thousand yuan, covers an area of 44 mu, building area of 8000 square meters, raised 80 thousand chickens chicken modernization Chang Han empty started, the first year of its farm output will reach 2 million 100 thousand yuan, which is also the gold in Korea ahead of.

?The representative example is

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British boy to pick up a bottle of broken love letter from Gulangyu Islet

recently, a British boy picked up a floating bottle on the beach, which contains a Chinese letter, after the translation found that this is a love story telling sad love story.

reported that the British 11 year old boy with his family to Welsh Harrington, Angell Island Resort, a day with his mother Nancy in Yinwan beach when the dog eyed he found lying on the beach a transparent bottle. Driven by curiosity, Harrington opened the bottle and found it was a possession of Chinese handwritten letter.

"Gulangyu Islet for us, is the most memorable and pleasant surprise."

"only three or four days time, to recall the love between us. Here, I can be with you, look at you, hug you."

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