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Take your own experiment to send you to experience love Tucao Shanghai welfare

wants to talk about the keyword display page snapshot here, the home page snapshot, suggest that you don’t complain. But according to the latest available information, the conclusion is: the love of Shanghai recently keyword ranking algorithm is changed, many industry friends say your keywords in the old recent turmoil, many of the old site is also very stable, before. But according to speculation, Shanghai’s new love is outside the chain of tools (everyone can go to trial, just how to Tucao too, only no other friends of the chain of the anchor text of the chain, very embarrassed, but two days before the update), this tool was born, although a version of the test, but it largely means love, Shanghai for the identification of the anchor text of the chain, has a relatively high accuracy, so it will put up a pageantry to launch their own chain of the anchor text query tool, of course, is not very mature now. I believe you see here will certainly ask you how context contradictions ah, say high accuracy while said not mature? How to explain below, said high accuracy, because I love Shanghai tool shows the anchor text of the chain, is correct (not Tucao, pro, in fact, this it is said), technology is not mature, because the update is a bit slow, really, I can check the chain site prior to October 31st, back on the A5 Journal of such high quality of the chain can not find, can not find, on behalf of when keywords ranking score, is not considered okay, here we go, return to the topic of snapshot keyword ranking shows, but before today, October 31st, we can see the general >

yesterday to give you some insights into the construction of the chain chain and share the today to share a few small knowledge. A snapshot is about love Shanghai, love Shanghai according to the official statement, love Shanghai snapshot is updated according to the update the page to determine, generally speaking, is that if you have love Shanghai important updates on the page, he will give you a snapshot update, no, do not update. In fact, love Shanghai’s update with the site to drop right what is not what strong association. So your web page snapshot not update (site out), basically either you or your column page not update, update the home section, but the love of Shanghai think is equivalent to no, not essential, will not give you a snapshot update. Here it is mentioned, love of Shanghai, we have seen, is the entire page photo, there was a saying called love Shanghai is the page for the unit to look at the site, this is actually pretty good, especially the snapshot update, can invoke the theory to explain. Wanted to talk to you about the snapshot your keyword density, but yesterday tried to complain (but under the site home page is the latest snapshot, no complaints, but not the keyword display page snapshot, so the complaint, see), found a very embarrassed thing today, keyword snapshot updated to October 7th, but not open. No way, continue to complain.

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How to find a high degree of correlation Links genuine goods at a fair price.

algorithm to love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus today has passed 1 months, with the gradual force love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm, many sites are down right or decline in ranking, in the face of this situation as a webmaster must learn to learn from experience, and emphasizes the friend chain is the key point in Scindapsus algorithm, core it is a chain exchange, to exchange Links correlation has become the first criterion of a chain, a detailed analysis of how to find relevant degrees below the author Links website, power steadily and development.

themselves to build Links website based on

, standby

search engine query directly, or contact the webmaster friends of the chain

Now the Search Engine >

different sites have different ranks, different sites have their own industry, and the industry is the first step we obtain related links, keywords as a webmaster we can check their website ranking, such as you do the reading class website, in the search engine search keywords reading this you belong to, and then find the page ranking, in your ranking page on the page and the next page to find Links is the best way, because these rankings are almost never cause right down, and these are highly correlated with the website, this exchange to Links is very reliable, than in the Links link the behavior of several times, this method is currently the method is using the part of the webmaster, reflecting the effect of good.

long ago I saw a two day of the first page of the article, the article said at the time of the exchange in two Links also remain skeptical, but now I have no doubt, as far as I know, there are some owners take a few sites give birth to a flow station to exchange multiple links to a website, so as to ensure a high degree of related website chain and has a plurality of similar sites support this kind of website is easy to get the search engine off, that’s the spirit we lack, if you think of a few websites themselves can not be a very good development, so give up waste site is feasible, the weight of accumulated waste site, links to valuable website, promote the value of the site’s ranking.

now there are many Links platforms, these platforms are website and forum, QQ group and so on, to build a platform for the exchange of stationmaster Links laid the foundation, such as the current I added several chain exchange 500 group, and many webmaster every day in the group message exchange Links, if it is in line with the your website related degree, then immediately contact, this method is the most simple method, waiting for friends of the chain home, when exchange Links in using this method, we must pay attention to the effectiveness of Links, always pay attention to the stability behavior of Links.

joined the Links platform, through the exchange or chain


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A road from station three to university students

, first of all, thanks to web cam, and let me see all these different things, and all these people make me some real friends. Secondly, thank Admin5 for giving me this opportunity to sigh with emotion.

really wants to say something today. May be my first time to write the soft text, written bad, please forgive me ^_^

own learning is not good, admitted to a three stream university, freshman semester, on the living is very dull. When you have time, go climbing, go to sea (swimming, University by the sea).. I just got to know the University and thought it was fun. Ha-ha。 I love playing.. No way out。

, the semester is coming. I majored in computer science. After half of the semester to familiar with the environment, and is no longer as much as you learn their affectation, buy a second-hand computer, "ah, I must have learned something, he is also a computer major, spent dozens of pieces connected to cable.

started really interesting, looking for information, from the Internet to learn dephi, C#, Java, C++, and many.. It’s been a long time. It’s almost forgotten now. Hey ~ ~. If I could hold out till today. May become a master of programming, ^_^. Unfortunately, there is no if.

What should

say?. Just answer the questions. After a whole month’s study, I got bored.. There were several games in our dorm, and it was said that the game was called "ask". Watching them play so great, I turned to the. Play the game, "ask", may have played, the game is simple, very easy to use, who is the game directly, a harm is 1 years, another 4 months, the middle of the ring no less than 10 times. The students don’t play. I’m still playing with myself.. Most of the time, the students got up, I sleep, others call me sleepy, because I did not sleep in class once ~. Why I play games, so don’t put it, because I have to lead others at that time, a lot of money, thought there might be such a good chance to sell a lot of things, he also in 5173 to tell the truth, I have a $2000, less than 500.


actually, I’ve always had a good friend who has been right with me and doesn’t play games. At that time, he is engaged in SF, will make money ~ has been right me, I N times are indifferent, but the surface cope with.. Maybe it’s N plus 1. I really put that crap on the table. I started my regular life and came back from the new year,

I started my website, this is one of my station, the first, which changed N version, off a few times, selling a few times (^_^, did not succeed, I will not sell). Later, I believe I will continue to learn this way. Now learning SEO, and strive for my station has a better ranking.

ha ha, I wrote here. I wish you all a lot of fun and more and more traffic. Money is getting more and more and wants to follow me too

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How do you feel about a rookie webmaster

I was a rookie webmaster, that is, now is the beginning of 06, the real contact ", at that time still do static", started to play QQ space, then the code is very interested in, and often went to Internet cafes a character by character change (when it was a poor boy, computer what is not, so go to Internet cafes). Next to the friends are playing games in passion, I am like fools to the computer, looking at the mess of the code, MM next to me that I was the Institute to do homework. 09 years, the money did not earn much, the body is more and more bad, often cold, do stand 3 years, feeling really many, even from the beginning of the code cannot read until now also dabbled with the chopper, the frustrations and bitterness that only he knows.

it was really hard to learn how to do web sites before, and I didn’t know how to do it, and I spent more time and effort. So, if I was successful in a website, it would make me feel a great sense of achievement. Not only friends praise, even myself feel worth, ha ha, which is like a program online, just now to change, collection content, is a website. I love painting, very interested in art, then slowly he also learned PS, FW and other graphics, occasionally to help people change what LOGO. After that, we did a free mapping forum, with a large group of people learning PS, and slowly. In fact, in addition to these, I really do not know what I will, and I do not know what I have to rely on to support my family, really confused..

in fact, thank you very much Admin5, also often come over from work, Admin5 to see the webmaster’s feelings and life, some people said, the webmaster’s girlfriend is computer, this sentence I very much agree with. The first thing to wake up every day is not to brush your teeth, but to turn on your computer. Every day in the eyes of the mind is PR, are included. Life, family, health can not all in order to get a meager income, sometimes feel that life has no meaning, although the day is so full, like a wind up clock, Didi dada to stop. One day, at last, I couldn’t stand it. I fell ill and suddenly felt that health was so precious.

I think the web for the first time cheated, later in the rage and inspiration, to apply for a domain name, a fraud reporting center, the purpose is to let people get cheated out here, announced fraud crimes, while giving other people some reminders and recommendations, lest someone cheated. This station, I am still working hard in the construction, I hope all my friends also support.

at the same time want to persuade you webmaster friends, pay attention to the body, health is the revolutionary capital, in addition to spend more time with your family. Ha-ha。 Well, he wrote it, I wish you in the new year


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Share website promotion experience of chemical websites

, the author of the construction of chemical sites and promotion contact time is not long, but from a few months of actual combat experience, chemical and general enterprise station promotion of the biggest characteristic is that the target consumer is different. Ordinary enterprise terminals are mostly terminal consumers, while most of the chemical products are the most enterprise or wholesaler. This article will combine the actual combat experience, analysis of chemical products website construction and promotion.

1. Construction of chemical websites

the author’s client is a well known Polymer Co, whose core products are high temperature glue and high temperature sealant. Because of the different customer base, the following issues must be considered when building a website.

1, site positioning. Many chemical products, the site must locate the core of enterprises, the most profitable products as the dominant.

2, a large number of chemical products, but the share is too thin, is not conducive to customers quickly find products. Therefore, site planning staff at the site, as far as possible to allow the site to search in the station function, home page has a clear product classification navigation. Home first screen enterprise core advantage products appear. In order to make it easier for customers to find products, the author also set up a quick navigation at the bottom of the website.


3, highlighting the company and product advantages.


4, list enterprise honor and certificate. Because customers of chemical products are mostly purchasing departments or wholesalers, not white users, they must use examples, certificates and honors to prove themselves. In fact, according to the chemical manufacturers have large and small a variety of honors. I cited the high-temperature glue and other products of ISO certification, patent certificate, certificate of honor and so on more convincing.


second, the company’s products are "China Aeronautical Materials Handbook" included, and the company’s technical staff and research personnel photos on the website prominently, more prominent advantages of company products.

5, for chemical class websites, set up clear and concise sub navigation.

chemical products, first, there are a lot of technical information, product information needs to be checked. Two, many customers need to customize different formulations of products, so in the planning of the site, we should fully pay attention to this, rather than building a traditional enterprise display site.

two, the online promotion of chemical websites

chemical sites online promotion is mainly divided into station and station outside, station promotion, of course, first of all, seo. But compared to other enterprises, the SEO of the chemical website has the following characteristics, we need to pay attention to.

1, keyword selection.

I found that, compared to other consumers, chemical class >

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Website operation oriented

now online shopping is very popular, such as shopping sites also appear like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, to do a website operation is very important! In fact, a website operation is also very simple, the Internet has Master Nenshi 100 words, each one takes what he needs. Operating a search engine properly can help you find a solution to the problem.

shopping sites are very low operating costs, online time, you can in a few days to build a shopping website of their own. As for how to do, search, you can find a lot of ways, as you choose what way, which way to go, that is, human factors at work, this is one of the people-oriented.

has a platform, you can sell things, you want to give your things publicity to everyone, know, the old way, you Baidu search, website promotion, product promotion method not less than a few hundred. How this depends on the decision-makers choice, free promotion lasted for a long time, slow, pay promotion, without much thought, pay OK, such as search engine promotion, more closely, the search engine also so much, Baidu, Google, Sogou, is to be selected, this is two people.

publicity and promotion done, people are attracted to, sales personnel quality is the key to human factors, is the key to people-oriented. Why is the outstanding sales personnel and the general sales staff, sales network and real sales although there are differences, but the principle is the same! But personally think that the performance of sales staff in the whole transaction order process took more than 90% chances. That is to say, the sales staff’s performance has led to the success of the order.

to sum up: people-oriented is the most important!


why do I write this article, is a shopping site under a full-time promotion, there’s a flower shopping site 4, which are characteristics of flowers, flowers, flowers boutique network, international network, Providence flowers network sales, not the same, promotion is not much difference, the difference in performance. Poor people do seem to promote the decision, I just want to say, people are not the same, and methods are not the same, but the key is to enter into a single customer sites, if not attract people decided to customer is prospective customers. Why is the same customer service, the same sales methods and time, the difference between such a big performance?.

seems to be a complaint, personally think it is worth making policy reference! This article A5 first, personal promotion website, Chinese characteristic flower net (

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Seafood barbecue set off a new business model

in the current rise of the various characteristics of delicacy, barbecue for everyone to have not unfamiliar, can be seen everywhere in the barbecue stall business, in addition to the familiar dishes, for seafood barbecue is very rare, so also set off a new venture.

now people’s living standards continue to improve, for the common is not a strong attraction. For entrepreneurs, just a common dish can not meet the needs of people. So do seafood barbecue, become one of the items people choose. The study of seafood barbecue technology, barbecue business or do the first step to do the choice of entrepreneurs. Seafood barbecue for us in terms of learning technology is not a very difficult thing, seafood barbecue in training snacks of training institutions, can quickly learn to seafood barbecue practices, as well as management system stores of knowledge.

After the completion of the seafood barbecue

technology, we are looking for a facade or stall operators, but this is our most common practice. Today, the first batch of food and beverage 10000 yuan store planning to share a business model to everyone, is working with businesses, with an example to tell you how to do. There is a good business to do supper, and they do not have seafood barbecue projects (we need to practice to investigate and understand the situation of cooperative businesses So, we can talk to the merchant to cooperate in their shop or the door to do seafood barbecue, divided into how much, the specific cooperation can be discussed.

and business cooperation, this will be a little difficult, but for the small business of us, can be a good solution to the problem of the site, customer source. So you can become a business with the intention of cooperation, then we can achieve a small business can be achieved quickly. And can not be reached, we can only choose to stall or store operations.

actually want to do catering business delicacy, everywhere contains business opportunities, the key is to look at the analysis of our thinking, whether it is seafood barbecue business, there are other snacks business, not fixed thinking, must be set by appropriate, flexible change. To choose their own practice.

related recommendations

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Entrepreneurs need to have good willpower

since the choice of entrepreneurship, it is necessary to be able to do without hesitation to go forward, many entrepreneurs who failed is not able to tenaciously go on, the difficulties encountered on the choice of retreat. So for entrepreneurs, in order to achieve the ultimate victory, we must have a good will, can overcome the difficulties.

Adair opened a Mexico restaurant, named "Red s  All  Natural;, with their corn pancake restaurant sales growth, performance is also found in the Adair, climbing, it is necessary for them to cooperate with large manufacturers to expand the production scale of the products. Adair spent months looking for partners, and eventually, he found a new processing plant to be responsible for the production of the restaurant’s pancake. However, it seems as if Murphy’s law is to be fulfilled in the so-called psychological effect. Adair’s company had an accident.

Red ‘s  All  Natural restaurant opened in Franklin County, Tennessee. According to Adair, the global consumer needs a natural ingredient, like his wife’s hand. But the reality is not, he said: "when we realized that the pancake is Kwame Haikou processing factory, the production of power they did not meet our commitments, even a small part of the demand to do. Those factories are at least half our orders, and retailers are threatening to cancel a contract with us. We almost ran out of money.

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Ding royal tribute tea – how to join the investment

drinks industry in addition to milk, fresh fruit juice drinks and other items, tribute tea is a very popular investment projects, investment for entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial choice choose drinks tribute tea to join the shop, is an excellent decision. From Taiwan the tribute tea, many brands, choose which brand is good? Join the tribute tea, when look for Ding imperial tribute tea.

most people are now in a place of pressure, how to relieve the pressure of life, to maintain physical and mental health, is one of the modern people should pay attention to. While drinking tea can effectively relieve the pressure of people, to provide people with a relaxed and comfortable mood. Therefore, in the beverage franchise market, called a Ding imperial tribute tea tea brand is by consumers and franchisees pay attention.

has been able to join the market several times in the tribute tea in a space for one person, because Ding imperial tribute tea from first to last are adhering to healthy and green products produced by traditional concepts, the most advanced technology, the use of the royal palace secret recipe, composed of multiple complex, fine product production process produced. Therefore, Ding imperial tribute tea has good taste and green tribute tea healthy quality. And, in order to meet the needs of different consumers, Ding royal tribute tea also launched hundreds of different series of tea products, fashionable appearance, unique taste, rich nutrition, the Ding imperial tribute tea was introduced by the praise of many consumers.

addition, Ding imperial tribute tea or many hobby health consumers preferred beverage brands. Foreign research shows that tea polyphenols and tea contain oxide can absorb some radioactive substances that protect cells from radiation injury, also helpful for the repair of damaged cells. Clinical studies have shown that tea extracts can be used in the treatment of cancer patients in the treatment of radiation caused by mild radiation sickness, radiation treatment of blood cells, white blood cells, the effect is very good. Therefore, drinking tea for people’s health can be described as a lot of benefits, essential.


Ding royal tribute tea drinks in the franchise has a very good development prospects in the market, so the choice of investment Ding imperial tribute tea drinks to join the project investors very much. It is reported that the Ding royal tribute tea headquarters for the franchisee to provide the most comprehensive support programme to join. The headquarters for each join to tailor customized private management and operation mode, to provide various support services in front of the shop, shop, shop, shop to help the franchisee can smooth business, quick profit. Let join more simple and easy access to wealth, it is also Ding imperial tribute tea brand has been the goal of.

The above is the simple introduction of

, Ding imperial tribute tea of this brand of course, if you join the Ding imperial tribute tea is interested, please give us a message on our website below, we will arrange our staff to contact you after seeing the message.


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Baozou pill group snack small business – business preferred

The exquisite and delicious snacks on

, compact and pleasant, non Taiwan special snack pill is burning. Delicate and compact pill to burn, will be fresh and fragrant in a body, bringing food feast on the tongue. This is from the characteristics of Taiwan delicacy Baozou pill group, one can awaken your deepest experience taste delicious, a little pill Baozou family, when you are in the tasting, is like experiencing a seafood feast, leisurely leisurely delicious, can bring you a surprise, let you feel the delicious to taste the impact of

on the tongue!

burst in the pill in the physical store, octopus is not only delicious, but also absolutely let you eat healthy nutrition. The explosion of the family of Octopus octopus is the industry’s top brands, has a variety of advantages and characteristics, authentic Octopus cooked food in the explosion to go to the family


burst shot family snacks   small business choice

Baozou pill group follows the production process of classic desktop snacks, both health and delicious, making each pill burn appearance of golden fluffy, bring the first feeling attractive, extremely rich skin wrapped fillings, bite, crispy skin burst, filling your mouth into the moment because, Baozou stuffing pills group is too , from the outside looks ready to explode, filling the mixture with the delicious crispy skin, delicious absolutely unspeakable.

creative cuisine naturally has a different taste experience, enjoy food and fun, while absorbing the health. Explosion of the family of snacks, a delicate taste to bring consumers a better enjoyment of the snack brand