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These free tools and methods of mining the long tail keywords you know

click on the pop-up dialog box, tool, waiting for input and search keywords, keyword tool will set out the relevant keywords and long tail keywords, show the daily search volume, the degree of the competition

here are several long tail keywords convenient and effective mining method:


3. using the "thesaurus network" mining long tail keywords

According to the demand of

Shanghai index shows love and popular search in the search term and the fastest rising search terms we can set out a part of the long tail keywords popular.

mining long tail keywords to quickly and efficiently, but also has been plagued by many Shanghai Longfeng beginners. Today, the dreamer will tell you how to quickly and effectively mining the long tail keywords, improve the work efficiency of

open the love Shanghai index page (贵族宝贝index.baidu贵族宝贝/), enter the target keyword Click to view the index selection of demand.

as everyone knows, website keywords into target keywords and long tail keywords. The target keywords as the soul of the website, the website of the center location thought and content of the construction of the expanding direction, choose the right target keywords is to choose a way to success Avenue; the long tail keywords refers to the non target site keywords but also can bring the flow of search keywords, long tail keywords can give a good optimization a site of great flow, dig out the long tail keywords user needs is the way to have the power of transportation on the road to success


slide the page to the bottom, you can see the popular search.


choose the long tail transmission > Thesaurus



love Shanghai client (贵族宝贝editor.baidu贵族宝贝/) as love Shanghai search marketing and web promotion tool, not only brings great convenience for many SEMer, the long tail keywords keywords tool is also applicable to the work of Er mining in Shanghai dragon. This tool we only need to register (registered address) and login account can be used to promote the love of Shanghai (free).

1. using the "love Shanghai index", the user needs to find

! Keywords

2. love Shanghai promotion client keyword tool



thesaurus network (贵族宝贝ciku5贵族宝贝/) is a comprehensive website keyword thesaurus, contains the latest hot key, key vocabulary thesaurus, bidding key library and the library industry keywords.

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Content evolution of the big web site how to display the value content

"big" website, that is, in the industry has a certain position of the site, such a web site in the content of a certain accumulation, with a huge content resources and user resources.

The so-called "

into this, failure is also here, because of its huge capacity, and established its position within the industry, attracted a large number of users to query information and learning; but because of the large amount of content, also produced such as content quality is uneven, difficult for users to find a lot of content the appropriate data, content data is obsolete, no longer apply…… such problems, seriously affecting the user experience.

Baidu know as the representative of the quiz website information bloated and true and false, Sina, NetEase as the representative of the traditional information portal of the old information, Tianya community as the representative of the traditional forum website resembles the true information…… these problems, every hour and moment does not affect these "big" the user experience of the website, the torture of users on site loyalty.

with the problem has become more serious and prominent, these "big" website has also taken a lot of measures to deal with these problems, especially with the advent of the mobile Internet era, the market reshuffle, the "big" website for content evolution really bothered a lot.

1., content control is the basis, high-quality and valuable content and the old content of the reorganization.

content evolution, content itself is the basis, the user needs is content, is valuable, content can, so for the website itself, the quality of valuable content is the cornerstone of all. Ask questions such as expert certification; information portal experts column is extremely important value from the contents of initiatives, has also appeared in hundreds of Baidu, titanium media, tiger sniffing network and a large number of emerging media websites, a major feature of these websites are extremely have pay more attention to the value of content. The value content has been attached importance to by many "big" websites, and the website has gone back to the era of "content is king".

value content is produced on the one hand, but for the old content collation has not been too much attention, although there is treatment, but it is not dedicated. False, advertising, information, useless information…… It is flooded with some large platforms, such as Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia marketing advertising, news and information portal soft text…… Now, although have stepped up monitoring and audit, many information processing is produced for the past but this is undoubtedly the potential leadership rendered ineffectual by recalcitrant subordinates, loopholes and defects of these "big" website, will also affect the user experience. The path to content evolution still needs to be tried.


2. mobile terminal pushes the appropriate content to the user.

with the arrival of the era of mobile Internet, mobile content construction has been a "big" site of attention, but also understand the mobile terminal content is king of the truth, so for the content of mobile terminal construction are spare no effort.

in general, the content of the mobile sites of these "big" websites evolved

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Talking about the characteristics and application experience of NetEase League

, a few days ago, Google’s withdrawal prompted domestic major portals to launch their own advertising alliance, scrambling to win over small and medium-sized webmaster, that everyone realized the power of China’s small and medium-sized adsense. Baidu alliance is one of the earliest imitation Google union advertising alliance; alliance with Taobao Taobao huge traffic and massive sellers shop promotion based on promotion work invested heavily to put up a pageantry; Tencent search Alliance troops; now the NetEase has launched a Youdao search alliance, currently only invited some well-known websites online, and soon spread. My blog, LAOHAO.INFO, was invited by the League of nations to take part in the Youdao alliance test.

what is the league in the end, it is not good to draw a conclusion, after all, NetEase has just launched the service, but relying on NetEase’s technical strength and strong financial support for the development should be good. My blog has just added an alliance code, a few days, the basic feelings are as follows:

1, a union code loading speed is very fast, because of my blog while hanging AdSense, Baidu, Youdao alliance alliance, open the page, Youdao alliance faster than Baidu alliance, AdSense are faster.

2, content matching is not accurate, and Baidu alliance almost, matching accuracy can not be compared with Google AdSense. I think technology is one of the reasons, advertising is not wide enough source is also one of the main reasons.

3, Youdao League advertising, size range of options, many sizes for you to choose, this is better than AdSense, Baidu.

4, the proportion is high, this is our greatest concern, is probably the reason just launched, as a official said to members of the association of 60%-80% into advertising, I just a few days there, feeling good price.

5, management background is concise, perhaps still in the testing phase, management background is relatively simple. The following main management columns, website management – access to code – statistical reports – settlement information – account information.


above is purely personal point of view, welcome everyone to join the discussion, each one airs his own views. First write so many, after a period of time, I will be based on the actual experience of the situation to write some feelings, interested friends, please pay attention to my blog: old good online.

this article first webmaster network, reprinted please indicate the source, thank you!


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How to join the dessert faster success

dessert is a favorite food of many friends, if you want to open a dessert shop, how can we do more successful? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, I hope you can help.

don’t tell me you didn’t make any money. Dessert is not always to open up a profit evaluation, if you did not mention the dessert shop run well, only talk about other achievements, it is very good.

do not pay too much attention to the failure of entrepreneurship. You don’t need to tell people what you’re doing. Don’t talk about how you got squeezed out of a dessert store. People don’t care. You can ignore this fact, just tell people what you did at the dessert shop.

advanced experience to help you quickly get the success of the dessert store, the successful operation of dessert stores need to be more innovative methods. Only grasp the correct operation method is the premise of successful development.


above is about how to join some dessert shop faster success, I believe we have a certain understanding, a dessert shop is a good choice for business, to find the favorable opportunity and make more awesome, if you want dessert stores, you need to fully analyze the market, choose a good target, make more worry.

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Migrant workers need to solve the problem

One thing

migrant workers is very normal in the current era of national entrepreneurship has become. However, due to many restrictions, the probability of success of migrant workers is not high, at the same time, we also need to solve more problems, can guarantee the entrepreneurial success. So, migrant workers need to solve those problems?

The press conference said the deputy director of the Ministry of agriculture

rural social development center Zhan Huilong in the recently held "2016 first Chinese migrant workers entrepreneurship innovation development forum, as of the end of 2015, the number of migrant workers’ entrepreneurship has exceeded 4 million 500 thousand, accounting for more than 2% of migrant workers, migrant workers are formed a new craze. At the same time, land use, financing difficulties, shortage of talent has become the main problems encountered in the process of migrant workers.

Zhan Huilong said that with the implementation of the national public entrepreneurship, the implementation of the people’s innovative strategy to promote the work of migrant workers returning home around the wind, showing three new changes:

first, the number of entrepreneurs more and more, a new upsurge of entrepreneurship is taking shape. In recent years, the number of migrant workers returning home has been maintained at around two digits. According to the Ministry of agriculture survey, as of the end of 2015, the number of migrant workers returning home to start the country has more than 4 million 500 thousand, accounting for more than 2% of migrant workers.

second, the field of entrepreneurship is becoming wider and wider, cross industry entrepreneurship increased significantly. Migrant workers entrepreneurship field is no longer confined to the traditional breeding industry in the past, but covers special breeding, agricultural products (12.780, -0.38, -2.89%) processing, tourism, e-commerce, agricultural products development and so on, involving the rural 123 industry, showing multi industry interaction, integration and development of the new trend.

third, the starting point of the business is getting higher and higher, significantly improve the quality of factor inputs. The past migrant workers entrepreneurship mostly for the general planting, now the high quality, strong entrepreneurial skills, pushing more and more management mode, constantly updated, new technologies and new models are widely used in the new format widely.

Zhan Huilong pointed out that migrant workers entrepreneurship is our country public entrepreneurship, innovation strategy and an important part of the potential of the modern farmers with high culture, strong technology, modern management is the development of the rural economy is an important effective strength, rely on the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure in rural areas, new urbanization and agricultural modernization the development of innovation subject.

however, with the deepening of migrant workers returning home business, they also encountered many difficulties, summed up in three areas.

first, the land is more difficult than other industries. Most of the migrant workers returning home are based on the industry based on Agriculture

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After 90 guy doing POS machine service providers lucrative profits

every successful entrepreneurs in the business success before have experienced a lot of hard work and perseverance eventually achieved business success, especially for many young people now, entrepreneurship can be said to be a very good choice of life.

too many things Ligan Chen, after graduating from high school to sell instant noodles, restaurants have been joined in mind before he stepped down from the north on a site. "Dry sales is the first to sell themselves, aimed at the needs of customers." Chen Li said that he had a rough look at some of the sales of books, choose some of their own personality and sales skills.

in two of the efforts of the company on the right track. At the beginning of June this year, the company was moved to the spacious houses, new buildings along the street. Yesterday morning, the last wave of employees also moved into a new office.


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Want to buy a house on the false divorce and other places in Shanghai to review the upgrade

in our lives, although many people can not afford to buy a house, but there are a lot of people have a lot of houses, but also to buy investment and so on. Following the China Banking Regulatory Commission prohibited bank financial funds to enter the field of real estate, the Shanghai Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the "Shanghai") clear Real Estate Company debt shall be the purchase of land, the central bank Shanghai headquarters 3 days issued "on the practical implementation of the Shanghai City real estate regulation spirit to promote the orderly operation of real estate financial market (hereinafter referred to as the" resolution "resolution"), maintain the real estate financial market order.

in the Industrial Bank (601166, shares) (16.480, 0, 0%) chief economist Lu political commissar, the central bank Shanghai headquarters as the industry department, especially as regulators, in Shanghai six introduced before the full moon reiterated that the property control policies, is equivalent to the enhanced version of local policy "".

interview was informed that the current number of banks in the head office level has been on the real estate business strict access, strengthen risk control or strict implementation of local regulatory policy, the spirit of communication.

many people in the industry said in an interview with this reporter, strict control of various types of funds, such as illegal access to credit, for the land market cooling down fire is necessary. The resolution is also likely to become a place to strengthen the regulation of the property market from the financial sector, the first shot".

strict control housing prices financing

Two meeting of the Politburo

7 in April and October are referred to the inhibition of the asset bubble, the second is a direct refinement to the monetary policy, "while maintaining reasonably adequate liquidity at the same time, pay attention to curb asset bubbles and prevent economic and financial risks".

in the industry view, in the case of a lot of housing prices have been trying to get in the background, strict control of land transaction funding sources, to better reduce the risk of the entire real estate industry.

fact, a line of three will be in the financial sector for the regulation of the property market is constantly overweight. The CBRC released in late October three quarter economic and financial situation analysis, the meeting pointed out the need to strengthen the investment management of financial management funds, bank financing funds is strictly prohibited to enter the field of real estate; strengthen the real estate trust business compliance management. The Shanghai Stock Exchange and at the end of October, issued "on the trial of the real estate industry overcapacity, corporate bonds regulatory classification of the letter", is clear about the real estate enterprise bonds to raise funds for the purchase of land shall not be.

the central bank’s headquarters in Shanghai, the resolution is the first local financial sector regulation of the property market upgrade, thereby further strengthening the supervision of commodity housing land transaction funding sources.

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一对英国慈善商店针织鸭子已周游世界2014以来,孤独星球指南的帮助下。汤米和Mary Duck已经在30次航班到目前为止与主人本和安妮,他们的追随者不断更新他们的冒险通过脸谱网网页,达尔弗顿鸭子。

汤米和Mary Duck一直在周游世界,借助于孤独星球指南。图像:达尔弗顿鸭子


汤米和Mary Duck一直在周游世界,借助于孤独星球指南。图像:达尔弗顿鸭子


汤米和Mary Duck一直在周游世界,借助于孤独星球指南。图像:达尔弗顿鸭子


汤米和Mary Duck一直在周游世界,借助于孤独星球指南。图像:达尔弗顿鸭子


汤米和Mary Duck一直在周游世界,借助于孤独星球指南。图像:达尔弗顿鸭子


汤米和Mary Duck一直在周游世界,借助于孤独星球指南。图像:达尔弗顿鸭子


汤米和Mary Duck一直在周游世界,借助于孤独星球指南。图像:达尔弗顿鸭子

跟随汤米和Mary Duck的冒险,结帐达尔弗顿鸭脸谱网网页。





成熟经验的孩子在我们所有的人,Brad Harris,为游客服务的高级主管,说。“典型的通宵参与者出席看更亲切,靠近博物馆的方式活动的意图。[一]孤独的在黑暗的大厅,站在122英尺的巨龙…这是一个非常独特的体验。”





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Do you know the business opportunities brought by wedding dress

marriage is a lifetime event, in the marriage before, is to make sure that the wedding photos are good, the wedding is not cheap, the wedding is to keep the most beautiful moment, a memorial for happiness, that how to choose clothing, not all couples are aware of the Xi’an wedding, teach you the wedding should be how to choose clothing, so as to make perfect wedding.

A: wedding

in general, the wedding photo shoot is divided into indoor and outdoor shooting, the number of sets of clothing photography is also set 3-5 range. Too much flash Xing dazzling decoration is now popular, simple and elegant style more durable good-looking, generally in favor of the bride or the white gauze, shooting white yarn is easy to show, and shooting out of the wedding is the formal solemn. The choice of indoor white yarn is very important, in general, the new people will choose to enlarge the white yarn to do large. A good bride can choose fish style, can show good figure, and can be the bride’s feminine highlights. Because the outdoor action is lively, so choose outdoor white gauze, try to pick bra styles, more convenient activities. In addition, do not be afraid to choose the tail of the complex, although the tail is a little clumsy, but in the grass and the effect of the steps are often better than a small tail.

two: dress

selection of the bride’s dress, in addition to match the scene environment, but also with the bride’s own body temperament with good. Petite bride can choose lovely short dress cute; build good bride can choose slim dress; while a bride can choose a fluffy skirt, if the upper part of the bride can use some shawls and other decoration, avoid weaknesses. The color of the dress, it is recommended not to pick a light yellow, light beige, because in a strong light effect will be similar to white yarn.

three: couple loaded

now each have launched a N+1 wedding photography wedding series, the number of clothing N is the studio or studio, "1" refers to the new people can prepare their own a set of clothing, in the wedding photos over, take a relaxed couple photos. Because of their own clothes can be prepared by the new people, the majority of the majority of couples, couples shirt, T-shirt, jeans are a good choice.

if you want to engage in this area of business, you can see the text above, the hope is to help everyone, pick the cheongsam, avoid big red, long style, should choose a lattice cheongsam, can make the bride elegant, let the human experience the charm of the new costume, in twenty-first Century today the vintage clothing is also present in 80, 90 of the fashion darling, take a set of the characteristics of the wedding, let the new photos of the novel, creative, and leave a different color in my life.

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Female college students back to the countryside to do business to create a brand tofu

now college students entrepreneurship has become very common, some of them have activity success, the girl will say next is very wonderful, let’s look at the success of her experience.

in Bo Rui junior year, she saw such a "poison bean" news on the Internet inadvertently: because edible contain banned additive "diaobaikuai" "poison bean", a teenage boy suffering from uremia, bring endless pain to the child’s family and himself. Read this news, bu Rui sprouted an idea – to produce a truly safe and healthy food, to prevent similar incidents from happening again "diaobaikuai".   welcome to collect China venture capital

in March, despite strong opposition, Rui parents and relatives, walk on the road of entrepreneurship, the project is "tofu". The initial stage of the difficult, for the female college students have not yet graduated is a great challenge, all things are not to be pro. A boy carrying more than and 100 pounds of bean curd, have some difficulty, bu Rui every day to carry dozens of plate. Get up at 3 every morning, and then go to the morning after Chutan, sales and research, to run the market, looking for the site. The first day, every day in the morning with the moon, the moon with the moon.

the establishment of the company registered the brand