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The 28 SMS network site 6 months soso included 0 conjecture

two: website Kongfa content and lack of readability of

server space influence to the site, I think it should be every webmaster feel, for an accident every two or three days website, not only hurt the heart of the user, but also to the search engine is very disrespectful, for the 28 SMS network performance, the influence of the server, love Shanghai’s most sensitive, snapshot will give you not update, is included on the keywords will also receive some effect, but if you can solve in time, for the love of Shanghai snapshot and keywords ranking will recover very quickly, and although the soso on the surface of indifferent, but for a not included in an article for the website, or influence very large, it may be because your server or space is not stable and not included in your site.

for soso problems included many webmaster is very anxious, although a website traffic from soso is not much, the main source of traffic sites still rely on love Shanghai and Google soso, but we sometimes can not be ignored, he brought us the flow is sometimes quite considerable, and at the same time in exchange Links, if soso have more backlinks included and it looks more comfortable, if a website and links that very few words, may exchange the connection when the other will have shaken psychology, in order to solve this problem, I believe that many webmaster friends for reasons soso not cudgel thinking, not included. I think there are three possible is to talk about:

: a web server is not stable

web content is now a search engine to search engine, goal is to build the best content is displayed to the user, the user experience is not only the search engine looks now concerned, but also in the future of Shanghai dragon, the search engine for the user experience good site, the treatment is not the same if! A website is empty, not what column for the website weight lifting, is a big obstacle, without the support of the article, relying only on the containment of the chain, is very small, unless there is a NetEase Sina, those large gateway support, now has several webmaster have the advantage of search? I want to focus on this engine, soso is no exception, with me on this site and others soso not included.

website problem is the top priority of the webmaster friends, the new station only to solve this problem, can let the website run into the normal track, now 28 SMS network www.28dx贵族宝贝 website for 6 months, soso still included bare, too stingy to pull out a hair, in order to find the answer and solve the problem of waste collection, a lot of thought and a lot of effort. Seek answers to questions about master, soso interface to submit questions, even to the official soso feedback problems are done, but these efforts did not bring me any change, soso still included 0.


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On the conjectures of search engine algorithm development

is not difficult to find, now the construction site outside the chain of the effect is really not how, unless the quality of the chain is particularly good. After all, although the chain as an important parameter to reflect the popularity of the website, to search engine to completely abandon the chain algorithm standard >

love Shanghai has emphasized the importance of the original, but everyone knows how many high quality original articles are not included, the number of high-quality original website ranking not fit to be seen to be buried. But most of the time, we have the original article, accidentally being reproduced, accidentally own original website has become the collection site. In fact, there are many such examples, in a few days ago to find a Shanghai dragon industry website article was reprinted, and also to contribute.

two professional keywords will be more integrated search resources occupied

from last year to now, large-scale search engine algorithm to modify. Every update to the owners brought a lot of combat, and we also seem to be numb, no longer full avenue to aguirre. Hard to force the past 6.28, 2013 to bitter love for Shanghai’s update, in addition to accept, what you say? In this paper, some of the future search engine algorithm that I talk about.

, the original judgment will be more

love Shanghai Technology Co., to achieve the original recognition ability like Google or have a certain distance. But fortunately, the original judgment of current love of Shanghai has gradually increased. I believe that in the future, the original site will get more opportunities to reflect.

is currently in search of website construction, website production and other related core keywords, has found the home page by library, encyclopedia, know such as the occupation of three to four positions. The search for MP3, movies and other more popular keywords, the home is close to being completely in love with Shanghai integrated search seized. Although the emergence of integrated search for stationmaster combat is really great, but the quality of the integration of resources, to improve the search engine, really can play a lot of help. Therefore, with the development of the search engine, integrated search quality resources more appear more in the home, this is inevitable.

After all,

, however, increase the integration of search, not on behalf of the Shanghai dragon death. At present, the integration of search engines only appear in most popular, or professional keyword search results. And we can stagger these keywords, mining is more suitable for the optimization of the key. I can see a website optimization, the keywords of the website Guangzhou website construction company, and for the Guangzhou site construction company, Guangzhou website production company these keywords integration of resources is still relatively small. Always do so for Shanghai dragon in the construction site, the author, in fact little pressure


three, the chain effect or will continue to decline

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Do station, earn 10 thousand and 5, as well as helping people to work

at the end of 07 as the company’s office began to enter the personal webmaster Road, think it has been 3 years have said, do stand as work, I’m not here to fight some of the new enthusiasm, but as a bit of experience of the veteran, I am willing to remind everybody that the owners of the road is not easy, the need to adhere to, and the momentum is what you insist? Is the interest or just to make money for the power is prompted by a sudden impulse? Or just want to have a website? It must think of doing before, or to give up the idea.


website is really started to profit at the beginning of this year, the income is not very stable, here I published my station of the income and expenditure of a month, but we don’t think that I have come to sun income, when you know the sour, sweet, bitter, hot, won’t think so.

many people think that this profession is very enviable webmaster, always be labeled IT elite, high-tech talent labels. In fact, we follow " Shagen " similar to keep a cow, expect the cows grow up, can be sold, and then take a wife, a family, That’s all. Although the form is different, but we are with " silly root " as in the rustic cultivation, work, the pursuit of their own future. "My website supplies mainly sell printing ink supplies products, so choose a short and easy to remember domain name: In the early stage, it mainly focuses on the building of the backstage of the website, and the whole function is gradually on the line. In fact, the real promotion time is 2 years. In this year’s income is only a little improvement, the last month the average daily turnover of orders in 8, most of them are some small, the average daily income of about 1000-1200, excluding the cost, net profit of more than 500-600, one month down 500*30=15000, here although there is little access, but earned more than 10 thousand a month there is this it sounds very beautiful, looks like the victory halo has cover at the top of my head.

, but in fact it is not, I still have to work every day for the website and busy, for money matters worry, mortgage for a flat 90 house has spent 5000, down payment or dad to help pay. My girlfriend has come to mean "parents also have a car, because in their eyes, as if I was a boss". Although the house is still there, it hasn’t been decorated yet. Girlfriend is currently very unstable work, are 1-2 months of classes for a variety of reasons not to do, and in fact do not expect her 2000 or 3000 income can bring any help. But two people together is still very large, monthly rent to 1500 (no house decoration, not moved past), 800 meals per month, most of the time are in the outside to eat, have to give my girlfriend to buy clothes, shoes, life, the film is relatively small hydropower went out to see, are not at home. I sometimes see the movie time.

my own expenses probably only have to smoke, and clothes are less purchased. >

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Web Analytics system mail experience design

every day I get a lot of system mail in my mailbox. Some are status notices for online shopping orders, some are website campaigns, and some are social web alerts. I believe you also and I have the same trouble: why always so much spam! I drown out important mail! Sick!! do you have for our sake ah!! in fact, from the interactive interactive view of these messages, there are still many places of learning, as the saying goes: three of us are walking together, will have my teacher. Choose the good from it, the poor instead. So today we’re going to analyze these emails together.

Several concepts we first universal mail

(excerpt from the word Brown colleague Heidi Bowen — to email more awesome):

several important assumptions

1. few people are willing to read long mail – unless you tell him not to read it, and give him responsibility,

2. very few people are willing to do things without reason what special initiative can not do, unless the values are particularly good, love


3. few people will read your email carefully — never send an email to many people and expect everyone to read it carefully and find out what you expect him to do.

bad mail feature

1. is written in prose, long and boring, and expecting people to read – it’s unrealistic,


2. is not focused, but instead relies on the recipient to extract key information: time, action, and goal


3." causes email to be targeted – the book "influence" tends to dilute and disperse responsibility. The more people you send, the less valuable feedback you will have,

corresponds to this. A good email should give the receiver a quick look at what it is and what time I need to be done as a recipient.

we make a distinction between system mail: 1., unnecessary handling of mail (plain propaganda mail), 2. necessary handling of mail (shopping order status notification), and 3. optional handling of mail (social networking site, message reminder)

1. does not have to deal with mail (plain mail)


diagram 1

, this kind of mail is the most serious harassment to users. It belongs to pure product requirements imposed on the user. Maybe some users like to receive these messages, and some do not like receiving them.


want to improve the experience for users who don’t want to receive this kind of mail? For example, at the bottom of the message, there is a link to unsubscribe from this type of mail (Figure 2).



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Storm disaster insurance companies will claim it

days of heavy rain, so many city are in a world of waters, and do not say a lot of people’s life and work are severely affected. At the same time, a lot of people’s property has been lost, especially the vehicle, was scrapped countless. This time, the insurance company will be how to become a matter of concern to many owners are concerned. So, the storm disaster, insurance companies will claim it?

recently, the city of Wuhan caused by heavy rains flooded flooded into the sea look mode". South China’s overall flood becomes more and more serious, frequently appear in the heavy rain season, unfortunately vehicles tend to be flooded, what should we do? If natural disasters are inevitable, how can we minimize losses by insurance? Presumably this is the most concerned about the majority of owners. Reporters call a number of mainstream insurance companies, a detailed understanding of the relevant provisions of the vehicle wading claims, encountered this kind of natural disaster insurance company will compensate you?

only buy strong insurance companies do not pay compensation

if your car in addition to the purchase of strong insurance, did not buy any commercial insurance, then obviously, at this time the loss can only be borne by the owners themselves.

purchase to pay strong insurance and commercial insurance, the insurance company does not compensate for engine loss

if you are in addition to the purchase of strong insurance, but also to buy commercial insurance, and commercial insurance cover car damage insurance. So the car after being immersed in water, you immediately call the insurance company to assess the damage at the telephone report, the insurance company will compensate according to natural disasters.

however, it is particularly necessary to point out that, at this time the car damage to the engine water is not compensated. In addition to the engine, the other part of the car damage, such as interior, computer boards, etc., depending on the specific circumstances identified liability claims.

purchase to pay strong insurance, commercial insurance and bought wading insurance, insurance companies will be compensated

vehicle wading insurance, is a new derivative of the insurance, is the owner of the engine specifically for the purchase of additional insurance. The insurance vehicle may be compensated for the damage to the engine when it is running on the water surface or being flooded.

note that, even if the vehicle has purchased insurance, but not necessarily contain wading insurance. Car wading insurance is an additional insurance, you need to buy separately.

, that is to say, heavy rain soaked the vehicle, if your car is equipped with a compulsory insurance, commercial insurance (including car damage) and additional wading insurance, so although your car is still afraid of the water, but at least by the bubble after someone gave you pay.

however, even if you have the same type of car insurance plus three

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Sichuan 3873 individual industrial and commercial households information publicity anomalies

a company wants to make a normal profit in daily life, can not be separated from a series of procedures, and must be approved by the relevant departments of the audit. But lost, according to the specified public annual report, publicity information, not with the resort to deceit checks…… this is the recent Sichuan province Industrial and Commercial Bureau organization checks the individual businesses and farmer cooperatives information publicity when problems found. Recently, the reporter learned from the Provincial Bureau of industry and commerce, the province has 3873 individual industrial and commercial households, 85 farmers cooperatives by sampling information disclosure anomalies.

in August this year, the Provincial Bureau of industry and Commerce random Yaohao extracted 69827 individual industrial and commercial households and farmers cooperatives, focusing on the annual report of information, real-time information, such as the punishment should be publicized in accordance with the law of information. By the end of October, the province’s industrial and commercial and market supervision department checks completed 69191 individual industrial and commercial households (636 households conducted during the inspection for the cancellation of registration), 3873 individual industrial and commercial households checks showed abnormalities, including 3581 households households, 99 households did not according to the provisions of other publicity shall be public information, 32 households according to the specified public annual report 134, public information to hide the real situation, 27 households do not fit checks to resort to deceit.

checks the farmers’ professional cooperatives 1494 households (12 households conducted during the inspection for the cancellation of registration), 85 farmers professional cooperatives checks showed abnormalities, including 30 households households, 5 households did not according to the provisions of other publicity shall be public information, 3 households according to the specified public annual report, 43 public information to hide the real situation, resort to deceit 4, not with the checks.

the sampling process, the province’s industrial and commercial and market supervision departments to implement the double random spot checks, namely randomly selected objects, randomly selected inspectors". "To expand the inspection work influence around the real, to create a good atmosphere of checks", according to the provincial Industrial and Commercial Bureau a private person in charge, Zigong city Industrial and Commercial Bureau to pay attention to guide the random objects in the propaganda site verification process, accept consulting more than 2 people; Neijiang City Industrial and Commercial Bureau promptly convene inspection work propaganda. Organizational learning relevant laws and regulations.

Guangyuan city

Industrial and Commercial Bureau to the full implementation of the "double random open" checks supervision mode as an opportunity to check the implementation of a random sample of 110 law enforcement officers, reduce costs, improve efficiency; Deyang city Industrial and Commercial Bureau implementation of the "three random spot checks on the farmers’ professional cooperatives, which were randomly selected from the inspection object, randomly selected inspection personnel, a random sample of third party professional organizations; Leshan city Industrial and Commercial Bureau by means of random individual industrial and commercial households classification, information matching, field verification, data processing, and further refine the sampling process, to avoid the arbitrariness of law enforcement.

according to the person in charge, after the spot checks found that some operators do not attach importance to the work of the annual report, enthusiasm is not high, that is included in the business exception list, only recommended

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What do you want to do

working for other people can do for a lifetime, it is impossible to have the day really get rich, only yourself, your own boss, can be re energized, a! Therefore, the wave of returning home to start a burst of high! What do you want to do? May wish to take a look at!

integrated services sundry goods shop

service in rest

countrybuying, generally in the fields, the fixed building is hard to find, can be considered a temporary cover simple bamboo shed, area large enough to. Prepare some tables and chairs, specializing in tea drinks and simple meals, and provide good service to the masses of the transaction. As long as the service attitude is good, clean health. During the acquisition period, it is difficult to recover the cost and have a surplus.

in short

growers to thousands of households. Comparative dispersion. Each situation is different. Some people from the market close to home sellers easier or more strong labor. They sell themselves to the market. Some growers home from the market to the market far, not willing to sell. Some growers traffic inconvenience, the village is not easy. Children and people working in the field, the old man home sellers is not convenient and so on, this is not the only one.

because the city process intensified, more and more people to return home, to see the great changes in my hometown, see the home market continues to expand, home business, has become a new trend, a trend which cannot be halted!


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How to judge whether a project is a good project

investment in the market to join a lot of projects, it is dazzling, in the end what kind of project can make money, how to judge. Money requires wisdom and vision! There is an old saying in China: women are afraid to marry the wrong man! In the money wealth on the road, there are two important points: choice and effort! Which is more important? The answer is that all two are important! Just one after the first! First, we must work hard in the choice! If you make a mistake at the beginning of the choice, no matter how much effort is wasted, the harder the more away from the target, or even into a painful struggle, the deeper the deeper the struggle! Experienced businessmen will agree with this truth! Just a lot of people, when understand this truth, has paid a heavy price!

A, will sell


two, the market big enough market is not big enough, no imagination, no toss for the beginning of the project did not emboldened! No momentum! Simply do not.

three. To a large profit space. Profit margins are not large, gross margin is too thin, it is difficult to make money! Well, hard to do for a year, at the end of one, not only money but also with artificial.

four. The trend of obvious characteristics. Grasp the trend, to catch up with the trend of foot on the step, as soon as possible, making money is not good, the development of the market the cost is too high; later, the money has been earned away by others! And will be more and more bad, more and more compensate!

five. Revenue continued security. See the immediate interests of the short frequency fast project is difficult for a person to make money! A good thing to make money is a real income, easy year after year, more than a year to earn!

six business model is better. Rely on the system to make money, make money to have routines! Rely on the individual’s brute force fighting and random toss, it is difficult to produce results! Business model is directly related to the ability to make money.

> Seven

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90 after the young couple opened the shop 18 square meters shop monthly income of 100 thousand Rice

for many people, work now is not only a way of life, to open his own business when the boss is also a very good money and the way of life, but now there are many just graduated from the University at the beginning of young people in the community is also keen on this road.

2015 in April 21st, the Lama Temple in Beijing in a small alleyway of a 16 square meter facade, Beijing Institute of Technology senior, 22 year old Liaoning girl Jin Meijiao and Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication senior, 23 year old Li Jianfeng Xinjiang guy guarding their pioneering work, a Fried rice noodles shop. Two and a half tables, a small kitchen, the two young people to open their own gold rush.

2015 in April 21st, the Lama Temple in Beijing in a small alleyway of a 16 square meter facade, Beijing Institute of Technology senior, 22 year old Liaoning girl Jin Meijiao and Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication senior, 23 year old Li Jianfeng Xinjiang guy guarding their pioneering work, a Fried rice noodles shop. Two and a half of the table, the average monthly turnover of 100 thousand yuan, at the beginning of the business, the initial venture capital borrowed from the boy to his parents, now fully recovered in two months.

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Ten rice pudding brand ranking

in the big market of congee, eight treasure porridge has always been a very important component, and the current market in order to meet the needs of people, but also the birth of a lot of brands. Here, the small series to introduce you to the top ten brands of eight treasures porridge, not only allows people to have a better understanding of China’s eight treasure porridge market, but also be able to make a better consumer choice.


rice pudding brand ranking NO.1, Yinlu: national trademark protection, one of the most competitive brands on the market China, famous brand in Fujian Province, China 500 private enterprises, Xiamen Yinlu Food Group Co. ltd..

, the top ten brands of eight treasures porridge, NO.2, Wahaha: founded in 1987, was awarded the China famous brand, national protection trademark, one of China’s largest food and beverage production enterprises, Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., ltd..


rice pudding brand rankings: NO.3, tieking well-known food companies in the domestic large-scale Taiwan joint venture, Chinese ten brands of rice pudding, China the first production of rice porridge, Guangdong tieking Food Enterprise Co Ltd.


rice pudding brand rankings, NO.4 kiss: national protection of trademark, the famous trademark of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu province famous brand products, rice pudding industry standard to participate in the development of unit ten, eight treasure porridge brand, Yangzhou Xinxin Food Co. ltd..


rice pudding brand ranking NO.5, Tong Fu: national trademark protection, one of the main national standard drafting unit congees, the largest domestic porridge production enterprises, Sino foreign joint ventures, Tong Fu porridge Limited by Share Ltd.


rice pudding brand rankings: NO.6, Daly Park was founded in 1989, won the national China brand, trademark protection, large group is committed to the healthy and delicious food of private enterprises, Fujian Dali Food Group Co. ltd..


rice pudding brand ranking NO.7, Taishan: in 1949, the national protection of trademarks, famous brand in Fujian Province, the municipal agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, large-scale food processing enterprises, Taishan enterprises (Zhangzhou) Food Co. ltd..


rice pudding brand ranking NO.8, Merlin: founded in 1993, Shanghai’s first professional production of canned porridge Shanghai and Taiwan Cooperative enterprise, Shanghai famous food, selling at home and abroad, Shanghai maling-meita Food Co., ltd..


rice pudding brand ranking NO.9, Bugs Bunny: national protection of trademark, famous trademark in Shandong Province, the provincial key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, large-scale modernization of food processing enterprises, Shandong tubage Group Co Ltd.