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Shanghai dragon ER success more difficult to enhance pay attention two points

first, talk about technology upgrades. Shanghai Dragon technology is a systematic project, not only in the content is king, the chain for the emperor’s optimization, this is only the primary stage of optimization. If you want to become a higher level of Shanghai dragon ER, it should be a careful analysis of the working principle of the website code and search engine spiders, to carry out the level of code website optimization, so that it can by simplifying the website code, to search and capture spider love Shanghai. Only the basic work is mastered, can promote the rapid promotion of effective website ranking. But the work often requires solid basic skills, so I want to become a real Shanghai dragon ER, it would be hard to learn the operating principle of search engines.

second, continue to accumulate experience. That is to say when they have the code level optimization theory and skills deep, also need to be verified by a lot of practice, but also need to build a team of Shanghai dragon optimization, optimization of the unified arrangement, because the code is optimized base foundation of a building, and content optimization and.

Write and publish

Shanghai Longfeng ER as Internet emerging occupation, frequently in many Webmaster Platform out hundreds of thousands of annual salary, let many practitioners seem to see the future direction of development, but now in the workplace successful Shanghai Longfeng workers is less, because Shanghai dragon itself is a technology and will have a very high request. If only in accordance with the love of Shanghai search engine optimization guide to Shanghai dragon optimization, that can only belong to the entry stage, want to get high salary nature hard, a Google senior Shanghai Longfeng engineer, except deep system software programming and system architects and smart language skilled knowledge, we still need a lot of practice operation, will it be possible to become the top Shanghai dragon, so from the current market unpopular Shanghai Longfeng recruitment, more belong to Shanghai Longfeng grassroots workers.

most workers mainly engaged in Shanghai Longfeng work outside chain construction, suitable Shanghai Longfeng optimized content, there are a small number of workers will be involved in Shanghai dragon website structure optimization, function upgrade etc.. In this context, nature will make a lot of business leaders that Shanghai Dragon technology content is not high, because the threshold is very low, some newly graduated students can handle, so naturally it is difficult to give Shanghai Longfeng workers offer higher wages.

and the optimization site through the way, the ranking of the site can not be improved rapidly, so that business leaders will think of Shanghai Longfeng workers did not bring much profit to the enterprise, and now the design of compensation basically is a combination of many enterprises and the post phase contribution. If this were Shanghai Longfeng work, is obviously very difficult to get higher wages.

if you want to upgrade Shanghai dragon ER salary, so it is necessary to practice their own technology, and continue to accumulate their own experience, and these two points for many Shanghai Longfeng ER is undoubtedly a very painful process.

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Is the content of the website optimization is to optimize the innovation

love Shanghai intelligent technology, website optimization difficulty is more and more high. The number of past that pile type optimization method has been difficult to meet the love of Shanghai under the new technology test, most of this is only the number do not pay attention to the optimization model of the quality of the final results will only leave a feather.

website optimization of its core from the past simple chain for the emperor gradually transition to the content is king, that is to say the content has become the core of search engine optimization. But how can the content optimization better? Many webmaster friends think the original is the only proper course to take, but that is not the case, because a large number of websites reproduced also have good performance, thus the original content is not all content optimization.

how can the content optimization better? Is very simple as long as we follow the two words to be successful, it is innovation, it seems that these two words seem a bit empty, but to the innovation of "virtual" into the "real" operation, the key is the need to proceed from the following hand.

first, innovative website content writing ideas. This is from the keyword set to carry out key elements, this is also the many website content construction. Because the core keywords must write web content and web sites are closely linked, and this relationship needs to show by keywords. For example, you have a talent education website, so the construction of the contents of nature is a lot of tutorial content, and the education content should link and site specific, human resources training to write about human resources tutorial, computer education will be released with the computer tutorial, only around this core keywords the construction content, and these contents have certain readability and innovation, to be able to get the favor of love Shanghai.

second, seize the core elements of the correlation. The correlation is a key element of content optimization, it mainly reflects whether writing around the keywords in the contents of the article, the article is closely fastened to carry out site title. Related articles and links are pointing to the related column. Either the user or the love of Shanghai, to reflect the details of this correlation. The other is to pay attention to the keyword density, because the keyword density depends on the degree of correlation between the content of the article, if a keyword in the article too close, although this is highly relevant, but often result in loss of the main connotation, let love Shanghai that is in the stack, to be punished. But if it is too dilute, then can not reflect the correlation, lead content had no effect. So the rational allocation of keyword density is also very critical.

third, grasp the needs of users. It is optimized for the user to optimize the content, to meet the needs of users. Because the site is attractive, and ultimately not rely on gorgeous design, but with the excellent connotation, and the connotation is the content. So the optimal content is to catch the user’s eye. Therefore, in the aspects of optimizing content can be.

The modern With the continuous progress of

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Ocean Shanghai Longfeng website to love Shanghai ranked first share the experience of optimization

8 directory level should not be too much, Foshan website construction company website directory is the deepest layer of three, if your site


3 site map, this understand Shanghai Longfeng all know, search engines crawl the web information from the beginning of the site map, site map is a container for all links of a web site. The site map is according to the structure, framework and content of the site, the generated navigation page file. To the search engine that guide the direction, is conducive to Shanghai dragon.

4 robots.txt, is the first time the file search engine in the website to view. Robots.txt file tells spider program on the server file is what can be viewed. The establishment of a complete website optimization of this file is necessary, to reduce the actual content of the work not crawling. For example, web site background, this kind of contact, do not give the spider grab.

1 site meta handled properly, we can look at the website meta, my title is: Foshan website — Foshan website construction company (Foshan power network company), simple and clear, I have been emphasizing that keyword set can not be too much, so the three have, and description of the web site is the keywords try to put this sentence.

5 website pictures and ALT attribute, now, now spider technology is unable to correctly read website pictures inside information, so the website pictures add text attribute is needed.

today, website keywords force network company: Foshan website the word finally rose to love Shanghai home first, while the other two website keywords are also on the rise, the current Foshan website construction company Shanghai fourth love, while the word Foshan network company in Shanghai love 31, website ranking from home page revision now the time of a month or so. How do I put the site keywords ranking to love Shanghai first in such a short time?

The establishment of

7 the content of this website, I suggest you in the planning of website content, the article should have related reading, or recommended reading, and pay attention to the spider crawling, try not to let the spider lost. Note also the text set up, believe that we all know, love Shanghai ranking factors, within the chain (description text) has been written into the Shanghai ranking factors in love.

site procedures, we code optimization of the website is the static page rewriting after optimization, believe in static code to optimize the role of everyone knows whether it is open from web search engine speed or read the information in time is very favorable.

6 H tag, H1 tag is unique, a lot of people love the H1 property website LOGO wrote. As for the H1 label each practice. The H2 tag can point to pay attention to the uniqueness of the push, the H1 tag can be.

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How to do will be 2011 website awesome

the past 2010 ushered in the 2011, in this year, every webmaster, some sites do may have 1 years of age, and there may be many webmaster do half up, as this trend now, how are we going to do is awesome? The day lying in bed looking at the ceiling will think about the idea, why the website can be so much traffic, but I cannot, at this point we discard those a webmaster, do money flow is not good to blame, then we grassroots webmaster how to make the flow more and more, the website customer more and more stable


before I do like many webmaster, do not give up for a period of time, after a period of time and start site, so how successful? Now many webmaster like me? But during the Spring Festival this half a month, I try hard to manage web site planning website below to see! Well, how do we "awesome"



I take recently made a film website, half a month ago every day IP only in 300-400, just rely on Baidu to so little traffic, plus a fixed population, but I also have to update every day, ah, why stop at this number has not been moved to


learn more and do more:

to do a successful website to learn, I opened the Admin5 SEO optimization, inside the chain, site experience, learn no harm, especially when we don’t know how to reach the goal will be to see more and more to learn. Every day, if you save 1 hours of time playing games, or picking up a girl, or having no time for fun on the Internet, you are half the winner,

!But just look at the

is useless, but also to practice, I read an article, the SEO chain added skills, you must first understand what is outside the chain, what is SEO? Then we read this SEO, said the high quality of the chain the focus of his article where? How are we going to find the high quality of the chain? Don’t believe you know now? Or relevant information see A5


quality is excellent:

why the quality is excellent? Do the quality is the focus of a website, it is like a house, even if you do not play a good foundation, the house might collapse! The same web site, select space or server is the key, rather than a little expensive not to select those the so-called "quality" good service, cheap is cheap, 3 days 2 head open at a time, you do not suck? You suck? I tell you, Baidu spider suck, just go to your home "house" couch, spiders don’t run to blame, even if you do good the first step in the chain of high quality is of no avail.

so we do stand, space quality, the quality of the content must be guaranteed, as far as possible not to pick

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Lin Shuyun why talk about the site and naobaijin sought after location problem

alley, as everyone knows, melatonin. Advertising language is flying all over the sky, nine days of wind spread, sprint health care industry. Indeed, whether adults or children are blurted out: "this year the Chinese New Year gifts, gifts received only melatonin like this simple and contradictory advertisements so rooted in the minds of the consumers. The best effect of advertising is word of mouth propaganda. Melatonin did.

in fact, health care products are not targeted at health, but positioning in the gift, let the subconscious mind to remember, "send", let people a preconceived attitude. For example, there is a customer to ask the staff to eat an egg or two eggs, the principle of the same, in the subconscious of the customer to set a choice, no matter how you choose, I just want you to add more than one egg. Melatonin is the use of melatonin as a gift to the sales rather than when the health care products.

and melatonin also uses a little, in this materialistic society:

children generally do not understand what parents need, lack of communication. But the holidays do not know what to send, only know that melatonin ads everywhere not only give so parental care and face. Parents after retirement, but also nothing to do, generally pay more attention to health, this piece, and heard the sky advertising, parents received a gift from their children, relatives and friends, feel filial piety caused by, psychological happy.

when everyone puts health care products on the table, it is guaranteed to be a gift. The gifts of the people only pay attention to the face, the gifts of the people and not their own money to buy, there is no effect will not be too concerned about. This is the success of melatonin. The success of marketing is that it solves the public demand, solves the problem of gift giving, and achieves a win-win situation in gifts and faces.

know the teacher is to use the sword naobaijin marketing case transferred to the website positioning, a website is important: others can get much help from your website, how to solve the needs of others can get what in your website’s inspiration and help in your website and inspiration help bring many benefits, I think this is the core competitiveness of the value of your site and the sustainable development. Just a few steps to fix your site:

1, website outlook

This is the website of

should actually be a vision, your website development direction, development space is much, which is expected to have the audience, the audience how many, these are directly determines your site location whether it is worth doing, we all know that the dragon dragon operation, operation and scary, but no Dragon slaying, similarly, at your site again beautiful, no one watch is no value.

2, its own advantages,

before positioning the site, we should first understand their situation. For example, if you know something about the game, then you can play a game site, the car industry is very understanding, then go to a car kind of website, with their own circumstances. Don’t be special yourself

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Buy links what time to buy links

core tip: to buy a connection carelessly will only waste money, only finding the best opportunity can reflect good results. Hello, A5 friends, thank you for your support! I am a link professional seller, I sell links dedicated QQ is 88124886. A5 borrowed yesterday published a piece of treasure "my link wise remark of an experienced person: what links have the effect" get a lot of support from friends, thank you very much


today, let’s continue to discuss the optimization of the outer chain. I hope you can be generous with your criticism. In fact, today’s topic, I would like to thank the first few customers to work with me, is that they let me really search for a further understanding of the law. I am here to write skills, do not write the site, so as not to have AD suspicion.

, let’s talk about the experiences of these clients. In fact, their experiences are almost the same. Customers find some kind of website is very profitable, so immediately registered a domain name, made a web site, and then began landing search, while buying a large number of links. About a month later, search finally included, but there is no ranking. Customer anxious, began to add more buy more connections, crazy investment. About a month and a half, search finally began to included in the pages, keywords also have a certain ranking. The customer was excited and then went crazy first. Result: the station is K. Then, the customer went out downhearted. It does not renew, do not stand, so to lose confidence in the network.

because there have been such a precedent, and for a new client, I know he is new, I will timely hit him: "don’t buy links, listen to me, take your stand was collected, and then stability after buying it! I am selling links, you the money I definitely want to make over, but I don’t want to make a law! I want you to do have an effect, and can earn money, and then continue searching for me to renew. A man who does not earn money is ruining our unlimited business."

am I stupid? I am not stupid! As the article published yesterday, to help customers is to help yourself, God has to share in all the money. Looking at the current market links sellers, a lot of love do one hammer business. This money is interesting? Earn more stable?? why not try to learn more knowledge, help your customers with profit? Saying here, we have to mention the core to be discussed today: that what time is the best time to buy the


: buy link PR for


chain optimization is mainly to do rankings, PR is only incidental factors, because the current PR assessment has more and more attention to the quality of the site, not by a two chain will be able to solve the problem, so here we put in the talk. Here’s a simple point of knowledge:


PR update cycle is three months, and the link is unstable in the week before and after the big update, so try not to buy, or you’ll be >!

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Pro test Gzip compression function

after testing, gzip compression is too powerful, and would like to speed up the webmaster must try this function ah.

first map, we look at the effect.

test target: orange house beauty network browser, select firefox

this site itself, the picture is more, download speed is relatively slow, in this case, any method to improve download speed I have to make an attempt, in the online search search method, gzip is a lot of people are recommended.

server is 2003 of the server, iis+php+mysql environment, according to IIS6 loading gzip support documentation, I also set up the server, the process is not complicated, I’m a novice, 10 minutes to get.

The compressed file set by


is a local xp+apache+php+mysql environment without gzip compression.

after comparison, a 32K web page even compressed to 7K, compression rate of 76.4%.

, which provides gzip testing on the web, also confirms the function:

conditional control server, remember to open this function ah.

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Fujian ATM machine to scan the code can not forget to bring a bank card withdrawals

in the life of the code is one of the things we often do, and now the money can also be carried out through the scan code. Scan code withdrawals, so that even if the majority of people forget to bring a bank card do not have to worry about. Following the phone bank booking withdrawals, not connected to the realization of quick withdrawals, the Bank launched a number of banks in the wake of the scan code withdrawals. People do not need to bring a bank card, the ATM screen to scan the two-dimensional code, you can easily achieve no card withdrawals. So far, no card withdrawals increased to three.

reporter yesterday saw a number of bank outlets in Cangshan, ICBC, China Construction Bank, Bank of China and other banks have launched the scan code withdrawals function. ATM home page on the two-dimensional code withdrawals options. People do not need to insert the bank card, as long as the two-dimensional code scanning with the mobile phone bank and enter the transaction password withdrawals. The withdrawal process is the first open mobile phone client, choose an appointment for two-dimensional code withdrawals, set the amount of money and save the reservation information, and then to the nearest outlets before ATM, according to the "two-dimensional code withdrawals" button in the self-service page, using a mobile phone to scan two-dimensional code, then follow the prompts to enter the transaction information and transaction password, this process all withdrawals the end.

Prior to this, the Bank of Fuzhou, the industry has no card withdrawal business has been a mobile phone bank without a card booking withdrawals and non connected fast withdrawals. Scan code withdrawals and prior to booking withdrawals, without the use of bank cards physical media, you can reduce the risk of bank cards are copied. In addition, compared with the original non card booking withdrawals, scan code withdrawals to manually enter the reservation code steps, the process is more convenient and quick withdrawals.

need to pay attention to is that the current number of banks have a certain amount of two-dimensional code withdrawals limit, such as China Construction Bank requires a total amount of withdrawals can not be more than 5000 yuan. Another two kinds of non card withdrawals are also limited, the majority of banks to provide mobile banking booking withdrawal limit of $1000, not connected to a quick withdrawal that Apple pay single limit of $10 thousand. Therefore, large withdrawals also need the cardholder to bank outlets counter.

through the above information reports we can see that in today’s increasingly economic development, science and technology are constantly changing. Fujian ATM machine to scan the code to withdrawals, forget the bank card does not matter, so you can easily get money, no longer have to worry about forgetting to bring a bank card.

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Pet toy business

we can often see many women hold their pets, they dress up, shouting daughter and son have, love is a plus for them, and now people’s income is generally high, buy toys for pets is the most natural thing, so become a pet toy business big project.

Based on the

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Japan to join the advantages

China’s local fat up a large Japanese restaurant chain stores have? Which one is better? Xiao Bian recommend to you on the well Japanese cuisine. So what about Japanese food?

is a well on the Japanese food and beverage group Wuhan branch. The wells catering group was founded in 2002, headquartered in Shanghai, a subsidiary wells exquisite Japanese brands, is China has potential force chain catering service and management group. Wells on the exquisite Japanese cuisine since its inception, to taste, fashion and health as the core beliefs, chain store has been extended to two dozen, each was founded in Wuhan, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Kunshan, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Qingdao, Guangzhou, Ningbo, Ji’nan, Chongqing, Shenyang, Chengdu, Guiyang etc. join in, another new wells, Restaurant Group sincerely invite you to witness the experience of the new century innovative cuisine fenghua.

Japanese food on the open in the near future and the meaning of the road, and LV neighbors, the natural nature of its self-evident. Yao River water, food + beauty temptation, traffic and convenient enough, in addition to money on the more expensive expenses, there seems to be no other reason to refuse. Large store, divided into two layers. Completely out of the traditional Japanese style shop style, in a new post modernist design revealed Zen Aesthetics and artistic conception. In the clear pool with large pebbles, three stones still nest in the corner, the entry porch hanging from a tree and nest cage, on both sides of the blade is stone natural simplicity, stone road across the pond to turn into the spacious interior, nebula hall chandelier three round card, such as dense carbon combustion in, give natural, simple, simple sense and also some atmosphere and shock.

on the Japanese cuisine to join the advantages:

1, brand advantage: on the well of Japanese cuisine is a brand that consumers agree with, but also by the consumer favorite brand.

2, business advantage: unified image, unified service, unified management, unified distribution, unified price, unified propaganda, the wells on the Japanese food shop to the sharing of resources, reduce operating costs, improve efficiency and benefit.

3, service advantages: sustainable service projects, complete management training, thoughtful store management guidance, a unified source of goods distribution, for the management of the Japanese restaurant operators to escort.

4, product advantages: a strong production team, has been based on the continuous changes in the market, and developed to adapt to different markets, the crowd’s products in order to ensure the national market traffic.

5, management advantages: in order to better expand the company’s business, the company has set up a set of advanced, scientific chain management mode, the use of a wealth of experience in management,