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Love Shanghai auction updated enhanced user experience is more behind the market consolidation

and Shanghai No. 6.27 release love Shanghai bidding update is to enhance the user experience, it is better to say that love is in Shanghai in order to better secure their monopoly position in the market.

In addition to the previously published Love


June 27, 2013, love Shanghai operations, business audit management department, marketing department and commercial products for all users without bidding issued "V customer promotion costs to enhance the proportion of the increase notice".

why do you say, there is definitely a reason.

was the first to enhance the user experience to protect the interests of Internet users, which is used as a highly reliable search engine in some of the requirements of product quality and market moral requirements. Enhancement can better retain the existing huge market share in this area; secondly in the face of huge commercial value of the search engine the interests of space, more and more enterprises or individuals engaged in love Shanghai bidding agent or generation operations, for the interests of great love to Shanghai auction of commercial value in the Tencent Sogou soso, look at fiercely as a tiger does. 360 search and Google search engine began to discount. Recently there have been other search engine cooperation news from the side of love Shanghai face many opponents and very powerful, 360 search Google, Sogou 360 with a message, let Chinese search engine users constantly know there are many can use search engines. If you love Shanghai auction market cannot have a stable and healthy development in the premise of ensuring the user experience of the market environment, with the click of the cost of upgrading, reduce the commercial value of the same period, the number of users in Shanghai believe that love will own hands disappear. So the renewal of love Shanghai pay more attention to the protection of their own market, just a perfect plan to enhance the user experience at the same time.

first of all we see here is raised, so that the time has not released the notice "without V user cost is higher" the conditions exist, but because of the amount and the proportion is not high, resulting in many users without care. Now the substantial increase in the proportion of the love, the Shanghai declaration is to enhance the user experience, to ensure the fairness of the search of information, and through the verification of the authenticity of V on enterprise customer authentication, so as to ensure the bidding account is the enterprise guarantee, to a certain extent does the user experience is very helpful. In the release of the notice at the same time, Shanghai is also the love plus V users show a hyperlink button,

love Shanghai new collections and external authentication comments link user comments on business or enter the collection page of the site to participate in the love of Shanghai plan to protect the interests of users, this series of updates does for us greatly improve the user experience, to protect the interests of users, but I think it is more love Shanghai is a means of standardized management to control their own market to consolidate the two birds with one stone, really clever.


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Love Shanghai snapshot of how to solve

Some web site snapshot method

has been a headache to the webmaster, so many owners choose to collect information from the Internet to fill the website, but this is not the most love Shanghai love, now the Internet is full of copy paste articles, love Shanghai will take down the right treatment to this kind of article. A signal is love Shanghai snapshot right down.

at the beginning of the station, on the choice of words is not very mature, so after a period of time to think instead of keywords, do you know this is love ang Shanghai serious drop right, causing the site snapshot rollback, more serious will be K station. Not so cannot but not to change the title of the site.

Many novice

2, the use of extremely unstable web space

there are many owners in order to save money, to find some free space on the site, the results of those free space is very unstable, isn’t open is open very slowly, causing spider unable to log in to your site, so that not only the snapshot back to file, and may directly be right down. To note here is that the high quality of the space charge actually did not have much money, I hope we do not go with the free space.

1, site outside the chain

has collected information on a large number of sitesThe original

this is my summary, of course there are some other methods, if you have a better way, but also look more to.

4, modify the title of the site

in today’s Internet, who can get more traffic, who will be able to obtain higher profits. So the webmaster is very concerned about the website every day think of every act and every move, is how to increase website traffic and increase included, better weight to the site, for fear of what was wrong. For a snapshot of the site often correction of the problem has been a difficult problem for many webmaster, and the Forum on the answer, many say are very general, may many people do not understand, here I want to have this problem and you are discussed. In fact, snapshot is a very common problem, most of the owners have experienced, just like my website, have experienced website snapshot of more than a month of experience. According to my own judgment, the website snapshot usually have the following reasons:

to see if there is right down your Links, look at their snapshots, included site, the home is in the first place, on the site have been linked to the Trojan and black chain, if found to be timely and website owners to communicate, put the wrong site down, so no problem again go. Whether the site has released a lot of junk chain: check the site has no mass outside the chain with the tool, if there is please do not use this tool won’t do you any good. Check the website of the chain release is too concentrated in one or two sites, if the concentration will be as treatment group.


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Online shop online shop system selection of those thingsI’m helpless with shlf1314 AdSense

groupI put on the

, SHOP++, V5shop, sohpex, basic introduction

took responsibility for the company to shop online, I have not the slightest careless, the next step is to choose the shop program. Shop program choice is nothing more than in the station building technology, JAVA, ASP.NET, PHP language choice, ASP language has been eliminated Microsoft Corp, it will be omitted. Through several days of search, investigation, consultation and feedback to friends, narrowing the range of choice online program, JAVA language, SHOP++.NET language V5SHOP and PHP language in SHOEPX, of course, the establishment of technology there are other excellent shop procedures, only to consider their own needs, safety and performance of the shop the subsequent shop expansion, of course, comprehensive comparison of prices, so there is no other program to shop for a detailed analysis.

V5SHOP is the predecessor of the technology has been out of the Microsoft ASP, 08 years after the acquisition by Shanghai Weibo, system technology upgrade to ASP.NET,.NET is the online system of old products.

recently, when looking at records, we found that your AdSense account poses a great risk to our AdWords advertisers. If your account continues to remain in our publisher network, may make our advertisers on economic losses, so we have decided to disable your account. In order to protect the interests of our advertisers and other AdSense publishers, we must take this measure, please understand. We know that this may cause you a lot of inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

SHOP++ Changsha Dingcheng’s products, the first domestic development based on JAVA technology, open source program online. Perhaps some users are unfamiliar with the SHOP++ system, because SHOP++ officials opened the SHOP++V1.0 version in 2009 and offered free downloads of the source code. Up to 130 thousand times the SHOP++V1.0 version is free within two weeks after the download times, our love has become a research open-source and JAVA enthusiasts to like, well-known as Aebiz, Probiz, JAVA is one of the mainstream of domestic online system.


Comprehensive analysis of

, we are a liquor sales company, in recent years, by the impact of online shopping sales model, the company decided to borrow hot Internet development launched online sales, hoping sales performance has increased new highlights. Because my college major is electronic commerce, will carry the responsibility of the company’s online sales channels.

, SHOP++, V5shop and sohpex


SHOPEX e-commerce software on behalf of one of the products, is the earliest PHP shop procedures, domestic users known as 500 thousand army.


if you have any questions about your account or the measures we have taken, please don’t reply to this email. You can visit the following website for details: www.shlf1314/adsense/support/bin/, answer=57153&, hl=zh_CN.

website is www.hahajia, is an expression of website, I do not optimize advertising keywords, nor encourage users to click on, no more hair everywhere advertising their own website, traffic from search engines and other website links, today almost 400 dollars, that is K! shlf1314 AdSense this behavior and a liar what is the difference between

shlf1314 AdSense from

Hello, Chen Libin,

said it is easier to carry out online sales system, choose the shop, buy space, domain name, commodity upload… But it is not so easy to imagine in the shop, the choice of system as the key link, because of the need to consider the safety and performance of the shop, the shop and subsequent expansion etc.. By understanding, there are 20 large and small online shopping system, and each has advantages and characteristics, the choice of online shop system has become the next headache.

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Website construction how to determine the style of the site

"style" is abstract, refers to the overall image of the site to visitors comprehensive feelings. The "image" including the site CI (logo, colors, fonts, banners), layout, browsing, interactive, text, tone, content value and so on many factors, the website can be lively and vivid, amiable and easy of approach can also be a serious professional. Whether it’s color, technology, text, layout, or interaction, as long as you can make it clear to visitors that this is unique to your site, this is the style of the site".


style is human, through the website technology, text, color, layout, interactive mode can be summed up a site’s personality: is bold, still fresh and beautiful; is the passion or courtly and gentle, is lively; variable, or prescriptive.

short, different style of the website and the website is: see you in the ordinary website just piled together information, you can only use the rational feelings to describe the amount of information, such as browsing speed; you can get more perceptual knowledge aside from the content in the style of the website for example, the grade of the site, the visitor’s attitude.

, after making a clear impression of what you want to do, is one of the things that best reflects the style of your website. And take it as the website characteristic, strengthens, the propaganda emphatically. In short, the formation of style is not a positioning, you can continue to strengthen, adjust and improve in practice.

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Li Jun real sense of SEM project

recently helped a friend to do a project of the SEM part of the work, there are some simple process are as follows: wise remark of an experienced person,

1, interpret and grasp the overall strategy of the project is based on the network, and then figuring out what needs to be achieved, and the target is subdivided into executable items. The more the scale of the project, the more it is necessary to do so. Otherwise, you’ll never know what you’re doing later.

2, understanding the surfing behavior and search habits of customers is a critical issue. It is not easy to get customers without understanding the customers. But the key is, for each project, there will be a unique group of customers, if you get these unique groups of search habits data, trouble?. More depends on the usual information accumulation. Recommend an inspiring article on the Baidu bidding tour industry optimization guide.

3, if you do not understand the user’s search habits, you can use permutations and combinations of exhaustive methods to solve part of the user search habits unknown. All of the "product" brand word "word" "words" and "attribute" words "geographical words" may root listed all and then conduct a comprehensive arrangement of a thousand words, the customer can basically cover the most possible search terms. However, human cost is also a problem to consider.

4, with a large combination of words, but also need to put aside the combination of ideas, free to think about what are commonly used words, these words must not be left out.

5, pay more attention to peer similar products in the search practice. Especially when your head is suddenly stupid, it’s enlightening to see how others do it.

6, and not just product words, suitable for keyword expansion tools, many attribute words, verbs can also. For example, the customer is to do the computer, we are very direct, you will think of using Baidu Google expansion tool to expand the "computer" the word, in fact, the "buy" the word to extend it, there will be harvested.

7, if the project is nationwide promotion, but also need to pay attention to regional words, because the national promotion does not mean no key areas.

8, a certain understanding of the project industry is necessary. However, the project is in a hurry, where to so much time, may still have to rely on the usual accumulation of information. This shows how important it is to keep learning. (Li Jun,

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Mou Changqing look at the SEO data analysis of video sites

at the beginning of 08, I wrote a series of articles on video website analysis. Such as: "ALEXA analysis", "brand promotion analysis", "SEO data analysis", "promotion means analysis" and so on. Now, after a lapse of 2 years, a great many changes have taken place. If you review it again, it will be very interesting and meaningful. Take a look at what happened to the video site over the last 2 years. Today, let’s write "SEO data analysis of video sites" to see which video site is the "king of SEO" in this field".

analyzed the most popular TOP6 video sites in 08 years, namely "Youku", "potato", "Cool 6", "my happy network", "six rooms" and "popcorn"". Now, "six rooms" and "popcorn" popularity has slipped very badly, has lost the necessary analysis out. Therefore, this time removed the "popcorn", "six rooms", added 3 of the last 2 years of relatively hot video sites. Respectively, "Thunder KanKan", "Sohu video" and "exciting network", this year only appeared rookie "strange art" and "CNTV", because the site is not long, so this time is not in the scope of analysis.

1: popular TOP4 video related words in Baidu, Google’s ranking

, figure 1: latest data for June 19, 2010


tip: there is "superscript red" represents the highest ranking one, convenient for everyone at a glance. "+" means that the search engines don’t appear in the top 10. For example, keyword "funny video", in Baidu ranked second and fourth of the web site is Youku web pages.

1: why do you choose these 4 words,


, these 4 are familiar video related words, namely: "video", "funny video", "Beauty video", "movie"". The 4 words next to the number is this keyword, I calculate the average number of searches per day, that is, we all know the Baidu index. These 4 words have one thing in common, that is, video related, but not with certain video sites have direct contact.

will search for these words, usually with a relatively original demand for video users, they do not have fixed to which video site habits. Therefore, this part of the user, each video site can also fight for new users. Users who come in search of brand names will make more sense. So the SEO of the common Related words in these videos is also very important.

comparison Figure 2, we will find, "video" this keyword, 08 years, there are more than 5W search every day, and now only 1W people search every day. Visible at any time the development of video sites, many of the original habits of the original search demand keyword users, slowly changed to a specific demand for users, but also more than ever before using search engines. Probably a lot of users who used to search for "video" keywords have become used to it now

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Meiji milk powder burst quality problems you dare to drink it

started from Sanlu milk powder, in recent years, milk safety incidents occur frequently, causing the attention of the community. Recently,  , Japan’s Meiji milk powder is once again set off a new record of milk safety incidents, repeated explosion of security incidents. Meiji milk powder   repeatedly burst quality problems, you dare to drink it?

in the supermarket, one is the selection of milk mother shilly-shally wandering in Ling Lang everywhere milk shelves. Listen to her   said the child had been drinking in the Meiji milk powder, milk powder and watch the news that cure the problem, so he did not dare to drink   child; child, the mother is very worried, my child in the end what is safe to drink?

paltex (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. recently released a statement on its official website said: "in Hongkong reported   Meiji products are the laws and regulations in accordance with the provisions of Japan, for the Japanese market products,   and Meiji dairy; trade (Shanghai) Co., Chinese sales in the mainland" Meiji cherish (Australia) series "for different products  ." And said: "Meiji treasure series (Australian production) products in accordance with China’s national standards for the production of  , the contents of the biotin involved in the report is also fully in line with China’s national standards."

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Shop agent should pay attention to what

network has become a very hot market, War Within Three Kingdoms today, we pay attention to the network marketing what?


The relationship between

1, the supplier and the shop agent is suppliers and agents, suppliers regularly agents to provide the detailed product information, training on products, familiar with the product as soon as possible, to help distributors.

2, novice shop, the network is not familiar with the sale is not understand, open the computer is the customer, it is not good. Taobao page has a free online school, there are a variety of practical useful. Sales areas to teach you how to do, should pay attention to this tutorial network sales university. The more you study, the better your sales will be.

3, Shop consignment ills in the consignment only product pictures and simple information to the guests. A lot of time to answer guest questions all sorts of strange things. After all, agents did not see physical products, did not understand the specific details of each product performance. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the product or buy only a few simple products, the product further understanding and understanding. It is not easy to enter the product too much, the pursuit of quality is not quantity.

4, talk about the relevant matters, such as: replacement, return, on time delivery, delivery, etc..

and senior consult experience, and later exchange thoughts. Constant thinking, you will have a different harvest!

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Wuhan college students to earn two million assets into a business case

now because of the entrepreneurial environment and policies of a good, especially for some college students entrepreneurs launched a lot of very good business measures in Hubei, Wuhan appeared to make people admire student entrepreneurs, create an extraordinary entrepreneurial myth.

Open Benz, have come to where the assistant with Zhen Xiao Long quite fan boss. As everyone knows, he is a graduate of Wuhan University of Science and Technology, a graduate of architecture.

assets from zero to ten million yuan, the purchase of two vehicles over one million yuan of luxury cars, owned more than and 30 stores, attracting 200 students to follow…… To achieve this, the town dragons took only two years.

"talk" to the

Business College

net new supplies wholesale

he carry a portable briefcase, a 16 open Notepad, 4 mobile phone standard. Every day there are a variety of negotiations, talk about the eight or nine day is the norm, the phone is not enough to bring a few basic." Town dragons bluntly, the current team of specific affairs have been handed over to other people to perform, his main job is responsible for negotiating with some important customers.

2013 summer vacation, he intends to make their own efforts to earn tuition. Like many college students, he decided to start with quilts, bed sheets and hot water bottles. Others stand stalls, he will engage in wholesale. In seven, in August, he bypassed Hanzheng Street traders, found more than 200 manufacturers in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, crustily skin about the lowest price, in addition to eloquence, people are the most valued Wuhan million students market".

All aspects of

into entrepreneurship students to take the lead in big brother

The team is up to more than and 200

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The successful opening of a lighting shop

lighting products in today’s society, is more popular, because people now pay more and more attention to their Home Furnishing lifestyle, entrepreneurs want to open a lighting shop, is a good choice, also opened a lighting shop also need to pay attention to the method.

a lighting shop do? Have compared to other forms of business benefits to shop, but the shop but also has a very complicated process, a shop from the site to the opening to go through ten steps. Would like to open a lighting shop, because the current market for soft decoration of the favor, the lighting industry is also popular attention, lighting shop has become a super popular shop. Would like to open a lighting shop! Xiao Bian teach you need to go through the opening of the ten steps, so that you become an instant lighting elite!

1, would like to open a lighting shop funds. In general, the two or three cities may need 5-10 million or more of the opening fund, the city needs more, small cities need less. This is related to rent, water, electricity, labor and other local price levels, can not be generalized. However, the removal of rent, decoration and other expenses, cash on hand is generally not less than 50 thousand yuan.

2, would like to open a lighting shop – site selection. Unless you have a great deal of money and a large retail area, the address should be around the existing building materials market, or around the lamp retail locations. If those good places are difficult to rent, then the only way to buy the building materials is a good choice!

(2) has just completed delivery of large residential occupancy began in this type of shop, the cost is relatively low, the location of highly targeted, can be placed "stop" should be timely to take the tenants bridal decoration lamp quantity. In addition, high-grade residential areas can also be around. The region is densely populated, the source is stable and the consumption potential is large.

3, want to open a lighting shop – sales positioning. What is the future of the consumer groups. No high school low-end positioning, or very vague, is bound to affect future sales. How much money to open a lighting shop, so sales orientation must be realistic, to meet the local consumption level. If the position is higher than the local average level, it may cause a highbrow, in front of the cold situation.

4, would like to open a lighting store – pre brand. A good retail store