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How to stabilize and improve the keywords ranking

is the stone, most of the articles before the site are also related with the stone, basically every article or title, or content, more or less will appear several times of stone. Around April and May, two: the long tail word mining method and the benefits of scrapping scrapping (website selling stone scraping board). So every update of the article began to close the scraping, there is nearly no stone. So, now the bittersweet. Hi, stable scraping method in the first, the benefits of scraping in the top three fluctuations. While the other about scrapping many words, have a good ranking. But the tragedy is that the main keyword "stone" and other stone Related words, ranking is a problem. The author believes that in June after the adjustment, the website content correlation between the influence of the rankings again promoted. A job so I going to do is to increase the stone updates, after all the web site is to do the stone, the stone of the rankings is the top >

After the June Shanghai earthquake The subject station "Bian extraction net"

: the first original content closely the main keywords

love, we discuss the most is love, Shanghai ranking mechanism began to close to the user experience. On the one hand, the user experience is the site design, on the one hand is the content of the web site. I am not the art and technical background, in this place can not give much advice, so the content. Before you know, the search engine on the original, the original friendly, no doubt, but there are still a lot of Shanghai dragon Er I complain, each article is original, why keyword ranking is not high. The previous ranking stable, I can’t study, recently fluctuating, research that is not high ranking or decline, with original content about whether closely the main keywords.

in the first half of this year has been studying Shanghai Longfeng, accept an electronic commerce station, half down, mixed. At the beginning, very strong power, is also very interested, especially a few months ago at the ranking rising keywords continues to increase, the increased flow of inner joy is unparalleled.

two days to see a lot of articles, organize ideas, draw some how to stabilize and improve the keywords ranking idea, or incorrect, statements of a school, I hope you know. (title, influence keywords ranking of the domain name server, keyword density, code optimization is not discussed in this article.


love June Shanghai earthquake, spread to many websites, and my ranking is still stable, then began to Shanghai, not to regard it as right. In my mind, nothing more than the Shanghai dragon chain chain + + + friendly code original content. But in July, the main keywords ranking not stable, fluctuating in first love Shanghai home, for more than a week, beginning in the first five pages of the search wave. Study on more than a week, to more than a week, this situation continues today, I realized that my understanding of Shanghai Longfeng problems.

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Shanghai dragon see the essence through the fog

algorithm is not everything, the user experience is king

many people are engaged in Shanghai dragon just spend all day in the forum, blog, learning how to Shanghai dragon website, but not really to do Shanghai dragon, in fact this is a wrong understanding, Shanghai dragon.

2: link exchange only PR

1: the

do not know what time from the beginning of the emergence of a lot of "master", when the keyword rankings change, in the forum, blog and other jumped out to shout "update algorithm". These so-called "master" remarks seem really important, in fact as long as you seriously think, will find that these are some myths. As one of the major search engines, will modify the algorithm so frequently? Search engine modification algorithm is mainly for a more friendly user experience and reduce Er Shanghai dragon cheating. Even if there is a change in many years of experience in Shanghai dragon Er can easily infer the search engine algorithm. As a real dragon and Shanghai not just for the algorithm, we should continue to improve the user experience aspects, because the real purpose of the Shanghai dragon.

in the webmaster or Shanghai dragon Er daily site operation, we often through the website, blog, on his access to Shanghai Longfeng information or knowledge, but we absorb the knowledge they have seriously think this view is not correct. There are some wrong thoughts not only will make our work in the same place, or even cause the search engine dissatisfaction caused by search engine punishment, then we need to see through the fog, the nature of the Shanghai dragon. Here I want to share a few easy to make mistakes in our daily optimization, we hope to help understand the Shanghai dragon.

do not know if you have not had this experience, when the exchange chain, many webmaster is obsessed with the size of PR. In fact, with the launch of Google Chinese market, PR is already to do site for Chinese chicken ribs, its influence is more and more low. On the contrary the weight of love Shanghai is becoming more and more important. In fact, even if your site PR is very high, but in the snapshot, included, ranking is not good, that is not what the. Indeed when we exchange chain, some sites of high PR, high quality together, because the search engine algorithm is similar, is to improve the user experience for the main purpose. So, in the Google ranking, ranking good may also love Shanghai. I will have good rankings included site to a web site and site quality can also change the link, but the reply is my PR is too low, the spot directly depressed, think this is a rookie webmaster estimates, only for a PR. PR is a small reference value, hope you don’t just focus on the PR website and ignore other information.

3: don’t need too much theory, you need to practice

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Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis Web site keywords ranking and no ByeBye

see "site optimization proposal" proposal of self-examination for a long time, before the trust also swept away, the result is to fulfill the task, do website optimization personnel every day must be done in strict accordance with the A5 station network in Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team (贵族宝贝.Admin5贵族宝贝/topic- Shanghai.Html Shanghai dragon dragon) to perform the optimization the "proposal" proposal to the site, in the first half a month did not see much improvement, the site only included increased slightly, snapshot, website keywords >

talked about the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis team results, he does not believe that they really have the strength to let us have a good website ranking at first, but at that time under the pressure of the boss, you can only die straws when, after all, I don’t want to leave to the identity of the losers, so their pocket, found them. Fortunately, the price is not high, otherwise, they are not afford the money, after all, this thing can not disturb the boss, because I don’t want to make him feel incompetent, looking for outsiders to help, so their teeth to teeth, he must not fail, otherwise their money is too blame but, fortunately, a few days after their website after the comprehensive diagnosis for my "website optimization proposal" let me be startled at myself, do website optimization And every day in front of it, how I haven’t found the site had so many problems?

found the problem of course is to solve, how to solve these problems are listed in the "proposal" in the website optimization is very clear, how should do, how long will it take to recover this writing is also very clear. Honestly, I really do for Shanghai dragon who is not qualified, they found a lot of a busy day is useless, because the basic problem of website of its own existence, they are not ready, and how, website can in many websites ranked far ahead? Obviously we cannot all day complaining about the search engine is not fair, why others also want to site in front of you, they certainly have some advantages, than you do a good website, this is not to be questioned.

no matter what type of enterprise do its own website, and recruited a dedicated people to do site optimization, then it must be to make your site in the search engine has a good ranking, we can see that the enterprise into effective customer and let more people through the search engine, believe it is the enterprise boss to see. But in the fierce competition, want to site in the search engine has a good ranking of each industry are easier said than done, there are very competitive, therefore, although some owners have very hard, but still did not reach the expected goal site in the search engine did not search, the boss has repeatedly put pressure on. In no skill can find under the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnostic team, now has more than two months, let’s watch what effect?

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Examples the pro test lasted 4 months after Google’s K station and unblocking journey

which I refer to the official discourse of Google to address this issue, some webmaster will use to get from other well-known content on a website, they mistakenly believe that adding random and unrelated content to increase the number of web pages is a good long-term strategy. For a pure copy content (even from high quality sites), if not add useful services or your own website content, is not going to bring any value for users.

copy and gathering a lot of problems in theThe

, the first

third, a pop-up window is too much or the presence of malicious code

short, with Google’s words that do not exist, the most common form of cheating or manipulation, once the emergence of the above phenomenon, so noble baby also will be investigated. Don’t have luck, that means some sort of deception is not listed on this page, will be recognized by the means of noble baby.


personal site at the end of April, suddenly overnight by Google K station, this let me remain perplexed despite much thought of it, anyway, that is a personal web site has a big problem, but Google will not easily K station, to know that Google is not normally go to K station. But once the K station, is that the site defects. At that time, he is confused, ask questions in a number of forums, consulting, made a lot of advisory posts, are called the correct answer is not found, many people are advised me to give up the domain name, but the way I adhere to the coming four months is finally in the late August from Google go out, the real operation is from the beginning of July, when a few months feel insist will let the website update release, but from April to early July is found not closed, so he is the real beginning of Google, after a month of time battle site is finally gone out. Screenshot below:

is now, and everyone will work together to cause analysis of K station where Google.

is to buy their own chain of software, and is a large-scale retransmission release some of the garbage outside chain; or buy their own large Links, and their improper operation, is Google search engine found, then the result is the K station.

know Google does not love reason what, then here is to let us know how, from the Google K station to come out.

are provided with poor access to user experience for users, the impact is not good, the user’s personal experience is too low, even very bad, cause the user antipathy, this certainly will lead to the search engine punishment.

When the Some of this This

second, cheat or the existence of black chain

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With dreams of participating in the first phase of the Taobao guest Wangzhuan training experience18

is the first of my cat station is on the cleansing oil:

a eight day training course to listen and practice a little bit in Taobao, step by step to have a little experience, bask in share and interested in the friends here:

shop name: palm Ji three crown shop

selling a single product sugar mask commission ratio: 30%-50%

A5 Konghao hole, Enron: welcome to Taobao A5 shop off story Oh, to introduce the first start heart Ji shop. When was the store established? What’s the main product?

our business philosophy is to produce natural skin care products, which are improved according to different skin and make the skin more healthy.

palm shop: palm set in 2009, the main natural skin care products, including cleansing remover, essence, lotion, lotion, cream, mask, sunscreen and body care and other products.

has its own blog, micro-blog, web site, station group, and so on, to show you want to promote the goods. With the promotion platform, it is possible to better promote goods in Taobao customers foothold.

third, promotion methods. According to their selected goods, formulate promotion methods.

palm shop: palm handicraft from the initial hand skin care products to the current professional production line changes, experienced again and again the quality of ascension, for us and customers is the most important. The healthy growth of your palms comes from good feedback from customers and word of mouth. We insist on self – imported high – end raw materials to ensure the stability of product quality.


400 thousand Taobao customers, are looking at those goods and shops only, if you want to make money, interest, is not an easy thing, really do so, Taobao customers must have a good attitude, do not think one can eat a fat, a website if there is no time to accumulate, really it is very difficult to profit.


palm shop: first of all, to clear personal


A5 Enron: in the way to reach the 3 crown, have you encountered any difficulties? Finally, how to solve? Do you think Taobao C store and flagship store compared to what are the advantages and disadvantages

: our shop shop Ji palm from the shop since there are a large number of loyal customers, old customers will bring some new customers, get more recognition, so we gradually increased the performance of the shop.

products should choose popular popular products, we should pay attention to select high popularity, cost-effective products, according to different seasons and consumer groups, take different promotion strategies.

Hello everyone, welcome to A5 Taobao guest section Taobao shop story, I’m A5 Enron, today brought guests for the palm branch shop manager hole. The establishment, development, small success, and redevelopment of each shop will have its unique features. The three crown shop is how to win the old customers repeatedly turn back? Let’s talk with little rock about their efforts and growth!

single commodity promotion, a commodity promotion, shop promotion, it is best to make full use of all kinds of ways.

A5 Enron: skin care industry competition can be described as "shifting", the brand is too much, the current operation of the hand Ji Ji? What are our business philosophy?

should be careful about commission products, and it’s easier to promote familiar items. If you are bought, used goods, experience is better.


fifth, to have a good attitude, must adhere to.

first, do a good job promoting the platform.


A5 Enron: in such a chaotic skin care brand, how should consumers choose skin care products? Are there any special needs to pay attention to? Give some suggestions.

finally, I wish interested in go this way to the novice can stick to it, to find their own way to make money as soon as possible! Make their fortunes that work together to refuel!


second, select the goods to be promoted. It’s important to choose what you want to sell, which is the key to earning money.

detailed description of the goods, so that it can increase their credibility, authenticity and attractiveness. You’d better not make a picture. That’s all.


fourth, to have the spirit of progress, continuous learning, understanding of the promotion of skills, experience, and some successful promotion of more exchanges and learning. Focus on the forum, participate in activities, and keep up-to-date information.

main business: Beauty skin care / body / essential oils

Taobao C store and flagship store compared to the characteristics of the store can play to the acme, flagship store relatively limited requirements of the rules and decoration restrictions.

tried some Wangzhuan, but the profit is very little, almost negligible. Recently, pay special attention to Taobao customers, often on the day at home doing nothing I think some Taobao customers earning thousands or even million of the legend, it makes to stay at home for my heart, eager. Previously only know that Taobao can do shopping, and what is Taobao guest, how can you make money?…… It is full of confused question. Check the relevant content that Taobao customer is a worthwhile opportunity to make money, quickly called the Taobao guest Wangzhuan training course.

shop address:

commission rate: 8%~20%

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Small game website operation and profit

some time ago to talk over the "summary" profit model analysis software download station today to come to talk about the operation and profitability of small game station, small game site is a website in the Internet more fire, especially due to the current 4399, 7K7K, xiaoyouxi and other small game website, excellent operation and strong profitability, make a lot of people are choosing investment game websites, and relatively competitive pressure is relatively large, so how many game sites and talent shows itself better profit? I of game network stations have concern and understanding of the previous operation 22KK COM little game site, as well as specialized engaged in the sale of small business website game program, today again with us to discuss the operation and profitability of a small game site.

small game site is more fun, when adding the game often encounter some fun little game to play on a few, best to manually add a small game, simple acquisition game general will make your website weight for the search engine is very low, on the other hand there will be a lot of junk games, these games is the very influence of the user experience, a game station must take this off, don’t let the garbage in your game station is everywhere.

in the choice of the best use of a small game program introduced in the middle page program template, click the link and enter this game content page, with a small game download page, so that to increase website advertising position, and increase your search engine and key antecedents, but when the login collection function is the best.

small game website promotion, one can search engine, two best have a good name domain name, three good user experience brings word of mouth effect, four through the client to promote. In front of several promotion needless to say, and other sites are nearly the same, here we can find out a successful example promotion game site through the client, you can use Baidu Search "game download" the first website, but a few years ago, Dortmund software download site is the site to download the game client, said the station through the promotion of web client, a daily flow of about one hundred thousand, the monthly income is twenty thousand yuan, now including 7K7K and other small game sites have many games through their own client promotion.

game site don’t worry can not find the profit model, as long as your site to do good, have a certain flow, it can make money, such as the 4399 game platform only through the blood of the three countries, business tycoons and other web games combined operations in the monthly income of hundreds of million, another small game site place Google advertising is a good choice, advertising matching degree is very good, then can use the game site promotion of some similar to the 131 game client CPA software like other advertising alliance.

above briefly introduced some small game website operation profit experience, I hope we can be inspired, I wish you good luck! Ha ha! This is UCW>!

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Some common ways to prevent domain name theft and protect domain name security

domain name is the core and key of the entire site, once the domain stolen and transferred to another registrar, will bring enormous loss to all of the domain name, domain name stolen owners claim back very difficult (see the webmaster story). How to prevent domain name theft has become an attempt for all webmasters to know. So, how can you prevent your domain name being stolen by criminals? Here are some common ways to protect domain name security.

domain name information to fill in the real information

in the domain name registration, domain name information to fill in their true information, not blind fill. The business license of enterprise users use a real domain name registration, registration of individual users to use the real ID and name, so, if the domain name is stolen, the user can also provide real evidence to verify their registration status.

account and password security

Domain name registration

account and email, do not use on other sites, use a strong password password contains uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and characters, length of 8 or more, and do not use this password on any other website, the reason for this is to prevent hackers cracked the other sites of the same name username and password. Use it to traverse domain registrar’s website, making it easy to get the user login permissions, and then migrate the domain name transfer operation.




Electronic mailbox

safe use, general domain name theft is stolen from the mailbox to start, if criminals break the user’s e-mail, you can modify the domain name through the password reset mode login password, to break the domain, therefore, users need to use a secure e-mail to ensure the security of the domain name.

what kind of mailbox is safe e-mail, in short, is the user mailbox password has been leaking, electronic mail, the attacker is still unable to enter the user’s present situation, has two step verification function even if it is safe e-mail mailbox (such as Gmail and Hotmail have supported the two step verification).

The working principle of dynamic token

two step verification mechanism and online banking are similar, according to the current time with the device attributes (token sequence number, mobile phone serial number) generate 6 bit digital dynamic password, compared to only by password to verify identity, more secure.

The static password of the

user mailbox may be compromised by encountering phishing and the same password. Without security warnings, users may not change passwords for a long time. During this time, an attacker may enter the account at will. When the two authentication is enabled, if the attacker cannot obtain the mobile phone dynamic password, it will not be authenticated. Thus, unless the user’s e-mail password and mobile phone were stolen at the same time, it is difficult for attackers to break the user’s mailbox.

lock domain name


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Investment in food and beverage stores from the details of the project value is suitable for Entrepr

Chinese in the restaurant above are always very concerned, because Chinese is about to eat, so the new delicacy creation, have a lot of friends choose catering to join the project to realize their entrepreneurial dreams, and for a first time involved in the food and beverage franchise industry investment is concerned, some method must understand inspection catering to join the value of the project development, read


all know that today diet needs diversification, so investors see good projects do not miss, but how to choose their own projects? Must first to market demand, the needs of local consumers to do a bit of understanding, many investors are on their own city or settle on the market without understanding, in handpicked future under the brand, but has been found to consult a franchisee, can not do.

since it is recommended that investors want to open stores catering, you have to know something about the area where the food and beverage market, local consumers prefer what products? Consumption level? What style is popular? By understanding these problems, it will reduce the size of your brand to a certain range, convenient for your selection.


saw what a restaurant to join the brand, to observe the project qualification, credibility and future development conditions. After joining the training service and so on, and not all want to do catering brand store investors have the relevant experience, so I want to good business, brand training services are more important.

want to food in the market constantly, the key lies in your delicacy, because even owned restaurant franchise stores to attract consumers into the store, but she eventually decided whether to buy or products, so investors in the choice of brands can also choose to proceed from the products, professional catering to join the project is the key factor to attract them so, these must be comprehensive study.

want to through their own efforts to successfully open a restaurant is certainly not easy to succeed, you can see the need to pay attention to the details, a lot of friends in China’s catering industry to join the investment enthusiasm of extremely high moment, everyone wants to get an ideal Taobao shrine, there is a good project is natural can stand in the market, but not for the skills and experience to friends with the ways to study! Know this brand to join the brand support, whether meet your demand for investment.

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How do you succeed in your business

start a company, you not only to find business opportunities, but also for your company to reserve outstanding talent. Sometimes, the team building is very important for the start-up company, your team often determines the success or failure of the enterprise, today we talk about what the entrepreneurial talent needs.

Bernd  Schoner (MIT) of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a doctorate, and is co-founder of RFID technology enterprise Thingmagic in 2010, he sold the company to Trimble  Navigation, the total price of the acquisition is unknown.

Thingmagic has an original team composed of five Co founders. But as of the company’s takeover, Bernd , Schoner, said that there were only two people left, which led him to think more deeply about team dynamics.

"in a typical high-tech company or enterprise, people are more reasonable to assume a role, I think, if you pay particular attention to this point, then your chances of success will rise."   Bernd  Schoner theory. He wrote this book: the survival guide for high-tech entrepreneurs, is about to be published.

although some companies began when only one or two employees, but Bernd  Schoner said, the most critical; six types of people, he believes that there are six kinds of key people, can form a great team. Here is his dream team lineup:

First: unconstrained technical genius

Bernd , Schoner says, it is often important for a company to have someone who can give orders.

"for the larger team founder, if at the same time, there are five different views, and are equally important, so this situation is very difficult. Democracy is great, but it is not the." Bernd  Schoner says. "A leader or CEO doesn’t always have to be right, but it’s a good thing that you need someone who is a leader who can be respected by others."

Bernd , Schoner says, is often lacking in the young entrepreneurial team, but stresses that

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How to open a branch

headquarters operating properly, the business is hot, is in short supply at the same time, there are many gaps in the market without development, so the open stores will become the goal of many store operators. However, how to open a branch? Even if there is a plan to open a branch, if you do not know how to deal with, it is difficult to get the success of the store.

: what is the procedure for opening a branch? Do you need a registered trademark? Any ideas?

answer: the first branch to open their own registered trademarks of the company, so that you can guarantee that no matter where you will not be opened because of the name of the problem to be changed.

then is from the headquarters transfer management and operation of manpower to store (if there is no prior to training or recruitment), so you can guarantee the operating characteristics and principles will not change easily.

would also like to choose a good facade, must be suitable for the type of business you want to operate. The best design and the original shop almost, if there is a big change, the original store should be unified decoration.

finally is to stock, the new store opening to do what promotional activities, etc. all of these have to arrange in advance.


to open stores is absolutely ignorant of, just have a thought, so so, natural also need to prepare, learn more knowledge, so as to ensure the success of the late open stores. Now, do you know how to open a branch?