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100 Q & a website optimization Shanghai dragon must know (eight)

can say now this BBS signature chain is not what role, or even as search engine spam link points, but in the forum if you have trusted large, and you mix well, or has become the jar celebrity then this link in the signature on the value of. The signature here acts as a promotion of enterprise website, build brand and guide the flow of action. Or that sentence, do not do in order to do Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon, there is a logic to what things including the rules of search engine, the forum set up the forum signature, nature is the benefits of it, don’t say for the website ranking useless and not to do.


72, in the forum signature can be used outside the chain of

74, how to do the long tail keywords ranking

in the process of contact in Shanghai Longfeng, everyone will encounter a lot of problems like this or that the wooden Shanghai dragon in order to let everyone know more and more convenient to understand these common problems in the Shanghai dragon, these are often asked to the site to ask Shanghai dragon optimization summary, a total of 100, has already been written 6, the article reflected good results, we are also very love. There is not much to say, the front wrote to 100 website optimization question must know the Shanghai Dragon (seven), now directly into the 100 site optimization question of Shanghai dragon must know the (eight):

this much, mainly from three aspects:

73, the site of the weight of

(1) station optimization, the optimization of the basic page layout, tag optimization, internal keyword insertion, content construction, station links, 404 pages, robots files etc..

?The emphasis on improving the ?

(2) outside the station outside the station optimization, the optimization is mainly the construction of the chain and Links, then add the encyclopedia, know, do Post Bar etc..

71, Shanghai general sex optimization what better way?

mainly to do what

is the main optimization of long tail keywords >

website weight is divided into stages, Shanghai Longfeng wood mainly divides them into the Shanghai dragon optimization early, middle and late period, is a keyword in the top 20, the main chain third party platform recommendation; medium-term target keywords ranking into 20, mainly by attracting traffic, to obtain user recommendation. The keywords ranking stable in the top 3, is the main site of internal adjustment and long term drainage. The "Shanghai dragon optimization stage so that website optimization is more simple".

note can see "Shanghai dragon website analysis report how to write"

Optimization with

(3) to optimize the user experience, user experience is currently doing optimization and one of the most talked about promotion problems, optimize the user experience to do a lot of things, such as: site layout, website color, website function, social plug-ins, user groups analysis etc..

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The impact of website production on traditional brands

in any age, brands are the carriers for enterprises to establish market positioning and expand their popularity. In the Internet era, website construction will expand the influence of the brand to the user’s online life. Therefore, for traditional industries, including manufacturing, machinery, foreign trade, government agencies, and service industries, the production of high-end, professional website can not only greatly enhance the enterprise network brand image, more able to rely on the ability to spread the powerful Internet and penetration ability, to carry out a strong marketing network, to attract more consumer attention.

the author thinks, the influence that professional website produces to traditional brand basically has the following 2 respects:

1. Excellent web design promotes brand recognition

is the most outstanding web design works represent the most excellent image, once the enterprise not only enjoys a high reputation in the industry, but also has a high quality on the network, users’ name card "will have a more in-depth and comprehensive understanding to the enterprise. In the era of Internet prevalence, the importance of the network can fully reflect a company’s forward-looking and user zero distance care, narrowing the distance between the audience.

two, high-end website construction is the basis of network marketing

The great effect of

network marketing has been recognized by more and more traditional enterprises, and to develop the network marketing, is a pressing matter of the moment website design, website promotion and will be posted to the Internet, to develop marketing programs effective attachment site, including search engine marketing, blog marketing, forum marketing, social media marketing and so on, through the whole orientation and channel marketing strategy, the best marketing effect, for the network marketing in the market opportunities.

with the penetration of the industry, clothing website construction, hotel website construction, government website construction, jewelry website construction and many other website production branch has formed large-scale benefit. According to statistics, in Shenzhen alone, the growth of Internet users has exceeded 2 million, and the number of online shopping has already exceeded 1/3 of the total number of online shopping in the country. In addition to more traditional enterprises to invest in new web design, the early establishment of the enterprise website also due to the needs of marketing, have chosen to update the old site, in order to allow enterprises to play a greater role in the website.

[article original, reproduced please indicate the source, Shenzhen website construction]

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Operation shop should pay attention to details, small shop also big brand

some time ago news broke the news, a Taobao owner of long-term lack of sleep, even death, really sad, actually the only way out of a microcosm of the Internet industry is highly fatigue, are now engaged in website optimization, website operation and Taobao store has become a fatigue type industry, especially for the individual, sleep a day five or six hours has been very good, I think, for their own health, should think of some innovative methods, avoid battle fatigue is the key. The following I will explore some innovative online shop, perhaps to help the majority of shopkeepers who can improve work efficiency, but also to get more income.

1: identify the location of the shop, dig their own advantages,

shop location is very important, often will determine your busy work, also often determines the ultimate fate you shop, now many shop manager who, in the shop before the operation, and there is no detailed market research, there is no adequate mining on their own advantages, often into two errors, one what is the product to make money on what products to sell, a small shop is to engage in a large mall, what products are sold in two ways, this is undoubtedly the two extreme operation shop.

I think, as a personal manager, should start from their own advantages, identify the industry sales breakdown products, do not blindly follow what products to sell to sell anything, now a lot of products to sell the competition is very fierce, tend to spend a lot of investment in marketing, if there is no such economic strength and courage, it should build its own advantages, so as to seek a breakthrough, so their operation shop is not so tired, as if little shop into a big shopping mall, the workload often outlast the manager.

two, pay attention to detail marketing, own shop brand

small shop can not make a big shopping mall, but it can make a big brand, the crown shop, five star crown is the characteristics of the brand, but how to do this? In the shop operation, should pay attention to the details, such as the shop design itself, for this, a lot of the manager in order to save money, help yourself things, this is not correct, should choose professional designers to decorate their own shop, although a few hundred dollars, but it can give you save a lot of time, is the so-called "you do good things, good things will not be outsourced to good people to do" so that we can focus on the advantages of.

unified shop logo, as well as the standard of advertising words, like the others heard "everything is possible" will be reminiscent of "Lenovo", a good ad often can make your online brand increase, and for the shop in the shop to send brochures and every goods and with the goods should be given a fine brochure, to show their own image of the shop, this point can effectively improve their shop back, and more repeat customers, the shop level will naturally rise quickly.


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What is the future development of fast food industry

fast food industry is now developing rapidly, has become an important part of the food and beverage industry, for the country’s economic development has made a contribution. More and more entrepreneurs choose fast food, but also look at the future development trend of fast food industry. Next, Xiao Bian summed up the development trend of China’s fast food industry.

the public fast into consumer trends

the Kungfu found "steam" which has a China characteristic way of cooking, with steamed dishes taste delicious, the nutrition of the food less damage, and not mixed taste characteristics. Kung Fu is the original cup steamed rice as the characteristics of "nutrition" as the core of the brand, with the invention of the "computer controlled steam equipment, solved the Chinese fast food" standardization "problem, break the bottleneck of the development of Chinese fast food.

> is a fast food chain

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Open home textile stores need to know before the shop ready

with the rapid development of the current real estate economy, but also led to the development of home improvement industry. Today, the home textile shop is the choice of many entrepreneurs. But in the face of the current home textile stores are more open, if you want to run a home textile store? Open home textile stores you must also understand the shop must be prepared to do.

1. open home textile stores how to choose home textile brand products

first opened the textile shop you know you have to do that a consumer business, they usually buy home textile products can determine how much money the products prices also need to know the price of consumer groups have much to bring the number of sales and profits for you. If you are sure to do that, we must understand your consumers love what kind of product, you can make a simple survey of product pictures, print two hundred or three hundred copies, by friends, relatives and classmates as the target consumer group feasibility investigation confirm that you want to do business. This will reduce your investment risk to a minimum. Estimated to be less than five hundred yuan plus a part of your time, you can determine whether you want to open the shop, after the opening can not make money. The first shop is best to find two partners to reduce investment risk, such as the success of their own experience and then set up a separate shop, reduce the contradiction of partnership. Home visit stores generally higher prices, better quality, not a lot of traffic, so the shop to choose more traffic business district.

2. how to choose a suitable home textile franchise brand

We usually go to buy

textile products used to look at the color pattern, and then open the textile shop price, material, processing, packaging, so you have to choose the products, after the Company re choose the brand, service, product sales is relatively more complete. How about opening a home textile store? That is the so-called home textile fabrics, the China hasn’t put the whole company and store of textile products, choose the brand to choose the product is complete, at least the bedding and curtains to match, the local brand awareness is higher, the price can meet your set of consumer groups. Brand stores generally have a considerable part of the experience for reference, but also have a model shop, before joining the best in the same area comparable store observed for two days, Monday to Thursday a day, Friday to Sunday, one day, the two time difference of sales. Can also go to the store directly to the store.

3, how to open home textile stores decoration? Home textile shop decoration

open home textile shop decoration through the careful use of a variety of decorative materials can not only make the shop interior design style is distinctive, the store features prominent, but also on the store goods play a very good role in foil. Now the textile shop decoration should choose Jane with a modern style, it can attract customers. Interior design should be designed warm, atmospheric, romantic, so there will be very

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How to choose the household water purifier brand

water pollution is so serious, in order to be able to drink more healthy water, a lot of people have a water purifier in the home, in the face of the water purifier market development, many people can see new opportunities are emerging. Therefore, the entrepreneur is also a good way to invest in wealth, but how to operate also need to better grasp the entrepreneur. Today Xiaobian tell you how to successfully operate a water purifier franchise?

The development of

water purifier to join the project have direct profit, some products are in great demand, but the high cost, low profit, busy shouting There are plenty of people who earn a. When you join the project aimed at a domestic water purifier is best when the amount of intervention with less investment to understand the market, wait until you know when to go, a lot of investment. Do not put too much investment and small profits.

is well-known in the industry, and consumer acceptance of high household water purifier brand worthy of attention, the development of this project qualification is guaranteed, investors should be good analysis of the information obtained through field investigation and not for existing users understand operations, do not easily invest.


study, and small to emphasize the diversity of product design is the key to consider, this is a prerequisite for winning consumers, most of the current existence of the phenomenon of homogenization of the water purifier industry products, therefore, in terms of products have their own characteristics, many brands still remain in the product design stage, follow the trend of plagiarism brand products, do not have their own characteristics, natural market competitiveness.

if you think this industry can obtain benefits, choose a good brand can operate as soon as possible, how to successfully operate a water purifier? The first step is to choose a good project, so you can consider the next step of operation. And want to store their own successful business is not an easy thing to do, they have their own store is the best way.

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The FA Cup semi-final decide Shanghai green team performance

football is an international movement, at the same time, now the domestic football is also of concern in recent years, the domestic is in the development of China football career, yesterday in the cup final, it produced a new four.

19, China Henan Jianye home court in the FA Cup against the defending champion Shandong Luneng 1 / 4 finals, the two sides in 90 minutes into 1: 1, the penalty shootout Jianye team the ball hit the post, the ball was saved, eventually, Shandong Luneng with 5: 3 semi-finals.

history record from both sides and the strength of speaking, the defending champion Shandong is an advantage, but Henan Jianye home court with   "all against tyranny" of the title, so this game is definitely a tough battle for Shandong luneng.

in the Chinese Cup final, in fact, the competition is very fierce, at the same time, also let us see the recommended

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Eat noodle free test hall of Naxi entrepreneurship Optimization

delicious food, food and beverage market, has been very attractive to consumers. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the noodle is very delicacy, superior choice. How do you eat your lunch? Delicious refreshing, simply can not stop!

test eat Naxi line?

"what to eat" is hanging in the mouth of the people most often heard a word. Today, we recommend a Naxi ethnic minority from Yunnan, the characteristics of food – naxi. Naxi traditional noodle noodle instead of single taste, cooking and eating a single way, add all kinds of innovative flavors, tomato noodles, shrimp, beef noodle, spicy noodle noodle, each a noodle challenge your taste buds.

test eat Naxi line good?

The original

type new eat noodle noodle assorted cold dishes, dishes and soup separately on the table the way of eating, largely enhance the customer’s taste and edible experience. So delicious characteristics of rice noodle, the price is quite reasonable. A bowl of delicious beef noodle price is only 15 yuan, so spend less money will be able to enjoy the authentic Naxi style, the value of


new method of eating, with the characteristics of the rice noodle, worthy of our attention. Dining hall to join the project, you are still hesitant what? Hurry up! Let’s work together to create wealth!

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Air purifier store showcase how to display

over the years, the problem of environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious, people have a great impact on the body, want to have a healthy life, air purifier is essential. Entrepreneurial projects offer brand stores, the store display will have to work hard to finish, the air purifier stores the same is true, as the air purifier appliances, how to do shop display? Xiaobian for everybody here about the introduction, I hope will give entrepreneurs bring some help.

Many methods of

display, in addition to display the store outside the window, and also should pay attention to, the air purifier franchise operators must be aware of the window design is to do the silent brand advertising, and window display to do, to do the following points: display to show season, the main reflect the brand image to show the advantages of the products, focus on the characteristics, or promotional products above, this is what I want to know the point directly to the main push or promotional merchandise? Do other brands of products display research, will display different brand and product advantages in the window to distinguish the main characteristics of the product, can highlights the advantages of products and content, to promote good brand.

air purifier air purifier brand stores will show with Chen Lielai convex characteristics, also pay attention to display props, which have high and low level, far near and scattered beauty, like oil painting that display the same composition, to create for customers in the visual aesthetic feeling comfortable. If it is a promotional display, there should be eye-catching promotional activities to remind the goods, the background color of the POP to have a strong impact, to use some bright colors to interpret the atmosphere of promotional activities.

in the air purifier store window display but also to consider the influence of direction and light and other factors of the store, often easy to cause to influence the window display effect is not the same effect, as well as other brands of products display research, personality, highlighting the advantages and the connotation of brand products, to achieve direct effective means visual marketing.

breath of fresh air to avoid a series of respiratory problems. Especially in modern society, because of environmental problems arising from the side effects, so many people worry. As air purifier Stores operators to master the method, in order to ensure stable performance, in order to attract popularity, there are many kinds of methods, we analyzed the display effect, and display method, in accordance with these points is carried out seriously, we will be able to improve store popularity, and we have always believed that the operation of air purifier stores no matter, you must learn more.

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Ten custom Home Furnishing brand rankings

not only easy, but also according to the local part of the more scientific design, so that the whole house decoration effect is better, because of this, custom home began to become more and more people’s choice. Custom home concept as early as a few years ago has been popular in the industry, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, custom home industry has gradually replaced the finished furniture into people’s lives. Many custom Home Furnishing brand stores in quietly at an alarming increase in the number of nationwide expansion, as the saying goes, "Like attracts like., Birds of a feather flock together". Custom home so fire, custom home which brand is good? Quickly with small series to see the top ten custom home brand list!

ten custom home brand list NO.1.SOGAL Sophia

began in 1981 in France, the classic Venetian wardrobe series fame in the custom wardrobe taintedchinese listed company focused on R & D / custom closet and supporting custom Home Furnishing production / sales.

ten custom home brand NO.2. Holike Holike

whole house custom ten brands, Guangdong famous brand, original custom home brand, is committed to the development of the field of custom home high-tech enterprises, Guangzhou Holike creative home Limited by Share Ltd.

ten custom Home Furnishing brand ranking NO.3. LuxeHome delivery

first proposed the whole house furniture customization service, the whole chain of institutions to introduce a new Home Furnishing custom digital technology and unique marketing model, Guangzhou Luxuries delivery Home Furnishing Limited by Share Ltd.

ten custom Home Furnishing brand ranking NO.4.KEFAN Ke fan

house custom Home Furnishing leader, service innovation / product integration / brand chain customization Home Furnishing live operators to " custom five star " reputation the industry, Foshan city Home Furnishing Ke fan products Co. ltd..

ten custom home brand NO.5. BELLE EBERY

all home style custom home brand, a typical British style fashion wardrobe brand design, the original state of the wood plate series of well-known market, Foshan Tang Minghan Home Industry Co., ltd..

ten custom home brand NO.6. ONMUSE ONMUSE

professional R & D / production / sales of the overall wardrobe of a large comprehensive enterprise, home market influence brand, China environmental labeling products, Guangzhou ONMUSE Furniture Co., Ltd.