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Because the site is not included in what

and so on. spider

two, pages included

original title, key (explanation: an important part of things) the word reasonable insert, the original 100% (pseudo original have not!) Keywords, not piled, bold, reasonable distribution, upload (Upload) after doing a lot of high quality external links (quality not high, only you know. The website construction of web design in different fields, web graphic design, interface design, creation, including standardized code and proprietary software, user experience design and search engine optimization. Site construction preparatory work is very important, it determines your original purpose, and the day after the maintenance of website, the site allows you to play the role is very important.)

of course, I’m not saying we don’t write original articles, this is definitely the wrong way. The construction site is the front-end design process (client), usually used to describe the site, not a simple page, a web site includes a lot of work, including the design of domain name registration, page layout, writing code etc.. The website construction of web design in different fields, web graphic design, interface design, creation, including standardized code and proprietary software, user experience design and search engine optimization. I would like to remind you that the quality of the article included the decision is not wrong, but this factor (factor) is in the "late" to play a role, a prerequisite for now we’ll talk about the pages included.


but the result? Still not included! Right?

web pages are included, this factor is related to the site optimization of the most direct effect (factor), because only one page is search engine (Engine) included after, there will be likely to show up in the natural search results, according to the set of keywords, site weights and other factors, the page rank processing not included ", don’t talk about how the keyword set is reasonable, the quality is not how good, to the point and the crux of the problem.

1 page, whether it can be effective to access the

however many friends and not pay attention to this page is search engine spider web access (Engine), get the hand, start editing (Edit>

, the original is necessarily included

problems, after reading these articles, you will start this work as follows:

see here many friends will have doubt, we usually see some articles on the website optimization, if the page is not included, will say is our key (explanation: an important part of things) the word is not set, no index, density (g/cm3 or kg/m3) or is not like. Said the original degree is not enough, at least to the original, the title is not novel, 12345?

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shlf1314 Adsense activities blessing for giftsAd4all small I stock master products pause promotion n

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Streamline web content structure for Baidu spider road forward

is now a lot of website content is very complex, this complex is not only reflected on the surface of the site, which is embodied in the code of the website, the chain code is too heavy and so on, many factors, complex navigation is not clear and the structure is unreasonable, chain imperfect constraints on the site in Baidu spider you know Baidu spider crawling on the site crawling is like crossing the road, if the car stopped, so pedestrians have to stop. On the website, the primary task of a webmaster is to streamline the station structure of their own, to create conditions for Baidu spider crawling, the following specific content to construct a website about how to streamline the site and create favorable conditions for Baidu.

streamline site code, creating opportunities for spider crawling

is too complicated site code is not conducive to the site, I line shortly before the two railway station, a railway station, the code is the use of JS, and the if code is produced, and a website code is the use of CSS layout, the different code technique created a different web site. This code is now using JS production site has not been included, second days and the CSS layout of the site on the line after the collection, update the article, the same creation chain, why the difference is so great? I think the problem is the code, I suggest webmaster friends try to use Baidu when doing the station as soon as possible to identify and spider mature code, code that is complex or less with my advice.

station pictures need to be streamlined, website construction picture less, better,

real website content is not the main picture, but the picture + text combination, and now a part of the webmaster to save trouble, a web site’s home page is the use of a large number of pictures, such as navigation with pictures, content or pictures, do not know whether the owners of these pictures could be thought of Baidu spider recognized, you must know that there is no ALT attribute is not accepted. I suggest the best website now as far as possible the use of text picture less form, now Baidu spider love or text, for the crawl collection is not very strong, a website if you want to get a better grasp and recognized Baidu spider, so the station must be reduced.

streamline station structure, the site is simple and generous, the best

now the webmaster for the site to look for ways to enrich the site to increase, increase the length column layout, but this is not true, to attract users to attract Baidu spider web site should be simple, do not know if you watch SEOWHY this site is not, a very simple structure of the site, but the weight PR and its website is very high, why? Because this site is not only the content of building well, love and its website structure also won the search engine spiders, if you are a spider, you are love grab those simple content or complex content > grab love

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How to do a good job of children’s clothing shop decoration

now open the children’s clothing stores have a lot of businesses, many people are thinking about how to decorate their own shops more attractive? This problem is worthy of serious consideration. Consumers are likely to be attracted by the decoration of the more attractive shops, so franchisees need to use a lot of decoration techniques to enhance their attractiveness.

one, we need to pay attention to achieve unity in terms of color, color and decoration products to be very harmonious integration, so that consumers will be able to see the main colors in the shop. But pay attention to unity is not to let the children’s clothing and decoration color is exactly the same, so that the shop will be very dull and dull, should make the local contrast and obey the whole.

two, need to pay attention to the purpose of lighting. Children’s clothing store decoration, lighting plays a crucial role, as a piece of clothing to polish and no lights out display effect is completely different, especially by the model of the single display, must use searchlights for foil. The color of the light is appropriate, blue light is cold, cold, give consumers a sense of magic (summer), the yellow light to give consumers a very warm feeling (winter).

three, you need to pay attention to the shelf space to be set aside, can be divided into the main channel and sub channel, the image of the background of the main entrance or join the owner channel. Identical collocation. The same color of the children’s clothing together will give consumers a very comfortable feeling, pay attention to the same color with the same style, the same length put together, so as not to let consumers feel like warehouse.

four, need to pay attention to the contrast color match. Children’s clothing store decoration, can be used to express warm cool, for example: green red blue background children’s wear, children’s wear yellow clothes off, placed in a pole, can not let the warm and cool colors each accounted for 50%, the best is the ratio of about 3:7 more appropriate, with attention to warm cold.

children’s clothing store how to do the decoration work? Many franchisees are not very good at the store decoration, if this is your weakness, it is more need to learn a lot. The above recommendations from the color, lighting and other aspects of the recommendations, I hope to help you.

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Not only have entrepreneurial ideas, but also to find the entrepreneurial city

entrepreneurs want to be able to succeed, the idea of entrepreneurship is not easy to come up with, then the thing to do is to establish your entrepreneurial city. If you are able to make good use of the strategy at the site, you will be able to grow faster.

The following is

three in three ways to find the right city for startups:

1.  contact with consumers

to America distance, most of the technology companies are willing to be based in the bay area, because here the most entrepreneurial atmosphere of science and technology. However, this place is likely to be far away from your target customers. You should look at other successful companies that are similar to your business and see where they set up their headquarters and whether they have succeeded. The best way to build a solid relationship with your target customers is face to face communication. And when customers have problems with your product, you should be able to help them in the first time.

in my company for example, we are a university campus oriented science and technology enterprises. When we were looking for a place to start a business, my co founders and I first locked a few cities, namely Boston, bay area, New York and Austen.

in these city, Austen is the biggest difference, not only here, the students, as well as some of the top Property Management Company, such as Campus  and Greystar  Advantage; Student  Living. In addition, here is InterFace  Student  Housing  Conference activities of the host city. Obviously, if the business in Austen, we can not only get a good business atmosphere, but also can reach a large number of students and the property management enterprise customers, and the two is our target customers.

2.  the company’s ability to withstand

or to our company for example. After learning that the Bay Area’s income tax is higher than California, we decided to abandon the bay area, the 12% of the funds used in business development and product development. Moreover, Austen’s investment circle is more suitable than the Bay area. Investment, of course

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Dry cleaners to join the recommended skills

is now the business of cleaners in the overall life is very hot, and there are a lot of people are doing laundry ideas, now want to successfully operate a dry cleaning shop, in fact often take many steps.

Second, main washing. Place the pre treated clothes in a dry cleaning machine and wash them thoroughly with a dry cleaning solvent.

Third, postprocessing, the main purpose is to remove the residual solvent and dry cleaning clothes ironing and shaping.


is going on?

some in the dry cleaning industry more mature enterprises, the operation mode and supporting equipment relatively complete, the use of their own resources to attract franchisees, franchisees and realize their win-win pattern.

from cost considerations, suggest that you take a taxi or buy second-hand machine washing machine mode of operation, it can reduce the cost.

some of the common faults and solutions of

A: why the accident button appears more and more fragmented


problem: a standard button jacket after two times of conventional dry cleaning, a few buttons appear broken. Dry cleaning is carried out on the basis of the maintenance label.

reason: button used plastic can not withstand dry cleaning cycle in a conventional and repeated impact force of rotor cage wall.

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Xi’an bridge has not seen the whole transformation

dangerous buildings in a timely manner, which is the relevant government departments need to do, in Xi’an, there is a dangerous bridge in ten years ago was under the notice of dying, but has not yet been transformed. However, nearly 10 years later, this dangerous bridge is still sick posts. Nearby residents said that this is not only a security risk, the narrow bridge has become a bottleneck in the vicinity of traffic.

2 at 17 am on the morning of, when reporters came here, although not the peak, but from the two directions to cross the bridge has been lined up long queues. It is understood that, in December 2011, taking into account the safety of the bridge load, the traffic police brigade in Baqiao made a 2.4 meter wide limit, the limit load of 20 tons. The past two years, the relevant departments in the entrance of the bridge installed on the isolated pier, limiting the passage of large vehicles. Because of the isolation pier, passing vehicles can only slow down carey through. Therefore, there will be a traffic jam.

2 22 in the morning 8 am, reporters once again came here, the railway bridge from north to south direction of traffic congestion, the road suddenly narrowed, the formation of a bell, many vehicles can only queue amble, vehicle bridge takes about two minutes. Next to 1 meters wide non motorized vehicles, from time to time there are people pushing the bike across the bridge.

"sooner or later the peak, the vehicle to arrange tens of meters long, slightly rub, 20 meters long bridge 20 minutes to go." Nearby residents Ms. Lee told reporters that her children in the third grade Huaqingyuan experimental primary school, a day must pass through the road, but here she was very worried about security mandate, "people walk in the above will feel shaking in the bridge." Unlike Ms Li, more people live in wine ten along the road is selected from the bypass road, mine road, Qin m Chan River road.

hope that the relevant departments in Xi’an for the timely transformation of the bridge, which can better ensure the safety of the public travel, it was said: this bridge was built in 1988, the bridge width of 7 meters. 24 years ago, along the population has increased from less than 10 thousand to the now tens of thousands of people. This bridge has been identified as a dangerous bridge for nearly 10 years.

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Should you join the catering brand recommendation

restaurant franchise options market prospects as their investment projects is very important, because the market prospects of the brand can provide strong support for you in the later stage, the competition in the market trend of great for you to stabilize the heel. So what are the food and beverage industry market prospects of the project?


grandmother restaurant chain, founded in 1998. From the original Ma Cheng Lu "grandma" restaurant development so far, has been in the country has more than 80 stores and over 8000 employees of large food chain.

When the

set off a wave when catering business banquets, grandma foresaw the development potential of the everyday consumer market, consumer groups will be locked in the family dining of ordinary people, with high price as the core competitiveness. In the end, it turns out that with the improvement of living standards, family spending power is increasing. Grandmother with precise positioning, high quality food and professional and professional services accounted for the opportunity, consumer groups continue to expand.

Oriental White

East is white, is the world’s food and beverage group – Yum group, the first Chinese food and beverage brands, is the brother of KFC brand. In order to ensure the success of the battle, yum team in product development on the great pains. First of all the design requirements on all different meal period (early, dinner, snacks, snacks, meals, and even freezing etc.) special children have some signs of hard base products; and all Chinese eat rice, noodles, steamed buns, including Soybean Milk, suanmeishang are included; through scientific management of Yum that must ensure that every product is on the market the best quality, and very unique Dongpo meat stew or steamed Fish-Flavored Shredded Pork. During lunch, we must try homemade sweet and sour juice and fresh tomato beef noodles. Between meals can taste delicious snacks as white Oriental; fried chicken wing day pepper spicy chicken and PA. Kids will love especially for their development of interesting shapes, burned seaweed, rice and vegetable roll, nutritious and delicious, and toys gift. As of 2014.11.29, the East has a number of white domestic stores reached 29

Mao Hotel

Mao Hotel, where the former residence of Comrade Mao Zedong, Chairman Mao had received a cordial interview with MS. Tang Ruiren founded in 1987. Shaoshan Mao Hotel (Headquarters) the name from the original central leadership Wangshoudao inscribed. Over the past twenty years, Mao Hotel received a total of tens of thousands of Chinese and foreign guests, including more than thirty party and state leaders. Many guests in Shaoshan, attracted to Mao restaurant dining, tasting of Chairman Mao during his lifetime favorite Home Dishes, reminiscing about Chairman Mao’s valiant record; at the same time it is a rare pleasure and spiritual nourishment. Mao Hotel in the country created a strong cultural atmosphere of the president, the introduction of a strong local Hunan

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The poor people out not to engage in superfluous

The train station east district community due to the presence of the old district and more difficult to manage, the movement of large, complex factors such as community residents, to know the people, warm people, gather public opinion "as the goal, focus from the heart for the people helping residents, grief and solve the sufferings of the masses and maintain social stability, harmony and stability of the community the residents live and work in peace.

is not alone lonely empty nest hollow


in the community Empty Nester and elderly number, community elders as an important measure to contact and serve the masses. The elderly Zhu Yuhua was seriously ill, the community offered to take care of her responsibilities, to take care of her daily life, died when her death; Duan Yazhen perennial elderly living alone, when the elderly physical discomfort, community cadres received a phone call after the first time to the home, take the old man to the Hospital; at the same time, community cadres and the working party regularly to the area Empty Nester home cleaning, help to buy daily necessities, regularly to the nursing home to visit the area "three noes old Chi Xizhu, Liu Chengshan.

the poor people and solve the warmth of

The actual

in the area of bankrupt enterprises, Qilian Mountains daily chemical copper Jiashuyuan no property, community owners committee set up in two families of the election, and in the property management personnel, to solve the masses of non residential property issues, ensure the safety of residential area and environmental health; community ordination for the project, for the area in the old residential district to install bodybuilding equipment 52; the community has 162 poverty-stricken ethnic minority families apply for the minimum living guarantee, to declare the low rent housing for 58 households and families of ethnic minorities; often area life difficult for the cult personnel, emancipist visited condolences and sent condolences to Kim and other items of daily life.

to resolve disputes to safeguard national unity


community with "disputes the visit, investigation, mediation" special action, efforts to solve the difficult problems and hot disputes affecting national unity and social harmony etc.. 4 Sichuan nationality area in the Tibetan compatriots to buy a car in Xining in February 14th, will stop the car in the area of the family home in the village (in parking fees), two days after the Tibetan compatriots ready to drive home, found the car body was scratched. The community after that, comprehensive management office staff in a timely manner to the dispute mediation scene, through community mediation personnel and residential property after repeated communication, the stakes give a detailed explanation, the final thing has been resolved and properly resolve the disputes affecting national unity.

comments listened to the voice of the people to do practical things

in the development of educational practice to seek advice and suggestions, the community received a reflection of the construction of the Qinghai Tibet Railway in the construction of two Lane Lane residents travel difficult problem, the first time will be;