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Guardian of the bottom line to teach you how to defend their original

this is the case for a new website, can be said to be a fatal blow, because a new web site it will very low weight, included must also be very slow. In contrast, the mainstream station weight nature is very high, most of them can reach the second point, this created a who is original, who is in an embarrassing situation.

second, I personally think that this is a good thing.

but had to be pointed out that you won a user’s heart, get the user’s approval, maybe he will come here reproduced today, he will come here tomorrow or the day after tomorrow he reproduced, still you can come here reproduced, and then you get will be one of the most loyal users. And what is the purpose of our website is not? These loyal user groups? Given their approval, can be called a good thing?

first of all, we should not see his article stolen, nor our article was reproduced, but should from this article won the help to reprint this article people recognized. Only the users feel that this article is a good article, will have the idea of theft, reprint. You might say my head hit, they steal your articles, reprint your article without leaving your copyright, you said it was a good thing, this is really the suspected bandits thought.

So today I ? Something makes me feel happy and surprised a thing happened in the afternoon around

it is very simple, the process is not very complicated, believe that many novice grassroots webmaster will meet with the similar problems in your angry at the same time you also quite helpless, write out their hard article but for others to do the wedding, most people are difficult to accept. So how to protect our bottom line, defend our original, as each new webmaster should learn something.

For now the

search engine, although not intelligent to completely identify the origin of the article, but can be said to have been basically of a preliminary judgment. Of course, although the search engine is able to determine the origin of the article to a certain extent, I have to say we still need to search engine to leave some evidence, so that they can really recognize this article.

this afternoon, when more than 2 minutes of my QQ suddenly pop up a stranger talking to me, the content is roughly said that he would be my site "don’t mention the river" empty directory sites in the forum an article named "secret" to speed up the six web page collection of articles, reproduced to a major mainstream website to go, and I will remove the copyright to leave the copyright information of his own.

from three aspects to analyze when their original theft, reproduced, whether it is a good thing for

the first layer, I personally think that this is a good thing.

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What is the influence of Taobao ban love Shanghai

has much impact on love for Taobao Shanghai for the future development of the Internet there is no ban, here no longer comment, perhaps a few days Taobao will have a new movement? Right! But no matter what the result is, as long as we believe in the Internet platform, no friends, no permanent enemies, only interests

for the love of Shanghai after the lifting of the ban, according to the normal situation, the love of spiders in Shanghai will crawl Taobao product pages or more pages in Shanghai love ranking, which means that Taobao’s products added to the love of Shanghai participated in the competition for the ranking, independent mall will be more of a strong opponent. It is bound to affect the flow has been obtained from the Shanghai love

is eternal!

because of shielding love Shanghai taobao贵族宝贝 search service, said it was because the means of unscrupulous businesses use PPC, Shanghai dragon optimization cheat consumers trust. After Taobao off the rise, a lot of Taobao capital gain tremendous benefits. So now Taobao lifted love Shanghai, will cause a huge loss of traffic from Taobao, Taobao for the development of customer is not optimistic after

. !Effects of

to talk about the influence for Taobao customers:

At present, Taobao !

just write this article also found that Taobao in Shanghai love into the bidding, such as mogujie贵族宝贝 search, the first is the price of Taobao. See these, believe that different people will have the same idea, because Taobao lifted love Shanghai, effects of different businesses or individuals are not the same. The following is to say to us in the end there will be what kind of impact?

On 2008 Taobao

for Taobao seller:

on independence mall conjecture:

recently opened micro-blog found that many webmaster in discussing a very sensitive topic, is Taobao to love Shanghai ban closed! After seeing this, I immediately went to check, and sure enough, as shown below, the Taobao robots.txt has been removed to the Shanghai spiders love in fall in love with the sea has been closed! Can search to Taobao about 24700000.

!Effect of

from Shanghai site love Taobao data will only see love Shanghai put 2 records, but can not guarantee that Shanghai will be released after the love of Taobao more pages, including the page Taobao seller, as can be imagined, the seller will be more of a Shanghai Longfeng flow channels, of course, the seller for Taobao is a good news

article by immature source dormann early www.dumanzaojiao贵族宝贝 editor. Please indicate the

this is the author for Taobao ban love Shanghai impact on us put forward the three point, if you have more ideas to ban Taobao love Shanghai, welcome to supplement.

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Short board effect of Enlightenment some misunderstanding of Shanghai Longfeng er the optimization

also, on a website, if there is no one can do well, it will affect the development of the website, a website if you find a shortage of places to immediately take measures to improve the insufficient place to correct the errors in time, such as the whole website is a complete and successful website.

first contact short board effect think deeply, then apply it to the Shanghai dragon aspect, short board effect and the truth I think a lot should be clear, there may be some people who don’t know! Here Peida network Shanghai Longfeng empty to short board effect novices simply introduced the essence of:

a website to become a successful web site. The most important is to find ways to improve all the deficiencies, only all deficiencies are maintained in a "high enough", in order to fully reflect the integrity of the entire site to complete enough perfect, embodies the entire user experience "role in the competitive Internet, more and more competitors realize that as long as a target for a website can do lack enough to affect the entire site, and to improve every word, that is not so simple, but also the best way is to learn from each other" that will be spent in a sufficiently high one, reduce working hours, the time used in relatively insufficient, so that each one has reached a level.

Here the

short board effect is also called the theory of barrel, a barrel can hold much water, completely depends on the shortest piece of wood, any organization, may face a common problem, that constitute the various parts of the organization are often is not neat, and the inferior portion often determines the level of the entire organization, because long long board is not used, the water interface is with the shortest board level, decide the size of the barrel is not a long piece of wood, but one of the shortest board! It seems misfits and conventional thinking, but it has proved to be the correct judgment.

some ER in Shanghai dragon to a website optimization process can only see their own advantages, feel that their website which website is better than anyone else, your own website which >

network will start Shanghai dragon city "short board effect" effectively applied to the website optimization, as everyone knows, optimizing the website is not decided by a hand, but by the overall site optimization to determine the optimization effect of the website. This is why a lot of long tail keywords bring traffic far than the main keywords, from this point to prove that, not every site optimization work around the main keywords to start work, can effectively attract users, it is a good keyword, a good website, there are tens of thousands of the long tail keywords to rotate, so as to the entire site live, flow, so we should grasp every detail, do a good job in every aspect is a basic principle of website optimization .

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The search engine keyword in decryption Browser rankings are not the same

browser variety but in the domestic browser market IE still occupy a certain position, the love of Shanghai is sometimes ranked according to user search habits to set the key words, such as a large amount of user search keywords different time and then enter a website at the same time, so the search engine search remember the information of users, access to the large amount of the site a good ranking. Of course, the different browsers also love Shanghai records, from the current situation at present, the search of the keywords love Shanghai Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon and into my blog users are using IE browser, search ranking and small amount of other browser IE browser is a good natural ranking fell.

is a 100 degree before I heard the search results in different browsers as topic, as if I were " blog two weeks results: Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon love Shanghai top five " also found this situation, but there has been no time to analyze this problem. Today the home is the habit of open Firefox love Shanghai Zhengzhou Shanghai dragon to watch his blog ranking, did not expect that until the love of Shanghai in the top second now dropped to fourth, and then I use the IE browser also looked at the discovery or second. After this two browser delete cache tried several times, the search results or two browser rankings are not the same. What is the reason that Shanghai can love the search results ranking is not the same in different browsers and

browser is not the same as the

?I look at the following

actually love Shanghai in the country a lot of distributed database on the server, when the user search keywords love Shanghai will return to their corresponding server above the search results to display to the user. Of course, may be due to different browsers are not the same as the interface also leads to call the love Shanghai database is not the same, then return to the ranking of search results are not the same. This is just personal speculation, because of the different browser various tectonic framework and the kernel is different, so it can not be in-depth study of these search engines to love Shanghai, the above call database different situation can only be guessed.

database of Shanghai love At present, although the domestic

placement in Firefox and IE browser to clear the cache case search results:

love Shanghai in different browser rankings under different once there are some Shanghai dragon Er discussion, but have not.

The problem about


browser users search for different amounts of

two from the above picture you can clearly see the same two keyword search on the same computer but lack is not the same in different browser rankings, so what is the reason? The following Xu Jinsheng will analysis the different ranking results from several reasons.

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How to get free to shop more search traffic

three, note that the video key points for non default sort settings. Because many consumers are by price, geographical, uses, specifications of goods such as key point to search, so shop when setting the content and attributes of goods, should try to describe detailed, accurate and comprehensive, to meet the full range of search to the needs of different consumers.

_ music production company by Zhengzhou website >

finally, shop must have real sales accumulation and display. Many people do not want to do online shopping "the first to eat crab, if you do not shop sales, no evaluation and so on, popularity is not enough, consumers will think your online products and services may be a problem. According to Matthew, the less the shop popularity will be more in front of the cold. There are so many shop operators are through a single brush and other means to improve the website sales show that it belongs to adventure and virtual platform, once more than the warning line will be punished and right down etc.. So, it is best to have the shop accumulation and show their true sales, sales of more real, the natural flow is more also.

, a website must put commodity category. Because only, in order to improve the commodity category correlation, in order to obtain accurate free traffic.

open shop friends know: to get free search traffic to get more chances of success more and more tourists. We have constantly online optimization, but the effect is good and bad. Here, the music technology here summed up the following three to shop to get free search traffic access method, hope to help you:

two, a single product conversion rate must be increased. Only high-quality, valuable and attractive goods in order to get more people of all ages, so the shop should as far as possible optimization accuracy, high conversion rate, high keywords associated with a higher degree of title, label and graphic content, while avoiding keywords making up etc..


secondly, do online accurate drainage work. After all, the flow of more accurate, consumer purchase intention and the more likely the commodity conversion rate will be higher. Le Internet that improve the site drainage accuracy need to pay attention to product category placement, improve the conversion rate of the product, make single commodity non default sort and grasp the goods shelf time of the four aspects of the work.

analysis of peak and valley values of the free search flow shop, make full use of online shopping platform search rules, update time frame set up set of goods, you can take an occasion to marketing, improve the shop overall conversion rate.

first, the website must be personalized positioning. The new Internet business era, network economy increasingly fierce competition and the homogenization of development, only has the individuality, unique and valuable shop to attract more attention and recognition, and can only do a good job shop shop location can have a more accurate flow and passenger source.


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These skills of Get to unicorns don’t worry about users at the start of their businessWhy do entrepr

cloud file storage software Dropbox: directional attract

a lot of people think that if a site’s visitors >

in the ninth Century BC, a man called Fei Zi Zhou Dynasty Royal Family horse, get a piece of land now Gansu area, 100 years later, the descendants of non resistance Rong Qin Xianggong help king Ping of Zhou and Zhou Ping Wang attack, put the land up to the status of princes.

they follow the same law.

, of course, there are plenty of hot blooded young people, just like the entrepreneurs of today.

in 2008, Dropbox is in a critical phase of acquiring new users. They launched the Adsense campaign but unfortunately failed to succeed. As a product priced at only $99, they cost as much as $300 per user. Later, after realizing that the user acquisition strategy was unsustainable, Drew, Houtson, and his team began experimenting with other methods.

the social unrest at that time intensified. The military class emerging countries with the economic growth, required to obtain the corresponding political rights, demanded political reform, then launched a reform movement, such as Chu Wei Li Kui reform, reform and the reform of Wuqi, wave like the wave of the Internet now, seize the opportunity of the country is likely to become an emerging country.

editor’s note: the author is an anonymous entrepreneur who has gone through many ups and downs, or dies or dies. Now, it hides its real name and becomes a columnist for Medium magazine, describing his pioneering work several times, as a reference to other entrepreneurs.

another important point about this video is that it is made specifically for specific target groups and communities, that is to say, tailored to them. Just say Drew, he’s a member of the Digg community, so he has a clear understanding of the community’s preferences. If you look carefully enough, you’ll find that in this video, the TPS report and Tom ·, Cruise appear very frequently. Facts have proved that this video by the Digg crowd love, in the second days of the introduction of more than 70 thousand new users.

Qin Empire, is one of the most wonderful existence of China history, it from the war to unify China as long as 9 years, again from unification to collapse as long as 14 years.

had been over from the spring and Autumn period to the Warring States period. At the time, it was entirely "the end of France" and "the troubled times"". Why? Because in the spring and Autumn period, the relationship between the countries is "as long as you take me" can, hegemony is the social theme, but not to each other and themselves, to the Warring States period, "Lao Tzu non destroy you can not start in China popular jungle.


Abstract: from the perspective of the development of modern enterprises, many Internet Co are also very brutal, they buy users fling caution to the winds and flow, improve the data by means of violence, the original, why not ask yourself: what is the value to attract users, or with the immediate interests of users to buy

regional discrimination has existed since ancient times. However, the more humble, the more vigorous morale, at all times and in all countries, is not so.



in addition, while we are marketing our products, we can learn from Dropbox that it will provide some additional services for users to forward and share on social networking sites. Dropbox has launched an activity that allows users to share the services they use on Facebook and Twitter in order to get additional 128MB space. Facts have proved that this activity by the majority of users love. Within a month on the line, users sent 2 million 800 thousand service invitations on social networking sites.

news website Reddit & Quora: Q & a community yourself, have ample food and clothing


this is the predecessor of qin. After Qin became princes, and finally the oriental nations on an equal footing. But due to the bitter cold remote land, has always been the Oriental look, "international" does not take Qin as equal members, not to let him participate in the States, but regard it as the barbarian tribes.

I asked a lot of people and they told me that they were interested in getting to know some of the stories behind big business starts. So, I have to write this article, introduces several well-known company’s user acquisition strategy, hoping that some of the readers.

is like now, a company from the venture to the valuation of ten billion, and then closed down, bankruptcy, but just one or two years.

362 BC, the 21 year old young audience became king of Qin, the backward state of Qin he was ashamed to see this, stock reform tide, is also determined for the two venture! So to the whole world by seeking order from abroad, finally have a CEO, called Shang Yang.

hunting cloud network micro signal: ilieyun reported on June 10th Translation: Tian Xiaoxue

therefore, every entrepreneur and modern person should have a good understanding of this period of history.

At that time, the history of

Drew produced a simple video that was four minutes long, telling the operation of Dropbox. Since the services they offer will be less attractive if they are written in words, the company chooses to introduce its business through video.

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An article dedicated to an individual webmaster

I began to have gradually to the webmaster this year I have greatly discerning and apprehending, after years in the Internet marketer, when back to think about themselves, feel particularly want to say some truth to those beginners make friends, hope you can from my experience, how much inspired, perhaps I do not speak well, you don’t agree, but I really look at a don’t throw a brick.

, in Chinese you do not think that you can do for a stable life and high income, you must not feel what is the Internet elite, that other people rushing in reality have no future.

don’t know if you know, we Chinese millions of websites, 70% is a person in the operation, even a project team are not, and have to bear a website all the development, operation and promotion tasks, how many personal webmaster in zero after Jujing will still lie in God in front of the computer. Usually in addition to sitting in front of the computer is to eat and sleep (if there are other people cooking, so you have been tired in that kind of rest, not tired immediately sitting in front of the computer’s state).

is more terrible, the interpersonal relationship will bring you in contact with a single, in addition to online who never met the webmaster, your circle of friends small and single, or even destroy your original love (imagine, because your website, can not accompany girlfriend, your girlfriend is not for you to squirm).

maybe you got the income, but you have lost freedom to enjoy life, if you do more than a year, I think you will soon understand how much you want to in a place for a long time to know some friends, some time life wish.

is to our lives and relationships, those engaged in other industry friends, than we have more time, even if they sometimes work time and life time are compatible, they can work, understanding all sectors of the people can know all kinds of friends they say, more rich and development opportunities frankly than we are, as long as they like us hard work. (there is a diligent ordinary man, if he change places, he will immediately become a hard-working and outstanding person.


two, do not think that the site is a technical activity, in fact, who do the site, the better the technology, the faster the death.

, it’s impossible for most people to write a more powerful masterpiece than discuz to show your talent. Even if you can write it out, it doesn’t make sense. You can’t convince others to use it. What you need to do is to deliver the available source code to the space as requested, modify the website information and the channels, and then a website is born. The most is to change the template. When you’ve been doing a site for a while, you’ll see that technology like "website" is not really Technology (not including professional website development).

if you’re lucky enough to have been in an Internet company, you might think they’re all tech people

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Talk about the problem of website traffic again

Hello everybody, I’m unlimited traffic alliance black, about the site traffic, small black has something to say…. Traffic is the core of the site, we should strive to solve traffic problems, there are alternative two ways:

is the first of many webmaster wrote, like post, bulk mail, QQ publicity, links and other commonly used methods, when we run out of these, especially in the beginning of the establishment of the owners, the IP is really much, but tomorrow how to do every day, so hard, maybe one day I didn’t what is not propaganda, traffic, how to do! This is a real problem, but also we want to solve the problem of solutions to the most direct way is to join the traffic alliance, many webmaster think it is late, but I think early into the sites have a certain role in promoting, after joining the league. The theory is 1 to 1 ratio of exchange rate, but it is not so, as long as there is flow union quantity problem we said, that day traffic is 100, access code in alliance Your website, click is 50, then your site has 150 flow, plus buckle quantity, probably in about 120, than the previous flow increases, this is the most intuitive, what we want is this effect, as long as you can put the union code and displayed in the appropriate position. I believe that for the novice webmaster is a leap, because we know that a direct method for the flow of.

second I said is to obtain a stable source, the new owners take myself, do is the movie station, now one of the biggest causes of traffic is basically fixed have 4 stable QQ group, which are the love of my website, but also through their own continuous publicity to the situation today the publicity process, very bitter, the need to keep to

!More than

so much, it can be considered the offbeat! I hope the webmaster can learn from you, I finally said that the website to welcome you to the infinite flow Alliance Group 6585336 welcome to join the discussion


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Entrepreneurs to create a good reputation for themselves

business and build their reputation is very important, not only is the entrepreneurs themselves to create a good reputation, but also should be given its own brand to create a good reputation, so that you and your brand to get more recognition.

to Xianshengduoren, creating reputation also imminent. Some entrepreneurs in the business before the reputation of excellence, which greatly enhance the ability to resist risks. Unknown to the public but for the team, until the company stable, even in the past no accumulation to "create a reputation" reputation ", every month to some new ideas to promote products, share experiences and best way to top entertainment news can, when chatting and distribution channels," by! That was the last time you made the news……" Instant heart into the topic.

if bad luck, no investment currently available, after a two years, still can make a comeback, because this business may be more on the track, the market may become more mature, while financing fewer competitors, the greater the odds. But once again to the same financial institutions should pay special attention to, sometimes investors take the last BP out and now the new BP, in addition to look at the past estimate whether it can achieve, also compare the company’s business strategy is to maintain consistency.

a time tested BP can obtain venture capital trust. Even if the current venture fails, if the founder’s reputation is very good, continuous entrepreneurs are more likely to get investment.

in enterprise management, it is difficult to estimate when they will need funds to maintain consistent business and continue to create a good reputation, in the future to fund-raising, can play a great help. At the same time, for a company, there may be a number of products in different stages, and the same product may face multiple transformation.

for entrepreneurs, he is the most important product is actually the company’s culture, reputation, employee is not love this company, competitors and partners how to evaluate this company, changes in business, the founder can grasp.


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What are the skills of small hotels

different size, different operating shops, the need to master the operating skills will be different. If you want to make the store business is more popular, the relevant skills naturally need to master. So, what are the skills of small hotel operators? Let Xiaobian to you.

with the development of economy, improvement of people’s living quality, the relative consumption level is also increasing, more and more people love to go to a restaurant for dinner, the hotel market has become increasingly popular for hotel operators, small hotel management skills are not skills. How to attract customers is a skill.

first, select the source potential of the lot, to select the source of the place to open a small restaurant, you need to carefully investigate the local consumer groups. Select the location of potential customers to attract more guests.

second, realistic creative selling point, the idea of small hotels and selling points is very important to reality. The trick is to make the best idea a gimmick.

third, regular training loyal and stable, high quality and inexpensive way and small restaurants, than large and medium-sized hotel more kindness, familiar with the place, familiar with the boss, even with the salesperson, can attract the regulars. To make guests feel at home in the hotel, there are two factors can not be less: first, the quality of good service, smart and enthusiastic operators and service personnel, and regular guests and natural cordial contact. Two is often changing dishes. According to the taste of the guests at any time to adjust the menu, and according to the seasonal changes in taste, so that guests will not be bored with the passage of time. Over time, these old guests will become the basis of enduring small hotels.

small hotel management skills are many, the key in innovation, only innovation can attract the eye, in order to attract customers. In which, in the service in the restaurant, eating environment can be innovative. As long as there is innovation will win customers!

relative to some of the Grand Hotel, small hotels in the competitive strength may still have a lot of shortcomings, but as long as we can master the relevant skills, the success of the same can also be very simple. So, if you open a small restaurant now, do you know how to run it?