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What should be done when confused novice website optimization

a lot of work in the enterprise in the Shanghai dragon ER and network promotion personnel are very confused, seemingly busy every day, seemingly did not do what the essence of things. Patience for a period of time, but no effect, feel at a loss. Own it, the boss can not stand ah, recruit a staff every day doing nothing, who do not feel so lost? Website optimization and promotion of personnel work when faced with the confusion of what needs to be done to

first to analyze the reason of confusion; personal summary of three: to see the effect of confusion, do not know how confused, of Shanghai dragon and network promotion position confused. Here the 37 network key under two confused problem.

can not see the effect of confusion. Here is the premise to note that business owners of Web site optimization and promotion of awareness. Shanghai Longfeng, website optimization and promotion is a long-term project. Shanghai dragon indeed in the enterprise not to be seen, and the characteristics of it (not immediate, no unified examination mode, duplication of work, time-consuming, need to adhere to relevant). Unless you are in the unit team, understand Shanghai Longfeng, understand network marketing, optimize marketing or promotion programs, or operating stations and even the use of black hat means, or the short term is difficult to see the effect of the rankings — of course promotion work is not the same, accurate customer sometimes effective copywriting and good communication can bring the.

comes from the confusion still don’t know how to do? You should have some what? This is some new questions. A part of the Shanghai Phoenix and network promotion are network marketing, but not the same. Shanghai dragon is focused on the optimization of the work, the work including the study of search engine algorithm, do in the station optimization, arrangement of website content updates, do the chain, the site diagnosis, do the high quality chain, looking for Links, traffic statistical analysis, ranking and analysis of traffic sources, to adjust the site, monitoring the site according to the search engine. The analysis of competitors, do data report writing scheme etc.. The network promotion work needs to be done is standing outside the promotion, on the site, your site B2B platform in the industry, such as classification of advertising platform website information, here relate to the work is boring, find a platform consolidation platform, registration, sorting, release of information, and sometimes as a customer service role, so again and again, to find and affect the potential customers.

don’t see a word to do work out, in fact, a lot of work to be done very fine. Every work is enough to toss, such as you find Links, such as collecting news material, such as hair’s high quality the chain, not to mention other work arranged by the company. If there is a chain of resources, some Internet experience, a lot of work to do a bit better. The light on the line? If not, just want to do the work, then carefully, if you want to improve, you must concentrate on a little. Focus what to do, since the work time lost, why not do in addition to work, their own to learn? Such as learning website optimization and Shanghai.


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Black hat and white dragon Shanghai Shanghai dragon is not a value judgment

so tired?

white hat Shanghai dragon that used black hat technology can in a short time can get traffic but this is not a long period, to be search engine out sooner or later, then the best solution is to start again. Instead, why not conscientiously do a healthy, normal, can bring useful information to the users of the website? White hat Shanghai dragon website and search engine without fear of being punished, the webmaster can again after ten years, twenty years after the return from this website, Why not??


white hat and black hat Shanghai Dragon technology can not judge from the value, this is the webmaster to the cognition and judgment of the risk of cheating. Because of a lot of black hat techniques only Adsense on their website to search engine does not conform to the norms of operation, does not directly affect the other site. Even if cheating is not up to attack other sites of bad behavior. Although the mainstream of Shanghai dragon do not advocate black hat techniques, but not from the perspective of values.

may have occurred in the black hat Shanghai dragon’s perspective, they also have to. A lot of black hat Shanghai dragon is to use the program to generate web site, they want to make a million pages of the website, as easy as blowing off dust. They just buy a domain name, even with a free sub domain name site, find free hosting, standing group of software website, put on the nobility baby alliance ad code, using a variety of software, the next thing to do is wait for nobility baby checks. Even if it is to be search engine punishment, they also made a fortune, from looking at the rate of return on investment is quite high. For the white hat bait strategy, even in the next few years Everfount gains, they are not willing to do. Because the white hat Shanghai dragon is a long and painful work, you want to study the original content, keywords, to do traffic analysis, so every day, and who are willing to

black hat Shanghai dragon is some quick webmaster customary practices. Because the search engine is not included in his published guidelines and ranking methods, so the webmaster in intentionally or unintentionally, between the use of black hat techniques. Most of the time, the webmaster is to use black hat techniques to flow and ranking, this is cheating on the search engine drop right, even the site was completely caused by the proposed search database, resulting in the loss of.

however, white hat Shanghai Longfeng pay more attention to the long-term interests, in three years, after ten years can still gain. If you do not adhere to the station, cheating, then your website will be right in this area.

the use of black hat techniques tend to be search engine punishment, the ancients said: Murder will out. This kind of cheating will sooner or later be found in the search engine. The webmaster to learn to judge this risk in the end how much? Think about this traffic and may be subject to punishment which is more cost-effective. For a commercial website, can bear the commercial risks by much? The site being punished, right down, there is no ranking, or deleted, which have impact on the company’s brand? It is necessary to consider the.

In fact,

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No advertising fee received from 1860sms.cnThe PR requirements for Dell products website alliance

some time ago, I believe we saw the ads above.

6, website structure and page should have its own unique design, strictly prohibit the copy COPY DELL website structure, page IA and design elements, strictly prohibited embedded DELL site navigation bar

4, the website can cite DELL and DELL product related news reports, but the timeliness of the news should be within 2 months,

rules requirements for Dell products, SEO sites,




1, the website strictly prohibited using "Dell" name of URL, page Title label does not allow the use of "DELL /DELL official website", "DELL /DELL China" and so easily confuse the text of consumers

got up at 12 noon today, and the information about their home page was deleted. Only one number was left,

so much more sure, they’re ready to take the owner’s money and run away,

background display has been settled, but the bank card did not receive the money,.

, this is their league data,

3, the website carries DELL product promotion information and the price must be consistent with the promotional information and price of the DELL China website. Once the DELL company finds out that the website has posted expired, false promotional information, the site will not pay full orders, and cancels the site’s DELL advertising.          ; this ad…


, their allies are starting to play hooligans, too,


settlement date, number of submissions, commission, date of payment, 2007-07-19 00:31:30, 324734204 yuan, 0000-00-00,

17 number 18 has not been paid for..19 is around 0:30. The union backstage display has been paid, but the bank card has not received the money

attention, please. Don’t be their alliance. Don’t be taken in,

was surprised to see that they didn’t pay for the first 2 days. Now it looks like they’re ready to take the station’s hard money and run away,.

2, website navigation and website content must not appear "DELL official website" text


5, the website does not allow to publish DELL and DELL product negative news report,

saw yesterday that the king of the picture had changed his advertising. It should be the expiration of the advertisement,

has deleted the contact number on their home page now,

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Break the tradition and make a lot of money with advertisingBe vigilant´╝ü Unlimited League popups wit

webmaster news list www.admin5/top

now local information station is popular, but it is not difficult to find information or even chaos and today’s advertising not fit to be seen, but is less and less! Website on the content, good! May let you thought not, not only is the text resources, it can also be in advertising as advertising content! Maybe we will find is garbage, no real things no one can visit! When you accurate positioning, advertising has centralized, unified after things become different! This is my a network of shops recently, is new is not very complete! You will find, to spread the picture as the information display, instead of text information before the information station, will be more convenient and better benefit! Every one of these pictures exactly is an ad, we lower advertising costs, coupled with good service. The door for the shops take pictures, also fear no one? To advertising as a content with good service, without the need for a big traffic still paid! And for the transfer of shops, rental shops who can get a picture of the opportunity to show, the price is cheaper than in some newspapers, why not for


first of all, this is my first time to write such an article, but some small ideas, and would like to share with you, so that we understand that small sites flow less, as long as the location is clear, still easy to make money!

      alas! All crows are black, no evil, no business, no black, not an advertising alliance. Still hope that we choose advertising alliance or more than one mind.    

station is also inspired by a successful brother under construction, his stand not to reveal, is this kind of mode, now only two business photography, net income of a month has tens of thousands of!! the station source, the whole sale! Interested parties can contact 376149469 welcome to patronize me the station, there were many columns not built, is being prepared.



sites like this, can also do a lot of other types, you can own creative! Here just want to tell you, on site can change a kind of angle, not only the large flow of the station to the site to make money, a good location, good money mode, the advertising content can also be used to make money


 :     recently, has been looking for a less black alliance advertising, unfortunately, today in the CNZZ sponsor column saw a "unlimited advertising alliance" Lord, also claimed never to deduct. It’s doubtful to go in and walk around. Is a new alliance, looks very professional way, the new thought alliance could not really buckle, so the rash and too much in haste to register a ID. Inside a total of two ads, two advertising code. Pop 120 yuan / million IP, so tested the pop-up code, the pop-up is to promote Firefox, pop-up effect is good, then a little doubt, is not it tricky? Use popups to promote Firefox? And the price is not low. Then a level open nested code popups finally uncovered the fox’s tail. Screenshot as follows:

some small ads, often when we are systematic, holistic, plus hi service, it also can make the content of the website, the content is not only sometimes we provide, is a better platform! And for those eager to sell the businesses, they pay more attention to the effect! IP high flow out must be very good, but how effective flow, and I like this website, it can flow is not high, are useful to traffic, mostly to purchase shops and transfer shops, plus the picture directly, the effect is not to mention

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I do some of the reasons for the non mainstream web site

the economic crisis, everything is changing, many things have become incredible, and points are not clear. Especially in the past two years, there has been a stream, has been called by the vast numbers of users: non mainstream


prefers non mainstream, mostly male and female students born in 80 and 90s. Because of age – based differences (including ways of thinking, knowledge structures, communication platforms, etc.), "non mainstream" is rarely accessible and understood by speakers of traditional media. However, this is not what they are neglected. In fact, their living space is very wide on the Internet, and various non mainstream websites are one of their base stations. One phenomenon shows that non mainstream web sites are beginning to be seen as a force that can not be ignored. Many large web site navigation stations are also starting to set up non mainstream web sites, such as hao123, to absorb these non mainstream sites.

I’d like to give you a few figures: the non mainstream Baidu index is more than 80 thousand, and the Baidu index for Mars is more than 50 thousand, while the Sina Baidu index is only more than 40 thousand. Through the Baidu index see, "non mainstream" has been in a high degree of concern, its related content page as many as about twenty million, all kinds of non mainstream content website is everywhere.

could not help but curious, recently in the online browsing about non mainstream things, startled, non mainstream has become the mainstream of reading worthy of the name, non mainstream things, lying in bed was very upset, no sleep, I do not know when I fell asleep in the middle of the night, but by those non by mainstream pictures with hair standing on end. Then produced his own non mainstream web site, non mainstream picture network

, when making this type of website, summed up some of the experience of doing non mainstream pictures of the station to share with you:

1, domain name problem, it is recommended to use COM meters. Weight is easier to do.

2, do picture station. The most important thing is to rely on high-quality pictures to attract more users to stay on the website. Let users in the need to find pictures of our site will have a certain impression. I have to go every day to find pictures, usually updated every day, published articles, best original or pseudo original, do not collect.

3, build non mainstream QQ group. Increased website impression and user experience. Later on, we should gradually popularize. Accumulate popularity.

4, making money for advertising. Do not let your new station stop advertising too much, and pay attention to user friendliness. No popups. I mainly put GG, IP and so on, you can put some CPA and other advertising, remember not to put the pop-up.

5, about friendship connection, add some QQ/ non mainstream webmaster group, many change for similar site, improve ranking, but the premise is Baidu included, now not included, included less station who do with you.

90 has become mainstream now, and we are these people

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Why don’t you use divergent thinking to run websites

divergent thinking, as the name suggests, is the use of a variety of perspectives, different angles to analyze things. Today, Weihai website construction company applies divergent thinking to the planning and management of the website. It can help us to make a better foothold in the Internet market.

site planning operation is a very important indicator of website optimization, it can promote the ranking of the site and bring huge traffic. But due to its optimization, how to optimize the website? In the face of this problem we believe a commonplace talk of an old scholar ear was heard a cocoon. Here but many say, no regrets and with divergent thinking to analyze, is paramount to the pure conception Website Optimization: the user experience as the core optimization web site. The most effective way to enhance the user experience is content is king.

of course, other things, such as the warmth and beauty of web design, are secondary. No abundance of the content is all nonsense to say. In the face of repetitive and stereotyped articles on the Internet, ideas, spiders, and readers have grown tired of it. For example, how websites operate, how websites make money, how websites are optimized, how to flow, and what we do today, we apply divergent thinking to the level of enhancing the user experience. We can do it the opposite way. For example, you can write an original theme is how the site operation failed, how the enterprise bankruptcy, not to cause website traffic, website optimization means… Of no avail. And believe these novel and unique theme will attract spiders and visitors. Today’s Internet needs innovation and progress. If everyone is stagnating and digesting the opinions of other people, the Internet will not develop very fast.

site planning is a test of human IQ work, the theme and quality of the website is worthy of special attention. For site planning guidance with divergent thinking here. U88 and other major chain website has been presented back development trend of the past few days, CCTV has led to rampant disclosure of the bluff and deceive the online form chain website into embarrassed territory said of an aged person. We want to seek a breakthrough, with divergent thinking to consider, since the market Chinese smoked, web site can be built to India, Vietnam, Arabia, Japan, South Korea, Russia and other countries, if you are unique, will be respected by many foreigners to join.

It is the best policy to plan and manage websites with divergent thinking, but only personal views, if there is anything wrong, please point out that

. In this thought-provoking, can open up a new way for us to step out of a new world, the ultimate success of

to glory!

article editor: (Weihai website construction) web site: (reserved, thank you)

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Three main reasons for web site to deny image watermark function

many webmaster are very fond of using picture watermark function, think the website picture watermark function can both very good protection of their website content copyright, and can play well on the site of good publicity. For an information site that has little original content, the image watermark function should be used carefully. This article on the image watermark function, application and the majority of the webmaster to do an experience and opinion sharing.

1, affecting the appearance of the site. The content of the website is often reproduced, reproduced over the picture itself usually has been playing on the other site of watermark, this time if the site again add image watermark, watermark if the same position, will cause the watermark overlap; if the watermark position is different, there will be a variety of picture watermark logo, and beauty the website greatly affect the contents of the whole image. So, to reprint the content if there are other sites of image watermarking, image watermarking can be turned off in the current article pages to a picture, try to ensure that at most one watermark logo to the user will feel much better. Especially there is no design experience for some of the webmaster, poor effect picture watermark, watermark image itself on the site for a very simple, very beautiful, very beautiful artistic pictures with his simple picture watermark, indeed affect the picture even this content to feel the overall impression of the user. So, in this case, it is proposed to cancel the picture watermark function.

2, affecting the dissemination of content. For a content to do more successful, updated efficiency of the content of the site, it is very easy to get the attention of similar website webmaster, content often get these webmaster’s gaze and reprint. If you find the contents of a picture or image watermark, the watermark image appearance is not good, poor quality, will greatly reduce the degree of the influence of peer webmaster content, content is reproduced and the transmission efficiency and the opportunity. We believe that the picture itself watermark function, will greatly enhance the popularity of the website, the website promotion is getting a free ride, if the picture watermark is not beautiful, or because of excessive peer picture watermark on your website webmaster gradually lost content from interest, believe that this is who are not willing to see. So, if you want to be a leader in the field, you can create content and model for a lot of fellow webmasters. The function of picture watermarking should also be applied carefully.

3, causing infringement disputes. Now is the content of flying time, as a webmaster very easily reproduced to a very high quality of the content, but a little careless, it may lead to needless trouble. Especially for the original content of some blogs and commercial organizations, relevant pictures may be annotated, reproduced and copyright related information. But the owners do not pay attention, easily reproduced picture watermark information and leaving your website, for reprint behavior may be passable. But for some serious bloggers and business organizations, he is very concerned about you leaving your site map "in the picture he painstakingly created

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Tell you why entrepreneurial projects are not successful

Now there are many

examples of successful entrepreneurs, but relatively, the failure is There are plenty of people who. Why do not succeed in the business of small projects for different projects, finishing a number of entrepreneurial unsuccessful cases, we want to help.

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Value oriented marketing will be more effective

in the market, not a good thing, there must be someone to buy it. Good quality, low price, good service. Things must be good to sell it?   shops must be operating well?   the volume will be high?   buyers will be satisfied with it?

1.  each person’s value judgment is different: a piece of clothing, A customers feel very good, B customers may feel very bad design.

2.  environment: counter cosmetics to sell, because the counter designed a good, comfortable, high-grade sales environment.

3. : target: the same handbag, in order to wear a new fashion, or in order to be durable, the goal of the different, so that buyers value judgments are different.

1. identify objects: according to their own product positioning, to find the most suitable buyers may be the place for publicity.

2. create environment: >

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The importance of automotive beauty business is not important

do car beauty? There is no doubt that China is now almost every family will be equipped with a car, the car has become a necessity for people to transport goods, automotive beauty industry is also due to transport. But it is not to say that as long as you drive a car beauty center will be able to make money, in order to be successful entrepreneurs need to work hard.

why do you need a car beauty shop?

first, the business can be more attractive to the car beauty shop customers. In the course of business, the most needed is their own car beauty shop publicity. In the entrepreneurial process, many operators will have the "wine is not afraid of deep alley," the idea that their car beauty shop does not need to advertise, as long as the technology is good, the guests naturally come. However, even if your car beauty shop has superb technology, customers can not come home, your technology is no place for heroes. Do a good job and conduct propaganda so as to attract more customers for your car beauty shop, store development is a logical thing.

secondly, do a good job of car beauty shop operators will be able to accumulate more capacity for their own stores to face competition. In order to do a good job in the operation of the car beauty shop, according to the different types and conditions of the store operators need to develop different business strategies to ensure their normal operation of the store. In the face of the increasing number of car beauty shop, car beauty shop is particularly important. Manage their own stores, in order to have greater strength to face competition.

so, who can say that car beauty shop is not important?

business, is the need to do a good job in each of the entrepreneurs in the shop, if you can not manage their own car beauty stores, you can go on the road of entrepreneurship