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The electricity supplier website of Shanghai dragon how to combine the brand marketing

for ordinary users, they tend to believe that the main search keywords website, row on the first page of the website is a reliable brand and service providers, if in the first row, it is believed to be trusted, of course, this is not one hundred percent correct, but the reality is so, on the internet almost all users have this tendency. I was shopping at the time will fall in love with the sea to search for certain keywords, then there are a lot of independent business website, then I will always choose the front and enter the site.

, for example, when a user searches for "glasses", the first in line to see the business website, without any doubt that the glasses should be the official website, after the website began to see the payment of the purchase, the result is.

, ranked first is the brand

for business owners, do Shanghai dragon’s goal is to bring to the site search traffic and direct sales, so webmaster want to site keywords do love Shanghai home, let more users to visit the main keywords into the site, although this is a very good method, but there are many owners do not pay attention to the website this is the brand, in the optimization of the site keywords never considered the cause of website brand, the electricity supplier website lacks of the brand authority, even fell in love with the sea could not find the brand website. However, with the continuous development of the Internet, the brand is greatly improved, if the brand can cause a lot of loss of the lack of electricity supplier website. So, no matter what type of website, as long as the brand must set up the brand, let users remember not to search for other brands and brand word search keywords but directly into the site, in fact about the brand optimization that is currently some business owners need to learn.

general, Shanghai Longfeng goal can not only bring search traffic and direct sales of electricity supplier website, but also a certain effect on corporate brand building. From the current situation on the Internet, if your ecommerce site has no independent brand, it can be difficult to get along well as brand millet, millet brand if not million was known, certainly not sell so fire, so this is the power of the brand. Of course, I think, want to do a good business platform, we must first do their own brand to brand development, marketing, marketing to the development of the conversion rate, conversion rate to bring more orders. So, do not recommend the brand website webmaster, from now on the development of the brand website. About this, the author has many years of experience in the electricity supplier, then through the A5 station network of Shanghai Longfeng diagnosis web site brand icing on the cake, now is a well-known, some users to search keywords, but to search brand word, also can say the brand word for website brings a very good profit. The author will together with the electricity supplier webmaster communication with me, I hope you can give us some inspiration.


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Shanghai dragon breakthrough strategy to optimize the long tail keywords

to understand what the long tail keywords, you have to say to Chris · the long tail theory proposed by Anderson. In simple terms, the long tail is about as long as the storage and distribution channels is large enough, less demand or poor sales of products combined market share will reach or exceed those few selling products market share. That is to say, a niche market convergence power can match the mass market.

so for the Shanghai dragon tail, what is the meaning of

In this paper, by my car pad thank you for your cooperation!

?In fact, as we

a good Shanghai dragon, must attach great importance to the long tail keywords, is very good at mining the long tail keywords, and the long tail keywords to flow, for the commercial value of the most incisive.

long tail keywords have a very important significance is: new sites do tend to target keywords ranking, must wait for the accumulation of weight, time of waiting, but as long as you dig down the long tail keywords, long tail keywords, nature can quickly drive the target keywords ranking. This is the Shanghai dragon circle encircling the city strategy, and perfected by many master.

but now many people just stare at several target keywords ranking, are racking head hot search keywords limited competition. Maybe those people think only to these hot search keywords can reflect the level of their own, to bring their own satisfaction. But as long as we quiet the mind, will think that the limited words brought only limited traffic, but also bring us value is limited, and spend time and energy is great. But the long tail keywords is different, can quickly rankings, unlimited mining, and long tail keywords bring traffic is more accurate, the conversion rate is relatively high.



in Shanghai Longfeng area, long tail keywords are those around the target keywords and extension, the longer, the more specific, the lower the number of search phrases or sentences. Single or long tail keywords search volume is very small, but because the number of long tail keywords is very large, and targeted, the conversion rate is higher, and the degree of competition is very small, so the value of.

blog, 贵族宝贝wuaichedian贵族宝贝/ original release, welcome to reprint, please keep this link, you

Shanghai Longfeng, optimization is one of the key words, the ranking of these keywords. Keywords like our products, naturally divided into hot search keywords and popular keywords points. Shanghai Longfeng workers because of their occupation, so it should be first discovered and used the long tail theory group, but more than the birth of the long tail theory earlier.

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A middle course of Shanghai Longfeng the use of good Webmaster Tools

five years, I also met a lot of awesome webmaster, will be pushed to the first page through the so-called black hat tactics, but so what? Is not a temporary climax, but still can not see the light. Of course, these awesome webmaster have the Webmaster Platform tool used in the extreme, so as to achieve continuous orgasm, and even kept in the home of pleasure. However, they may still encounter some self styled big coffee and even the webmaster tools do not know how to use the webmaster, talk in some public places about their experience in Shanghai dragon, it is very ridiculous!

so, I want to talk about a middle course search engine optimization. Don’t pursue the so-called black hat techniques, also do not go to the pursuit of the ultimate optimization page called, such as adding a variety of meta tags, the final is probably the result of self destruction. Because I used to read in the optimization of a high weight site experience is more suffer; over the pursuit of perfect page structure, and ultimately be mistaken for cheating by the search engine drop right punishment. We look at the famous blogger Lu Songsong, Moonlight blog well, you can’t even see the basic elements of the page in the TKD keywords and description tags, but they are for webmaster tools is absolutely in place. Such as search tools, can be very good to dig out the search engine keywords within the page, the page content naturally without crystal clear, you specifically labeled the "

in China at this stage of the three most widely Chinese search engines (HAOSOU, BAIDU, SOGOU), have launched their own Webmaster Platform, from the functional point of view, are the same: sitemap submission, structured data, chain submission, chain management and so on. Love Shanghai search engine is the most mature, the largest share, so the open function also walk in front of us, such as the recent iterative search keywords search function upgrades and product updates. But as the site of the Shanghai dragon Er are most concerned about the search engine than the love of Shanghai, together to see the slogan: let love Shanghai more understand you, allow users to quickly find you.

The site of the

?The use of

content provider, our optimization objective is to show more state, and as a search engine, also hope to better quality, the user wants to give the front display content; so as to realize the value of search engine. So, the major search engines have launched Webmaster Platform does not mean to people or to stationmaster, its purpose is very simple, I hope everyone is the quality of the content, the user wants to quickly submitted to them. So, I have to ask you a question, Webmaster Platform the tools you have taken? Or have guide how to use

before opening, I want to clarify a point of view, is the search engine optimization is not a one-way or unilateral work, but the results of a search engine and two-way cooperation show.

As a webmaster or

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Love Shanghai to combat spam link sprocket to emerge of itself and perish of itself

operations are in love before Shanghai algorithm update, after 10.23 days of love Shanghai update algorithm, this chain would be and love Shanghai algorithm clearly shows that cross links to a severe blow to crack down on cheating, love Shanghai, to really want to do the sprocket emerge of itself and perish of itself? Sprocket no new living can go? In fact, as long as the webmaster will extrapolate, and can know outside the station chain operation can also be applied to the construction of the station chain. The station is undoubtedly the sprocket through the pages of the whole station sprocket, chain to the home page, increase the weight of home page.

The above said sprocket


sprocket operation once in the Internet, but the recent operation of the chain like fade out in the webmaster circles, the operation of the chain to the achievement of a number of owners, but fell in love with the sea and even the three update algorithm, sprocket can continue to help webmasters to create interest, whether to update the sprocket operation in this era of change rapidly. In Shanghai love to combat cheating link era, facing the sprocket to emerge of itself and perish of itself prospects.

medical community owners have to share the medical industry chain, is the most common; A station -B station -C station -A station, in order to improve the A station of the weight, will do a lot of this chain, but in order to save cost, often set up chain station falls on the third party blog. A blog, produced one blog, and then link to the whole station. As long as there is a blog was collected, included will attract the spider to other sites in the crawl chain, these blogs to the master station transfer weights. By standing group of sprocket the successful operation of the site, there will be a law is the chain as long as there is a station by K, immediately establish a new website to fill, so as not to damage the sprocket master punished.

home page chainEach

sprocket indeed makes a large number of owners, but also has the skill of the operation of the chain sprocket, generally divided into blog sprocket and station group blog link, can easily be found spider sprocket cheating optimization, based on the third party blog sprocket, the webmaster is in a passive state, the nature of advertising is too strong a blog easy to be closed, no advertising does not give the master to flow, so blog sprocket operation very little success stories. Station group operating main advantages is that it is difficult to find the spider is cheating optimization, standing group of operation using different independent IP, different cost of domain name, registered mail, different site structure, different content construction site even high site need to spend time to operate, but this kind of chain operation high probability of success. Take the time to operation is also very worthy of the.

common operation methodMethods


pages within the website are weighted, the webmaster can vote website page weight high page, these pages gathered in the establishment of chain together. The way not to stand outside the chain sprocket unchanged, here to upgrade: ab-c-a, adc-d->

common chain operating skills of

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How do rookies make more money through the InternetWangzhuan reflection Why are you poor on the Inte

if the labor stage Wangzhuan are minor, so open site traffic to a higher level. But most people in this level is poor, the reason is open site more traffic is doing the wedding dress for others.


open site traffic is advertising revenue from mainstream profit. Specifically, is to somehow get the mass flow into a large number of their own website, and then get revenue through advertising way. Typical of this is rubbish station. Many personal webmaster use acquisition software to obtain a large number of the establishment of a large number of Web sites to attract traffic revenue. I like this article, if published on the Admin5 website, after a day of time, will be hundreds of thousands of Web sites that collect the past.

How about

network is no reflection of the Wangzhuan

the reason why you will live from physical Wangzhuan beginning to open site traffic, the transition stage, because the Internet is actually a reflection of the real world. The Internet is the social reality, so the Internet is a part of the world, in compliance with the rules of the real world. Now.


there is no any of the people who do manual work of disrespect. I just stated a fact: low income, most of them are repetitive manual work.

chose to make a lot of money on the product, I wrote last time that little flow how to make big money cheats — thinking chapter, many people think that the space hole, in fact, is still very guiding ideology, I hope you go to search and see.

to offline, and traditional enterprises, traditional industries, traditional products to compete, the traditional enterprise Internet promotion, at least in recent years there is still a big market.

offline project?

open the shlf1314 of "higher" word search results, we can find that in 10 the first page of search results, almost all in the introduction of "money" and "money" mail "surfing" money money "registered" etc.. The way to make money, admittedly, most are able to earn money, but worth it? If not cheating, by this way to make money, only for a few packs of cigarettes on their money, even to eat can not solve the problem. If the execution is poor, even if it is not used.

What does

Internet grassroots, especially beginners tend to focus on network products, in fact, the Internet after so many years of development, the competition each segments are super intense, few really is no power level or a place to live in, that is simply not to earn money, how to do?

is more realistic today, and if you don’t understand it, it just means you have a long way to go to make money.

I think: thinking,

is a reflection of the poor Wangzhuan do manual work

open site traffic acquisition is advertising revenue, if someone is willing to advertising, which indicates a problem: the advertising revenue is greater than the cost of advertising. Master website revenue is only the "cost of advertising". Hard for most of the day, the real money is advertising, because open site traffic is just the wedding dress for others.

if you have not had so little network promotion, or only a good method, how to make money? Many people joined Taobao off camp, Taobao actually guest is the most competitive, while less output of a way to make money, except Taobao off the master of course, not in the scope of discussion within, also have their own website to sell products of Taobao, those more fire, of sorts, but the results are not ideal, now the team do network are not so good to do, not to mention the rookie

. do the wedding dress for others

for my personal example, when I was 09 years, it will start to do network soon know very little, even what is space, what is the domain name, do not know how to bind, but that is, I spent three hundred and fifty to find someone to do a website, through a soft Wen Laiersanshi about IP every day, the average daily net profit of about three hundred, which is a IP earn ten dollars, 12 years, only through the sh419 know, the daily average is one hundred or two hundred IP, every day can earn about 2000, is almost a IP $ten, most of the time one day to earn 10 thousand, of course, do now each IP may earn more, I am not the example that I regressed on the network, actually I am still a rookie, but also can get so much traffic and people, I earn is more.

The so-called

take your advantage and compete with others,

is a reflection of the poor Wangzhuan

and a few friends talking about problems we all think Wangzhuan Wangzhuan, very difficult. Discuss to discuss this problem into the problem of No. Then we put the topic a bit narrow: on the Internet why are you poor.

what does that make money for,

network and network rookie don’t go to the line than cattle, and wood louse, rookie than wood louse or have the advantage, at least in the network promotion.

repetitive manual work, is that anyone can do, no matter the difference between only the amount of difference between people and people. In real life, the construction site is the most obvious and typical physical work together. In the network, repetitive manual work the most typical form is to click on ads to make money.


earn by making money?

technology? Experience? Resources? Teams? Funds?

in fact, there are many industries under the line, you may have such relatives around you, friends do all kinds of offline business, the first few

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Alliance single ring, click class ads, new on-lineshlf1314 adsenseforum launch skills

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

welcome all your partners to take part in it, increase your efforts and get higher commission.

4, life, shopping, dating sites priority through.

today to tell you about the forum click advertising skills. Of course if other speaker shlf1314 AdSense and its alliance better optimization for shlf1314 Adsense in order to reduce the risk, we are conservative.

AD1, AD2, AD3, because for shlf1314 Adsense, one page can put 3, so I only talk about three positionsThe middle red

screen.width*0.7;’hand’; this.alt=’Click here to open new windownCTRL+Mouse wheel to zoom in/out’" style=" CURSOR:; hand" onclick=" if this.resized! {return true else ‘/upimg/allimg/070128/1355230.gif’}; {" alt=" " src=" http://upload.admin5/upimg/allimg/070128/1355230.gif" width=896 onload=" if this.width> screen.width*0.7 {this.resized=true this.width=screen.width*0.7; this.alt=’Click; here to open new windownCTRL+Mouse wheel to zoom in/out’" border=0 pop=" Click here to open new window CTRL+Mouse wheel to zoom in/out" resized=" true" >

, thank you all for your partner’s support for the league,

1, a wide range of users, to live shopping as the theme, especially for shopping, dating, life sites.

more League information goes on: top.admin5/u


3, the expression of their single status, also hinted that he is a "confident" singles proud singles, with an open positive attitude, know the other single friends, may be able to establish a new relationship between the unexpected.

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

promotion advantage:

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

2, advertisement material form lively, click rate is high, suitable for life type website launch.


if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: www.lianmeng

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

single ring from the beginning of April 2005 sales in Sweden and in the Scandinavia Peninsula Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, the general term has achieved some popularity. Then it was gradually spread to Europe, the Americas and Asia. It is " Nikkei Marketing Journal" selected as the 2005 product concern and set off a boom in Japan in 2006.

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Taobao technology development Service in the distributed Era

in the process of system development, critical architect vision as a programmer, the function can be realized, but as an architect, to consider the scalability and reusability of the system, this feeling, some people say it is a code for cleanliness. In the early days of Taobao, several architects had this feeling. A development of the Webx framework is a highly scalable, epilepsy row inserted the data pool routing module, session framework and so on in this frame. In doing Taobao background system, also need these modules, line epilepsy guidance, I put these modules individually into jar package. In addition, when Taobao ticket lottery system, the page end also has a lot to reuse, the most intuitive is the header and footer, we start each system inside a copy is made in the past, but it is time to, footer often changes, such as the "Yahoo China" into "Chinese YAHOO" over a period of time, added a "word of mouth", after a period of time into the "YAHOO public praise", and finally into the "China YAHOO", each system will change again, toss ah. Later, I took this part of the velocity template out of my own and made a common module.

above, these are relatively small reuse modules. By 2006, we did a transformation of the attributes of the commodity category, introducing the concept of attributes in the category. The name of the project is called Taishan, and as its name is, it is a pivotal project. This change is an epoch-making innovation. Three years before this time, the classification of goods are in accordance with the node level of a tree to points, with the increase in the number of goods category, has become more and more deep, more and more complex, which bring buyers is finding a commodity category to gradually open, to understand the classification of goods for before the goods. Taobao operations management category 2 also found a very serious problem, such as men’s T-shirt, T-shirt inside Nike, Nike under the cotton dress, there are T-shirts, T-shirts are still below Nike. Nike, below, it is first divided into men and women wear brand styles into material? Or the first sub brand styles into material. And then fainted?. At this time, a warrior out of a lamp, he said the brand, style and material this stuff can be called "properties" attribute is a concept similar to the tag, and compared with the more discrete category, more flexible, it also reduced the depth of category. Put forward this idea, one solution to the classification problem! From the system point of view, we established the "attribute" of such a data structure, because in addition to category node attributes, the parent node may also have attributes, so the Category attribute together is a data structure of the object. After this is done, we can separate it as a service, called catserver (category server). The product search function closely associated with category attributes, independent, is called Hesper (Jin Xing), catserver and Hesper for Amoy

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Zero risk entrepreneurial programs recommend young people’s welfare

now the whole society, people life and employment pressure is relatively large, especially for some young people, facing the huge employment pressure, in the majority of young people on the road of entrepreneurship, project selection is a key factor.

now has more and more car owners, many people are beginning to start a car decoration work, but you may not know that the water washing has become a new job, this project does not need too high, do not need a lot of investment costs, and not waste water, too no pollution, is a promising industry.


summer are popular open-air barbecue stalls, also began to increase, many people have begun to be in order to ease the life and work pressure to open bar entertainment, but in fact, people still have a certain bias and mystery to the bar, if you can open an open-air bar,. Very hot.

color mud to make paintings are called flower painting, has been very popular in foreign countries, the domestic has just started. If you are in the vicinity of the school or open a flower mud Gallery, aimed at students doing business quasi money. Investment: total investment of 2600 yuan. Among them: the rent 500 yuan / month, banners of $40, shelves of $60, the table of 5 yuan, the chair of the 30 yuan, a simple renovation fee of $100, a license fee of $20, raw materials, 1200 yuan, 300 yuan. Marketing methods: divided into mud sales of finished products, their own production and sales of raw materials in 3 parts. If the finished painting, and mounted on the frame, according to the price of its core frame, 15 cm × 20 cm, 20 cm; × 25 cm, 30 cm × 40 cm; three kinds of specifications, charges 20 yuan each, 30 yuan and 50 yuan; if the student made, charges 10 yuan, 30 each yuan; if not loaded frame, charges 5 yuan, 8 yuan, 15 yuan; the sale of single flower mud bottle (30 grams) 2-3 yuan, also have a net profit of $1-2.

charcoal with high performance activated carbon is recommended

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Wang Xuanya young is the entrepreneur’s largest capital

she was a respected engineers of the human soul, in order to start without hesitation in her resignation; the ups and downs of business for more than and 10 years, trained into shopping malls heroine in her heart endures; help people dream, launched several donated hope primary school, this is the Hongkong e-qianmei group (Chinese) general manager Wang Xuanya, in mall business nei, from start empty-handed to worth millions; although the business people, but always keep the heart of love, charity and engage in charity, career don’t forget to return to society.

change from the teacher to the merchant

Wang Xuanya in the body, is a rare woman decisively and resolutely, once seriously will devote. After graduation, Wang Xuanya became a primary school teacher, outstanding performance, she quickly became the backbone of the school. In the course of 6 years of coaching career, Wang Xuanya touched a lot of new things, a new understanding of life and life.

with young people break effort, carries on the ideal of the future, Wang Xuanya embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. In the market after decades of fighting, go now, change radically, Wang xuanya said she is the biggest harvest, pioneering this experience let her learn how to behave.

"to do a person" this is Wang Xuanya’s biggest business sentiment, far from being so simple, in a process of summarizing the experience and lessons, Wang Xuanya understood that light has sureness and professional skills is not enough, on the surrounding environment to grasp and adapt, communication ability, comprehensive ability to adapt so important more than the professional knowledge.

in the ups and downs of business growth in

start at the beginning, Wang Xuanya first learning from the beginning, she entered a beauty company, and later moved to the cosmetics company, during this period, she met a lot of the cosmetics business and marketing knowledge and practical business philosophy, management experience. After slowly have some experience and the accumulation of entrepreneurial impulse began boiling in her body, in 2003 she received the first shop, a beauty salon in Wang Xuanya to do business with the successful experience full of sound and colour,, Wang xuanya also received 2 consecutive salons and 1 foot therapy shop.

> failed despite the pain,

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O2O chain enterprises to change the momentum in the line

Internet era, all walks of life are in innovation, in the end how can we keep up with the pace of development of the times? O2O transformation is the only way, which is the basis for the development of chain enterprises.

the author believes that the combination of chain retail and O2O mode is perfect, especially some of the more well-known brands of traditional industry chain, O2O model has more advantages than other enterprises. Because these enterprises have a certain reputation and customer base, in the basis of consolidation and development is a lot easier, companies need to develop O2O program according to their own situation, to avoid homogenization, the best recourse to the third party O2O service platform, adjust the O2O system according to the enterprise, but also solve the problems of staff training.

1. pain point one: store electricity supplier experience store.

for modern chain stores is still a major source of corporate profits, but the performance of traditional stores has been the impact of the electricity supplier was devastated; and for enterprise development, business and investment channels is a must. This is the biggest pain point of traditional chain enterprises.

2. pain point two: store customers into the store volume, and the loss rate is high.

traditional chain stores, mostly in the downtown area and the bustling business district, the daily store traffic in a continuous line, but often do not have to purchase, customer loss; even have contributed to the purchase, the two purchase rate is relatively small; sometimes stores customers sincere service at the service, has become the enterprise customers shop.

3. three pain points: chain stores store operations, marketing and customer data is difficult to control.

traditional chain stores, each store store operations, it is difficult to collect large data marketing headquarters and stores all customer information, sometimes the error report, affect the accurate decision-making and operation.

4. pain point four: poor chain store sales.

traditional chain stores, with homogeneous business competition, especially in recent years by the impact of online shopping, in store rent and pay high personnel costs at the same time, the sales performance is very.