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Talk about the website profit problem about Buyren Zhang Zhiyong new opportunity for stationmaster t

            Zhang Zhiyong said here that the site’s home, when I talk to him at the time, he probably sold more than 40000 ads above, below ten thousand or twenty thousand, I said a month I give you fifty thousand dollars to buy this good time? He doesn’t do it, because he did CPS earn money later, so he has been doing CPS rather than we do advertising for him. The site of CPS is better, but the requirement is very high. Here I just take a psychology website, this psychological website, we see his website ranking, he is 102195, this ranking I think IP should be less than one thousand. He sold some psychology books, the monthly income of about four thousand or five thousand, and he said the truth does not need to do their own logistics, also do not need to do their own warehouse, hang a link with a few books, may visit a very small amount. He is a foreign language website, he called the New South Korean network, is also a professional station, Liu is still low volume, high income, his advertising may not be too much, there is a bookshop navigation above, it will list the South Korean books. This is a fan site, this is one of Zhou Bichang’s official website, dangdang once Zhou Bichang CD’s promotion, we take the initiative to find him, when he put an advertisement on his website, he is the income of over a million fans, this thing, especially the super girl website very the unbelievable. There is also a novel stand, he should say this form, in fact, I personally not too recognized form, targeted and professional, or matching is not very high.

see you again, following the first two boats to share some knowledge about foreign Wangzhuan, every day there are issues related to many of my friends advice, some foreign Wangzhuan master to discuss cooperation, and some new friends, and the market operation process of individual friends do not even understand foreign Wangzhuan, but no matter what kind of friends boats is a warm reception, after all we know is fate, maybe one day the two sides will have the opportunity to cooperate.

this two days a friend revealed a foreign advertising and receivables, the alliance is a veteran foreign advertising, reputation is very good, but some time ago by EMU dying, so now almost no what people do. The loan was also surprised, the friend, each number has done 200 knives, a total of 10 numbers, a moonlight, this alliance on the steady entry of $2000, and its entry only less than half a year.

of course there are also individual friends relatively poor execution resources on that are not willing to work, think a month before so boring a few hundred – thousand knife, not knowing the master without a monthly income of tens of thousands of knife from the knife is not started. Money does not earn a lot of money or not, if you are a novice, then I suggest you are flying from zero to slowly accumulate, not what all those old people who is outsourcing, after all, on this line are well aware of the situation. It took two days to do station and install the virtual machine of these basic work, several new boats came to the two or three day fix, have a friend even breath made several stops and more beautiful, also is provided with boats PA stations. I think there is such a good attitude, to perform such a strong mechanical half down, do not take a month or more $one thousand or two thousand that is really not a justice.

            I agree with this statement, in my last article on the 07 "new way" is the site return the way, actually we do stand when it should be combined with traditional industry to do, people use the network to actually or to the reality of product sales, so we combine to do small can do big profits, a professional 100IP station, with you the direction to do the sales of the products, can do the same month.

so we are not afraid not afraid of no good way, before the execution, which is the reason the boats stronger foreign Wangzhuan execution. You have to take some time to find good resources, a month’s money on top of the others for a year.

in the 4 years of foreign boats do Wangzhuan, almost all kinds of people have seen, what impressed me most is a pair of young couples. The two is half a year ago after a real friend introduced to boats of learning, before working in a shoe factory in Guangdong over there, feel no future, and later learned foreign Wangzhuan after learning to resign, the boats take time every day to their online counseling. At the beginning, the woman was responsible for standing and checking mail, male testing tasks, and now the station has been completely outsourced out, while testing tasks while operating. Before the boats told them of a European Union, received 8 this month, nearly 200 euros each. It wasn’t much, but it was much higher than the couple’s salary, and the two were planning to open the studio.

            I focus on buyren or the last summer vacation, I was learning to do the station has been a year, although the income is not how, but still can deal with their own living expenses and tuition fees. But then do basically is rubbish station, not what passion, feel lost, that is when the Shenzhen union a friend introduced me to buyren, I called this form to be a reference station. So I began to pay close attention to his station and network marketing this development, although to now have not opened such a station, but I now stand basically all have some CPS advertising. All right, let’s get down to business.

also want to do Wangzhuan full-time about this matter, because the boats according to years of experience, a person under too much pressure to learn Wangzhuan or even other skills.

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Webmaster friends have to know how to solve the site conversion rate

first: first to understand the reason of the low conversion rate of the website what it


at present more quickly more attention of enterprise network marketing, the strategic direction of the company a lot to the development of the network, make enterprise website optimization, enterprise website is their choice of the most common means of marketing, through the optimization of their own website to get keywords ranking, get traffic, and ultimately enhance the conversion rate, enhance the company’s sales performance, but now many webmaster friends to optimize the site there are a lot of problems, the most important is that through the website to obtain the conversion rate is very low, low conversion rate so webmaster to bring company value is low, so even lead to dismissal by the company, so today to share health bar red dates will be webmaster friends how to solve the website conversion topic:


1) buy stable space, to ensure smooth and fast "to open the

general users to enter our website by clicking on the home page, if the layout of the site, the complex structure of chaos, then the user he will not know how to find the information they want, is not convenient for users to quickly find the information he wants, causing the site to jump out of the rate is too high, resulting in the integrated data website is low, low ranking score finally, causing the site conversion rate low

is the most common cause of our new Adsense website conversion rate is not high reason, then how to solve the problem of website conversion rate, how to improve the conversion rate of the site


4) site is not accurate, although many times we choose relatively large flow keywords, the keywords ranking is also good, but often the conversion rate is not high, because the website keyword selection above

has 2).


2) the layout of the site, the complex structure of chaos chaos

we want to know the user to find the information that there is a time cost, if when the user opens a website the time is relatively long, so he will have no patience, will directly close the site to look for other "

stable space not only conducive to the user experience, but also can guarantee the normal spider to grab our web information, improve the site included, improve website rankings, so as to improve the site traffic, get more chance of

With the development of website low conversion solution

1) web page open speed is very slow:

found that many of the webmaster friends in the update article, always love to copy other people’s information, change the title or the others paragraph order up a moment, think it is a high quality paper, in fact, love Shanghai was able to judge and identify it, and there is no value for users. It is difficult to get ranked

3) "the quality is not high, can not solve the needs of users

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Zhou Hongyi six major reasons for the decline of Internet CoShare bike first stock Yongan line resta

hunting cloud network learned today, Yongan for nearly 3 months in the interruption of IPO Road, decided to formally restart IPO. July 28th, Yongan prospectus prospectus and related announcements on the Shanghai stock exchange website hanging again publicity. Announcements, will organize this release next week online roadshow.

, for example, SP was popular five years ago. This value-added service charges by mobile phone, in fact, is a micro payment. Each use >


I am a person who likes nothing to think about, and sometimes pondering, these decline in the Internet Co in the end what commonalities,

in March this year, Yongan bicycle sharing for the Commission to submit the draft declaration to the latest version of the IPO, the first unit of the title Pinqiang bike sharing. On April 14th, the Yongan bank reviewed and obtained approval from the csrc.

I’ve summed it up. Let’s have a look. Is that right?.

and Gu, Tailai also has to the Commission, the Commission, the Shanghai Stock Exchange and some media in Yongan for its patent infringement real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing, related work required to suspend or suspend the Yongan ipo. Under pressure from public opinion, the Yongan bank issued a notice on the suspension of the roadshow in May 5th.

in "on the media questioned and the related patent litigation announcement that" in Yongan, said: "after verification, the company technology there is no infringement, the Suzhou Municipal Intermediate People’s court verdict against gumou. At the same time, litigation business accounted for the proportion of the company’s overall business is very low, the company’s business development and profitability does not constitute a major adverse impact on the initial listing does not constitute an obstacle. The contents of the relevant information disclosed by the company’s prospectus are true, accurate and complete, and there is no false record, misleading statement or material omission."

however, it was not long before Yongan was prosecuted for patent infringement. "Free bike rental operation system fixed point and take the method of" the patent holder Gu Tailai in violation of its patent rights on the grounds that in April 17th and April 18th in Suzhou City Intermediate People’s court and the Nanjing intermediate people’s Court of Yongan will be taken to the courtroom.


first, copy foreign business models.

second, the pattern itself is not a problem, but it is not valuable to the user.

years earlier, everyone was copying the American model. If the eye, hand in the United States, saw the emergence of a new business model, a time difference, immediately put it back to the China, seize the first mover advantage. But it’s different now. There is a new website over there in the United States, and people here will soon read about it and it’s in chinese. Also, including VC will introduce some good patterns to china. Domestic giants such as Tencent, sh419, Sina and Sohu have solved the problem of survival, and have paid close attention to the new model all over the world in order to develop. In the process of imitation, they are also more capable of solving some of the problems encountered, such as government public relations. And small companies once encountered such problems, may not be able to go on. So the opportunity to copy the American model as a core competency is no longer there, and I think it’s a very dangerous model.



June 7th, the Suzhou intermediate people’s Court of Yongan against the prosecution Gu Tailai patent case formally ruled that Yongan won, the bike sharing system and public bicycle system is not involved in the infringement, dismissed the plaintiff Gu Tailai.

Internet in China has developed less than twenty years, the company has many, not much to stay. In fact, there are many reasons for the decline of Internet Co. If a bad business environment is encountered, it is an act of God, and no one can avoid it. But as the saying goes, in the best years there are people who lose money, and in the worst years there are people who make money. Therefore, the Internet Co decline attributed to external reasons, I think it is irresponsible.

moreover, the degree of Internet development in the United States is different from that in china. Although China’s Internet users base is large, but mostly low-income people, hundreds of millions of Internet users in the United States is the middle class. The culture, background and business customs of the two countries are different. So, if we move the US model to China, it should also change. To tell the truth, many people in the Internet now have a strong speculative psychology, blindly copy, unwilling to explore, copy the results, found that does not meet China’s national conditions, and finally became acclimatized. The rate of success must be very low for this simple imitation. One of the most powerful evidence is that the Internet giants proudly came to China with their successful business models in the United States, but in the end they were acclimatized. So, start-up companies, not to dream of copying foreign models can be bigger, you first no money, second no users, with what big

Yongan row suspended IPO event through:

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Ma Yun was looking for investment in the wall, Lei Jun said he is like pyramid schemes, can not vote

Lei Jun investment has several major principles, the project is unfamiliar, not cast; people are unfamiliar, not cast. Try to minimize the risk. From millet model can also see that Lei Jun is very cautious of a person, millet no factory, no offline store, no inventory, light assets into the domestic mobile phone market, reducing the risk of entity manufacturers.

      seeds are carefully selected; fertilizers are purchased according to soil requirements. More manure, he does not buy in chicken farms and other areas, because the price is relatively high. He will open to the far point of the village agricultural tricycle, to buy farm livestock dung. The price is low, and the effect is good. Study agricultural technology, solve the diseases and insect pests encountered in growing vegetables, and increase vegetable production by various means.

Internet community is very deep, you actually have more or less chiefs before practice, such as the richest man in battle we called Jingjing, the line who can replace anyone who badly dispute, seemingly Each one minds his own business.

so most of the time, what you see in your ears doesn’t necessarily mean it. In the business world, there’s only eternal interest, no eternal enemy.

the money?

Ma and Wang Jianlin is also called "Nemesis", then Wuhan Wanda movie theme park officially opened when Wang Jianlin said: first of all, I tell you, I don’t have to Ma as competitors, we are friends.


2: product positioning

reported that this evaluation: the purpose of this Ma Lei Man deer mouse, mouth running train, is not done any marketing? Said the project is so big, how to look like is a liar! Of course I refused, I am not stupid, so we want to

‘s relatives were in the countryside and had no higher education. When I was young, I went out to work and worked as a manufacturing worker for 8 years. Save some money and go home to get married. After returning home to start a vegetable garden. He is a very intelligent and good at discovering a personal summary, although many local farmers, vegetable prices, most farmers only a year to earn a few thousand dollars, and now he has more than ten million a year income. In accordance with his statement, familiar with the rules of the vegetable market, grasp the needs of buyers, and actively explore new markets, diversification, three-dimensional development.


reported that this evaluation: the purpose of this Ma Lei Man deer mouse, mouth running train, is not done any marketing? Said the project is so big, how to look like is a liar! Of course I refused, I am not stupid, so we want to

A: the product is beautiful,

      vegetables are ripe, listed, careful relatives in product sales details, make people ashamed.


years later, the Alibaba’s $650 million investment in the competition this year millet Meizu, Ma ants under financial investment in China to Durkee business year for newspaper can not so obvious!

we all know that Ma founded Alibaba time money, everywhere to raise money so that everyone think Ma must do more than most, off the reel, feeling he is a liar, even think he is a engaged in pyramid schemes, and then Lei Jun think so.

he ran online, a few hundred thousand kilometers a second; I insisted on walking online, step by step. He runs very fast online. I insist on walking slowly on the line.

3: producing

 :     relatives, vegetables, neighbors, friends, home before the data survey, we cook every meal, a few dishes, a few soup? How many dishes are you buying per month? How much do you pay for a monthly meal? What’s the most dish to buy? Which dishes do you like best? Wait。 Thus, collected more than 20 valid data, according to the classified income relatives: for example, a wealthy family to buy fresh vegetables, more ordinary working families to buy long storage of vegetables, low income families to buy cheap and long storage time of the food; often buy expensive food consumption groups probably accounted for the local market 1/4, the purchase law is generally 2 times a week; the best sales on the market price of the seasonal vegetables, vegetables every day to buy these users probably accounts for the local vegetable consumption group ninety percent; at the same time, he collected data about vegetables and people’s life information and local environment, land and weather in recent years, for market analysis and product analysis.

1: Market Research,

Ma Yun because of the problem of face not only was refused by Lei Jun, also was refused by kfc. Young Jack Ma and 24 other people went to KFC, and everyone else passed the interview. He was the only one left by PASS.

4: product sales and user experience

discerning hero Sun Zhengyi, meet six minutes to Ma 20 million dollars, these money achievements Ma, also achievements of Softbank group. 7 years ago, Ali B2B business listed in Hongkong, sun profit 70 times.

Ma has also joked about his appearance, said the handsome man is the first glance looks good, and then on, and he is the first glance does not look good, but after more than a few times, the more you look good,


the money?The origin of

      in food inputs, he is also in accordance with season, demand for different vegetables for their own planning. Of which 1 acres of land to build a greenhouse, autumn winter spring cover protective film of the three quarter, planting cucumber, tomatoes, beans, rape and other seasonal expensive dishes, summer planting season vegetables in the greenhouse; and next to the ground, he planted potatoes, onions, cabbage etc. according to the different seasons, planting low seasonal vegetables.

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Studied 4 years, the computer has done 2 years valuable experience of stationmaster (two)

has not written anything for a long time. Thank you for your support. The previous article "learned 4 years, the computer has done 2 years of valuable experience for the webmaster". I hope everyone will read it and give you some advice.

‘s previous article mainly introduces 7 points of experience, now review

1: the website must be timely filing! 2: site layout as far as possible the use of CSS+DIV, the website pictures as little as possible! 3: saving investment in people, is the most wasteful! So buy space must be careful Oh! 4: after the establishment of the new site just don’t rush to join what advertising alliance (this search the engine is not love oh)! 5: the best sites have their own original things, also have no original false original! 6: pay attention to not the development of a friend, CMS station system is also a good choice! The most important 7: no matter what you do is insist on honesty, win


said the last time I started my business! Or to help others do earn living in college fees! Also helped school art department changed the website! 2 months of summer vacation is over! In the summer vacation I went to test the driver’s license! 2 months to get a driver’s license in the car! The process is also in to the local network to the Internet market! Look I found this small city portal big 2! Also think the potential is too small or the development of the attitude of holding try spent 3 days to think about how to attack the local portal


idea 1: local portals must be close to the people!


idea 2: my local web site to give people a very warm feeling, let people enter, do not want to go out, that is, to have their own characteristics,


idea 3: now the city is in the community as a unit, my website can also be like this (here does not understand people continue to see, not urgent)


here I suddenly flashed a word "Quzhou residential occupancy of your small network"! So the second day I registered the domain for the space program selected the phpwind! 7.5rc! After 20 days for the record down! (now no mistakes!) to re design the section on the website fully reflects the concept of "Quzhou area".


followed by SEO and promotion,


describes how the local portal network is promoted under

promotion experience 1: use the local bar to promote

!In fact,

local network promotion forum Forum on the development is not crucial, but brief! Should first and the local Baidu Post Bar or some other popular good website links. In our place, Baidu Liangshan is the hottest online community, the county almost did not know, and I began to direct advertising, the results will soon be blocked account and IP address. So we don’t go to hair advertising, and.

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Four considerations of partnership Entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship at the beginning of not too much money, most people will take the form of partnership entrepreneurship, family or friends to start a business together. However, this process must pay attention to the four principles. The following is a specific introduction, with small series to see it!

note: the establishment of a partnership business cooperation between trust

due to a partner at the early stage of the cooperation, cooperation in love! Put some of the details of the cooperation are fuzzy, this approach is not correct, such a problem arises, not a fundamental solution to attack each other, leaving a pile of mess, can only be solved depending on their moral and friendship! The cooperation between friends and relatives should be established on the basis of business, with a commercial solution to resolve disputes, to avoid disputes, all the details of cooperation are early prevention, clear in advance! All contracts! Create a good platform for cooperation!

cooperation process of friction

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What are the conditions for joining champion cattle beef offal

entrepreneurs choose to join the project good business is very important, how cattle beef offal champion? Have the advantage of the project, the best choice for business with a small capital of entrepreneurs. Join the cattle champion open their own beef offal, beef offal cattle champion stores, the shop is made!

The main raw material, beef offal of bovine

champion beef offal franchise beef breeds, featured by strict quarantine, slaughter factory, acid, after the split, and then advanced gas storage equipment and packaging materials, to ensure maximum health, nutrition, beef offal "safe, fresh and delicious". So that cattle champion brand has become one of the landmark Guangdong cuisine.

what are the conditions to join the top cow beef offal? Cattle champion beef offal join condition analysis:

(1) agree with the corporate culture of cattle champion, convinced that the cattle brand and management model.

(2) healthy, love the food industry, can get family support.

(3) has a dedication, perseverance, can be as the cause of their own cattle.

(4) is honest, has the legal identification, good moral integrity and credit.

(5) good social resources and interpersonal relationships, good management skills, have a certain sense of risk investment.

(6) consciously maintain cattle champion brand image, not by the cattle champion brand effect damage the interests of consumers.

(7) champion cattle beef offal franchise, with clear property rights and a suitable location, not less than 5-10 square above the use area of a year of lease shops for chain stores.

healthy and delicious food to join the project choice, the success of entrepreneurship is also very worthy of trust. Join cattle beef offal champion? Quality projects, join the selection of significant advantages. If you are also very excited, then, hurry up!

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Join the small group of tower of rice rice and vegetable roll – net profit

in our life, there is always a lot of rice and vegetable roll is fascinating delicacy. Then, the small entrepreneurs choose to join the rice tower project is very sensible, rice and vegetable roll, very has the advantage of choice. Join the rice tower success good choice of rice and vegetable roll! So, join the rice tower project has what kind of rice and vegetable roll, join conditions?

Organization or individual

1, with independent civil liability, and the need for career high recognition tower rice rice and vegetable roll. High degree of recognition of the brand positioning and price management mode of the tower of rice and rice and vegetable roll, sincerely maintain the brand image, will have long-term business.

2, have a certain ability to become the capital investment partners of rice rice and vegetable roll tower above 40 thousand, the amount of investment in the range, the number is not particularly large, but investors also need to consider a certain risks. That meal tower partners quickly rice and vegetable roll can be profitable, but the investors have continued capital investment capacity, to avoid the situation give up halfway.

3, a strong ability to implement a certain degree of market development and management capabilities.

4, good health, no bad habits.

brand food, with the choice of well-known food franchise projects. If you join the meal of rice and vegetable roll is very tower project, echocardiography. Why hesitate? Come and leave a message, to join our ranks, to achieve our wealth of life!

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Shandong sampling of imported cars brakes 85.1% unqualified

with the increase of the number of China’s domestic auto market, the demand for automotive products is inevitable, and many consumers to buy their products, for the purchase of foreign products, spare no expense before the date, Shandong inspection and Quarantine Bureau for the implementation of supervision on the brakes, imported cars in Shandong province results that is the sample of 47 batch of imported brakes, 40 batches failed, the failure rate as high as 85.1%, we look at the details below.

it is understood that the brake pads are mainly produced in Germany, Italy, Japan, Czech, Britain and other 10 countries, including South Korea, Czech, the United Kingdom, the United States and other 7 countries brake spot inspection failure rate of 100%. Spot checks involving Mercedes Benz and BMW, Subaru, Audi, Chrysler and other 13 brands were found unqualified, including BMW, Subaru, Audi, Volvo, Chrysler, modern 10 brands such as checks pass rate of 100%.

this sampling problem is mainly characterized by signs, friction performance is not qualified, many batches of goods also involves a number of projects failed. Among them, packing and marking of unqualified 35 batches, accounting for 82%, mainly for product packaging without Chinese logo, Chinese logo incomplete, not printed with the specified standard number of friction coefficient and friction performance; unqualified 9 batches, accounting for 18%. The friction performance is the key factor that affects the braking performance of the vehicle, which may lead to the safety risk of the automobile brake failure, the braking distance lengthened, the brake fire and so on.

, according to reports, the main channel for imported cars 4S shop. The spot checks of the 47 batch of brake pads are imported cars 4S shop, involving Ji’nan, Qingdao, Yantai and other 14 cities in the province of. Among them, Ji’nan, Qingdao, Yantai, Zibo, Rizhao ranked first in the number of spot checks, a total of 25 batches of random sampling, a total of 24 batches of substandard inspection, random failure rate of up to 96%.

auto supplies abroad really good? Shandong sampling imported car brake pads 85.1% unqualified, which to the vast number of consumers in the purchase of foreign auto supplies when the effective mention of a wake up! At the same time, in view of the above situation, the inspection and quarantine departments to take technical treatment, stop using, return, destruction, joint business sector shelves and disposal measures, and urge the relevant brands to strengthen the management of product quality and safety, actively implement the product quality and safety responsibilities and obligations.

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