‘WI must use Headingley victory as learning moment’

first_img ENJOY THE WIN “I think we should enjoy it (the win) in the moment, probably not forget about it, but we should, most importantly, learn from it, but I don’t think we should sit down and toil on it too much.” Several players enter the series with big reputations. Shai Hope stroked hundreds in both innings at Headingley, Roston Chase scored heavily in the series against Pakistan earlier in the year, while seamer Kemar Roach made an impressive return to international cricket following an extended break with 11 wickets against England. West Indies face Zimbabwe A in a three-day tour match starting Sunday, their only warm-up game before the first Test bowls off October 21. BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, (CMC): As phenomenal an achievement as the recent Test victory at Headingley was, West Indies captain Jason Holder says the regional side will not be dwelling on it, as they seek to make even bigger strides in coming series. Last August, West Indies arrived in Leeds following an innings defeat inside three days in Nottingham and produced a magnificent performance to thrash England by five wickets, after chasing down 322 on an epic final day. However, with West Indies about to engage Zimbabwe in a two-Test series in Bulawayo, Holder said it was more important to learn from the Headingley experience than dwell on it. “Personally, I have the mentality to keep moving forward. What’s gone in the past is gone,” he told CMC Sports on Monday just before the squad’s departure. “We’ve had bad games before and we have tried to put them behind us, so I don’t see why when we have good games we should really hold on to them too long.last_img read more

Miss Berbice delegates to be sashed on Saturday

first_imgThe stage is set for the red carpet sashing ceremony of the 2018 “Miss Berbice I’m a Big deal, Beauty and Empowerment Pageant” delegates which will take place at State House Lawns, New Amsterdam, this Saturday, October 20.This will be the first public appearance for the nine Berbician beauties who will share their vision and focus on topical issues that are plaguing the ancient county.The organisers have been looking at ways in which they can raise the bar by adding new and unique experiences for Berbicians and this is one such way, since this will be the first event of its kind in the Ancient County.Royston Drakes, Director of RD Productions under which the pageant is being held, said the evening will be filled with live entertainment from some of the best talents in Berbice.Prizes will be given for the best dressed male and female and cancer survivors will be honoured. The delegates will do a three-part presentation which will begin with a sassy and confident dance number, followed by their presentation and conclude with their sponsors sashing them.Also on the programme is a boutique fashion show which will be hosted by Couture Closet, featuring models from Berbice.The focus remains heavily on social awareness which is being tackled by delegates who are educating and informing the masses on the issue of suicide, domestic violence, cyberbullying and women empowerment among others to help curb these social ills.This will be the second edition of the “Miss Berbice, I am a Big Deal Beauty and Empowerment Pageant” and the organisers have broken up the pageant into various segments which will continue in the month of November with a swimsuit competition, costume extravaganza, family fun day and conclude with the main event on Saturday, November 20, at the Albion Sports Complex Ground.Top Brandz Distributors who supply Corona, Budweiser, Budlight, as well as other non-alcoholic beverages remains the main sponsor of the event and other youth and women development projects in the region.last_img read more

The politics of entitlement

first_imgLast week, I reprised one explanation of the dynamics of our politics in Guyana from a paper I wrote in 1998, after the “disorders” of Jan 12 of that year, when several hundred Indians were beaten in the streets of Georgetown by PNC supporters protesting the results of the Dec 1997 elections.  I did so because I saw unfortunate signs of its recurrence.Donald Horowitz summarised those dynamics in a simple equation:Group Worth + Group Legitimacy = Group EntitlementLast week, I wrote about the proclivity of groups in plural societies to compare their situation against other groups, and their predilection to categorise the actions of “out groups” negatively.  When questions of group worth arising from the comparison are coupled with claim by group(s) to greater legitimacy, this translates into a “politics of entitlement”; i.e., the latter groups will demand greater entitlement to the national patrimony.With the state as the arbiter of the allocation of who gets what, when and how, the perception of being denied their “due greater share” precipitates a struggle to control the state. Where the group that has suffered in comparison to its “group worth” is also the group that is claiming greater group legitimacy (eg, “greater suffering”) but this claim is contested by the other groups, the potential for extreme behaviour rises exponentially because of the politics of entitlement they will pursue. The claim is contested most often when the groups are of comparable size, as in Fiji, Guyana or Trinidad.The assertion of greater legitimacy is the dominant posture of the African community in Guyana today (1998), as is their politics of entitlement that demands abandoning the norms` of equal treatment and opportunity. Normally, such groups will demand greater educational or business opportunities, but the real problem arises when such groups do not concede the right of any other group than themselves to govern. They will insist on departure from the majoritarian principle of democracy, and in fact would even go as far as imposing a minority dictatorship. This is the position of the PNC on behalf of the African community in Guyana since its formation in 1958, and is the fear behind Indian’s resistance to President Granger’s unilateral appointment of the GECOM ChairIndians and Africans in Guyana do not only view those who are the “rulers” from an instrumental standpoint, but from a symbolic perspective that is at the heart of “group worth”. It is not the individual per se who is important, but which group he is seen to symbolise or represent. Power thus becomes an end in itself. Because of the experience of the domination and humiliations by the previous masters, much emotion is invested into the identity of ruler: the symbolism is crucial. This process is magnified in the instance of Africans who had been enslaved, which was the most extreme alienation from power.The PNC has done a great disservice by not pointing out to its African supporters that Africans still control most of the bases of power in Guyana: the Disciplined Forces, the Bureaucracy, the Judiciary and control of the capital of Georgetown. In 1998, by implying the office of the Presidency possessed all power, the PNC incited their supporters into violence to recapture their “birthright”. Today with the PNC in power, they will do the same to keep it all.The “group entitlements” are economic, psychosocial, political, etc “goods” which the group believes it is justifiably entitled to; and while historically determined, the economic and the political have become paramount. These will normally be evaluated versus the conditions in the society that determine the group’s chances of getting what they believe they are “legitimately” entitled. Those conditions, such as support from the police, armed forces, and civil service (“kith and kin); and now capture of the government, will be exploited to literally “deliver the goods”.But even when the goods are not delivered, as shown by the 1992 HIES, African-Guyanese still voted en masse for the PNC.  In “the politics of “legitimacy”, groups do not judge their position in absolute terms and by intrinsic criteria, but by how well or not their opponents are doing. The Indians had not done better.last_img

International Women’s Day

first_imgIf you’re familiar with my articles, women’s rights and equal access to opportunities are something that I hold dearly to myself. I have written about women in Science, women in ICT, the dangers of catcalling, among others. So, of course, I had to write about International Women’s Day!International Women’s Day, celebrated last Thursday, was done under the theme “#pressforprogress”. Since the last International Women’s Day, the world, I believe, has undergone a sort of revolution. Movements such as #metoo, #timesup have been pushed to the forefront. Women all around the world used the hashtags to point out abuse of power, and more particularly sexual abuse in the workplace; as well as to call for change.Notably, last Thursday as well, former Bishop’s High School teacher Coen Jackson was charged, and remanded to prison for engaging in sexual activity with a child under the age of sixteen. When that story broke, I was both horrified and simultaneously encouraged. I was angry at the things that students said Jackson had done to them, how he had misused his position as their teacher, how he had sexually groomed students, and especially how many people claimed that his actions were common knowledge. Yet I was also inspired by the response of the public. The public refused to let this slip idly by, staging protests and truly calling for a change.This type of public responsibility gives me hope. It makes me feel as though we, as a society, are progressing. Yet — I am sure, sadly — there are many other teachers like Jackson; teachers who prey upon their students, teachers whose “behaviours” are excused, since they are so good at their jobs. I hope that Jackson serves as an example that no one is untouchable. I hope that how this case was handled gives other girls the courage to come forward. And I hope that we continue to believe our girls when they are brave enough to speak out.International Women’s Day is, I think, important, as it gives a chance to reflect upon the strides we have made in women’s rights, and serves as a reminder that we still have so much further to go. It is a chance to celebrate beautiful, border-pushing women.Personally, on this day, I like to think about the women who push forward in male- dominated fields such as Science and Engineering; in particular Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics. I think this is because I have seen first hand how negative stereotypes about girls can affect their performance and participation in those fields. It is not okay to tell a girl that she should be better at reading than she is at mathematics. It is not okay to be surprised when a girl is better at mathematics than her male classmates, and it is definitely not okay to doubt a girl’s abilities simply because she is female.I know that such responses may seem small and insignificant, but they add up. They say to her that it’s weird that she thinks she would be successful in those fields. They say to her that, because you are female, you should expect that this should be difficult for you.Breaking into a male-dominated field, even for an extremely determined girl, is hard. It isn’t hard because we can’t handle the work, but it’s hard because we can’t handle the culture. Women have first to break past their own negative views of themselves, then they have to convince everyone else around them, and keep them convinced every day. Female scientists tend to be doubted more, credited less, and ultimately valued less. Yet, we have to #pressonforprogress.Here’s to strong women. May we know them, may we be them, and may we raise them.last_img read more

Shiva Ratri greetings

first_imgAs Hindus in Guyana and around the world, observe “Maha Shiva Ratri” today, Social Cohesion and Culture Youth and Sport Minister, Dr George Norton has extended greetings and best wishes to the community.He said this festival contributes to a peaceful and conducive environment in which all can dwell in harmony irrespective of system and beliefs.“It is my hope that every Guyanese, particularly my Hindu brothers and sisters will utilise this blessed occasion for spiritual growth and intellectual upliftment. In observance of Maha Shiv Ratri, Guyanese from all walks of life can be guided by the noble teachings of Lord Shiva – the God that promotes peace of mind,” Dr Norton stated. The Minister went on to say that the teachings of Lord Shiva revolve around empathy, humility and compassion.“He teaches us that anger should be channelled towards constructive acts that benefit mankind because in the end we all will eventually leave this material world behind. The practice of brotherhood and forgiveness, as taught by Lord Shiva, are the kind of qualities that all Guyanese should embrace as we forge ahead to build a more cohesive society where diversities are respected and embraced with pride,” the Culture Minister asserted.Meanwhile, the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) also joined thousands of Hindus across the country to celebrate “Maha Shiva Ratri” – the “Great Night of Shiva”; the annual auspicious occasion on the Hindu calendar is marked by fasting, prayers and paying homage to Lord Shiva, a central figure of the Hindu Trinity.ERC Commissioner Rajkumarie Singh, who is the representative of Hindus on the Commission, extends greetings to all Guyanese, especially the Hindu community on behalf of the ERC.“The Commissioners and staff of the ERC send warmest greetings to all our Hindu brothers and sisters on this occasion.  As you surrender to the Divine Force of Lord Shiva and you seek to recognise Him inside of you, may each of us move away from conflict and move towards truth, beauty, peace and benevolence. A most peaceful and blessed ‘Maha Shiva Ratri’ to all,” Commissioner Singh said.In English, “Maha Shivaratri” translates to “The Night of Shiva”. Lord Shiva is regarded as one of the main deities in Hinduism.Hindus in and out of Guyana will observe Maha Shiva Ratri on Monday March 3, 2019. This is an annual feature which falls on the fourteenth day of the dark half of the month of Phagun, (Feb-March). It is a festival which demands complete abstinence since it results in purity of mind and strengthening of intellect.On this occasion Lord Shiva is worshipped as Nirgun Brahma. The formless and attribute-less Supreme Brahmana. The Lingam is the centre of all worship. The Lingam symbolises that which is auspicious and infinite. It is a mark of the generative power of the Lord. The Lingam also represents trinity which includes Creative, Sustaining and Regenerative forces of the universe.Devotees from all walks of life participate in the observance. This occasion subscribes to the transcendence of all barriers. It allows all aspirants to recognise that the infinite power of the supreme is manifested in all beings sentient and insentient.Maha Shiva Ratri, in essence, is a time for reflection and self-analysis. It is a time to embrace the inevitable reality of life. That reality is called Truth.Maha Shiva Ratri Customs & CelebrationsIn honour of Lord Shiva, many devotees on this day fast. While some of those who fast will do so on a diet of milk and fruit, there are others who won’t even drink a drop of water on this day.Many devotees also believe that worshipping Shiva on this day with a sincere heart will not only absolve them of their sins and liberate them from being reincarnated, but it will also bring them luck and happiness.Many devotees will also take a ritual bath in the Ganga River early in the morning on this day. They then put on brand-new clothes and visit the Shiva temple to ritually bathe the Lingam with water, milk and/or honey.Additionally, Hindu devotees hold overnight vigils, worship the Shivalingam, and make offerings of fruits, flowers and milk to the Hindu deity.There are several stories explaining the event; some say that it was on this day that Lord Shiva drank the poison that came out of the churning ocean in the epic ‘Samudra Manthan’ involving the Devas and Asuras, while some say that Maha Shiva Ratri marks the marital union of Lord Shiva and Parvati.Some ancient scriptures also say that Lord Shiva performed his ferocious dance or tandav on this particular day and his devotees remember him as the God who destroys evil and listens to his true devotees with an open heart.last_img read more

GWI apologises to Sophia residents

first_imgDear Editor,The Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), the Nation’s supplier of Water and Sanitation Services, wishes to note that the issue of water supply in ‘E’ Field Sophia, Georgetown, is as a result of a conflict in the timing of water distribution and residents’ availability.GWI has found that some residents are unable to receive water from the trucks sent to their area because they are not at home during the time the water is being delivered.To date, four trucks filled with 450gal black tanks of water are sent to ‘D’ and ‘E’ Fields, Sophia, between 08:00h and 17:30h, with 16 trips being made daily.The utility has, however, noted the difficulty for the working population and has taken steps to cater to their needs.GWI will therefore be increasing the number of trucks sent into Sophia and adjusting its distribution schedule so as to facilitate those who are not at home during the day.Additionally, the ongoing project in which transmission mains are being installed from North Ruimveldt to ‘D’ and ‘E’ Fields, Sophia, is 80 percent complete. This project will help to alleviate poor water supply to residents.GWI apologises to our customers for any inconvenience caused and wishes to thank your publication for consistently highlighting the issues which affect our customers.Sincerely,Leana BradshawPublic RelationsOfficerlast_img read more

Let Us Not Forget the Ebola Orphans

first_imgOver one hundred orphaned children ranging from age two years to seventeen are still safely tucked away in a remote location in the Disc Hill community after losing more than 200 relatives to the deadly Ebola virus.They are now children of the Taffi Dollar Children’s Welfare Center under the Abundant Life Chapel, a church named after Taffi Dollar which has been patiently but without the proper resources, taking care of the children.These children are now known as the Taffi Dollar Children. Three siblings from the Tamba family who say they lost 16 of their relatives including their parents have been in the center living a daily routine that begins at 6:30 am and ends at 9:00pm.“I like being here because they take care of my brothers and me and the church seems to care about us,” said Bendu Tamba.Among the children who have now become used to the caring place in which they live is 16 year-old James, whose father was the priest that prayed over the remains of the late Ebola infected Marthaline Williams, the pregnant women who the late Thomas Eric Duncan tried to help.James emotionally explained how his father lost his life.“My pa came into contact with Ebola after the late Marthaline’s family told him that she didn’t die from Ebola. He believed them and did his ritual and died one week later,” he added.The center reflects sanitary conditions, well-kept bedrooms, a feeding program that sees to it that each child is fed at least two times a day. However, Rev. Wilmot Yalateh, the pastor of the Chapel, says there are so many things that are still needed to ensure that the Chapel will be able to continue its services to each child.“We have no one supporting us right now. Most places we reach out to tell us that there are no funds to help us. Right now we are doing everything that we can to find resources including food, school supplies, toys and materials that will sustain these innocent children,” the pastor added.Many of the children are in fear of not knowing what will become of them if the center is unable to find sponsors to enable them to continue living at the center.“I know how hard they are working to be able to feed so many of us. I’m afraid that anything can happen, but the Chapel has taught us to pray and that is what we are doing,” added Bendu Tamba.Meanwhile, Rev. Yalateh is in dire need of sponsors to help him keep the Taffi Dollar Children Welfare Center running. It’s a center, he says, that will in the future host children orphaned by many circumstances.“Right now I am willing to reach out to the media and any resource that can get the word out that we need sponsors. Each child needs a sponsor to sponsor them monthly. We are praying for the best and have faith that the rest will follow,” he added.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Jaja Santiago out of PH volleyball roster for 2019 SEA Games

first_imgAs it stands, rounding out the national team pool are Alyssa Valdez, Eya Laure, Majoy Baron, Dindin Santiago-Manabat, Majoy Baron, Kath Arado, Mylene Paat, Aiza Maizo-Pontillas, Aby Maraño, Iris Tolenada, Jia Morado and Ces Molina.The team, which hopes to at least end the country’s 14-year SEA Games medal drought in women’s volleyball, kicks its preparations up a notch Saturday when it leaves for Thailand to hold training camp and compete in the Southeast Asian Grand Prix from September 20 to 22.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next LOOK: Kryz Uy, Slater Young expecting first son Residents rescue horses, farm animals left on volcano island Canada yet to decide if it will pay Harry and Meghan security costs FILE – Phillippines’s Alyja Daphne Santiago spikes the ball against Indonesia during the women’s group A preliminary volleyball match between Indonesia and Philippines at the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta on August 25, 2018. / AFP PHOTO / Juni KriswantoMANILA, Philippines—Just when the Philippine women’s volleyball team’s buildup for the Southeast Asian Games is about to go in full swing, the squad’s campaign took a big blow with the absence of Jaja Santiago.According to reports, Santiago, one of the country’s premier players, won’t be able to suit up for the national team in the regional meet due to her commitments with her Japanese club team Ageo Medics in the V.Premier League.ADVERTISEMENT “I think as long as she’s gonna be working really hard. We can also hope that she will be improving which will also be a very positive addition to what we’re gonna work on,” said the 24-year-old Mau, who is one of the players expected to spearhead the national team’s bid.  “So once Jaja comes back and returns to be one of our primary blockers at the net, it might be to our advantage because she has been playing already with other Asians at a high level.”“We can just look for all the positives and welcome her back to our team because you know we’re doing this for the country and I have no doubt that Jaja has a lot of pride for her country and I know that she’s gonna come and compete at the very high level.”Apart from Santiago, Jema Galanza and Celine Doming have also reportedly withdrawn themselves from consideration.Filling in for the three are Maddie Madayag, Jovelyn Gonzaga and Roselyn Doria.Joey Romasanta, the Larong Volleyball ng Pilipinas Inc., is also keen on adding Kim Fajardo.ADVERTISEMENT Heart Evangelista, Kim Chiu, more celebs appeal for animal rescue after Taal eruption Teen dead, another hurt in vehicular collision in Santiago City Robredo to visit Batangas families displaced by Taal erruption Job not yet done: Gilas Pilipinas eyes first World Cup win vs Angolacenter_img LATEST STORIES The 6-foot-5 Santiago had said on SportsIQ that her SEA Games stint would depend if Aego Medics decides to give her the green light which wasn’t the case.Santiago has the other pool members’ support.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSAndray Blatche has high praise for teammate Kai SottoSPORTSBig differenceSPORTSAlmazan status stays uncertain ahead of Game 4“Of course, we want to play with Jaja. It’s just that she has other opportunities overseas,” said pool member Dawn Macandili during the PSA Forum Tuesday.Kalei Mau, who has vast experience playing abroad with stints in Puerto Rico and France before coming over to the Philippines, believes competing overseas against high-level competition would only make Santiago better that would only be beneficial for the national team moving forward. PH’s Charly Suarez boxing lightweight final (HIGHLIGHTS) PLAY LIST 03:47PH’s Charly Suarez boxing lightweight final (HIGHLIGHTS)02:11SEA GAMES 2019: PH’s Nesthy Petecio boxing featherweight final (HIGHLIGHTS)02:12SEA Games: PH’s Alisson Perticheto tops ice skating short program01:52Phivolcs: Cloud seeding in ashfall affected areas needs study01:04Daybreak as smoke, ash billows from Taal volcano01:05Poor visibility, nakaapekto sa maraming lugar sa Batangas03:028,000 pulis sa Region 4-A, tuloy ang trabaho03:57Phivolcs, nahihirapan sa komunikasyon sa Taal01:04Sold-out: Stores run out of face masks after Taal spews ash No need to wear face masks in Metro Manila, says scientist MOST READ LOOK: Taal Volcano island 2 days after eruption Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. View commentslast_img read more

Aguero hits double as City beats Swansea

first_imgCity manager Roberto Mancini – who was delighted with the team’s performance – said that Aguero’s performance was all the more astonishing as he wasn’t 100percent back to his best.“I think he needs to recover as he only finished the Copa America three weeks ago,” saiod Mancini.“He needs another two to three weeks to be 100 percent, maybe. For me he’s a fantastic striker, young, and he’s going to be a fantastic player for us.”Aguero also got the thumbs-up from club captain Vincent Kompany.“He’s come in with a surprise. The great thing for me was that he was defending too. That’s important,” said the Belgian.Swansea manager Brendan Rodgers said that he wasn’t too depressed as his side wouldn’t play the equivalent of City every week.“I said to the players I was proud of them,” he said.“Up until the hour I thought we were fantastic.“I was disappointed with two quick goals, but we conceded goals against a terrific team.”Swansea are back in England’s top-tier for the first time since 1983. And a visit to City represented a daunting start for them even though the hosts were without Carlos Tevez, who was not considered fit enough to start.Considerable investment has once again been ploughed into Mancini’s squad, with £50 million spent and counting.In contrast, Swansea have conducted a moderate recruitment drive compared to City with striker Danny Graham, the £3.5 million signing from Watford, the most expensive arrival.Graham was included in the starting line up along with Michel Vorm, the keeper signed from Utrecht, and Steven Caulker, who has joined on loan from Tottenham.And both had their work cut out as frustrated City did everything but score during a goalless first half.The visitors had dominated the opening exchanges when Micah Richards narrowly failed to get on the end of Silva’s 16th minute cross.Silva is proof that there is still plenty of exceptional Spanish talent left in the Premier League despite Cesc Fabregas’ departure to Barcelona.City’s World Cup winner let fly with a vicious 23rd minute effort which was heading for the top corner before Vorm made a spectacular one handed stop.The Welsh team’s bar was rattled on the stroke of half-time by Gareth Barry in what had become a one-sided contest.But City made their dominance count after half-time with four goals in the space of 33 minutes.Dzeko was in the right place at the right time to break the deadlock from close range after Adam Johnson’s curling 57th minute effort was parried into the striker’s path by Vorm.Aguero received a rousing reception when he replaced Nigel De Jong in the 59th minute and nine minutes later the striker was celebrating his first goal in a City shirt after connecting with Richards’ low cross.Silva made it 3-0 in the 71st minute after Aguero turned provider before the debutant capped a fine display with a stunning 30-yard finish.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Aguero, a £38 million signing from Atletico Madrid, made it 2-0 from close range in the 68th minute after Edin Dzeko had broken the deadlock 11 minutes earlier.Man of the match David Silva added the third before Aguero capped a delightful performance with a spectacular 30-yard finish in stoppage time.last_img read more

Kings ship Cloutier to minors, then win with Bernier

first_imgLombardi compared the move to a pitcher coming back from an injury in baseball rehabbing in the minors before playing for the major league team. Cloutier’s $3.1-million salary will not count against the Kings’ salary cap unless he is recalled to the team, in which case it would be prorated based on how much of the season he spends with the big club. Although no NHL teams wanted Cloutier in the 24-hour window to claim him between Friday and Saturday at 9 a.m., he’ll be a much more attractive player if the Kings try to recall him during the season. At that point, teams would be able to steal away a player the Kings must feel is NHL-ready for the discounted price of $1.55 million for each of the next two years, with the Kings on the hook for the other half of his salary. The Kings traded a 2007 second-round draft pick and a conditional pick in the 2009 draft to acquire Cloutier before last season. He had been one of the better goaltenders in the league in Vancouver, where he played for current Kings coach Marc Crawford. Cloutier had a 6-14-2 record and a 3.98 goals-against average in 24 games with the Kings before a hip injury knocked him out for the season. Roenick scores Jeremy Roenick scored to help the Sharks beat the Vancouver Canucks, 3-1, in a penalty-filled exhibition at San Jose. Roenick, an ex-King looking to revive his career in San Jose, scored his first goal of the preseason by beating Roberto Luongo with a high shot for a power-play strike. Boyle injured Tampa Bay defensemen Dan Boyle was injured in the dressing room after the Lightning’s 2-1 loss to the Washington Capitals at Tampa, Fla. Distracted while he was hanging up his skate, it slipped off of the hook and hit him in his left wrist, cutting a tendon. Boyle was scheduled to have surgery today and will be out several weeks. Staff writer Matthew Kredell contributed to this notebook.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! Bernier, a rookie fighting for a roster spot, stopped two close-range shots in overtime and finished with 24 saves. Colorado led, 1-0, after the first period on Tyler Arnason’s goal at 12:52. Anze Kopitar tied it 37 seconds into the second period, but Colorado retook the lead at the 1:23 mark on Paul Stastny’s goal. After the game, the Kings were set to board a plane to Austria for a tournament before heading to London to open the regular season Saturday against the Ducks. General Manager Dean Lombardi said Friday that he thought Manchester was the best place for Cloutier to receive the playing time he needs to get back to being the goalie he was before knee and hip injuries kept him out for most of the past two seasons. From news services As expected, goalie Dan Cloutier cleared waivers Saturday morning and became the highest-paid player for the Kings’ minor-league affiliate at Manchester, N.H. Jonathan Bernier, a possible replacement for Cloutier, stopped both shots he faced in a shootout to help the Kings to a 3-2 exhibition victory over the Colorado Avalanche in Las Vegas. Michael Cammalleri and Dustin Brown scored on their shootout attempts for the Kings, who lost to the Avalanche, 6-3, on Wednesday in Denver. last_img read more