marriage is a lifetime event, in the marriage before, is to make sure that the wedding photos are good, the wedding is not cheap, the wedding is to keep the most beautiful moment, a memorial for happiness, that how to choose clothing, not all couples are aware of the Xi’an wedding, teach you the wedding should be how to choose clothing, so as to make perfect wedding.

A: wedding

in general, the wedding photo shoot is divided into indoor and outdoor shooting, the number of sets of clothing photography is also set 3-5 range. Too much flash Xing dazzling decoration is now popular, simple and elegant style more durable good-looking, generally in favor of the bride or the white gauze, shooting white yarn is easy to show, and shooting out of the wedding is the formal solemn. The choice of indoor white yarn is very important, in general, the new people will choose to enlarge the white yarn to do large. A good bride can choose fish style, can show good figure, and can be the bride’s feminine highlights. Because the outdoor action is lively, so choose outdoor white gauze, try to pick bra styles, more convenient activities. In addition, do not be afraid to choose the tail of the complex, although the tail is a little clumsy, but in the grass and the effect of the steps are often better than a small tail.

two: dress

selection of the bride’s dress, in addition to match the scene environment, but also with the bride’s own body temperament with good. Petite bride can choose lovely short dress cute; build good bride can choose slim dress; while a bride can choose a fluffy skirt, if the upper part of the bride can use some shawls and other decoration, avoid weaknesses. The color of the dress, it is recommended not to pick a light yellow, light beige, because in a strong light effect will be similar to white yarn.

three: couple loaded

now each have launched a N+1 wedding photography wedding series, the number of clothing N is the studio or studio, "1" refers to the new people can prepare their own a set of clothing, in the wedding photos over, take a relaxed couple photos. Because of their own clothes can be prepared by the new people, the majority of the majority of couples, couples shirt, T-shirt, jeans are a good choice.

if you want to engage in this area of business, you can see the text above, the hope is to help everyone, pick the cheongsam, avoid big red, long style, should choose a lattice cheongsam, can make the bride elegant, let the human experience the charm of the new costume, in twenty-first Century today the vintage clothing is also present in 80, 90 of the fashion darling, take a set of the characteristics of the wedding, let the new photos of the novel, creative, and leave a different color in my life.

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