seventh, the chain growth rate is slow but steady rise, which will allow Google to think that your site is very natural, and have a great chance will determine your site really is more and more popular,

the day before we in effect chain Google ranking factors (two) mainly introduces the important role of different types of anti chain, today we take this topic will continue, the next ten anti chain factors explain in detail.

ninth, outside the chain, obtained from the directory sites in the country, most many directory sites is a super large website, not only the flow of huge high and is the starting point to crawl, included in the catalog of many sites, Google will be more popular.

fourth, and the content correlation of course also say page relevance, page relevance is largely reflected in the content on the page, but some may contain a lot of content to a section of the content with the theme "chain is relevant, but other theme is not related, so if you can find the relevant page, also the high degree of the effect will be better.

first, the link in the article appears in the position, generally speaking, the link appears at the front, the influence of the rankings.

third, the source of the chain website content relevance, that is to say, the correlation is not only reflected in the two theme of the site, is also reflected in the two page content with each other, the content relevance is stronger, the better the quality of the chain.

well, the above is about the effect of anti chain Google ranking factors (three) the ten essence, mainly around what the chain would be better to start, hope to the future.

fifth, the text content of the chain around the haunting, text can be read by the chain around the noble baby, this is especially for comment on the chain, imagine that in your comment on the chain around the negative evaluation, Google will be how to judge your site

second, the link in the page position, generally speaking, links appear in the text to appear in other places better than.

Google ranking factors (eleven): trans factors (three)

eighth, the chain growth rate declined steadily, and on the contrary, if your site outside the chain growth in this case, Google may think your website user experience is getting worse, will cut your ranking.

tenth links from high authority sites, high authority website you can also be understood as the web site, the chain site is relatively difficult to obtain, and can transfer to the site of the weight is high, so the chain almost one from the authority of the site outside the chain of quality can be worth ten from the ordinary website.


sixth, the source of the chain page title, anchor text keywords if you also appear in the source site title tag, so that the role of the chain is better than ordinary chain.

Google ranking factors (eleven) trans factors (three)

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