Month: February 2017

The importance of having your own domain name

One of the questions I often hear is, "do I really need my own domain name?" There is only one word". If you create a web site with a free hosting service, all of the benefits are virtual hosting. Here are several reasons why it is necessary to have your own domain name.

Second, the only way to make money online is to set up a good reputation among the customers. So the first step is to have their own domain name. No matter what kind of products customers buy, they will feel very comfortable, they will think it is with a large, reputable companies to deal with, rather than a temporary, reputable companies.

Third, if you have your own domain, you can use the composite email signature of the form You can use different posts and sign with different mail, and all of them are true to the email address. For example, related to the product or service of the mail address is, and the communication issue the relevant email address can be, suggestions about the email address and comments can be or webmaster@ Different positions have different email address, not only can make the client mail filtering procedure is simple, is to impress customers, think this is a large, high credibility of the company, they will be happy to do business with you.

Fourth, many search engines will focus on a particular domain name page. For example, in the case of the other points are the same, the home page because there are specific keywords and other than the higher level of the page. If you use free hosting services, the index HTML page is the home page of the site, not the domain name. Therefore, in the search engine, the site is difficult to row to 20 or 30, the top 10 websites are really competitive keywords. Think about that, how much of that loss?

fifth, some search engines to index sites that use free hosting services. For example, if the site uses a free hosting service, if it is submitted to the AltaVista at the moment, you will get an error message that the site has been submitted many times. However, if you submit a site with your own domain name, Altavista will say, "URL has been submitted and is in the process," and the rest will not

Month: February 2017

Inventory of eleven pairs of military forces Coalition challenge Ali hegemony

[Abstract] China electricity supplier pattern is generally determined, which is also rapidly reflected in the competition pattern of eleven.


Tencent technology Sun Hongchao reported on November 11th

slightly cold in the water cube venues, Alibaba quickly hand over a exciting answer: 1 minutes and 12 seconds of turnover over 1 billion, 12 minutes and 28 seconds of billions of transactions.

in trading volume quiz links double eleven, 19 billion 100 million and 35 billion were concerned with numbers, this is Ali – eleven in the past two years the number, how long can go beyond the day trading volume has become the focus of.

Alibaba this year is not a good day, the stock price all the way down, the slowdown in China’s economic situation, the size of the French luxury brand prosecution and other events have made the aircraft carrier feel uncomfortable.

but to the double eleven this year, the main battlefield of the seven, has all in Alibaba is still far behind the opponents behind.

main battlefield

with, and accelerated capital game, Jingdong, Alibaba, the United States has listed, China electricity supplier pattern roughly determined, it also quickly reflected in the double eleven competition. In the middle of the stage, leaving only two angry bulls.


and Alibaba as compared to last year whether it is known as the exhaust all the skills of more than 28% ratings, the double eleven Spring Festival, or the second half to Su Ning, is the former Alibaba that had never been used.

data from the current point of view, perhaps Ali’s billion good thing.


in November 10th, before the "double eleven" industry routine Festival, Jingdong announced that it will close the pat Network e-commerce platform in December 31, 2015, and in the transitional period of three months, from April 1, 2016 to completely shut down pat network. The original pat Network team will be incorporated into other departments of Jingdong group.

This event has become a microcosm of

this year eleven Jingdong from the business strategy, one of two to report to the State Administration for Industry and commerce real name, Jingdong comprehensive benchmarking ali. But online, Jingdong still falls on the leeward, despite the August strategic stake Yonghui supermarket, but there are still advancing the integration of the two, Yonghui also not in double eleven big promotion activities in the Jingdong.

double eleven this year, after the opening of the 36 minutes, Jingdong single volume has exceeded last year’s total of 14 million single.

friendly and main challenger

compared with the previous eleven double chaos war, this year the market structure has been set, to be able to accompany the two protagonists around only two traditional retail channels started electricity supplier platform.


Month: February 2017

Wang Zhiquan entrepreneurship two years summary 5 business experiments

Abstract from August 2012, he founded Kuba left, Wang Zhiquan began a second venture – textile brand park. Want to position the "tall" Wang Zhiquan, in the past two years experienced what tangled and listen to him in the 2014 trial? Brand electric (Haishu) summit of the park in brand positioning, development speed, team management, mobile attempt, Maori design in five aspects of trying to make a summary:

large park network founder Wang Zhiquan

about the location in his speed to

large park network on August 28, 2012 on the line, in 2013 is a test of their many business assumptions can not be established in the year, the process is very painful, very tortuous. In 2014, some enterprises have been relaxed, some of the things to be recognized by consumers this year, won a number of loyal users.

A big mistake

2013, grass root business achieved a little success, there are some inevitable expansion. A business (refers to Kuba) with some success, the second venture to do some tall things, we are positioned around the age of 40 high income ms..

but in fact it is a very bad crowd, in addition to work almost no life. We quickly adjusted, adjusted to young mothers and expectant mothers in 2014, the group is more concerned about security, but also feel the importance of safety. Therefore, the situation in 2014 is relatively good.

had a lot of people think that we did not think to do market positioning, design simple plain type and no one will buy, but we always adhere to the quality of our security to do, by 2014, customers will settle down very much.

talk about speed: slow is fast

park is just on the line when the practice is not advertising, did not spend a penny advertising in 2012, we believe that a good product will speak. At that time sent a lot of a lot of out, including a lot of friends around.

in 2013 we spent some money, have a certain influence, but in doing this thing, we always adhere to the brand positioning and quality pursuit, even if met with a lot of criticism. Some time ago, we took six places, the user pulled out, so that they spit bad, to tell us all of our problems, we listen to them talk about the problem.

in this process to grasp the point: we only do things like our people prefer. To serve them well, the things you want to achieve the ultimate, the ultimate price, the quality of the ultimate.


was in the venture, we did not want to do the business is much larger, there is no thought of doing much faster, because the last round of business done fast, a few years to a company to do the 2 billion from zero, it is almost impossible. But this growth is not necessarily a good thing, you see it on the outside, a feather, numerous consumer complaints, the heart.

Month: February 2017

Analysis of how the new network to help the original owner to retrieve the domain name

, according to Donews8 27 news, the new network promised to help the original owner to recover the domain name


new network as a 93 years of the establishment of a well-known information based service application service provider to the domain name as the fulcrum for the majority of users to provide a series of services, including virtual hosting, enterprise e-mail. I believe that in this event, the new network will be properly dealt with, in ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of the original holders and holders of the domain name at the same time, reasonable to avoid the matter may cause public relations crisis.

in accordance with the "China Internet domain name management approach," the provisions of the sixteenth: "domain name registration services follow " first apply for registration of the first "." This domain name does not exist other violations of trademark infringement and other factors, then the is now the holder of the entire registration process is completely legal. But learned from the online news, Mr. Yu (domain name holder) said its domain name was transferred without reason, in response to the CNNIC, CNNIC gives the proposal is to buy, arbitration, prosecution three ways to get back. The new network marketing department said it is actively dealing with the matter, then the new network in the domain name does not infringe the legitimate rights of the holders of the premise of how to protect the interests of mr..

I guess, the new network may be used to buy the way, with the domain name is now the holder of the consultation, the domain name to buy more than mr.. In this way, not only can maintain the interests of Mr. Yu, and the domain name does not infringe the legitimate rights and interests of the holders, but also to avoid the things that may lead to public relations crisis handling CNNIC on this kind of reasonable compliance by the attitude.

above is only the author’s personal views, welcome friends of the industry criticized correct!

Month: February 2017

Daming the group purchase rebate fraud

group purchase Xiangfengyiyang fire up quickly, his will is his reason. Not only because the group purchase cheap, but with a rebate this. So, there will be a large number of Internet users to buy the site to do free network promotion, thereby increasing the sales of the group buying site.


group purchase website made promotion so much, what can rebate much? Why can’t


to talk about the group purchase website rebate rules:

invited friends to buy and buy goods for the first time, if the audit is successful, will be in your account into 10 yuan, can be used directly. Less than 10 of the goods without the rebate.

here we analyze several websites inviting friends group purchase rebate process, we can see clearly:

1, well-known buy network



buy this network is to promote the extension of the link with the promotion of ID, sharing is also with ID, so whether you are using a promotional link or share with micro-blog, according to the theory can be. I want to commend the website, is my only promotion rebate group purchase website. Then look down, the following is not the same:

2, well-known buy site:



on this site, I did not get a rebate, because the commodity is too bad? Or my promotion way wrong? Only link with ID, the share is not ID, so you share is completely useless. I tried a few days, but also with the promotion of the ID, and it was to buy a number of popular movie tickets buy goods, but no profit. Later, also did not do this buy network promotion. Some netizens have problems in response to the website of the rebate. We are interested in Baidu.

is more than two typical group purchase website rebate promotion operation. Let us look at the following dialogue:





see? This is a group purchase rebate disputes. Invited to have a successful record, and then buy the network without authorization to determine its invalid.

is a kind of marketing network group purchase group purchase rebate only to attract consumers, we do not take it seriously.

Month: February 2017

Cross border electricity supplier competition, speaking from the foreign terminal

"fresh pier", "foreign pier"

first listen and think it’s the same company. In fact, the two is not the same! One is to sell seafood back home, one is to sell back to domestic and overseas brands. Of course, are the two most popular categories of business at present, just east of the two are seen in chat, just joking 123


fresh dock is fresh, but also the most fire crabs last year the biggest seller, hailun "Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, a few weeks to sell millions of large crabs. However, I would like to give you here to disclose the secret is not a secret industry. Whether you are offline store ordering, or online purchase, are not authentic Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs. It is said that the annual domestic eat Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs can cover the Yangcheng lake. Of course, not only do the dock fresh crabs, fresh dock boss was born in Fujian, a fishing island, relatives and friends are all over the world fishing seafood. With this relationship, there is supply, you can sell goods to those who want to make fresh business. It is said that Suning intends to invest, do fresh electricity supplier. Of course, it doesn’t sound like that.

this year crabs too much, the result is rotten fresh market, terminal bad days, revenue as of 2012.

ocean terminal, but also two years suddenly rise of the electricity supplier. Of course, the historical background than the former longer, more complex business operations. Foreign terminal to do cross-border electricity supplier trading platform, last year, about 40000000 platform water, this year, about 200 million. At the beginning of the day when the order of more than and 400 single, now has more than 1200 single. Business model is to receive 12% Commission and about 15% of the transaction cost of logistics, so it can still live.

well, if want to say today is the cross-border electricity supplier, is following the last "electric car staking" vertical electric second, through the case of cross-border electricity supplier about ocean terminal.

Nielsen Co in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, China and Brazil, the six major markets of more than 6000 cross-border online shoppers from May 27th to June 12th. The report shows that this year, from the six major markets, the amount of online shopping will reach $105 billion $93 million 700 thousand. And in 2018, consumers from these six markets will be increased to 130 million, the amount of online purchases will rapidly increase to $307 billion.

specific data from the perspective of cross-border trade in these countries are as follows:


website is the most popular destination, accounting for 45%; followed by 37% in the UK, China 26%, of which 80% of people think the reason from the purchase of foreign e-commerce website is the most important to save money; 79% of people think that in the local is not easy to find.

From the

category, the main products of the cross-border online purchases of clothing, shoes and accessories, the three >

Month: February 2017

Enhance the effectiveness of e-commerce e-mail marketing by AB packet test

a lot of people think that e-mail marketing is to send a problem, there is no problem to the hair; some people will take a step further to focus on the content and format of the mail. However, according to the current mature mail marketing point of view, these ideas all ignored a very important factors, namely, whether the recipient like you send out the mail? And after sending mass to observe the open rate / click rate is different, after sending the large-scale statistics, in order to prepare for future marketing; understand the recipient preferences should be sent before the mass has been based on the data, this is the AB packet test.

common AB packet test has two kinds:

is also a mail, use a different theme to some random recipient, observe which theme is more appropriate, here you can test several different themes (AB packet just said can actually use ABCDE so many groups come together, each subject test) group will use a different style. For example, some subtle euphemism, some simple and direct, for example:

A list of

20000 receiver system, randomly selected 10% of them (2000 people) do two sets of test:

group A theme: XX travel agency May Day greetings

B theme: 51 Thailand tour ninety percent off

can set the contrast index is mail open rates or the content of the click rate, the high index contrast group for the group, the group can be set once decided, the system will be the theme of the winning group to the list in the remaining 18000 recipients to send mail (of course, also can set a time interval before sending, or manually decide whether send)

two is also a theme, use the mail content different, the AB packet to test the general content of the email click rate of contrast index, operation process is completely the same with the first way, the only difference is the different group mail sent using the same themes, but is not the same as the content.

Thousands of users in accordance with the current

graphicmail platform, the first in China to learn dozens of users to use AB packet test significantly their email marketing ROI (ROI) increase 5-10 percentage points, this effect is still very alarming, and especially in the tourism industry and the B2C mall is better, guess the reason in this regard, can be described in detail in the back.

email marketing is a fine work of precision marketing, AB group testing is a function, which is especially suitable for the accurate marketing statements of a school, a.

Month: February 2017

A shares of the company you want to buy 960 million snacks electricity supplier

[Abstract] the proportion of cash payment is 15%, the rest of the "miss you" to pay in shares.

Tencent technology Lei Jianping reported on February 16th

A shares of the company miss you (002582.SZ) announced the day before, announced $960 million acquisition of the electricity supplier becheery snacks".

"becheery" by James Hao operations, Tmall’s flagship store Tmall platform is one of the highest selling nuts snacks category shops, "becheery" series of products include nuts, candy, cakes, dried fruit dried seafood, gift boxes and other 5 series of more than and 300 SKU.

Hao James

identified in the trading price of 960 million yuan valuation based on the listed companies want you to non-public offering of shares and the payment of cash to buy the counterparty holdings of the underlying assets, including the issuance of shares of the proportion of the total 85%.

is the value of the shares issued to buy assets totaled 816 million yuan, according to the calculation of the issue price of the issue, the listed company to the counterparty total issued 50651767 shares, the total issued share capital ratio of 25.55%, accounting for the proportion of the total share capital to raise matching funds after the completion of 19.64%; the proportion of cash payments for a total of 15%, total 144 million yuan.

miss you to lock the price by way of Shi Jubin, I miss you to the first phase of ESOP, Harvest Fund, anhorn growth, Hangzhou Juyuan, Chinese anhorn, Guangxi tobsun, Shen Lintao, Bing hung capital, North Ruifeng letter of non-public offering of shares to raise matching funds.

paraquat flavor commitment in 2016 net profit of 55 million

, 2013, annual revenues of $2014 and $612 million, respectively, the annual revenue growth of up to $228 million 820 thousand and $167.51%.

2015 1-9 months, herbal flavor to achieve operating income of 815 million yuan, has exceeded its annual revenue for the year of 2014, of which only double the single operating income of more than $120 million on a single day.

at the end of 2013, the end of and the end of 2015, the 9, the South flavor of short-term borrowings were $50 million 500 thousand, $136 million, 140 million yuan, accounting for the proportion of the total assets of the company was 32.45%, 32.74%.

at the end of 2013, at the end of 2014 and 9 at the end of 2015, "becheery" inventory balance was 81 million 319 thousand and 900 yuan, 216 million 772 thousand and 100 yuan, 155 million 262 thousand and 900 yuan, accounting for the proportion of total assets were 52.26%, 54.30%, 36.31%.

although the taste of the end of the year can be gradually reduced during the next year during the Spring Festival, but if the future short-term market demand has changed significantly, or the taste of the west, the sale of other negative

Month: February 2017

How to act as an agent to survive in Taobao

Now many people shop in Taobao

, and the agent of the more, a lot of Taobao is the agent of the owner, especially women’s agency even more people, but many of the agents do after a period of time will find themselves not earn money, sometimes lose money, you should sell goods to others can survive on Taobao


we see now most of the agents are how to do, get in there from the network data packet to distributors, many Taobao dispensers do is directly to the data packet which products to upload to their shop inside, then what is the matter, behoove the thought he had set up shop and there are products waiting for business door. This approach can be said that the vast majority of agents did not earn money, the main reason, that is, as useless, or do not know how to do.

then as a proxy, what we need to do is very much, but than their purchase need to do a lot, the same is needed, shop decoration, promotion, etc.. But you need to edit the data package, a lot of people get the packet know what should be modified? It will directly upload here, say a few things down after getting packets from the network distributors must do.

The first

is to modify the price of the product, we analyze a lot of network world top network distributors, they provide the data packets are basically very low prices, some agency price, some give you a few dollars profit, if you do not modify the price, so even if we sell out of the product, so can earn money is very small, there should modify the price, usually the increase is more than 30%, to ensure that they sell every piece of clothing you can earn money.

and many agents early in the big reason is that put up the shutters, do not make money, and the reason is not making money is often worried about the price high, you can not sell it, in fact, this is not to worry, a good general network of distributors to give you the price is the lowest, under normal circumstances can increase the amplitude is large, basically can do to the profits of more than 30%. If you don’t Gardner, so close is sooner or later, the reason is very simple is no profit.

second is to change the baby name, a network of distributors is impossible only one agent, and packets are public, if you do not modify the baby names, then 100% and other agents to form the price competition, and now Taobao buyers each purchase products will be a number of search. Right, to find a relatively low price to buy, this time if you are new, and the shop popularity is not high, so it is easy to lose the customer, is to do the Taobao agent for baby names must be modified. This is something that must be done.

another one needs to be repaired

Month: February 2017

Amoy blue ocean 10 strokes to create the ultimate Taobao conversion!

ocean Amoy: Taobao is a full of wars and killings, all princes in the fertile place of battle sites, it is because of this, there are many people admire heroes, may come from the chaotic hero. Engaged in network marketing, where are the pawns, my place of study. It had heard a word, the society is the real classroom, he taught me the basic skills of survival! So, I think the internet no matter what the industry is my teacher, mentor from your body, I will learn many of my living. Recent research has been transformed, but also on the conversion rate of training. Years ago, I was concerned about Taobao sellers, through conversion training, share today, I was how to follow the conversion rate of Taobao.

text before starting to remind us that we do not go into the formula and data conversion rate, of course, this is the core. More about their operating practices, because the rules of the game industry, it can’t break you, don’t hurt! Here, blue ocean Amoy thank you for reading


a, there is a good story, touching story, can make you cry that is best

The birth of

every brand is the story behind him, can be sad, beautiful, wonderful world, can move the gods.

Rolex: Andre · heinie Rolex can carry forward in today’s world renowned and the altar table, Andre · (AndreJ.Heiniger); heinie inspiration and enthusiasm inseparable. Xia Defen was born in 1921 heiniger, Hans · Wilsdorf the Rolex once saw him, have full confidence and sincere respect for him.

I think the Rolex watch is not only a symbol of dignity, may also have emotional warmth side. So, where is your brand story, there is no story quickly pick up the pen in your hand, write. In a street in It’s raining and blowing hard. night, except the sound of rain, the rest is just a few weak barking sound…………

two, packaging, and packaging; you are not afraid of boasting, afraid you won’t blow

maybe you will think that this is not the first conflict with the first, and I can responsibly tell you that there is no conflict. The first only as a corporate background to pave the way, and this place is to pack your products. Occupy more than half the time we live in the era of the Internet, every day of your time in reading and appreciation, including numerous packaging. XXXX University doctoral degree, the most outstanding contribution award in the field of XXX, XXX conference’s most popular products. Of course, we are familiar with JDB, national champion tea. Therefore, the packaging is only for product packaging.

three, different periods of different selling points, different activities

for the activities of a lot of companies have done, the 38 section of women free of charge, the 71 section of the members of the military free of charge, >