Month: May 2017

The FA Cup semi-final decide Shanghai green team performance

football is an international movement, at the same time, now the domestic football is also of concern in recent years, the domestic is in the development of China football career, yesterday in the cup final, it produced a new four.

19, China Henan Jianye home court in the FA Cup against the defending champion Shandong Luneng 1 / 4 finals, the two sides in 90 minutes into 1: 1, the penalty shootout Jianye team the ball hit the post, the ball was saved, eventually, Shandong Luneng with 5: 3 semi-finals.

history record from both sides and the strength of speaking, the defending champion Shandong is an advantage, but Henan Jianye home court with   "all against tyranny" of the title, so this game is definitely a tough battle for Shandong luneng.

in the Chinese Cup final, in fact, the competition is very fierce, at the same time, also let us see the recommended

Month: May 2017

Zhang Jiaojiao, a young woman with disabilities in Cangzhou, started 500 thousand in chicken breedin

once disabled, for many people may end up in a lifetime. However, the hero of this article has made unremitting efforts, relying on chicken entrepreneurship, more than 500 thousand years, which is a lot of people can not do a good health, Cangzhou’s disabled young woman Zhang Jiaojiao did.

riding an electric tricycle selling eggs

Zhang Jiaojiao optimistic, strong from the parents care for her. "When I was a child, I couldn’t go to school. In order to let me learn knowledge, my father was busy with his work during the day." Later, with the growth of age, Zhang Jiaojiao found with peers around the gap. Looking at some of their peers admitted to the University, and some took part in the work, and she can only stay at home every day.

at that time Zhang Jiaojiao’s father kept 2000 hens, free to help his father to pick up the egg on the Zhang Jiaojiao. One day, Zhang Jiaojiao thought, why not go out to help his father sell eggs. In Zhang Jiaojiao’s strong request, his father bought her an electric tricycle. In order to learn to drive, Zhang Jiaojiao every day while others sleep, the road less people, secretly open to the playground practice. Learn to drive, Zhang Jiaojiao’s entrepreneurial journey opened.

, however, a very realistic problem in front of Zhang Jiaojiao: she was sitting on a tricycle is a day, half-way can not get off to the toilet. In order to overcome the difficulties, she often hungry all day long do not eat or drink, and sometimes hungry dizzy, weight quickly reduced from 96 pounds to 76 pounds. The most difficult is the winter, cold blood circulation is not smooth legs, legs and feet on the frostbite ulceration. See this situation, parents will not let Zhang Jiaojiao go out.

difficulties did not stop the pace of Zhang Jiaojiao forward, she drove a tricycle around the rural supermarket turned over, decided to establish a supply relationship with the supermarket. Fresh eggs, reasonable prices, personally door-to-door, Zhang Jiaojiao with their own advantages to establish a long-term cooperative relationship with the supermarket. Through word of mouth, around the village supermarket, restaurants, bakeries into Zhang Jiaojiao’s customers.

own poultry farms reached 30 thousand

Zhang Jiaojiao to sell eggs to open up the market, but also the idea of raising their own eggs. The first batch of chicks and feed money spent nearly 150 thousand yuan, is to borrow from relatives and friends. Zhang Jiaojiao said: there is a year of bird flu is particularly serious, the spread of the epidemic is very fast, a lot of layers have not escaped the robbery, because of their strict management of the farm, only I keep hens intact. After the outbreak, a substantial reduction in egg herds, egg prices, brought me business opportunities, access to considerable income."

Zhang Jiaojiao was married at that time, her husband was hard-working and capable. The couple after half a year of hard work, debts repaid in full year, net profit reached recommended

Month: May 2017

The four step is to teach you how to run a hair salon

as long as people will have the beauty of the psychological, common beauty for hair, also let the hairdressing industry is very hot, hairdressing is now the most popular investment industry, a lot of people do, the market competition is very fierce. For the operators of salon, want to own brand more consumer acceptance and recognition, not only to have a good product, but also to have good management methods, so as to help you better shop, faster to get rich. So, how to run a hair salon?

a, with the image of the industry design:

it is clear that customers will not be in front of the consumer will always look at the appearance of the store, in order to use as a reference or not. Then is the vision of the internal extension, look at the house of the customer and the staff of the service before the final choice of good. Therefore, the design must be in accordance with the type of psychology to attract customers to do a reasonable design and planning.

is like knowing a stranger at first, and you will be sure to make the same sense from his dress and dress. Modern consumer customers more and more like simple, generous, transparent, bright, but also has a sense of image store. At present, the appearance of beauty salon, in addition to the name of different, personalized features did not play. How to shape their own personality, the operator is the first step in the whole game chess.

two, reasonable and smooth space planning and layout:

most of the beauty salon is generally small, the cashier do high, customers can not see the cashier, the exchange of the two sides caused some difficulties, such space design is not conducive to customer maintenance. Reasonable space layout, not only to a certain extent, deepen the communication between the customer and the shop assistant, but also can effectively improve the efficiency of the store.

such as the abolition of size chair, modern stores should be the same chair, also don’t put a lot of customers placed inside the room or a quiet area, why not put a door in the hall of the most obvious position, make the door just a customer can see the popularity of the store?

three, a complete and positive division of labor structure:

One of the most important conditions for an eagle to fly is that

has a pair of wings that are strong enough to support it. Chicken also has wings, why can’t fly? Organization is to let a store can have a pair of wings to fly. Under the traditional habit of recruitment, strokes are other job hopping employees, who went to the store who can not guarantee that they no longer quit.

If the

and design a set of let them stay to learn – Advanced – upgrade – – – raise split joint venture complete division of progress of architecture, then the situation may change. A development of the shop is a recommendation of the system

Month: May 2017

Sichuan Jingdong public Internet entrepreneurship practice base awarding country women

rural women lack of career opportunities for a long time, not to go abroad to work, that is, at home to do farming and family care. However, the last two years, with the development of entrepreneurship opportunities and the Internet together to the countryside, rural women usher in a new entrepreneurial opportunities.

1 19, the Jingdong foundation let love home country women Internet entrepreneurship practice base — "love home" in Mount Emei city of Leshan award ceremony was held at the Jingdong in Sichuan province is located in the Mount Emei City Service center.

by Mount Emei City Association, Mount Emei City Employment Bureau, Mount Emei Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Jingdong charity foundation, China women’s development foundation, Jingdong Southwest Company jointly responsible person for the Mount Emei, Qianwei County, Jiajiang County three Jingdong Service Center awarding three service center, which officially became "Jingdong public Internet business of rural women practice base", which also marked by the Jingdong Foundation launched the "love home" project carried out in the three public brand designed to support local women’s entrepreneurship training programs and employment overall fall.

The first batch of three

ceremony, the Mount Emei municipal government leadership said: "the electronic commerce and the combination of the characteristics of poverty, with the electronic business platform" interoperability ", through skills training and give some resources to support, not only to promote rural women out of poverty through employment will have a positive effect to the rich, have great attraction to attract more the rural women who work outside the home business, and could miss the point, as they realize the dream of home business to provide a perfect solution, not only can go home entrepreneurship, employment, but also to let the old left-behind children accompanied by family and re.

thank Jingdong foundation and Jingdong Southwest Company created such an innovative social welfare model in commercial advantage and contribute their resources at the same time, also contributed to the society more concerned about public welfare, the heart of rural population and good attention to efforts to solve common social problems of rural women’s employment and left behind children."

Month: May 2017

Personalized supermarket achievements of your wealth dream

for the convenience of the supermarket people believe needless to say we all know, but one thing to open a large supermarket is not very easy, this will bring opportunities for the development of personalized service in the supermarket, the supermarket opened a personalized believe that you can receive money!



Month: May 2017

Successful operation of home textile stores pay attention to product features and prices

textile industry market prospects, the shop to do such project investment is a good choice, but the key is how to do should shop, although the textile products are necessities, but not consumables, generally will not buy, only the product does attract he can buy, so in the brands of products to find some cheap and everyone needs products.

often low profit product is very high, both to attract consumers, but also to ensure the daily cost of shop. Open home textile stores first of all to ensure that you can not lose money, then you have to go into your store to buy you things. It is only the low price of the necessities can not consider will buy, such as a variety of Japanese called the function of taking Collectible bags, can be processed into a variety of groceries with remnant bag, can put socks. Shorts. Bra, card., car umbrella bags, mat cloth. Textile and various arts and crafts. The Japanese magazines have published such products without the need for their own development. There are hundreds of kinds of home textile products, and the cost may be one yuan or so, and the price of up to five yuan, the guests will generally buy a few.

, like Japan’s Muji, should profit, IKEA are all grocery stores as the main means of sales, to attract guests and as the main profit model. If your brand stores in more than 20 that you can focus on the provision of brands to provide, which can reduce the procurement costs of the shop. Japanese Muji, should benefit, all are based on the IKEA Home Furnishing grocery sales as the main means, in general the textile shop guests generally have the intention to buy, buy small things will increase the purchase of large items of desire.

home textile stores in order to maintain the customer’s shopping desire to increase their production under the impression, we can print some small ads to them, advertising do not print is too large, too large can not be put out may be lost, advertising products in addition to the main product is to introduce some of life’s necessities. As far as I know, the ad is about 5%-8%. The end of the month to sell things to make a statistical table, price, product pattern, color, fabric to do with data, that the direction of sales, know what goods money, increase the turnover is based on your marketing, improve the management level gradually accumulated. Sample out, rely on the actual effect, the bedroom light soft spots, curtains bright spots, the product color patterns are put together in a more harmonious manner, the size of the large cargo to consider the way the display.

how to open a low-cost home textile stores, can be seen from the above description, want to successfully operate a textile shop, it must be unique in the product, enough skin customers have the desire to buy is the key place, in addition to the characteristics of the product, the price is also high quality and inexpensive products, try to do the brand, in order to have better sales.

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Month: May 2017

Entrepreneurship was 8 years in Shandong can start a business

entrepreneurship has become a hot topic, many young people do not want to work for others, just out of college students, there are a lot of people, into the wave of entrepreneurship. According to such a social phenomenon, in Shandong can drop out of school 8 years of entrepreneurship, is this true?

Shandong will implement flexible educational system in Colleges and universities, allowing college students to leave school business, the duration can be extended to a maximum of 8 years, the realization of the provisions of students timely issued by semester examination academic certificate, degree granting qualifications, registration formalities for employment. This reporter learned from the Shandong provincial government held a press conference on 9.

recently, Shandong Province issued "on the comprehensive reform of higher education" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), on the comprehensive reform of higher education in Shandong has made the plan, put forward to strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship education, strengthen college students’ innovative practical talents.

according to the Shandong Provincial Education Department deputy director Guo Jianlei introduced the "opinions" clearly put forward the relevant measures in the implementation of flexible system, also includes: set up a scientific and rational innovation and Entrepreneurship of compulsory and elective courses, in the credit process; the proportion of progress of practice course, agriculture and medicine professional practice proportion gradually reached more than 30%, humanities and social sciences more than 20% professional teachers; improve to the enterprises and grass-roots practice system, and as an important evaluation according to the appointment; continue to implement college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training program, the annual merit support 100 college students’ innovation and entrepreneurship training program etc..

addition, in perfect processing structure, promote the construction of modern university system, put forward the "opinions", stick to and perfect the president responsibility system under the Party leadership, establish system to school constitution as the core, improve the Party committee (Committee) and the principal’s office meeting system, perfect the academic committee, school board system, the establishment of the total the accounting system of University, strengthen the financial supervision.

the "opinions" put forward reform of credit system, to explore the comprehensive evaluation of undergraduate admission and other enrollment system reform, expand enrollment autonomy, improve vocational and undergraduate, vocational and undergraduate segment through promotion mode, develop professional directory, optimize professional planning, implementation of dynamic processing.

the "opinions" put forward the implementation of the staff handling the total filing system, to determine the teaching and scientific research, teaching organization and staffing of the total by the independent colleges and universities, to develop their own post setting scheme, with independent deployment implementation plan, independent open recruitment of talents. The original identity of the establishment of personnel records, the total amount of personnel to enjoy the same treatment.

"this is a major measure of personnel reform, the purpose is to encourage colleges and universities to guide the scientific and rational allocation of human resources, resulting in dynamic personnel management system." The mountain is recommended

Month: May 2017

4 tips for venture financing

venture to get rich investment in addition to the quality of entrepreneurial projects and entrepreneurs, but also a certain amount of financing skills. Entrepreneurs and investors before the formal discussion of investment plans, entrepreneurs need to do four aspects of psychological preparation.

1, ready to deal with all kinds of questions

2, ready to deal with investors to manage the inspection

3, ready to give up some business

4, ready to compromise


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Month: May 2017

First time entrepreneurs give you some wise remark of an experienced person.

a lot of friends involved in the first foray into the ranks, it is possible that the lack of experience and around the wall. Xiao Bian to give the initial venture of a friend’s proposal is to choose a low-cost business model, this simple model of investment is not very little risk is not suitable for no entrepreneurial experience friends. The following five entrepreneurial model is dedicated to the first venture friends, we want to help.


Month: May 2017

Chinese granny missing elderly missing in Australia need to be vigilant

recently said that a Chinese granny disappeared in Australia, the old man 80 years old, went to Australia to visit relatives. When leaving home with no money will not English, at present, the family and the police are looking for the whereabouts of the elderly.

It is reported that

It is reported that

any insider please call 000, or call the Waverley Valley (Glen  Waverley) the police call 95661555.

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