Month: June 2017

How to join the dessert faster success

dessert is a favorite food of many friends, if you want to open a dessert shop, how can we do more successful? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, I hope you can help.

don’t tell me you didn’t make any money. Dessert is not always to open up a profit evaluation, if you did not mention the dessert shop run well, only talk about other achievements, it is very good.

do not pay too much attention to the failure of entrepreneurship. You don’t need to tell people what you’re doing. Don’t talk about how you got squeezed out of a dessert store. People don’t care. You can ignore this fact, just tell people what you did at the dessert shop.

advanced experience to help you quickly get the success of the dessert store, the successful operation of dessert stores need to be more innovative methods. Only grasp the correct operation method is the premise of successful development.


above is about how to join some dessert shop faster success, I believe we have a certain understanding, a dessert shop is a good choice for business, to find the favorable opportunity and make more awesome, if you want dessert stores, you need to fully analyze the market, choose a good target, make more worry.

Month: June 2017

How entrepreneurship can not be ignored the law of supply and demand

many friends want to start a business, but success is not an easy thing. Entrepreneurs, do you pay attention to the law of supply and demand? While you are anxious to build their own business, the law of supply and demand is the most easily overlooked, but also hinder the direct cause of entrepreneurial success.

In addition to

in sales, if people at the beginning of your product purchase intention, it will be very helpful. If you have not yet found the people’s demand for the product, there may be many reasons.

Third, once you have identified the existence of market demand, then identify the degree of demand. How many products can be sold per month or per year? Master the level of demand will help you to product pricing. Demand, you can set a high price. If demand is small, you may need to lower your price.

in my fifteenth venture, I decided to specifically for small businesses to develop an online payroll software. I have deliberately chosen a product that is difficult for others to replicate, so that we can eliminate the possibility of competition. I also know my potential customers, small business owners, to create a target market will not be satisfied with the monotony of software services. I know we can do better, because we will

Month: June 2017

Fujian ATM machine to scan the code can not forget to bring a bank card withdrawals

in the life of the code is one of the things we often do, and now the money can also be carried out through the scan code. Scan code withdrawals, so that even if the majority of people forget to bring a bank card do not have to worry about. Following the phone bank booking withdrawals, not connected to the realization of quick withdrawals, the Bank launched a number of banks in the wake of the scan code withdrawals. People do not need to bring a bank card, the ATM screen to scan the two-dimensional code, you can easily achieve no card withdrawals. So far, no card withdrawals increased to three.

reporter yesterday saw a number of bank outlets in Cangshan, ICBC, China Construction Bank, Bank of China and other banks have launched the scan code withdrawals function. ATM home page on the two-dimensional code withdrawals options. People do not need to insert the bank card, as long as the two-dimensional code scanning with the mobile phone bank and enter the transaction password withdrawals. The withdrawal process is the first open mobile phone client, choose an appointment for two-dimensional code withdrawals, set the amount of money and save the reservation information, and then to the nearest outlets before ATM, according to the "two-dimensional code withdrawals" button in the self-service page, using a mobile phone to scan two-dimensional code, then follow the prompts to enter the transaction information and transaction password, this process all withdrawals the end.

Prior to this, the Bank of Fuzhou, the industry has no card withdrawal business has been a mobile phone bank without a card booking withdrawals and non connected fast withdrawals. Scan code withdrawals and prior to booking withdrawals, without the use of bank cards physical media, you can reduce the risk of bank cards are copied. In addition, compared with the original non card booking withdrawals, scan code withdrawals to manually enter the reservation code steps, the process is more convenient and quick withdrawals.

need to pay attention to is that the current number of banks have a certain amount of two-dimensional code withdrawals limit, such as China Construction Bank requires a total amount of withdrawals can not be more than 5000 yuan. Another two kinds of non card withdrawals are also limited, the majority of banks to provide mobile banking booking withdrawal limit of $1000, not connected to a quick withdrawal that Apple pay single limit of $10 thousand. Therefore, large withdrawals also need the cardholder to bank outlets counter.

through the above information reports we can see that in today’s increasingly economic development, science and technology are constantly changing. Fujian ATM machine to scan the code to withdrawals, forget the bank card does not matter, so you can easily get money, no longer have to worry about forgetting to bring a bank card.

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Month: June 2017

Shandong Longkou initiatives to promote entrepreneurship

now the whole society’s employment problem is more prominent, at the same time in many places are actively promoting people’s business, in the whole society, entrepreneurship has become a new trend.

the city people club Bureau, trade unions and other relevant departments, through project driven, entrepreneurship, training and other measures to promote and carry out the 20 special recruitment will, for the city’s more than 500 enterprises recruitment and employment of more than 6 thousand people.


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Month: June 2017

Zero risk entrepreneurial programs recommend young people’s welfare

now the whole society, people life and employment pressure is relatively large, especially for some young people, facing the huge employment pressure, in the majority of young people on the road of entrepreneurship, project selection is a key factor.

now has more and more car owners, many people are beginning to start a car decoration work, but you may not know that the water washing has become a new job, this project does not need too high, do not need a lot of investment costs, and not waste water, too no pollution, is a promising industry.


summer are popular open-air barbecue stalls, also began to increase, many people have begun to be in order to ease the life and work pressure to open bar entertainment, but in fact, people still have a certain bias and mystery to the bar, if you can open an open-air bar,. Very hot.

color mud to make paintings are called flower painting, has been very popular in foreign countries, the domestic has just started. If you are in the vicinity of the school or open a flower mud Gallery, aimed at students doing business quasi money. Investment: total investment of 2600 yuan. Among them: the rent 500 yuan / month, banners of $40, shelves of $60, the table of 5 yuan, the chair of the 30 yuan, a simple renovation fee of $100, a license fee of $20, raw materials, 1200 yuan, 300 yuan. Marketing methods: divided into mud sales of finished products, their own production and sales of raw materials in 3 parts. If the finished painting, and mounted on the frame, according to the price of its core frame, 15 cm × 20 cm, 20 cm; × 25 cm, 30 cm × 40 cm; three kinds of specifications, charges 20 yuan each, 30 yuan and 50 yuan; if the student made, charges 10 yuan, 30 each yuan; if not loaded frame, charges 5 yuan, 8 yuan, 15 yuan; the sale of single flower mud bottle (30 grams) 2-3 yuan, also have a net profit of $1-2.

charcoal with high performance activated carbon is recommended

Month: June 2017

Shop agent should pay attention to what

network has become a very hot market, War Within Three Kingdoms today, we pay attention to the network marketing what?


The relationship between

1, the supplier and the shop agent is suppliers and agents, suppliers regularly agents to provide the detailed product information, training on products, familiar with the product as soon as possible, to help distributors.

2, novice shop, the network is not familiar with the sale is not understand, open the computer is the customer, it is not good. Taobao page has a free online school, there are a variety of practical useful. Sales areas to teach you how to do, should pay attention to this tutorial network sales university. The more you study, the better your sales will be.

3, Shop consignment ills in the consignment only product pictures and simple information to the guests. A lot of time to answer guest questions all sorts of strange things. After all, agents did not see physical products, did not understand the specific details of each product performance. Therefore, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the product or buy only a few simple products, the product further understanding and understanding. It is not easy to enter the product too much, the pursuit of quality is not quantity.

4, talk about the relevant matters, such as: replacement, return, on time delivery, delivery, etc..

and senior consult experience, and later exchange thoughts. Constant thinking, you will have a different harvest!

Month: June 2017

Tell you why entrepreneurial projects are not successful

Now there are many

examples of successful entrepreneurs, but relatively, the failure is There are plenty of people who. Why do not succeed in the business of small projects for different projects, finishing a number of entrepreneurial unsuccessful cases, we want to help.

Month: June 2017

Wang Xuanya young is the entrepreneur’s largest capital

she was a respected engineers of the human soul, in order to start without hesitation in her resignation; the ups and downs of business for more than and 10 years, trained into shopping malls heroine in her heart endures; help people dream, launched several donated hope primary school, this is the Hongkong e-qianmei group (Chinese) general manager Wang Xuanya, in mall business nei, from start empty-handed to worth millions; although the business people, but always keep the heart of love, charity and engage in charity, career don’t forget to return to society.

change from the teacher to the merchant

Wang Xuanya in the body, is a rare woman decisively and resolutely, once seriously will devote. After graduation, Wang Xuanya became a primary school teacher, outstanding performance, she quickly became the backbone of the school. In the course of 6 years of coaching career, Wang Xuanya touched a lot of new things, a new understanding of life and life.

with young people break effort, carries on the ideal of the future, Wang Xuanya embarked on the road of entrepreneurship. In the market after decades of fighting, go now, change radically, Wang xuanya said she is the biggest harvest, pioneering this experience let her learn how to behave.

"to do a person" this is Wang Xuanya’s biggest business sentiment, far from being so simple, in a process of summarizing the experience and lessons, Wang Xuanya understood that light has sureness and professional skills is not enough, on the surrounding environment to grasp and adapt, communication ability, comprehensive ability to adapt so important more than the professional knowledge.

in the ups and downs of business growth in

start at the beginning, Wang Xuanya first learning from the beginning, she entered a beauty company, and later moved to the cosmetics company, during this period, she met a lot of the cosmetics business and marketing knowledge and practical business philosophy, management experience. After slowly have some experience and the accumulation of entrepreneurial impulse began boiling in her body, in 2003 she received the first shop, a beauty salon in Wang Xuanya to do business with the successful experience full of sound and colour,, Wang xuanya also received 2 consecutive salons and 1 foot therapy shop.

> failed despite the pain,

Month: June 2017

Entrepreneurs to create a good reputation for themselves

business and build their reputation is very important, not only is the entrepreneurs themselves to create a good reputation, but also should be given its own brand to create a good reputation, so that you and your brand to get more recognition.

to Xianshengduoren, creating reputation also imminent. Some entrepreneurs in the business before the reputation of excellence, which greatly enhance the ability to resist risks. Unknown to the public but for the team, until the company stable, even in the past no accumulation to "create a reputation" reputation ", every month to some new ideas to promote products, share experiences and best way to top entertainment news can, when chatting and distribution channels," by! That was the last time you made the news……" Instant heart into the topic.

if bad luck, no investment currently available, after a two years, still can make a comeback, because this business may be more on the track, the market may become more mature, while financing fewer competitors, the greater the odds. But once again to the same financial institutions should pay special attention to, sometimes investors take the last BP out and now the new BP, in addition to look at the past estimate whether it can achieve, also compare the company’s business strategy is to maintain consistency.

a time tested BP can obtain venture capital trust. Even if the current venture fails, if the founder’s reputation is very good, continuous entrepreneurs are more likely to get investment.

in enterprise management, it is difficult to estimate when they will need funds to maintain consistent business and continue to create a good reputation, in the future to fund-raising, can play a great help. At the same time, for a company, there may be a number of products in different stages, and the same product may face multiple transformation.

for entrepreneurs, he is the most important product is actually the company’s culture, reputation, employee is not love this company, competitors and partners how to evaluate this company, changes in business, the founder can grasp.