Month: August 2017

Webmaster don’t toss your users

we all know why love Shanghai to launch Scindapsus algorithm 2 is the "spark plan" to support the project, or really in order to integrate the entire network environment and open to the user as the user, according to the importance of this? We may not.

in the spark plan, many webmaster in the "soft" the fall over each other to write, what to do. In order to cater to the small spider like chant, they said to respect the original, but most did not look after, the text is really soft, simply "soft" to the extreme. To this kind of soft, not advertising, but fuck too cheating, no content, no quality, no readability. Such as the three products how you let users love, even if you love Shanghai for the original judgment, immediately included, but how, just to increase the number of IP, increase the jump, reduce the conversion. So, if things go on like this, you think that search engines are not from the comprehensive factors to determine whether the value of your site? Then you begin to estimate jiwai, what my website 90% are own original, why is this fate. In a word, four words "you deserve it"! Is a complete waste of time for the user to increase your website IP, what is the use of

as you say, you just write what the contents of the article are three original, so what would the log space, ranking, but also to you do that, why the search engine does not include the contents of the log space, the problem is here, where are the personal thoughts individual mood, essays, no public taste, but the search engine doesn’t get you.

, have been misread the "spark plan"

here you start so hypocritical, social networking sites, Blog websites are not true, is a personal registration station, why included is good ah. I would like to ask you, the article you browse a eight thousand million children, unless it is creative, sympathetic and readable, this is the kingly way. So, webmaster, don’t torture your users, judge misread the search engine for the original article, the bright blind not only her eyes.


two, Scindapsus algorithm 2 virtual reality virtual reality

has recently been too busy to write something, always think things can not write, time is not sufficient, whether it is finished or still inside the ink too little or it is nothing to say. Today in the online search to find a lot of material, news source, but also did not find what I wanted to write, we feel like this kind of webmaster, want to write some creative new things to cater to small spiders, really hard. The Internet does not feel like a bit of thing, really do not know where to write too much, after all we like this kind of webmaster, write every day chewing and tasteless, repeated long winded articles, even false original also conforms to the theme of the content, or to their brains, try hard to cater to the spider and thinking user preferences.

Month: August 2017

These free tools and methods of mining the long tail keywords you know

click on the pop-up dialog box, tool, waiting for input and search keywords, keyword tool will set out the relevant keywords and long tail keywords, show the daily search volume, the degree of the competition

here are several long tail keywords convenient and effective mining method:


3. using the "thesaurus network" mining long tail keywords

According to the demand of

Shanghai index shows love and popular search in the search term and the fastest rising search terms we can set out a part of the long tail keywords popular.

mining long tail keywords to quickly and efficiently, but also has been plagued by many Shanghai Longfeng beginners. Today, the dreamer will tell you how to quickly and effectively mining the long tail keywords, improve the work efficiency of

open the love Shanghai index page (贵族宝贝index.baidu贵族宝贝/), enter the target keyword Click to view the index selection of demand.

as everyone knows, website keywords into target keywords and long tail keywords. The target keywords as the soul of the website, the website of the center location thought and content of the construction of the expanding direction, choose the right target keywords is to choose a way to success Avenue; the long tail keywords refers to the non target site keywords but also can bring the flow of search keywords, long tail keywords can give a good optimization a site of great flow, dig out the long tail keywords user needs is the way to have the power of transportation on the road to success


slide the page to the bottom, you can see the popular search.


choose the long tail transmission > Thesaurus



love Shanghai client (贵族宝贝editor.baidu贵族宝贝/) as love Shanghai search marketing and web promotion tool, not only brings great convenience for many SEMer, the long tail keywords keywords tool is also applicable to the work of Er mining in Shanghai dragon. This tool we only need to register (registered address) and login account can be used to promote the love of Shanghai (free).

1. using the "love Shanghai index", the user needs to find

! Keywords

2. love Shanghai promotion client keyword tool



thesaurus network (贵族宝贝ciku5贵族宝贝/) is a comprehensive website keyword thesaurus, contains the latest hot key, key vocabulary thesaurus, bidding key library and the library industry keywords.

Month: August 2017

Don’t be blinded by the user first appearance of Shanghai dragon eyes

in fact, when we calm down, carefully pondering in website optimization, the relationship between work and search engines do we need, you will find that Shanghai dragon is not only in the "care" of the search engine if you feel that too much focus on how to take into account even a flicker of search engine, then I believe that in the "5· you will be on tenterhooks 20" event, continuous speculation love Shanghai in the end of the station you took what measures, in fact, this reaction originally should not be our appearance. See the essence through the appearance, we need to return to the understanding of the nature of Shanghai dragon, understand user occupied in website optimization position, and adjust the relationship between the coordinate user and search engine, let Shanghai dragon return to a normal track.

experienced a recent love Shanghai "5· 20" event, let many webmaster and Shanghai dragon ER occurs many regrets, two days ago I talked about some A5 in Shanghai dragon behind the problem from this incident, in fact, this is not the first love events in Shanghai, but still in the webmaster circle cause a great disturbance, a reflection is the webmaster and occupation optimization workers to pay special attention to the love of Shanghai, on the other hand, but also reflect the lack of some webmaster and Shanghai dragon ER in the presence of the mentality and Thinking on engaged in optimization work, to a certain extent, thought to be "abducted" search engine many appearances blindfolded.

first, the search engine is working for the users "wage earners". In the eyes of many web site optimization, time to search engine attitude is the focus of the work of the day, it is made a mistake have the order reversed. You know, it was originally positioned as a search engine for users to work "wage earners". His work is to serve the users of that website users to find relevant information need and interested in them, so is the search engine in time regardless of preferences and attitudes of users, constantly to match, the user can search for it to produce the effect of identity, then the existence and further development may, therefore, in the standard search engine is developed based on respect for users, constantly grasp of user preferences and needs of the.

second, behind the standards of search engine is reflected in the user’s preferences. In order to make search results to get user acceptance, the search engine needs to do is continuously according to user feedback, according to the analysis of user access on the search page and time data, understand the preferences and customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, it is fully that the standards of search engine is a manifestation of user preferences and good the user experience. In order to get the favour of search engine, the most important is to let the website to obtain the user’s recognition and love, so that they can easily access on the web, find the information and data they need, also let a website to attract and retain users, this is undoubtedly the web search engine.

Month: August 2017

2013 new examples of analytical algorithm of the site is down right reason

Links itself can be beneficial to the website ranking, but because the webmaster has become increasingly busy, often to detect Links site omissions, often because of Links site right down, involved in their own website right down.

is Links website implicated


blindly rely on the old site transfer weight

new year just after the webmaster is still in a happy new year, on the site’s attention declined obviously, only to find work after the query site, new year is not worth, website operation situation worsened, many high weight site are subject to varying degrees of right down in February. Love Shanghai algorithm kept updated in the new algorithm under the site, in order to survive must meet the provisions of the algorithm, the reason for everyone to talk about the new algorithm under the web site is down right.



the garbage chain foul of the new algorithm

love Shanghai launched the website tools, many webmaster started wanton revision to the website, meet your site being punished, again for a new domain name directly copy program, a new site from the new, with 301 steering and love Shanghai revision tools, 301 jump is the only recognized Shanghai love can turn to transfer the weight the new website can transfer the old station weight, but many owners expect the weight of the old station, the weight of new sites within a short period of time can get a new station, included the number are also transferred to the new station, also received a corresponding keyword ranking, but did not add optimization factors to the new station, railway station, the chain number is less the poor, even for this site because the old station weight transfer, love Shanghai will be mistaken for a optimization, and set the chain completely proportional, Coupled with the new station during operation, it is vulnerable to love Shanghai in the review period, Shanghai was love right down is normal things. The weights of the old station to station transfer is limited, for a new domain name is new, we must optimize the Shanghai dragon to the railway station, so as to more long-term survival in the search engine. The following is by old site weight transfer is right down the website:

fell in love with the sea line of the new Scindapsus algorithm, in the new year to the webmaster sent a gift, but also let some of the long chain of people eat junk cold-shoulder treatment, clearly pointed out that in order to protect the real algorithm diligently do station, to crack down on the chain of garbage station. In the forum everywhere owners complain about affect the algorithm, buy links to spend money, but also was algorithm punishment, really lose the wife of another soldier! Here is the large-scale fluctuations from love Shanghai tools query website chain, which for the website is very large, originally on the link to the website started to disappear overnight, love Shanghai, here to remind everyone to survive long not to be right down in love in Shanghai, the chain of garbage or do not appear in the website.

Month: August 2017

The five biggest killers of early startups out of businessWhy is it so difficult to develop Wangzhua

yesterday February 10th, tiger sniffing an article on the start-up company was acquired by large companies, entrepreneurs how to deal with large companies, team relations, and help the acquisition of the successful completion. Today, we’re going to recommend an article on how many obstacles an start-up can get out of on its way out. For those who are pondering through the acquisition, seeking to withdraw from the entrepreneurs reference. This article comes from Venturebeat, compiled by Tiger sniffing:

in the higher share that if you stop looking for the project, you can find a master to learn from him, this is the fastest way, or do a bole, to find their own horse, perhaps this analogy is not appropriate. But no matter what to do to have good execution, said thousands of times you do not do is no good. The Ming Dynasty philosopher Wang Shouren said: the unity of knowledge and practice. That is theory and reality

two, the company’s "intellectual property" did not get

start-up companies have a lot of talented engineers, but they don’t have enough resources in other areas. The small size of the "acquisition of employment acqui-hire transactions probably less than $10 million but is usually considered a rare top talent in signing the employment contract, the details are not known to outsiders and the amount is not small; a large scale transaction often is" acquisition and formation buy vs. build "part the strategy, large companies can choose not only has been test team, but also get market recognition products, even on the R & D program critical products.


Wangzhuan industry is a special existence, it appears that the time is very short, which is nearly ten years gradually developed. Although generally include Wangzhuan on the network to make money you love a variety of means, including site operators, e-commerce and other aspects. But we said that basically Wangzhuan is relatively low-level, such as garbage station, do some advertising click or register for these projects. It can be said that what we call Wangzhuan is on the network to make money is opportunistic, relatively low levels of money.

So if you want to When

1. Important people, founders, key employees such as core Engineers or investors do not support "early" exit trading

, such as the flow of large communities to lead traffic, go to video sites, advertising, forums, mass mail, and so on. These methods have a characteristic, it can really bring the income in the short term, and not for a long time, do not run, the short term is difficult to have income, but this Wangzhuan way there is a feature that is not a lot of people to operate, because of the high traffic site is not a fool, it won’t make it site filled with a lot of advertising. If a lot of people to do so, the station is bound to deal with. Not title, that is, delete posts, delete information. Another reason is that the master of these money making skills will not disclose their own ways to make money, because they are afraid of damaging their own income. Empathy, if it is you, you have a way to make money, can easily tell a stranger? Have a cake you are willing to give to others, a casual, unless that person is your friends or relatives.

best case: there is nothing to disclose to the acquirer in the company’s intellectual property rights, or even if there are some to disclose

in the start-up company only "team" or "team" and "technology" in the background, many of the "withdrawal" for the purpose of the acquisition transaction eventually failed. There are many reasons for the failure to withdraw from the transaction. This article lists five of the most common I witnessed in the entrepreneurial team:


the first question is whether the core developers / your technical personnel or other co-founder is ready to continue to spend time and energy in the company’s technology and business? The most important thing is, is willing to work together with the new club after the completion of the acquisition? In the early exit case, the acquirer will usually have the acquiring company’s founder, development staff and team strategy "as a part must be retained".

so you should understand that the way to make money is in the hands of a few people, unless you know these experts, or spend money, otherwise they have no obligation to tell you. The hackers discovered vulnerabilities and a reason, hackers have new attack techniques or found new vulnerabilities, are their own first use, be tired or not fresh was released. But the number of people used, the estimated patch is also played, so it will soon be invalid.

starts a business, the company should have the founder’s "contribution to the company" of any technology intellectual property rights, and all need an effective and audited transfer agreement. The agreement will separate the intellectual property obtained later in the company’s work from the present and past founders for example, the invention of the transfer agreement and the confidentiality clause. Your team will also have to obtain similar agreements from independent contractors, who will retain most of their intellectual property rights without special descriptions of the transfer. It is also important to keep a record of the third party confidentiality agreement, which many technology companies do with computer software.


people are selfish animals, so even if he tells you that the way he earns money has no loss to him, he won’t easily tell you. Unless you pay for it, or it’s especially good with you. You know this, then see some Wangzhuan tutorial flooded online, what day earn hundred thousand yuan, do not think that the treasure is picked up, basically is expired or the failure of the project. These projects look quite a matter of course, there is a lot of truth, but basically not practical. They’re all theoretically feasible, but they don’t make any money. Otherwise, why people do not put out, cut off sources of revenue

Month: August 2017

Little joke the quality of the chain with the website mother-in-law

: I said high quality outside the chain of high quality the chain is some weight high site leaves, the chain is the more the better, and the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, resources outside the chain of choice oh.

so do not only do the number of the chain link quality, but to do links, in the search engine’s quality is far higher than the number, a quality chain is equivalent to 50 the number of chain, finally the little joke you please leave the chain, you want to learn more knowledge, why not give others some of the benefits? There is no free lunch! By (贵族宝贝xiaobud贵族宝贝) little joke Daquan feeds, reproduced trouble to the younger brother left a link, then.

at A5 this afternoon issued an article, after an audit by the Shanghai love search, find a few articles reprinted, this can increase to several high quality of the chain, who knows actually the link, this is against the enthusiasm of contributors. Again, few people will share the experience and experience, I think, people write so hard, not just for a few chain removed? Why? Oh, going back to the topic, just a good article reprinted, sudden inspiration, combined with their own experience, to share with you the relationship between the chain and the site.

chain and the site has a close relationship, as long as the owners are aware of, but not to say that the chain that website ranking, or is a new snapshot every day, like a little joke of the station, the chain has more than 30000, but the snapshot is actually half a month, but also included so far, only one page, so the chain with no ranking what relationship, sometimes counterproductive, will increase the burden of this website ranking and snapshot. So what kind of chain will help site

that little joke told you that the quality, with the same type, the chain will contribute to the site’s ranking and optimization.

: means with the website chain meets the requirement of high places, such as the classification of the inquiry platform, identify their site type, initiative, a hit on the chain, relatively speaking, the quality is good, is worth the time to do.

: is related with their website content related blogs, forums, classification of Web site navigation, search in Shanghai, a bunch of out, not to say that everyone will find good, good, good snapshots and weight, get rid of the bad leave, then patience step by step or link, this is the second choice.

off?According to the

: This is the same type with respect to Links to do, find Links to find sites with the same type of website’s exchange, do not think about what the chain widely degree, K you don’t have to say, drop your weight no words, just like a tour with a smile you do for Links, not what the use of such words, only the opposite effect. Unless you have a purpose.


Month: August 2017

A middle course of Shanghai Longfeng the use of good Webmaster Tools

five years, I also met a lot of awesome webmaster, will be pushed to the first page through the so-called black hat tactics, but so what? Is not a temporary climax, but still can not see the light. Of course, these awesome webmaster have the Webmaster Platform tool used in the extreme, so as to achieve continuous orgasm, and even kept in the home of pleasure. However, they may still encounter some self styled big coffee and even the webmaster tools do not know how to use the webmaster, talk in some public places about their experience in Shanghai dragon, it is very ridiculous!

so, I want to talk about a middle course search engine optimization. Don’t pursue the so-called black hat techniques, also do not go to the pursuit of the ultimate optimization page called, such as adding a variety of meta tags, the final is probably the result of self destruction. Because I used to read in the optimization of a high weight site experience is more suffer; over the pursuit of perfect page structure, and ultimately be mistaken for cheating by the search engine drop right punishment. We look at the famous blogger Lu Songsong, Moonlight blog well, you can’t even see the basic elements of the page in the TKD keywords and description tags, but they are for webmaster tools is absolutely in place. Such as search tools, can be very good to dig out the search engine keywords within the page, the page content naturally without crystal clear, you specifically labeled the "

in China at this stage of the three most widely Chinese search engines (HAOSOU, BAIDU, SOGOU), have launched their own Webmaster Platform, from the functional point of view, are the same: sitemap submission, structured data, chain submission, chain management and so on. Love Shanghai search engine is the most mature, the largest share, so the open function also walk in front of us, such as the recent iterative search keywords search function upgrades and product updates. But as the site of the Shanghai dragon Er are most concerned about the search engine than the love of Shanghai, together to see the slogan: let love Shanghai more understand you, allow users to quickly find you.

The site of the

?The use of

content provider, our optimization objective is to show more state, and as a search engine, also hope to better quality, the user wants to give the front display content; so as to realize the value of search engine. So, the major search engines have launched Webmaster Platform does not mean to people or to stationmaster, its purpose is very simple, I hope everyone is the quality of the content, the user wants to quickly submitted to them. So, I have to ask you a question, Webmaster Platform the tools you have taken? Or have guide how to use

before opening, I want to clarify a point of view, is the search engine optimization is not a one-way or unilateral work, but the results of a search engine and two-way cooperation show.

As a webmaster or

Month: August 2017

100 Q & a website optimization Shanghai dragon must know (eight)

can say now this BBS signature chain is not what role, or even as search engine spam link points, but in the forum if you have trusted large, and you mix well, or has become the jar celebrity then this link in the signature on the value of. The signature here acts as a promotion of enterprise website, build brand and guide the flow of action. Or that sentence, do not do in order to do Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon, there is a logic to what things including the rules of search engine, the forum set up the forum signature, nature is the benefits of it, don’t say for the website ranking useless and not to do.


72, in the forum signature can be used outside the chain of

74, how to do the long tail keywords ranking

in the process of contact in Shanghai Longfeng, everyone will encounter a lot of problems like this or that the wooden Shanghai dragon in order to let everyone know more and more convenient to understand these common problems in the Shanghai dragon, these are often asked to the site to ask Shanghai dragon optimization summary, a total of 100, has already been written 6, the article reflected good results, we are also very love. There is not much to say, the front wrote to 100 website optimization question must know the Shanghai Dragon (seven), now directly into the 100 site optimization question of Shanghai dragon must know the (eight):

this much, mainly from three aspects:

73, the site of the weight of

(1) station optimization, the optimization of the basic page layout, tag optimization, internal keyword insertion, content construction, station links, 404 pages, robots files etc..

?The emphasis on improving the ?

(2) outside the station outside the station optimization, the optimization is mainly the construction of the chain and Links, then add the encyclopedia, know, do Post Bar etc..

71, Shanghai general sex optimization what better way?

mainly to do what

is the main optimization of long tail keywords >

website weight is divided into stages, Shanghai Longfeng wood mainly divides them into the Shanghai dragon optimization early, middle and late period, is a keyword in the top 20, the main chain third party platform recommendation; medium-term target keywords ranking into 20, mainly by attracting traffic, to obtain user recommendation. The keywords ranking stable in the top 3, is the main site of internal adjustment and long term drainage. The "Shanghai dragon optimization stage so that website optimization is more simple".

note can see "Shanghai dragon website analysis report how to write"

Optimization with

(3) to optimize the user experience, user experience is currently doing optimization and one of the most talked about promotion problems, optimize the user experience to do a lot of things, such as: site layout, website color, website function, social plug-ins, user groups analysis etc..

Month: August 2017

Can not guarantee the optimization effect of Shanghai Longfeng company

I have already mentioned more than once, every site facing the situation is not the same, we want to develop an appropriate strategy according to the actual situation of Shanghai dragon website, rather than a "have been made applicable everywhere" Shanghai dragon strategy, because of this the policy does not exist. >

Shanghai dragon training institutions and network optimization company of Shanghai dragon love is a myth, the Shanghai dragon training institutions website information.

search engine algorithm change more quickly, no company can fully grasp the change of Shanghai dragon search engine algorithm, even a lot of Shanghai dragon company don’t grasp the trend of search engine, the so-called "can guarantee the" Shanghai dragon is groundless statement.

personalized search resultsWhen

last year, similar publicity or more publicity over now when love Shanghai search more rare. Don’t know what is love Shanghai for this kind of company website drop right or the company to make money out of business. However, there are still a lot of Shanghai dragon training institutions and network optimization company still has many similar publicity. In fact, this propaganda is not only to attract a lot of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners more attention, so many companies entered a misunderstanding of the Shanghai dragon. I have said before, Shanghai dragon is really not so


1, search engine algorithm has been changing in

3, each site is different

some publicity invalid charge network optimization company is usually a lie, because no one can guarantee the results of Shanghai dragon. I want to love in addition to Shanghai, there should not be any other optimization company can guarantee your site optimization to love Shanghai home and will not fall off. In recent years, many enterprises that through Shanghai Longfeng can save marketing expenses, so confident to recruit some Shanghai dragon ER optimized for the company, but for a period of time may be two or three months later did not find Shanghai Longfeng benefits, many companies began to lose confidence in the Shanghai dragon. I have said before, Shanghai dragon is a long process, it is not three days can do, not do a thing for three years. So, this also caused many companies do not trust the Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon or that there is no effect.

here I want to say, really no one person or one company can guarantee the optimization of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng effect. The reason that we can be summed up as the following:

SERP has gradually to change without standards, if only to keywords ranking to assess the effect of Shanghai dragon is undesirable. Since the main evaluation points of SERP is not Shanghai dragon, then the so-called "love Shanghai home payment" Shanghai dragon company, did not understand the role of Shanghai dragon.


Month: August 2017

Google ranking factors (eleven) trans factors (three)

seventh, the chain growth rate is slow but steady rise, which will allow Google to think that your site is very natural, and have a great chance will determine your site really is more and more popular,

the day before we in effect chain Google ranking factors (two) mainly introduces the important role of different types of anti chain, today we take this topic will continue, the next ten anti chain factors explain in detail.

ninth, outside the chain, obtained from the directory sites in the country, most many directory sites is a super large website, not only the flow of huge high and is the starting point to crawl, included in the catalog of many sites, Google will be more popular.

fourth, and the content correlation of course also say page relevance, page relevance is largely reflected in the content on the page, but some may contain a lot of content to a section of the content with the theme "chain is relevant, but other theme is not related, so if you can find the relevant page, also the high degree of the effect will be better.

first, the link in the article appears in the position, generally speaking, the link appears at the front, the influence of the rankings.

third, the source of the chain website content relevance, that is to say, the correlation is not only reflected in the two theme of the site, is also reflected in the two page content with each other, the content relevance is stronger, the better the quality of the chain.

well, the above is about the effect of anti chain Google ranking factors (three) the ten essence, mainly around what the chain would be better to start, hope to the future.

fifth, the text content of the chain around the haunting, text can be read by the chain around the noble baby, this is especially for comment on the chain, imagine that in your comment on the chain around the negative evaluation, Google will be how to judge your site

second, the link in the page position, generally speaking, links appear in the text to appear in other places better than.

Google ranking factors (eleven): trans factors (three)

eighth, the chain growth rate declined steadily, and on the contrary, if your site outside the chain growth in this case, Google may think your website user experience is getting worse, will cut your ranking.

tenth links from high authority sites, high authority website you can also be understood as the web site, the chain site is relatively difficult to obtain, and can transfer to the site of the weight is high, so the chain almost one from the authority of the site outside the chain of quality can be worth ten from the ordinary website.


sixth, the source of the chain page title, anchor text keywords if you also appear in the source site title tag, so that the role of the chain is better than ordinary chain.