Month: September 2017

Love Shanghai auction updated enhanced user experience is more behind the market consolidation

and Shanghai No. 6.27 release love Shanghai bidding update is to enhance the user experience, it is better to say that love is in Shanghai in order to better secure their monopoly position in the market.

In addition to the previously published Love


June 27, 2013, love Shanghai operations, business audit management department, marketing department and commercial products for all users without bidding issued "V customer promotion costs to enhance the proportion of the increase notice".

why do you say, there is definitely a reason.

was the first to enhance the user experience to protect the interests of Internet users, which is used as a highly reliable search engine in some of the requirements of product quality and market moral requirements. Enhancement can better retain the existing huge market share in this area; secondly in the face of huge commercial value of the search engine the interests of space, more and more enterprises or individuals engaged in love Shanghai bidding agent or generation operations, for the interests of great love to Shanghai auction of commercial value in the Tencent Sogou soso, look at fiercely as a tiger does. 360 search and Google search engine began to discount. Recently there have been other search engine cooperation news from the side of love Shanghai face many opponents and very powerful, 360 search Google, Sogou 360 with a message, let Chinese search engine users constantly know there are many can use search engines. If you love Shanghai auction market cannot have a stable and healthy development in the premise of ensuring the user experience of the market environment, with the click of the cost of upgrading, reduce the commercial value of the same period, the number of users in Shanghai believe that love will own hands disappear. So the renewal of love Shanghai pay more attention to the protection of their own market, just a perfect plan to enhance the user experience at the same time.

first of all we see here is raised, so that the time has not released the notice "without V user cost is higher" the conditions exist, but because of the amount and the proportion is not high, resulting in many users without care. Now the substantial increase in the proportion of the love, the Shanghai declaration is to enhance the user experience, to ensure the fairness of the search of information, and through the verification of the authenticity of V on enterprise customer authentication, so as to ensure the bidding account is the enterprise guarantee, to a certain extent does the user experience is very helpful. In the release of the notice at the same time, Shanghai is also the love plus V users show a hyperlink button,

love Shanghai new collections and external authentication comments link user comments on business or enter the collection page of the site to participate in the love of Shanghai plan to protect the interests of users, this series of updates does for us greatly improve the user experience, to protect the interests of users, but I think it is more love Shanghai is a means of standardized management to control their own market to consolidate the two birds with one stone, really clever.


Month: September 2017

Microsoft released their version of Bing search engine


Bing for Schools will be officially launched later this year, so today Microsoft stressed that the company is still in the first edition of Bing for Schools will determine which function. Microsoft will be free to participate in this spontaneous plan schools and school districts to provide this kind of search engine. Bing behavioral scientist Matt · Warrior Te (Matt Wallaert) said: "we believe that through this plan we will be able to create the best possible search experience for children."

) Sina

Bing for Schools will also bind many short courses, teachers and staff can use these programs to teach and search and Common basic Core digital literacy. Common Core called Common Core State Standards, "the common core state standards in education", is a common standard used by the American education system.

technology news Beijing time on June 25th morning news, Microsoft on Monday released their version of Bing search engine (Bing) Bing for Schools, the target user is a student in the United states.

the student version of Bing search engine suitable for kindergarten children to high school students, this version removes all the ads, because Microsoft believes that the school is "learning rather than sales places". In addition, Bing adult content filtering function in afeSearch will be in accordance with the most stringent set of automatic configuration, and modify the student cannot change back to the original settings. Microsoft also said that the Bing for privacy protection function Schools will have some other enhanced, but the function has not yet been finalized.

industry pointed out that from the international view, Google for its engaged in the education sector in the work and reputation, so Microsoft also want to show a similar spirit of benevolence is not surprising. The students in the classroom using software and web sites often in their graduation is a custom method to find the information, so Bing for Schools can also be seen as an investment in the future. Bing search engine from Google search engine is still a long way to go to catch up with, but for Microsoft, the launch of the Bing for Schools is another one of the measures taken to win the public attention. (Tang Feng

Month: September 2017

Today no rice break through the limitations of single page station also can be detonated flow

don’t limit and make the key word to do index, small index keyword can do the same for thousands of traffic. Analysis of the website I found here, this website love love Shanghai station show included six pages, actually only three pages, but every day from the sea to flow through love love station analysis, traffic in about four thousand to five thousand, and there are other search engines, and other traffic sources.

This flow is the most accurate ratio of



you don’t just put the eyes on high traffic keywords, keyword small as promising. Don’t just rely on the acquisition, one will easily fall collection software is just lazy, auxiliary. And not to use one hundred percent in all sites. Many people want to use the acquisition, millions of data acquisition for high flow, then? Is K off, and the input and output is not equal. Some accurate than choice of small flow keywords to do some single page website.

domain name registered just a few days, Shanghai dragon’s performance is not very good, because I did not do not promote the chain. Why did I choose wangpansousuo. The domain name com, this is the first one of the four pieces of domain name; secondly he is a precise keyword again; itself some natural flow though not much. SkyDrive search index is the key to love Shanghai nearly one thousand, as long as this keyword this website cost on the back, and certainly have profit.

today without copyright: 贵族宝贝jinriwumi贵族宝贝

ip/PV high, production site is also very simple to use, noble baby custom search. The following is my imitation of the two days of data, how you can see for yourself.




Month: September 2017

How to write high quality original articles

in Shanghai dragon who did not know the importance of the original article today, many websites even spawned a new industry – to write the original article. We have all seen many ads in the Shanghai dragon forum or website, write original articles, each 2 yuan and so on, which illustrates the importance of the original article and uniqueness. In my opinion, the original article must have the following characteristics:

3, the view of

4, the end of the paper summary. A high quality original article, must have a good ending, this is why many people often say, write the beginning and the end must be written, the middle part of the truth can be. At the end of the article is not only a summary of the discourse, more is to write around the narrative of the problem, such as router write characteristics, excellent editors will write the current router at the end of the overall market situation and existing problems etc..

. All have their own unique views on anything written, such as writing characteristics of a product, is from product performance, compared to similar products, product advantage and so on contrast and write their own ideas. On the road of rice network, are the characteristics of the product to the router, if just copy others write the content, love Shanghai spider will think you stand without the actual content, since there is no actual content is no longer necessary to grasp, the natural love of spiders in Shanghai left collecting or false original impression, light fall right; serious, direct K station.

The uniqueness of the

short, to write a good article, personally think that to follow the above.

2, the rational. Write an essay as to speak, methodical and logical, structured refers to ideas, such as writing a person or a thing from top to bottom, from the inside to the outside of his right, let people look comfortable, be closely around the title of the article narrates, Qiebukedongla Xiche, don’t write without content. When the segment segment, the mark must indicate punctuation. The logic is more abstract, refers to the concept of definition should be clear, accurate, clear system, self consistent content, the order of things, this is clear, appropriate, with philosophy. Spiders crawl also should follow this rule.

said the high quality articles, the first people to think of the original, the original is 100% of the original, with their experience a little bit accumulated. The second is the readability of the article, even if there is no originality, readability is not known as a high quality original article, at most, just to make digital text only. Following small to rice road network as an example, to explain what is the high quality original article


1, the title of the. Spiders first grab is the title of the article, if found spider grab the title of the article and love Shanghai database most consistent or similar title, will be considered pseudo original, naturally not high quality.


Month: September 2017

Love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm on-line soon, are you ready

Liao Ziqi blog, 贵族宝贝liaoziqi贵族宝贝/168.html, please respect the copyright of

the lower right corner of the window advertising advertising is one of the many sites of love, because the show rate so the click rate is high, naturally let the main site that they put it.

from Shanghai love update algorithm is not difficult to see that the existence of low quality bad advertising video, games, movies, entertainment, medical and other industries of the owners will complain incessantly, because the love of Shanghai made clear in this paper, the ecological environment from the Internet, some low quality advertising was flooded with more and more websites, this trend has seriously affected the search engine respect user experience is the inexorable law, so what is the low quality and inferior advertisement? To the author of the pomegranate algorithm understanding, the following screenshots of similar ads for low quality and bad advertising:

from the front 2 be sure to determine low quality and inferior advertisement, the advertisement behind the medical industry, it is not clear whether also belong to this column, if this column belongs to it, then it will be a devastating blow to the medical industry site.

using the JS code pop websites are generally worthy of the name of the rogue website, because he not only affect the user experience, and may also make the user’s computer under attack.

pomegranate algorithm!The first !

addition, love Shanghai also specifically stated the pomegranate algorithm on the line, the low quality and no less advertising popups quality of website ranking will be improved, of course, the premise is the main content of value. And the contrary is bad, a lot of confusion with pop page main content spam website ranking will fall sharply. The author of this remind such Webmaster: distance love Shanghai officially launched the pomegranate algorithm as well as a week, this week must seize the time to deal with this kind of advertising, or will be adjusted


medical industry website consultation window advertising, the advertising window is an important platform for communication and website visitors, but because it is an open page will pop up, and follow the page scroll floating, some still can’t shut off or shut in is open.

!This is

May 17th love Shanghai Webmaster Platform released an article titled: "the pomegranate algorithm – low quality page terminator" article, the article pointed out that the love of Shanghai will be updated in a week after the pomegranate on-line algorithm, and this update algorithm is mainly for those with bad advertisements interfere with the user’s normal browsing the pages, especially in confusion a large number of low-quality pop pop ads, the main content of the page spam page is the representative of the site, containing such ads will be some adjustments, this is another major action from the last love Shanghai love Shanghai Scindapsus throw algorithm, to be self-evident, that all is in order to enhance the user experience

Month: September 2017

Why waste station can in front of us

in our analysis of the way I feel it is generally analysis PR analysis included in the site and the reverse link, and domain name registration time from these aspects to determine the quality of the site he, it’s true, but we often ignore the website content and more to the new frequency, general search engine see this site is people management, even if we stop all are good, but it has no more than 1 years of people management, no update, ranking will certainly not good, it may be some error analysis.

third: the optimization level of the site, whether this will really optimization, we all know optimization methods and structure good, certainly can get more recognition engine, if our indicators are better than him, it may be the station optimization problem.

: the first site is updated every day, whether the original content.

: the first site while the design is not good, but the content of the website is mostly original or updated frequently, often see the site general rankings are not very good, he added that some search engines don’t love factors in looking at the same time, the structure he did reasonably simple, we stand to enrich the content, so good, but often browsing and search engine can’t find something.

‘s website is not to determine the basic factors of the external links of good or bad, we have to see his quality, good quality links to one of the top ten, or even hundreds, so we must not stand their good rankings. Of course, the number is sure to explain a problem, but it is not absolute.

More than The number of

second: domain name registration of the site for a long time, the old station usually said, the weight of the general search engine with their very high, but the indicators are not too good, but he really is very senior, this station general ranking will be.

second: website link number

when we are in the analysis of whether a good website that is rubbish station, if our analysis is no problem, in general they rank not better than us, or how well, it only shows that more engine is not normal, or that their website really excels, generally this is the case.

first, we want to determine whether before we analyze the problem of a good web site as a dumpster.

is now ranked the algorithm we really have no way to analyze, sometimes I am really confused, don’t know what to do, I think his site should not be in front of me, but he is in the front row, I think this way will be optimized but on the contrary, sometimes is really a search engine problems, but most of them are not doing our own, although their indicators are not as we stand, but perhaps only then one or two better than us, is this two, he was in front of us, I will analyze what is this two.

Month: September 2017

Keywords essential skills ranked 2013 (Part 1)

(2) the process of Web site optimization, webmaster in Shanghai Longfeng optimization should pay attention to improve the relevance of the link, the link between love of Shanghai has increased.

website construction is to help users to obtain the.

2. social factors influence ranking rose

ranking factorsThe relative decline in the value of

said in the keyword ranking before the first to collect everyone’s status. The majority of owners said that recently their websites included dips, and some even have no home, are N for a long time did not update the snapshot. We all know that love Shanghai has recently been making adjustments, but the fact is really just because of this


(1) many webmaster do outside the chain, especially the new site outside the chain, are in the habit of the link to the home page. Of course, the home needs outside the chain, but not enough. Our website is not only home, it is a set of N pages, so we need the chain according to their site layout of the chain release ratio. For example, the column page of the chain, the chain page, the article page chain and so on, the ratio of the chain arrangement, not only the chain on some pages. The problem I mentioned before, outside of our chain to chain wide generalization, the entire site should be natural, rather than an influx of some pages outside the chain but scanty. At this time, the value chain has been relatively less.


, we have been talking about the chain for the emperor, now has been in that era, we should say that the user experience for the emperor! If we are concerned about the recent Taobao, will find taobao贵族宝贝 has gradually become social. The Internet is a social network is becoming more and more obvious, the social factors we mentioned here, refers to the social network factors.

for our webmaster, how should be adjusted? For example: suppose we update the A when the main keyword optimization is Shanghai Longfeng optimization, is related to the content of network marketing in this paper, we can add links or anchor text in network marketing, special pages point to the station about network marketing or is the article page or column page. Next time, when we update the contents of published articles of B, B and A in the assumption that the contents of related or similar, so the B can add links to the A. Similarly, so is the other content update, it can enhance the relevance of internal links, when users click on the link text reading can reach a related page to read, give the user a good user experience.


1. link correlation rose


: first pay attention to the changes in

? Before

Month: September 2017

How to stabilize and improve the keywords ranking

is the stone, most of the articles before the site are also related with the stone, basically every article or title, or content, more or less will appear several times of stone. Around April and May, two: the long tail word mining method and the benefits of scrapping scrapping (website selling stone scraping board). So every update of the article began to close the scraping, there is nearly no stone. So, now the bittersweet. Hi, stable scraping method in the first, the benefits of scraping in the top three fluctuations. While the other about scrapping many words, have a good ranking. But the tragedy is that the main keyword "stone" and other stone Related words, ranking is a problem. The author believes that in June after the adjustment, the website content correlation between the influence of the rankings again promoted. A job so I going to do is to increase the stone updates, after all the web site is to do the stone, the stone of the rankings is the top >

After the June Shanghai earthquake The subject station "Bian extraction net"

: the first original content closely the main keywords

love, we discuss the most is love, Shanghai ranking mechanism began to close to the user experience. On the one hand, the user experience is the site design, on the one hand is the content of the web site. I am not the art and technical background, in this place can not give much advice, so the content. Before you know, the search engine on the original, the original friendly, no doubt, but there are still a lot of Shanghai dragon Er I complain, each article is original, why keyword ranking is not high. The previous ranking stable, I can’t study, recently fluctuating, research that is not high ranking or decline, with original content about whether closely the main keywords.

in the first half of this year has been studying Shanghai Longfeng, accept an electronic commerce station, half down, mixed. At the beginning, very strong power, is also very interested, especially a few months ago at the ranking rising keywords continues to increase, the increased flow of inner joy is unparalleled.

two days to see a lot of articles, organize ideas, draw some how to stabilize and improve the keywords ranking idea, or incorrect, statements of a school, I hope you know. (title, influence keywords ranking of the domain name server, keyword density, code optimization is not discussed in this article.


love June Shanghai earthquake, spread to many websites, and my ranking is still stable, then began to Shanghai, not to regard it as right. In my mind, nothing more than the Shanghai dragon chain chain + + + friendly code original content. But in July, the main keywords ranking not stable, fluctuating in first love Shanghai home, for more than a week, beginning in the first five pages of the search wave. Study on more than a week, to more than a week, this situation continues today, I realized that my understanding of Shanghai Longfeng problems.

Month: September 2017

Talk about the website profit problem about Buyren Zhang Zhiyong new opportunity for stationmaster t

            Zhang Zhiyong said here that the site’s home, when I talk to him at the time, he probably sold more than 40000 ads above, below ten thousand or twenty thousand, I said a month I give you fifty thousand dollars to buy this good time? He doesn’t do it, because he did CPS earn money later, so he has been doing CPS rather than we do advertising for him. The site of CPS is better, but the requirement is very high. Here I just take a psychology website, this psychological website, we see his website ranking, he is 102195, this ranking I think IP should be less than one thousand. He sold some psychology books, the monthly income of about four thousand or five thousand, and he said the truth does not need to do their own logistics, also do not need to do their own warehouse, hang a link with a few books, may visit a very small amount. He is a foreign language website, he called the New South Korean network, is also a professional station, Liu is still low volume, high income, his advertising may not be too much, there is a bookshop navigation above, it will list the South Korean books. This is a fan site, this is one of Zhou Bichang’s official website, dangdang once Zhou Bichang CD’s promotion, we take the initiative to find him, when he put an advertisement on his website, he is the income of over a million fans, this thing, especially the super girl website very the unbelievable. There is also a novel stand, he should say this form, in fact, I personally not too recognized form, targeted and professional, or matching is not very high.

see you again, following the first two boats to share some knowledge about foreign Wangzhuan, every day there are issues related to many of my friends advice, some foreign Wangzhuan master to discuss cooperation, and some new friends, and the market operation process of individual friends do not even understand foreign Wangzhuan, but no matter what kind of friends boats is a warm reception, after all we know is fate, maybe one day the two sides will have the opportunity to cooperate.

this two days a friend revealed a foreign advertising and receivables, the alliance is a veteran foreign advertising, reputation is very good, but some time ago by EMU dying, so now almost no what people do. The loan was also surprised, the friend, each number has done 200 knives, a total of 10 numbers, a moonlight, this alliance on the steady entry of $2000, and its entry only less than half a year.

of course there are also individual friends relatively poor execution resources on that are not willing to work, think a month before so boring a few hundred – thousand knife, not knowing the master without a monthly income of tens of thousands of knife from the knife is not started. Money does not earn a lot of money or not, if you are a novice, then I suggest you are flying from zero to slowly accumulate, not what all those old people who is outsourcing, after all, on this line are well aware of the situation. It took two days to do station and install the virtual machine of these basic work, several new boats came to the two or three day fix, have a friend even breath made several stops and more beautiful, also is provided with boats PA stations. I think there is such a good attitude, to perform such a strong mechanical half down, do not take a month or more $one thousand or two thousand that is really not a justice.

            I agree with this statement, in my last article on the 07 "new way" is the site return the way, actually we do stand when it should be combined with traditional industry to do, people use the network to actually or to the reality of product sales, so we combine to do small can do big profits, a professional 100IP station, with you the direction to do the sales of the products, can do the same month.

so we are not afraid not afraid of no good way, before the execution, which is the reason the boats stronger foreign Wangzhuan execution. You have to take some time to find good resources, a month’s money on top of the others for a year.

in the 4 years of foreign boats do Wangzhuan, almost all kinds of people have seen, what impressed me most is a pair of young couples. The two is half a year ago after a real friend introduced to boats of learning, before working in a shoe factory in Guangdong over there, feel no future, and later learned foreign Wangzhuan after learning to resign, the boats take time every day to their online counseling. At the beginning, the woman was responsible for standing and checking mail, male testing tasks, and now the station has been completely outsourced out, while testing tasks while operating. Before the boats told them of a European Union, received 8 this month, nearly 200 euros each. It wasn’t much, but it was much higher than the couple’s salary, and the two were planning to open the studio.

            I focus on buyren or the last summer vacation, I was learning to do the station has been a year, although the income is not how, but still can deal with their own living expenses and tuition fees. But then do basically is rubbish station, not what passion, feel lost, that is when the Shenzhen union a friend introduced me to buyren, I called this form to be a reference station. So I began to pay close attention to his station and network marketing this development, although to now have not opened such a station, but I now stand basically all have some CPS advertising. All right, let’s get down to business.

also want to do Wangzhuan full-time about this matter, because the boats according to years of experience, a person under too much pressure to learn Wangzhuan or even other skills.

Month: September 2017

Key factors influencing the site keywords ranking

3, link to the entrance of

Keywords Keywords

2, correlation recognition,

website optimization is to let the specified keywords to get a good ranking, which is the core keywords ranking factors? I believe that many webmaster to worry about this issue. In the website optimization friends, the first thing to go to work is not to look at your web site keywords ranking is not falling off, what is the reason, or what is the reason that many people should be not very clear, want a keyword ranking home to know the influence of core ranking factors, as long as you know and we are not aiming at these factors to optimize, to improve, to ascend, so I will know what is useful or not useful, clear direction, looking for less detours, the effect will be better, the ranking will naturally come up. Here too wordy for a long time, I believe that we do not know what factors, followed by the Zhongshan website optimization clear blogger blog, share the core factors that affect the keywords ranking for everyone, mainly in the following 5 points:

data (4, stay, come out and visit, hidden)

, is to guide the search engine to the page, a link to the entrance, which is specified in the direction, let search engine easy to page, the main optimization is the code, concise code, smooth the path to improve the loading speed of the page, the search engine grab difficulty, follow the link to the search engines to crawl, an entrance.


1, the position, including degree of

Links to Keywords

website cannot do without the support of data, understand the site visit, did not know what to do next. As long as the installation of the website on statistical tools, residence time, bounce rate, return at a glance from the residence time can understand the comprehensive score of each page; the bounce rate to understand the correlation between the keyword and the page out rate shows low correlation; the return of old customers, the content is valuable, keywords and page correlation high; recessive, is not to see, if the site long time not open, "Trojan horse"

Analysis of

a page to get rankings, first understand the content of the website and the title of the match, and the best position for keyword appears in the title, and the title page should contain keywords, to describe the contents around the keywords, the same word spread around the key links.

these three factors directly affect the keywords ranking, everything is around the keywords, the related degree high is high quality page to page ranking; recognition, to search engine, the love is the text, because it can identify, for the picture, JS, video is not recognized, then you need to do the optimization cannot identify the picture alt attribute, describe the picture said to the content, different images have different attributes, the same attribute is cheating; JS, screen optimization, in order to let search engines page recognition;