Month: November 2017

How to make BaiDuSpider more love your search engine ranking experience


: the correlation between the distribution and density of

then we look at the distribution of keywords. After expansion and keywords to determine the core keywords, we will get the relevant keywords dozens or even hundreds of. So, so many keywords, there would be more reasonable in what place "? We used to implement the main site of practice is mainly focused on the following areas: Title, meta," the title, text, pictures, "ALT notes at the bottom of the page text hyperlinks, which is associated with the industry website Links.

Open the speed of the

did Shanghai Longfeng people know that the premise of the website wants to profit is to have visitors, but also what we called flow. So the question is, how to give a website to bring a lot of traffic? Xiaobian think, the main job is to do the search engine rankings, only the ranking is up, increased in showing the amount of the search results page, site traffic admission and then will gradually increase. If the good user experience, website profit point the day and await for it.

: the experimental data on the title and meta tags in the keyword density: reasonable highlight 1-2 key words in title can be, do not be too much, avoid keyword stuffing. Page description meta tags, keywords appear four times around the reasonable core.

website: quality

serverThe quality of the

after continuous exploration, summed up in 3%-5% for appropriate keyword density. With the continuous improvement of Scindapsus algorithm, the method of keyword stuffing has been eliminated, the number of the deliberate pursuit of keywords, will only lead to the consequences of punishment trigger keyword stuffing filter.

keywordShanghai dragon Er

as the saying goes, we can win. So Shanghai dragon to make Er optimization, understand the impact factors of search engine ranking is essential. There are two main kinds of current popular search engine ranking: ranking and jjpm. About PPC jjpm which belongs to the pay per click, small for the time being is not introduced, we can get the answer through the relevant search. Add in small down and everyone together to discuss the influence factors of the search engine ranking what.

server will influence the website open speed, website open speed is very slow, the search engine will not only lose patience, reduce the degree of your friendly website. On the experience of the user can also cause a great impact, users visit your site, if open speed slow to lead a large part of the population immediately turn off the page, the consequences of this will lead to a search engine will think that your site quality is not high, thereby reducing the search engine friendly website. If the search engine on the web are not friendly, the website ranking will be affected, are more likely to suffer serious drop right processing. So on the choice of the server, try to root >

Month: November 2017

The website of Shanghai Longfeng how to do well in the station optimization mechanism


cake is bigger and the reasonable distribution of it is also very important.

Said the keyword selection and arrangement of the Shanghai dragon

weight control: robots, nofollow, three sitemap, robots. The Robots file is the search engine to a site will look at first, it can tell the search engines what page can access what page can grab. Nofollow is the link instructions that tell the search engines don’t give him the link weight. Sitemap is the site map, open the door to tell the search engine I have these good website page crawl, you don’t have to find out. You can put the important page in sitemap, and regularly update sitemap.

through these three tips can be reasonable, so need to do the ranking of the page can obtain the weight as much as possible, "garbage

The same Some do not need

for ranking pages, such as about us and help center you don’t think it’s necessary to do the ranking, you can not let the search engine index it, or to use the code to tell search engines — don’t give him the weight.

1, the website structure

is a tree structure of website structure optimization is good, home directory page, the article page, and link structure reasonable. A simple website, from the home to the directory page to the article page, it should be easy to point the past.


Control of

front, behind the talk about how to make up the ranking flow.

, some enterprises stand home a stunning kick up a cloud of dust, flash, point into the home is really. Some websites or login to view the content, the search engines are very friendly. The web site link structure and very confused, not clear and simple tree directory structure, one point into the point a little dizzy dishes, search engines like halo dish, then you think the user experience is not good, bad.

weight is the most basic concept of Shanghai dragon, can be understood as the degree of attention to your search engine. The weight comes from many aspects, age, site within the chain chain number, said many many times before. Through a series of indicators of importance of a website search engine will determine his rank. We have optimized a website, just to put its weight on the whole, the ranking ability will go up.

2, weight and weight

What is the most afraid of

Arrange the site within the weight of

other conditions, when a search engine crawling a site is fixed. Can also be understood as the weight of a web site in a short period of time is fixed, is a cake. The weight of these supposedly the largest home page, channel page, the article page. So we use the home page of the core words, because of his weight high ranking ability, the article page long tail terms, weak ability to competition weak words.

weight control