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Keywords essential skills ranked 2013 (Part 1)

(2) the process of Web site optimization, webmaster in Shanghai Longfeng optimization should pay attention to improve the relevance of the link, the link between love of Shanghai has increased.

website construction is to help users to obtain the.

2. social factors influence ranking rose

ranking factorsThe relative decline in the value of

said in the keyword ranking before the first to collect everyone’s status. The majority of owners said that recently their websites included dips, and some even have no home, are N for a long time did not update the snapshot. We all know that love Shanghai has recently been making adjustments, but the fact is really just because of this


(1) many webmaster do outside the chain, especially the new site outside the chain, are in the habit of the link to the home page. Of course, the home needs outside the chain, but not enough. Our website is not only home, it is a set of N pages, so we need the chain according to their site layout of the chain release ratio. For example, the column page of the chain, the chain page, the article page chain and so on, the ratio of the chain arrangement, not only the chain on some pages. The problem I mentioned before, outside of our chain to chain wide generalization, the entire site should be natural, rather than an influx of some pages outside the chain but scanty. At this time, the value chain has been relatively less.


, we have been talking about the chain for the emperor, now has been in that era, we should say that the user experience for the emperor! If we are concerned about the recent Taobao, will find taobao贵族宝贝 has gradually become social. The Internet is a social network is becoming more and more obvious, the social factors we mentioned here, refers to the social network factors.

for our webmaster, how should be adjusted? For example: suppose we update the A when the main keyword optimization is Shanghai Longfeng optimization, is related to the content of network marketing in this paper, we can add links or anchor text in network marketing, special pages point to the station about network marketing or is the article page or column page. Next time, when we update the contents of published articles of B, B and A in the assumption that the contents of related or similar, so the B can add links to the A. Similarly, so is the other content update, it can enhance the relevance of internal links, when users click on the link text reading can reach a related page to read, give the user a good user experience.


1. link correlation rose


: first pay attention to the changes in

? Before

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Site optimization need to pay attention to the chain resources accumulation

many new Shanghai dragon industry people will ask the site optimization technology where, what needs to be done, and for the veterans, many of them probably have infiltrated "secrets". Website optimization usually nothing to do original content update and the chain construction is the website, Guangzhou website – South Netscape that chain construction for the website optimization, not for quantity, quality is required, the chain quality is good and much is what we want.

two, B2B website: such as HC, Chinese manufacturing network, the Alibaba, a hundred responses to a single call to release information, the full use of their resources, for example, company introduction, product recommendation and so on, anyway as long as relevant, can be used as far as possible to use, like Alibaba, blog, forum, shops and so on, as long as it is and the products are used.

The Six,

blog: such as NetEase, Sohu, Sina, and so do the chain through the blog, to let the blog has been included, improve the weights of the blog, the chain of hair is easy to be included. The chain blog, although it can be operated by themselves, but in dealing with the blog just like your own web site, often need to update it.

chain construction outside the chain of resources, where the chain is the effect? We need to do when the chain will slowly accumulate and analyzed, the chain resources accumulation is very important, especially the professional website of Shanghai dragon, often with a new single, need to do you don’t have to go to the chain, the chain resources, analysis of their weight. Guangzhou website – South Netscape presently summarizes some chain resources, for everyone to share:

four, Links platform: go9go, Adsense help, release site information on these platforms, can not only have the chain, also can promote your website, search for Links.

, a network of information, such as 58 city, ganji贵族宝贝, can go to love Shanghai search, there are many such classified information network, information and their related in place, and when the information to your own web site, so the chain of correlation is relatively good.

five, network favorites: such as good net network favorites, music collection network favorites.


finally, personally think that the chain of local information network no matter there is no other website so high weight, but at least.

seven, the analysis of the competition situation of the chain: This is relatively important, since it is a competitor to know something to them when they take advantage of competition and. Some of them we have to do the chain.

Forum: such as Tianya, love Shanghai Post Bar, the forum has a variety of forums, usually together with the same hobby or a common topic of people will gather to discuss related issues or information in the forum, the forum has almost all sites in the signature, signature plus keywords, company name and links.

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What are the reasons you don’t come to website ranking

two, link factors: Although many people say "the chain for emperor" era has passed, but who dare to belittle the role of the chain? Can see the ranking good site, most have a strong chain support. After all, the chain is the main form of user recommended. Of course, the chain design is indispensable. The chain to help you get the weight, the chain weight distribution for you.

, domain name four factors: the old domain can quickly acquire new domain name ranking, ranking will slowly be punished to domain name ranking may be a distant dream. Look at your own domain name ever been punished when you want to buy a domain name, don’t let yourself lose at the starting line.

, six factors: template website template is not widely used before? Once very popular in some Taobao custom templates, then love Shanghai adjustment, with the template website ranking mostly disappeared. From the Internet to download the template, you can make some alterations to the best use.

the Internet every day in many things, many new sites, there are a lot of old site closure. Do the webmaster friends want your website to quickly rank, can get traffic. But the ranking, flow of the site are in the minority. Come about what flying below the reason that you don’t come to the website ranking.

five, host factors: the web server is stable, site open speed is not slow, the site will not open suddenly…… Host factors also have a great impact on the website ranking. Stable, space business visibility, can make their own little risk.

seven, from cheating: if your site is not a ranking, can also think about whether they have cheating: whether there is a link, "whether there is hidden content is wide of the mark to deceive customers, whether the machine produces a large amount of spam…… Want to love Shanghai to do, to weigh your strength.

what makes you website ranking up, more is to fly some experience less, I hope to provide some help for everyone. Source: stock price 贵族宝贝, reproduced please specify the source address and in the form of links.

, a content: no matter what kind of website can provide good content, are always the first one. If your content is collected, pseudo original spam, no ranking is behoove. As for what is good, can go to love Shanghai Webmaster Platform love Shanghai official is how to say.

three, user factor: how much is the website of the audience, the user will stay on your page how long, how much you will click on the page, will share your collection, "…… All of these users in your web site, search engine will be recorded as the basis of evaluation to your website. Moreover, with the love of Shanghai continues to improve, the importance of user behavior is also improved.

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In order to become Shanghai dragon master must have 5 basic characteristics

accept failure characteristics

features of 3- master suffering

the reasons for the success of thousands, but the reason for the failure of so few. Not to have experienced a failure of Shanghai dragon ER, we will not really understand their own what direction to go, do not know how to reflect; only experienced people who fail to know where to go. At this point, has occurred in many Shanghai dragon and Internet industry predecessors who, they are such a step by step, because they dare to face the failure, it made today’s achievements.

good at summing up characteristicsThe

master 4-

in Shanghai Longfeng industry and the majority of the industry, is one of the few people to eat meat, most people drink soup industry. Have to admit that there are many successful people in Shanghai dragon industry, like ZAC, Wang Tong, only these predecessors, that Shanghai dragon industry still has a future, the key is to do the fine. Here I share some common features of Shanghai dragon master body:

said the focus is a simple, it’s hard to do things, to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng must devote to this industry, do not try. If you just want to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng, then you are based in the Shanghai dragon industry opportunities are very slim; if you must do so in Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon industry you can certainly succeed. Focus on Shanghai dragon, we must do a good job in every detail, to lay a good foundation.

Internet, the number of Shanghai dragon industry continues to increase. With some new World mentality, many Shanghai dragon ER is by some rhetorical and propaganda slogans, began to enter the Shanghai dragon industry, but with the slowly contact Shanghai Longfeng, doing the daily repetitive and mechanical things, slowly began to complain, to Shanghai dragon industry has lost confidence and power forward.

on the success of many, Chen Anzhi said that the successful people never give up, never give up success; this sentence in the Shanghai dragon industry in suits, because Shanghai dragon in this industry is one of the most need patience and perseverance in the industry, "a serious operation site for more than three years, it is hard to avoid making money" this saying is good, only insist to do Shanghai Longfeng, successful operation site.

Master Progress of

master 2-

site of the Shanghai dragon optimization can be divided into four basic steps: problem analysis problem solving – problem summary. The general process of beginners in the operation of the site, will encounter such problems, but these problems not only can we stick to the past, we need to continue the analysis, to solve these problems, starting from our own site to find defects, summarize the problems do avoid such problems happen again. Only constant progress and summary, can be called a qualified Shanghai.

feature of 1- focus on

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How to spend the new love Shanghai assessment period

actually I personally by the site also has encountered such a problem, in a website last November, the article basically is updated every day, in January this year, love Shanghai but only 2 or included, has refused to release the inside pages, I see in the eyes, anxious heart. After asked a lot of friends, to find out some reasons of website has not be included in the love of Shanghai, summed up some experience, I give you to share new sites to quickly safe through the review period, love Shanghai sand.

The establishment of the

2, the content of the web site of the problem, a lot of people in order to make the site more content to love Shanghai included, often a lot in the online reprint, copy the Internet a lot of highly repetitive content, even with a large number of acquisition software acquisition, I do stand experience, new sites these behaviors in the test period do not fall in love with the sea, these actions will only make love you hate Shanghai spider web site, it is easy to cause the site to be love Shanghai to K station, why? Because love is Shanghai spiders hate the Internet highly repetitive content. I will make an example, in your home, every day is your wife cook for you and your wife to eat each meal every meal for you to do the same dishes, so every day, it is not fresh vegetables, you will feel disgusted? I think certainly, so is the love of spiders in Shanghai you, a large number of highly repetitive online reprint articles, Shanghai love spider every time to see your site is the same thing, your website is love Shanghai spiders do not want to eat something, but each time it was like "

a lot of friends in the site, most of them will encounter such a problem, the new station opened more than a month, but the love of Shanghai has been included in the page, every morning check, or only a few or only included the home page, the heart is very uncomfortable, so don’t love Shanghai assessment period it’s cruel.

website, at the beginning of 1, don’t immediately submitted to the Shanghai love website, some friends just build good web site, in order to let love Shanghai included, hurry to submit your site to love Shanghai, but I personally think it is not quite right, because the site was just right, no content, is still not perfect, put the site to submit to love Shanghai. So when the love of spiders in Shanghai come to your site, because the site is not available for the love of spiders in Shanghai included what things, which may lead to the spider after only included your home page the next time it is willing to come, may every ten and a half months will come again. So I think, in the website set up, and then write some original article, this note, the article must be of high quality, with the value of the best words more than 800 above. Not just to write some original articles published when, in addition to the website, title, keywords, description must be, not two days a small change, a big change for three days. After the content of the web site you perfect, this process may take several days to complete, and then submitted to the love of Shanghai.

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Analysis of love Shanghai for promotion of mobile terminal visitor behavior

3. mobile terminal landing page

4. mobile terminal used

2. for mobile search habits, optimization keywords on the bidding keywords and mobile terminal.

4. mobile terminal consulting, consulting the time should be strictly controlled, and try to QQ or mobile phone to facilitate tracking. According to my analysis of the data, the mobile terminal off the single rate higher than the PC side, so it is particularly important to follow-up.

On the

end mobile terminal, the mobile terminal should be how to love Shanghai bidding for an upgrade before adjustment? Love Shanghai bridge, visitors will search words and source domain, etc. have been started to consult page tracking, that is to say that these visitors love Shanghai behavior information, there are a very big help for marketing. See "new business to help you see more real-time customer information marketing more efficient

for mobile phone screen, mobile terminal reading habits may be different from the PC end. How to adjust the space for landing page, and control the size of the picture, improving loading speed.

, as of June 16 in Japan over the weekend, a second www.zixueSEM贵族宝贝 third YY self bidding network communication topic sharing, YY channel, QQ group: 70874101. This period has been the first to discuss the topic: "the new took quite a mess for the account of how to operate", please pay attention.

1. according to the target population, our mobile phone terminal marketing ideas.

in different regions, the proportion of different mobile phone operating system, through the analysis of the mobile terminal visitors, confirm the mobile phone side features of the regional group of visitors.

landing page 3. words should be more refined, easy to read. Insert picture format, used for loading GIF format and size control.

!" consulting

mobile terminal, and the proportion of words and word line region.

Intelligent machine

Keywords length search

2. search keywords used.

A little thought


as a specialist in bidding, began to promote before, it is necessary to understand our users appear, which is the foundation of precision marketing. At the same time, the master analysis is very important.

1. by mobile phone operating system, the segmentation of target population

According to the idea of

on mobile terminal consultation dialogue, understanding the mobile terminal visitor demands, and targeted training and consulting staff, so as to enhance the mobile terminal transformation consulting.

Visitors search behavior and PC from

throws first visitor behavior mobile terminal here:


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Tell the webmaster how to increase the extra income of the websiteMore beautiful than you will make


recently, more and more female stars have gone into investment circles, targeting the Internet start-ups, especially those related to women, such as cosmetics, clothing, flowers and so on.



at the moment no matter you have any idea, please read this paragraph:

AB Capital first round of investment is the main cross-border ocean terminal and respected the concept of fast cold pressed juice Hey Juice. Baby’s influence can be unusual, and her stake, so that foreign wharf once out of the market cross-border electricity supplier again by the market and users attention.

we all know that Baby’s husband, Huang Xiaoming Huang Cheng, is a famous investor in the entertainment industry. 2009 investment in Huayi so he became a major shareholder, will not meet in the entertainment industry’s revenue, have voted Wanda films, music studios, Songliao automobile began to later, Internet venture investment, 2014 and Quan Ren and Li Bingbing jointly funded the construction of risk investment institutions STAR VC group, founded in April 14, 2015 in Ming Dynasty Scarlett capital, light is App fitness class voted Bobbi freaky, hot fitness two.

and Angelababy did not feel at ease as her lead lady, who founded the venture capital fund AB Capital in 2015. She combines her own work with investment projects to form strategic marketing alliances. Therefore, in the choice of the project, AB Capital will be Hao Wu, FA Zhang, but more focused on the new female lifestyle. After all, AB is so beautiful, so young girls must carry on with their youth and beauty.

Code: there are a lot of rental website, registered or new.

read the above three sections, we can now look at the last paragraph, reading the news, analyzed a lot, summed up, just now, to find their corresponding themed ads, you can add additional income. The method is as follows:

as a star cross-border investors, their investment style is what? What is the investment philosophy? How about the investment efficiency?

see above, is not the first feeling is that TV ads, very early some thing ah. But this is a little different. This sponsorship, sponsorship is not that simple, some sponsored TV or movies, just throw money, then the program begins or the final arrangements for sponsorship advertising, to tell the truth, this sponsorship effect is not necessarily good, while men’s sponsorship of the romantic comedy "Crespo card" first love after marriage, not only is the main cost of sponsorship. Is sponsored by the "first love after marriage" to follow the trend, a demand play tide cool. Wei Fan plays a Metrosexual in the city, need to closely follow the trend, play tide cool, just, Crespo card can provide this for him. The men’s Crespo card and can use "first love after marriage" to improve their visibility, because men’s clothing sponsor for Wei Fan Crespo card, can be said that the sponsorship is fashion, if the audience recognized the city Metrosexual Wei Fan, in fact equally recognized the men’s brand Crespo card. It can be said that this is a win-win situation..

Gao Yuanyuan yesterday announced investment week subscription Flower brand "take some time", this is Gao Yuanyuan’s first investment target in the Internet field.

August 2015, short rental service commercial 100 announced the completion of a total of nearly two hundred million yuan B round of financing, by CITIC gold lead investor, Angelababy AB Captial, star group, United capital, innovation capital investments with DreamWorks, 2049. Live in one hundred is a Chinese tourists for overseas free travel needs of the cost-effective Residence Oltremare, villas short rental platform

? ?

by a news, tell how the webmaster website increase additional included, what are the main source of income for the site you can see, here I speak several methods for increasing the site of extra income, but before reading this article, please first read the following paragraph:

urban love comedy "first love after marriage" by Gong Kaibo served as producer and screenwriter, Wei Fan plays a Metrosexual in the city, because the need to closely follow the trend of occupation, play tide cool, so "first love after marriage" has been selected as the sponsor of the men’s fashion J Bo Te C, J Bo Te C will use the men’s clothing, in particular at the same time, J Bo Te C has paid millions of huge placement fees. There are well-known brand marketing experts said: do TV ads Crespo card, is actually open Amoy brand of its kind. For a better understanding of this model, see text: news.china/news100/11038989/20110831/16741405.html

1, website background: rental site is now mostly white background. Why can’t we use the background advertising? Such as a men’s clothing collocation website, if the background is changed to "Crespo card men" or other clothing brand image ads, not only will not affect the site’s appearance, but also brought a small collection of. If the A5 forum for background rental, a month included must be very high.

recently, more and more female stars have gone into investment circles, targeting the Internet start-ups, especially those related to women, such as cosmetics, clothing, flowers and so on. As a star cross-border investors, their investment style is what? What is the investment philosophy? How about the investment efficiency?

Nei type: Angelababy

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If you want to open a toy store

believe that every child in a small time there are many toys to accompany, the toy of our childhood was not alone, so to open a toy store or a very profitable market! But you want to successfully run a toy store is definitely not a simple matter, the next Xiaobian to introduce the wise remark of an experienced person to open a toy store!

look into the feelings you have to be able to put yourself in the customer’s mind, through the customer’s eyes to observe and experience the needs of customers, so as to provide quality and efficient service. When different types of customers, employees need to provide different services, such as irritability treat customers, have patience, gently with his article about the dependent; treat customers, employees should be good for them, some useful advice, but don’t put too much pressure.

listen to remember that customers like to talk, especially to talk about themselves. The more they talked, the happier they felt, the more satisfied they would be. Everyone love a good listener, so that the toy store employees to learn to listen patiently, customers do not interrupt the conversation; in addition to learn to control themselves, especially when they want to express opinions, and to allow more customers to speak.

smile charm customers spending money, you do not want to see the appearance of service staff. When the customer complaints when angry, this performance will only add fuel to the flames. On the contrary, if you smile sincerely to customers, you may be infected with him, make him adjust attitude, or make him feel happy, smile to convey this information to each other: "I am very glad to meet you, I am willing to serve you."

try to figure out what the customer’s psychological customers want to get what kind of service? Why do customers want this service? This is the service staff in the observation of customers to constantly remind themselves of the two questions. Because of a variety of reasons that make customers reluctant to speak out their expectations, but through vague language and body movements, etc.. Through the above analysis of the toy store business guide, believe to join the industry businesses, will also have a more clear understanding of the problem, regardless of whether the shop experience, in the choice of business projects and operate in the future, have full understanding of this problem.

as China’s two-child policy in full swing, also let the toy industry is now developing rapidly, is the people who want to start a business to choose the industry, open a toy store is now a lot of rich entrepreneurs, a toy store business, you should know in the above article, also have their own the idea! As a business to open a toy store, you should master the skills of the shop is very skilled, and lay a good foundation for the development of their own store ah!

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U ten brand list – the whole

The development of

era for a variety of electronic products with people’s lives, to the lives of many people brings convenient, but u is such a kind of electronic products. U disk, name USB flash disk, the English name USB flash disk". It is a kind of USB interface without the physical drive of the micro high capacity mobile storage products, through the USB interface and the computer connection, plug and play. Then, U disk which brand is good? Let Xiaobian for everyone secret disk ten brands list.

u ten brand list NO.01, Kingston Kingston, Kingston technology, founded in 1987, headquartered in California, Fountain Valley, Kingston has more than 2400 employees worldwide. The United States fortune magazine as the United States the most suitable for the work of the company". From a single product in 1987 producer, Kingston has more than 2000 kinds of products to support storage, computers, servers and printers to use MP3 player, digital camera and mobile phone etc. almost all storage equipment. In 2007, the company’s annual revenue exceeded $4 billion 500 million. Kingston U ranked first.

u ten brand rankings, SanDisk NO.02 SanDisk is the world’s largest flash data storage card products suppliers. Born in California in 1988, the company was founded by Oddo Paro, an international authoritative Harari Dr. Eli nonvolatile storage technology in the field of 1988. In November 1995, SanDisk became a publicly traded company, its Nasdaq stock code is SNDK. 2004, SanDisk revenue reached $1 billion 800 million. Currently, the company has more than 5000 employees worldwide. The company is headquartered in California, Milpitas. SanDisk’s products are currently sold through more than 260 thousand global retail stores. SanDisk U disk ranked second.

u ten brand ranking NO.03, Toshiba (Toshiba), is Japan’s largest semiconductor manufacturer, is also the second largest integrated motor manufacturer, belonging to the Mitsui group. The company was founded in July 1875, formerly known as Tokyo Shibaura Electric Corporation, 1939 by Tokyo Electric Corporation and Shibaura produced by the merger, business areas including digital products, electronic components, equipment, household appliances and other social foundation. Toshiba U disk ranked third.

u ten brand ranking NO.04, Pny Technologies Inc PNY Technologies Inc, founded in the United States, "PNY" (Chinese: PNY) Paris name from English words and New York (PARIS and NEW YORK), since 1985 to become a global company, 20 years, PNY has been committed to the development of storage products and manufacturing, in addition to the current in the United States.

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What the whole of small adorn article join

we all know that the choice of a good small adorn article, is to highlight the best choice for our temperament. Whether it is a simple headdress, or jewelry, for women, are very important. So, the business choose small adorn article join?

small accessories to make money?

The majority of women

jewelry is the necessities of life, becoming a part of people’s lives, the investment prospects of the jewelry store of low cost, low risk, but also makes people want to join the jewelry industry to invest. The emergence of small accessories to join, it brings consumers unlimited surprises, the obvious advantages of its entry, but also allow businesses who are overjoyed.

popular jewelry outside the new, extraordinary and special advantages, one hair ornaments, which is stylish and elegant, the variety of styles have become the first choice of beauty is the home of panic buying, regardless of whether the office or party, or entertainment, can let you become the best supporting actor.

through the above description, I believe we have joined the small jewelry items, has a lot of understanding. For business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is very business choice. Come and join us, let’s make money together!