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Love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm on-line soon, are you ready

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the lower right corner of the window advertising advertising is one of the many sites of love, because the show rate so the click rate is high, naturally let the main site that they put it.

from Shanghai love update algorithm is not difficult to see that the existence of low quality bad advertising video, games, movies, entertainment, medical and other industries of the owners will complain incessantly, because the love of Shanghai made clear in this paper, the ecological environment from the Internet, some low quality advertising was flooded with more and more websites, this trend has seriously affected the search engine respect user experience is the inexorable law, so what is the low quality and inferior advertisement? To the author of the pomegranate algorithm understanding, the following screenshots of similar ads for low quality and bad advertising:

from the front 2 be sure to determine low quality and inferior advertisement, the advertisement behind the medical industry, it is not clear whether also belong to this column, if this column belongs to it, then it will be a devastating blow to the medical industry site.

using the JS code pop websites are generally worthy of the name of the rogue website, because he not only affect the user experience, and may also make the user’s computer under attack.

pomegranate algorithm!The first !

addition, love Shanghai also specifically stated the pomegranate algorithm on the line, the low quality and no less advertising popups quality of website ranking will be improved, of course, the premise is the main content of value. And the contrary is bad, a lot of confusion with pop page main content spam website ranking will fall sharply. The author of this remind such Webmaster: distance love Shanghai officially launched the pomegranate algorithm as well as a week, this week must seize the time to deal with this kind of advertising, or will be adjusted


medical industry website consultation window advertising, the advertising window is an important platform for communication and website visitors, but because it is an open page will pop up, and follow the page scroll floating, some still can’t shut off or shut in is open.

!This is

May 17th love Shanghai Webmaster Platform released an article titled: "the pomegranate algorithm – low quality page terminator" article, the article pointed out that the love of Shanghai will be updated in a week after the pomegranate on-line algorithm, and this update algorithm is mainly for those with bad advertisements interfere with the user’s normal browsing the pages, especially in confusion a large number of low-quality pop pop ads, the main content of the page spam page is the representative of the site, containing such ads will be some adjustments, this is another major action from the last love Shanghai love Shanghai Scindapsus throw algorithm, to be self-evident, that all is in order to enhance the user experience

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Find out what the content from the three problem is the real demand to meet the visitors


2, we should do for visitors to the flat plain >

of course there are many other ways for us to dig!

then how can know what kind of content and visitors love to mining visitors interested in the topic of

The operation process of the

2, how to dig into the visitors interested in


1, we can do a related investigation for our visitors, the visitors do not have to be the investigation authority, similar to brainstorming.

1, prepared a headline, enough to attract visitors.

4, the use of staff and now a social network such as: micro-blog, WeChat and other concerned about our group of visitors, look at your potential visitors are concerned about what.

5, the love of Shanghai Search Ranking, Taobao ranking, Ali index on the platform to get the data needs of visitors.

site we can put the site as well, you want to feed so many people, so you will need to have enough depth. But now we can see a lot of sites in the process of operation is often to Shanghai dragon and Shanghai dragon, the site is still filled with some of the visitors are not interested in the content, and even some not related with the theme of the content, these practices are like net wells and soil, which polluted the water, also let yourself start no more depth. For the content of the site we are not just limited to my original, I was on a search engine friendly. We should do more of the content of the site to meet the needs of visitors. How to meet the needs of visitors to provide optimized content? The author thinks that we can find the answer from the analysis of the following three questions.

?The main elements of the

then how we write out the visitors interested in

Some of the potential demand for visitors to

3, how to write out the visitors interested in

2, can search in the search engine, and we need in-depth analysis of visitor’s needs and concerns.

we all know that the site content is nothing more than the text, images, audio, video. When our competitors also stay in the text, we can provide a combination of content for the visitors, but it can be a combination of many elements. If our competitors have more elements, we will do better than competitors more delicate. We should always remember that I have no people, I have excellent people. Of course, mainly in the editorial content, the author will talk about some details.


1, visitors love what


3, can through the inquiry platform and related industry forum to search the visitor’s questions, so as to find out the visitor wanted to know, then you are the integration of the relevant contents of this question.

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A supplement to Lou song song love Shanghai IP keywords and principle analysis of antecedents

keyword ranking first click rate is 0.685, second 0.562, third 0.553, fourth 0.352


1) accumulated a key word. The thesaurus content can come from many aspects, such as Webmaster Station Network Search Ranking query search in love, love Shanghai, large website internal data bought over, etc.. (added: source method about the thesaurus has a lot of, such as getting through, such as Sogou input method thesaurus provides a free text classification corpus, and is obtained through some statistical tools.

so here extends a problem, click on the corresponding different qualifying rate from which keywords, keyword hits in my understanding of the source, mainly from the ranking, love Shanghai webmaster statistics background, analysis to estimate the related traffic statistics tool statistics.

original title: what is love Shanghai Lailu IP and

, ask the love IP and Shanghai Lailu keywords principle, feel useful to recommend to you, according to my limited understanding, are generally like this:

can see the premise of this tool is the keyword database is large enough, enough overall. If a web site keywords nobody in love station checked, nor in the relevant search appear in.

all antecedents keyword 1 CTR + keywords 2* keyword click rate of 2 +… + keywords N* N keyword click rate.

and so on.


keywords principle?See a problem with ZAC back in the know before

5) statistical method IP number is expected to love Shanghai Lailu:

The estimated IP

4) the website ranking data summary, know the site roughly search traffic. Love is Hailailu. Of course, the premise is the key word is large enough.

Keywords 1* IP=

IP= antecedents a keyword search volume keywords ranking click rate * corresponding to

2) for each keyword search, love Shanghai ranked as the top 100, recorded.


For example: )


3) when the lexicon is large enough, the keyword ranking data in turn, that is to say, according to a website, can know what keywords are ranked in the first few rows. This is the love of the number of station data.

station so love is just a reference value, not the exact value. You can also look at the owners of the home tool.chinaz贵族宝贝 love Shanghai weight query, prediction of antecedents IP and love is not the same as that of the station. The reason is that for different keywords ranked corresponding CTR value different.

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Discussion on improve website ranking by five correlation

now stationmaster in building a new site before, the first is to determine their own site types, wanted to build a what kind of website, and then according to the type of site related to the registration of domain names, for example to do with the type of Web site optimization, so in the domain name registration, it will naturally preferred with interesting domain optimization for example, ABC, 123 Shanghai, Shanghai dragon dragon place and Shanghai dragon etc.. Because the search engine for the correlation between the domain name and website type more strong, give the impression is more specific. The domain name and website keyword in have a great effect on the website optimization, website ranking weight increase. So, to improve the website ranking, the best way is to maximize the type of domain name and website related, can save a lot of time optimization.

for the owners in the choice of keywords, we should all know the site selection and related keywords. Unless you are on the website optimization is not at all clear, if you don’t even understand this word, then I suggest you first learn about the basic knowledge of website construction. Well, for site selection and related keywords is the most basic, not what to say. If your site type is obviously IT, the choice of keywords is not related to the site, then I think you one hundred percent need to learn the basic knowledge of optimization. I then literally, for example, the type of site is to lose weight, then choose the keywords and should be about to lose weight before, for example, what kind of the best way to lose weight which the best diet pills, what kind of food is effective for weight loss and so on. This is the relationship between the keyword selection method. Is also a role to improve website ranking, cause you know.

two and key words

now the search engine for relevance judgments, not a webmaster can say that Qing Dynasty, is based on several top-ranking website data analysis that the roughly. For given what kind of website search engine rankings, the correlation occupies a very important position. Most of the webmaster all know site either inside or outside the station, hope that the more the better correlation with the site. After all, the webmaster can improve the ranking factors are very important. Today the talent network about using several correlation to improve ranking method:

, a domain name correlation

know that the webmaster to the site to do the chain is to the same type of Web Forum blog, and the correlation between the chain and the website in the website itself is stronger, to improve the website ranking function is non small is big. Therefore, the author summarizes three methods to improve the chain of correlation: one is the relationship between publishing platform, general webmaster all know, if you do is store type website will naturally choose and store the relevant forum to promote the chain, the purpose is to let the chain and site increase correlation. The two is the anchor text correlation. This is easy to explain, for example, they do less "

three, outside the chain

The correlation between The correlation between

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Analysis of Web site was hung black chain harm and preventive measures

second: the site is hung? What is the classification of chain.

speaking of the black chain, do believe people have heard, I think for any webmaster, his web site was hung black chain is a very depressing thing, not only affect the user experience, but also make the site to drop right even K station. Today I will share with you an analysis of website is hanged? Chain harm and preventive measures, we hope to help.

is the first to set the display property to none, thereby shielding website external link information;

third: how to prevent website hanging chain?.

in fact, in most cases, the black chain is by adding the CSS style website source code to achieve. Although more complicated and manipulative, but basically can be divided into four categories.

black chain is different from our normal Links, it is not to look at the surface of the web, only links in web pages with code to see. These code users can not see, but the search engine can crawl, so even if we browse the web to see the black chain, but the black chain has played a role. Then the black chain is how to achieve it? It is with another "black", is a hacker. Hackers use their own technology intrusion server, on the inside of the site on the site is placed on the horse, black chain. Because the black chain of concealment, administrators are often difficult to find, so it can be stored for a long time. The black chain has become a major commodity trading links, many websites in order to rapidly improve rankings have opted to buy cheap and a large number of high weight black chain. Hanging black chain site due to one-way links derived too much, it is easy to be found in the search engine, often do drop right processing or keyword ranking disappear.

many black chain operation hackers are basically completed by the above means, whether they are in what purpose, business or fun, we are not to live. For those PR value is higher site, we should pay more attention to the prevention of. A new website itself weight is not high, the link will not play much, but more than 4 in the PR website, hackers can make money to hang black chain. Perhaps inadvertently, your site outside the chain is hung up the bad information, and this chain is generally impossible to find, unless you are a very professional technical staff. The only thing we can do is to strengthen their own security measures, as far as possible not to let others take advantage of our negligence, then from my perspective, a >

second is not the technical content, is the only link character set into infinite, trying to muddle away station;

first: first talk about the definition and harm of the chain?.

third is to proceed from the vision, is no technical content, will link character and web page background color, seems to be consistent with the principle of fourth kinds of keyword accumulation; through the link position, the link appears to reach the visible screen, black chain effect.

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On WPS promotion can not doRice and vegetable roll know why you do Wangzhuan always make money

three, windfall profits

later, I just ran into something free to make an alliance fee. I’ve already said it here admin5/article/20080710/93273.shtml,  . Of course, some people say the project is out of date because the free times seem to be over. But don’t forget. The Internet is never stingy, it depends on how we make money.

usually have many foreign projects very violent, such as click mail, the price is very high, the amount of pay is very high. Of course, there is little intelligence friends are going to think about it, if a little time spent a very simple every day can get tens of dollars, $1000 a month, so basically we do not have to work. This kind of Wangzhuan basically not to think, don’t ask sh419 is not a liar, I can tell you for a lot of pull off the assembly line do not know can not pay, but also want to hurry to pay the amount. So do Wangzhuan or restrain your profiteering mentality.

, a franchisee based project

believes that a lot of people are aware of Kingsoft. People who have done it, especially those who are still doing it now, know that WPS has always been a promotional project.

this time there are a lot of friends and I Q to ask about the Wangzhuan problems, most I would answer, but some people always ask how to do from the novice, what to do, I think in front of me a few articles and said very clearly, don’t see the end.

since July 7th, all WPS are installed according to the amount of installation, each installation of 0.2 yuan, so if you pay advertising fees, it certainly is not cost-effective, because the price is too low.

software project

if it is natural flow? Maybe there is still done, after all, natural flow is not money. I say the natural flow includes the search engine and the input address.


small hackers or Wangzhuan site with some attractive tutorials, for example CPA automatic registration day to earn 50, Zhejiang’s new springboard brush drill such, many people will go to download, and then look at the tutorial operation is very successful, and do not say tutorial operation is true the truth is, the software needs to be verified, the general good software will not casually open to sell, project cheating people, this project is also not to be able to do, even if the software is true, there are timeliness, as long as open after a multi >

at present there are still a lot of people struggle in the Wangzhuan line, words with many predecessors, do Wangzhuan, earn money so only a small part of a large part of the people, so why not to earn money and some even cheated, today I’m going to give you an analysis the network has to do a lot of but people are not making money or money making project.

two, click on the vote

the following project reviews and analyses the hope that new look, you know to be cheated is not entirely the fault of others:

this kind of project that is constantly pulling off the assembly line, that is how much money to pay you to join it and then give you a dumpster to let you go to the propaganda to pull off the assembly line, such things do not earn money not to say, your conscience won’t go, and basically do not have what distinction do MLM. This project if you have enough ability to pull off the assembly line that do it, but generally high IQ people will choose to do the top people in Pyramid.


, go back to my station., who would do that? Well, after that free project was finished, WPS changed the rules.

if it’s a link exchange, that’s hard to say. After all, every IP is money. And the connection to the IP is essentially invalid, ip.

different opinions please Paizhuan!

this kind of project the previous article said, can earn money, the normal station will pay, but this station payment cycle is very long, does not have the patience or do not consider, of course, a lot can also pull off the assembly line, so those people that sentence below Pyramid will not be able to earn what money. Only go up can earn more.

so I still think WPS has changed now and nothing has been done. Should be transferred to higher prices, at least higher than the advertising fees.

actually, when I started doing it, I saw a monthly championship title hanging on their league page. That’s why I tried.

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Vertical female portals are four major factors in VC chasing

recently by a well-known venture capital business Xitade (Citadel) female investment in the industry vertical sites quietly open to discussion. Like Vancl’s crazy follow up 1 years ago, the Cocoren fashion network, which targets Chinese women’s lives, has attracted a lot of interest. From here, VC opens a new round of Vertical Women’s websites.

factor 1: her economic advantage is obvious,

she believes many people are staring at the economy, but now is the time. Careful observation of nearly one or two years of Internet development, you can find that her economic advantages are becoming increasingly evident. First, the number of Chinese Internet users and the degree of Internet development, and two, China is gradually becoming a luxury center.

the latest number of Chinese Internet users is 400 million. The State Council Information Office Director Wang Chen in May 1st for "on the seminar on the development and management of the Internet" Chinese said: as of now, the number of Chinese users reached 404 million; Internet penetration rate reached 28.9%, exceeding the average level of the world, the use of mobile phone Internet users reached 233 million people.

luxury goods last year, diamond bird, and develop the venture capital Cochran online mall is a reflection of the situation. In these luxury shopping websites, international brand, fashion, latest fashion jewelry, and even limited edition of jewelry, without exception, reach out to women’s purse. According to official projections, in 2009, China sold diamonds through Internet channels, accounting for about 20% of the total market share. CEO, Guo Feng, also told the media, "we have completed our annual sales target in less than half a year."." In fact, in addition to diamond, birds, LAN diamond network and other professional websites, as well as Taobao, Sina mall and other portals, there is no lack of career success of women involved. Last year, Chinese intellectual women on behalf of Yang Lan and international pop singer Celion · Dion established cooperation, including diamonds, precious metal jewelry, women jewelry network marketing company, to enter the female consumer market network. All this highlights her economic advantage, and when women’s Internet markets are able to support such expensive items as diamonds, the market is ripe.

factor two: the maturity of e-commerce to promote the development of women’s websites

The maturity of

e-commerce has promoted the development of women’s websites, and e-commerce has gained explosive growth in 09 years. Data show that my net purchases in 09 years amounted to 267 billion yuan, an increase of 90.7% over 2008. In 2009, 130 million users had at least one online shopping experience, accounting for 33.9% of all Internet users. It is estimated that China’s online shopping market will reach 490 billion yuan in 2010. More than 60% of city women have tried online shopping, especially in C2C online trading, where women and buyers are far superior to men in the main clothing and cosmetics business, a survey has revealed. Today, online shopping is becoming more and more popular today, traditional industries and IT industries

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Wei Jianbo talk about network promotion teach you to play Baidu space (four)

section focuses on sharing how to use Baidu space to do the chain, this section we talk about, how to use Baidu space to get a lot of traffic. After the Wei Jianbo test, it was found that you could get a lot of traffic through several ways.

traces marketing: exchange visits, messages,

this is the most basic way to obtain traffic, no technical content, but also very easy to mass operation method. Where to pay attention: visits will leave traces of your visit in each other’s spaces. If you set up a beautiful head, this will attract more people, click your avatar. So as to bring your space not expensive flow. The exchange of visits mainly to those famous Bo, cattle Bo based, their space daily visits are enormous; message, we mainly rob sofa based, the general first screen of the effect is very good. Some space, in reading the article will also leave traces, so once again increased the exposure rate of your head, you can see the importance of space avatar.

triage: Article Title

promotion on the habits of the title of the article writing is very tempting, but the content is very dull, readers can see the headline hope for this article, but after reading this article and desperate. This is called the hope, the bigger, the disappointment is bigger, such article saw, was thoroughly despairing. This led to the emergence of the so-called Title party". For every article in Baidu space, here is a recommendation for the relevant article, which is shown by default, and, of course, can be set here and not displayed. What you recommend is someone else’s article in line with the title and content of your article. This will cause your traffic is divided may go, we can also use reverse thinking to do the title, modeled on some Hot Blog, Bullog title, our title and their close, let our articles appear in their related articles. Let’s divide their traffic to increase our traffic.

photo marketing: space album

space album, this corner is often abandoned people, people’s inertial thinking is often fixed in the text of marketing, in fact, pictures can also be marketing. For example, let’s turn on the Baidu picture and enter the keyword "beauty" as follows:


There will be a lot of

. Let’s take a look at it casually:


has many pictures in the lower left corner of the show "Baidu space" four words, we click to see, as follows:


in this album below, there are 456 pictures, this picture was visited 2254 times. Today is June 3rd, that is to say about a week by Liuhe >

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Four ways to translate the disadvantages of a commodity into selling points

we go on the street to see the cries, are often boast, selling things are very good, even if there are some drawbacks, the pink of perfection, often after the seller will be ready to accept either course that is careless buyers an advantage, although this is a skill, but for more business platform pay attention to back rate, flicker is not a skill, but a kind of defect, completely damage will eventually lead to the website or store credit.

in the mall or on a website so we need to deliberately hidden defects of products or defects, because it is completely inevitable, but these seem to be defective function, for some buyers, there is another advantage, so as to their One loves what is his own. generous buyers show, both advantages and disadvantages. But, again, the display of excellence is naturally very simple, just a regular introduction. But if the defects or shortcomings, if not pay attention to some of the tips, it will also affect the sales, but actually by proper methods, these defects can also be transformed into a selling point, the following is to analyze the specific.

1: a comprehensive introduction to merchandise

is actually a lot of sellers know a comprehensive introduction to the importance of commodities, especially on the Internet, but often in the process, see the defects of products, such as mobile phone without a certain function, clothes have broken code and other issues, often in the actual process of unconscious neglect, when users buy clothes when that need a number of clothes, the seller say no, this will often dampen users to buy clothes enthusiasm, wanted to choose again, but they choose to give up. If introduced from the beginning, the user sees the clothes that do not have proper code number, that also can be chosen afresh. This is why forewarned is more important than later told this fact and our work, and actively take the initiative to work a little often than passive working people welcome, although the final two people did the same.

two: Leveraging publicity

for certain commodities, if fatal defects must not be sold, but these fatal defects can help us cover up some of the minor defects. For example, in the food safety risk is the concern of many users, we are selling food, can cause serious problems with the publicity defects on the body, to contrast their sales of food is very safe. This is a good way to get publicity through the shortcomings of others. Now, many sellers of edible oils will mark their own sale of genetically modified oils, thereby gaining the user’s approval.

three: rebound Pipa

as a commodity if many advantages, but the defect is only one or two, so in the propaganda we can even obvious propaganda of the shortcomings, such as some health care propaganda, often by telling the user that health care only for a certain class of people invalid, other people are.

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Ranking of the top ten Chinese novel websites in China;

was founded in November 2001, the original domain name, is a publishing entertainment literature based original literary website, in 2004 was a grand acquisition. As a starting point is one of the largest literature reading and writing platform, has become the leading domestic original literature portal, and founded "the starting point Chinese" as the representative of the original literature leading brand, to establish a mechanism of electronic publishing online creation, training, improve the sales as a whole, become the outstanding literary works published online platform, establish a leadership position in the industry has influence in the industry, Alexa ranked 495, whether the world ranking or influence in the industry, starting point Chinese nets sit tight in the first chair.

novel reading network (

was founded in May 2004, was first established, with its unique style and rich content, highly praised by the majority of literary fiction, spontaneous by the majority of the members of the recommendation, the website mainly provides the original novel, concise style, no dazzle miscellaneous advertising, advertising by fiction lovers. The current volume of visits is nearly 50 million. Global traffic ranked the highest in history, 171, Alexa is currently ranked 1277.

Jinjiang original network (

Founded in August 1, 2003,

is the largest female literary base in the world. Jinjiang original network has a complete submission system, personal collection system, media contact, publishing system and high creative levels of the original stack. Top 100 Chinese websites. The website has nearly 900 thousand registered users, the average number of new registrations is more than 3000 per day; the registered author is 270 thousand; the novel is about 300000. In 2008, it was acquired by Shanda, with more than 20 million visits per day. Global Alexa ranked 1287 overall.

netrose (


website was founded in August 1999, is currently the most influential literary website, has perfect submission system, personal collection system, issued a media contact system and high standards of original library creation. After nine years of development, has become the domestic and foreign Hongxiutianxiang original writer’s dream, is a female writer in ink sway talent wonderful arena. Formed a woman to read audiences, romance novels featuring the original atmosphere, by white-collar women love. The website was grandly purchased in 2007, with over 1 million registered authors, over 3 million original works (articles), and more than 10 thousand entries in one day (Alexa), ranking 2556 in the world.

Xiaoxiang Academy (