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Some basic properties about search engines

three, 301

two, robots

has let the search engine spiders can’t crawl in love Shanghai property, such as: JS, Flash code page, transfer out of advertising links and so on these places can be used directly, these are all can use the nofollow property to shield, avoid weight loss, and JS and Flash are the love of spiders in Shanghai do not read this. Where do not need more. We presented to the search engine must be part of the best, so as to let the search engine think your site has more affinity for him. To avoid being treated as garbage sites, so as to get punished.

robots protocol is a kind of search engine rules, specifically for the protection of privacy and site settings, after all a website to let the user to read, there are some owners of private information, such as website backstage. If the information is leaked out is likely to cause the website by hackers, so I went to the robots protocol and robote protocol and shielding, a good way is to concentrate on your weight, such as shielding the registration page, landing page, copyright information, so that the weight of all concentrated in the home page, column page and content the page inside, avoid weight loss.

web site to minimize levels, generally have a home column page page three level >

dynamic URL code parameters have considerable, if long-term do suggest the webmaster try to use static URL, one is love Shanghai’s technology is not completely perfect, on the other hand, the dynamic parameters of URL if too many search engines will be automatically cut a part in the search results will not be displayed completely finally, is the static URL users can easily memory, enhance the user experience.

do with the increasingly long time, time also is in progress, the website is impossible never change, so the 301 functions are shown here, the old version of the site using the 301 jump, can reduce weight loss, after the revision of the lowest loss. In addition to the jump out of the 301, such as JS direct jump code will be considered cheating. And the 301 is in love with sea officer online clearly show that you can use the.

website optimization technology, intelligent search engine is far more than the thinking of the webmaster, constantly updated with the love Shanghai algorithm is even more so. However, web site operators need to get more traffic from search engines, which must be satisfied to the taste of the search engine. Shanghai Dragon Technology who all understand, the general direction of the "content is king, the chain for the emperor, as the supreme law of the user experience". But the real winners only the details do perfect in every respect.


Who knows Four, try to use static URL


five, the website level less

, a nofollow

jump function

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The web page code optimization of these points have you noticed


page, the text of the loading speed is far higher than a lot of pictures, oh, because we all know that open website pictures very time memory, this will undoubtedly affect the entire site loading speed Oh, for example, before www.tbtmsy贵族宝贝 is because of this, leading to the website is frequently hit the open state, and finally lead to search engine drop right. So in the face of this situation, we can compress the page through a number of tools to the picture, so you can save our server space a lot of resources, so as to effectively enhance the overall speed of the website.

1, to reduce the server load

to understand the optimization of friends that are very familiar to the ALT attribute on pictures, because we all know that spider is unable to identify pictures of what you want to say, so this time we can only express content through the ALT property to display pictures, so we must pay more attention to the. I believe some Adsense specializes in pictures of the station will find that we will have a lot of.



(a) to compress the web page as a whole.

we also can put pictures from the site and put the calling form, so that even the image loading speed is slow, it will not affect the speed of the whole of our website.

(three) attribute comment website images.

in Shanghai this year once again updated, believe that many webmaster will find love, Shanghai has begun to pay more and more attention to the web page loading speed, in fact, from the mobile phone version of the love of Shanghai can see, usually when you search for a keyword, you just open a few sites first page, you will find that the speed is very fast, but the size of the page is compressed, so if you want your website to have a good speed, good development, on page compression is very important, there are several smaller specific benefits:

2, increase user access speed.

(two) in the web page picture compression.

3, increase the spider crawling speed.

2013 today, with the renewal of love Shanghai constant adjustment algorithm, the role of the chain has become increasingly small, so for some of the details of the optimization work station will undoubtedly add a lot, especially some of our most neglected daily in small details, when they have a page one page accumulated down for us the day after the website ranking hit is very large, in fact, is should be a sentence "details determine success or failure, while the optimization is the site code today to share with you in those small details can not be ignored, roughly divided into 5 aspects to share with you.

In fact, for the

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The five biggest killers of early startups out of businessWhy is it so difficult to develop Wangzhua

yesterday February 10th, tiger sniffing an article on the start-up company was acquired by large companies, entrepreneurs how to deal with large companies, team relations, and help the acquisition of the successful completion. Today, we’re going to recommend an article on how many obstacles an start-up can get out of on its way out. For those who are pondering through the acquisition, seeking to withdraw from the entrepreneurs reference. This article comes from Venturebeat, compiled by Tiger sniffing:

in the higher share that if you stop looking for the project, you can find a master to learn from him, this is the fastest way, or do a bole, to find their own horse, perhaps this analogy is not appropriate. But no matter what to do to have good execution, said thousands of times you do not do is no good. The Ming Dynasty philosopher Wang Shouren said: the unity of knowledge and practice. That is theory and reality

two, the company’s "intellectual property" did not get

start-up companies have a lot of talented engineers, but they don’t have enough resources in other areas. The small size of the "acquisition of employment acqui-hire transactions probably less than $10 million but is usually considered a rare top talent in signing the employment contract, the details are not known to outsiders and the amount is not small; a large scale transaction often is" acquisition and formation buy vs. build "part the strategy, large companies can choose not only has been test team, but also get market recognition products, even on the R & D program critical products.


Wangzhuan industry is a special existence, it appears that the time is very short, which is nearly ten years gradually developed. Although generally include Wangzhuan on the network to make money you love a variety of means, including site operators, e-commerce and other aspects. But we said that basically Wangzhuan is relatively low-level, such as garbage station, do some advertising click or register for these projects. It can be said that what we call Wangzhuan is on the network to make money is opportunistic, relatively low levels of money.

So if you want to When

1. Important people, founders, key employees such as core Engineers or investors do not support "early" exit trading

, such as the flow of large communities to lead traffic, go to video sites, advertising, forums, mass mail, and so on. These methods have a characteristic, it can really bring the income in the short term, and not for a long time, do not run, the short term is difficult to have income, but this Wangzhuan way there is a feature that is not a lot of people to operate, because of the high traffic site is not a fool, it won’t make it site filled with a lot of advertising. If a lot of people to do so, the station is bound to deal with. Not title, that is, delete posts, delete information. Another reason is that the master of these money making skills will not disclose their own ways to make money, because they are afraid of damaging their own income. Empathy, if it is you, you have a way to make money, can easily tell a stranger? Have a cake you are willing to give to others, a casual, unless that person is your friends or relatives.

best case: there is nothing to disclose to the acquirer in the company’s intellectual property rights, or even if there are some to disclose

in the start-up company only "team" or "team" and "technology" in the background, many of the "withdrawal" for the purpose of the acquisition transaction eventually failed. There are many reasons for the failure to withdraw from the transaction. This article lists five of the most common I witnessed in the entrepreneurial team:


the first question is whether the core developers / your technical personnel or other co-founder is ready to continue to spend time and energy in the company’s technology and business? The most important thing is, is willing to work together with the new club after the completion of the acquisition? In the early exit case, the acquirer will usually have the acquiring company’s founder, development staff and team strategy "as a part must be retained".

so you should understand that the way to make money is in the hands of a few people, unless you know these experts, or spend money, otherwise they have no obligation to tell you. The hackers discovered vulnerabilities and a reason, hackers have new attack techniques or found new vulnerabilities, are their own first use, be tired or not fresh was released. But the number of people used, the estimated patch is also played, so it will soon be invalid.

starts a business, the company should have the founder’s "contribution to the company" of any technology intellectual property rights, and all need an effective and audited transfer agreement. The agreement will separate the intellectual property obtained later in the company’s work from the present and past founders for example, the invention of the transfer agreement and the confidentiality clause. Your team will also have to obtain similar agreements from independent contractors, who will retain most of their intellectual property rights without special descriptions of the transfer. It is also important to keep a record of the third party confidentiality agreement, which many technology companies do with computer software.


people are selfish animals, so even if he tells you that the way he earns money has no loss to him, he won’t easily tell you. Unless you pay for it, or it’s especially good with you. You know this, then see some Wangzhuan tutorial flooded online, what day earn hundred thousand yuan, do not think that the treasure is picked up, basically is expired or the failure of the project. These projects look quite a matter of course, there is a lot of truth, but basically not practical. They’re all theoretically feasible, but they don’t make any money. Otherwise, why people do not put out, cut off sources of revenue

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Google ranking factors (eleven) trans factors (three)

seventh, the chain growth rate is slow but steady rise, which will allow Google to think that your site is very natural, and have a great chance will determine your site really is more and more popular,

the day before we in effect chain Google ranking factors (two) mainly introduces the important role of different types of anti chain, today we take this topic will continue, the next ten anti chain factors explain in detail.

ninth, outside the chain, obtained from the directory sites in the country, most many directory sites is a super large website, not only the flow of huge high and is the starting point to crawl, included in the catalog of many sites, Google will be more popular.

fourth, and the content correlation of course also say page relevance, page relevance is largely reflected in the content on the page, but some may contain a lot of content to a section of the content with the theme "chain is relevant, but other theme is not related, so if you can find the relevant page, also the high degree of the effect will be better.

first, the link in the article appears in the position, generally speaking, the link appears at the front, the influence of the rankings.

third, the source of the chain website content relevance, that is to say, the correlation is not only reflected in the two theme of the site, is also reflected in the two page content with each other, the content relevance is stronger, the better the quality of the chain.

well, the above is about the effect of anti chain Google ranking factors (three) the ten essence, mainly around what the chain would be better to start, hope to the future.

fifth, the text content of the chain around the haunting, text can be read by the chain around the noble baby, this is especially for comment on the chain, imagine that in your comment on the chain around the negative evaluation, Google will be how to judge your site

second, the link in the page position, generally speaking, links appear in the text to appear in other places better than.

Google ranking factors (eleven): trans factors (three)

eighth, the chain growth rate declined steadily, and on the contrary, if your site outside the chain growth in this case, Google may think your website user experience is getting worse, will cut your ranking.

tenth links from high authority sites, high authority website you can also be understood as the web site, the chain site is relatively difficult to obtain, and can transfer to the site of the weight is high, so the chain almost one from the authority of the site outside the chain of quality can be worth ten from the ordinary website.


sixth, the source of the chain page title, anchor text keywords if you also appear in the source site title tag, so that the role of the chain is better than ordinary chain.

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Three squirrels checked shelves or cause entrepreneurial panicSee how the city guide website Refiner

I have roughly divided the following into three statements:

for successful startups, especially those like three squirrels, I’ve always had a lot of respect for it, and it’s easy to be a loyal user for the first time. But this news, also really surprised me: is the enterprise development too fast, lack of product management? Or the local government to tighten the pocket, to suppress the early bird? Or is an entrepreneurial team against the company, is the Yin

, once a text-based web site, has become smoother and more interesting, adding pictures and blank spaces, designing ad positions, icons, bars, and social networking sites. In order to attract reading >

is the same as entrepreneurs Xi’an Jiawang commercial management company CEO, Hu Zhiwei in the event said in comments: enterprise development too fast, do not pay attention to their own supervision, thought through the air, flying, cattle!? consumer expense, sooner or later will be sent to the guillotine. It is also easy to ruin painstakingly built up brand awareness. With such a cruel market, economy and operating environment, it is not easy to establish and build a brand. This matter also reminds the local regulatory authorities to effectively carry out the work and protect the mouths of consumers. No further adverse events such as Sanlu milk powder can occur.

now releases more than 80 articles a day, and the well designed blog structure becomes promiscuous and uncoordinated and difficult to navigate and retrieve. The two founders were also unhappy with the display of LOGO on the mobile platform, which is important because 40% of Refinery29’s traffic comes from mobile phones and tablets.

Despite the amazing pace of development, Philippe von Borries and Justin Stefano, the founders, realize that their brand building has not kept pace with ?

"consumer Herald": according to the third party authority testing institutions laboratory testing, a three squirrel cream melon seeds batch for SS20151201 22350134819 was detected cyclamate content exceeded. Its actual detection value is 6.7g/Kg, and according to the national standard "GB 2760-2014" regulation, the content of cyclamate in food is not more than 6.0g/Kg. Cyclamate is a commonly used additive in foods. "If you consume too much cyclamate for a long time, it can cause certain liver and nervous system damage to your body."." After the evaluation report released, three squirrels have its cream melon seeds in the major business platform under the shelf, covering Tmall, Jingdong, No. 1 stores and suning.


they chose to cooperate with Wolff Olins, an international brand consultancy. Wolff Olins helped the USA today, AOL and Target to rebuild the brand image, the team designed for Refinery29 4 month "brand launch activities", its core content is: how to find and expand the audience while maintaining image related fashion. Wolff Olins, chief strategist Marissa Vosper said: "this is the ultimate challenge of almost all brands have to face, but Refinery is more serious, because the whole idea is to website exclusive custom minority cultural confrontation" fashion "" Elle "and other mass media."

. Stefano said: "media companies are not just content publishers in the traditional sense – they’re producing products, developing technology platforms, or video and other intangible assets, far more than just publishing scripts.". We hope that we can develop in different directions, but the original LOGO, website and brand image can not meet the needs of this area."

first, entrepreneurship is too flashy, after the expansion of enterprises, management system can not keep up.

Wolff Olins has designed a new "R29 LOGO" for the brand image, this new LOGO is suitable for any place, from web banners to the overall appearance, there is a fusion of fashion aesthetics and simplicity of the new website. Next, Refinery29’s design team began to rectify the site using modular elements. The home page is divided into 5 separate parts, each of which can be adjusted and replaced at will." "It’s so convenient that we recommend content based on our readers’ preferences and make it easier to integrate into future social platforms," Stefano says."

, in 2005, launched a $5000 city guide web site, Refinery29, for Internet users to share their findings. Today, the site has become a popular fashion lifestyle, with monthly independent visitors exceeding 5 million, and advertising and e-commerce revenues are expected to reach $26 million this year.

cheap, I came to your circle of friends, do not want to have attracted a burst of hot, panic and condemning. As a result of my circle of friends in 5000 places, 80% are entrepreneurs from all over the country, investors and related people. I thought you might have given three squirrels a bit of sympathy, but I didn’t want to make a lot of things that I didn’t expect.

, Deputy Secretary General of the Xi’an mobile Internet research and Development Association, Wang Qiang commented: Mobile Internet accelerates the flow of information, a large number of self media to promote the rapid spread of sensitive events. Any enterprise, especially developed into brand enterprises, regardless of the past is offline or online, you need to pay great attention to the brand reputation. In particular, food users experience high demand, a wide range of industries. High quality brand reputation is through long-term user experience and innovation, trial and error accumulated, and according to different industries, sometimes need more than 5 years, and sometimes need 10 years or even longer. So, we >

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Jiang Xinpeng Baidu algorithm summary

algorithm About Baidu speculation, that is all situation, because of the recent large-scale adjustment of Baidu algorithm within the program, many in the SEM and SEO algorithm for enthusiasts is Baidu search marketing consultant Zhongzhi There were many discussions. The media, Jiang Xinpeng will experience in recent years, SEO search engine optimization analysis, and explore their share this. Network marketing friends and love…… Pray for Tucao, Paizhuan, and spark


one, Baidu basic algorithm analysis: link popularity core algorithm + Baidu promotion + Box Computing + open platform

1. [link popularity], like most keyword search engines, the popularity of page URL address links is the core underlying core algorithm;

[2.] Baidu promotion at first called Baidu bidding, later renamed Baidu promotion, including the two part keyword bidding algorithm and web promotion algorithm;

3. [frame computing] semantic analysis, behavioral analysis, intelligent human-computer interaction, mass based algorithms.


two, Baidu collection process

[1.] page collection of search spiders "has included a page link" find new links and pages and contents of "new" qualified crawling included snapshot and classification of "establishment of basic data storage page (page URL, page title, page description, keywords included source, included time, content summary, page weight the update cycle,


2. [Baidu free products] Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu library, Baidu post bar, Baidu know, Baidu space and other Baidu’s own free products included in the page;

3. [Baidu] open platform is mainly structured data provided by owners (the depth of cooperation with Baidu, the website such as parameter data, car website Baidu know the interface) for various applications and developers to submit (developers to join the Baidu Developer Center and submit the relevant application through the audit);

4. [Baidu bidding] [web site owners open Baidu promotion accounts "prepaid, and through the website audit" Edit keywords advertising and promotion plan "submitted to Baidu promotion background;

5. [Baidu] website owners opened Baidu web promotion promotion account prepaid "and submit Baidu promotion background through the site audit" and "editing advertising network alliance promotion plan; Baidu advertising alliance partner owners to participate in league promotion and approved" reserved advertising and make network interface. (SEO Consultant: Jiang Xinpeng)


three, Baidu search process

search requirements semantic analysis database retrieval ranking feedback

1. [Baidu search page] [user input keywords and retrieval) frame count (semantic analysis and >

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Webmaster such a new person should not give up

don’t know what to say, has been inside the A5 diving for a long time, have not published what symbolic articles, ha ha! We can not to my master ah, I’m out of his rookie! Not even a complete website, webmaster in this world, I am a a passer-by! Has been very low recently, also did not say why, may want to leave today and friends say some words!

I learn is electronic business, until yesterday has for a whole year, yes! For a whole year, but I do not know what to learn! All in the eyes of outsiders, is so arrogant, laughing, very handsome! But who knows how much my heart is really tangled.! may be the last thing too much of it, was a little bear


don’t say these, talk about how I met A5! That is really a margin, 09 years after I am responsible for some professional web site promotion work, I know little about the aspect, so find some Adsense website to learn! Once, when I apply for a Baidu account and I fill in a username "admin" (don’t hit me ah, at that time I really do not know if this is the last tip, special administrator) is to keep the system account, can not apply for a look! No, I directly to Baidu, the first connection is Admin5, described below is the webmaster of the station network. At the time point in, since then I have time to go around the internet almost no time, when the mobile phone! So imperceptibly for half a year, has been a bystander, indescribable feeling, although I’m not really a webmaster, but here I witnessed a head of the history of their joy and sorrow are here! Oh, say so much nonsense, I hope you will forgive me well, my writing is not very good, when all primary school teacher let back writing back afraid of this shame ah…


promotion in the website, I have been looking for some good ways and methods in an attempt to walk around! But, eventually, the key is patience! Really, just do one thing, you must have patience to persevere, each method can persist if do peak extreme, that is good! A company to do a website, will find a very professional web designer, but the site it? It’s not just Everything will be fine., this step only, after the promotion is a difficult process. Now people in the society do a good grasp of a lot, very much, but what we really need is a framework of some innovative thought, dare to do, grasp the needs of customers is the fundamental


I’m talking nonsense, I’m not experienced only a little humble opinion about myself, I hope you don’t take a rookie into ha! Really hope webmaster circle of friends to me a little guidance, as a new, really confused! See so much experience experience and I don’t know if I should.

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The worst hotel shocking name not recognized

for a store development, take a proper name is a very important thing, because of this, many owners in order to attract consumers, a lot of the birth of shocking name. Among them, there is a name that in the vicinity of the HeFei Railway Station: "the worst hotel", finally let the hotel business really become a "worst".

Chinese people are very particular about their work, especially in the name. Both names, names or names, is a good sign of stress. However, there are always some people do not like some of these stores according to the common sense of the cards, others are not commonly used to pick, do not look good when the name of the signboard. In a small alley opposite the HeFei Railway Station found a company called "the worst hotel" shops, fast food shop inflatedinto hotel that returned to their own label on the "worst" hat, the shop as the name business really quite bad.

shop opened in the train station opposite the alley, a large group of stalls, green decoration, clean store environment for shop looks particularly conspicuous. Perhaps the boss does not want to highlight the decoration of excellence, creative to store a unique name – the worst hotel. Such a rich creativity, so unconventional way, so the tension of the name, it seems that it is difficult to look inconspicuous.

but don’t look down upon the worst hotel, shop, meal variety is complete, cooking, cooking, Hot pot everything than fellow chicken and other surrounding the hotel dishes type ifheavier. Not only that the store is listed 24H business, go with the KFC, the same way as the villagers sleepless. This can not help but make people want much ask, so bad business is open 24 hours, not afraid to waste electricity? Will the clerk not sleep in the middle of the night? Of course, it is not really closed all day, and no one seriously concerned about.

in addition, the store also wrote a short and pithy side for their antithetical couplet on the left and the right door, on the "shift price", the second line is "star treatment" Hengpi "worst hotel". On price, store and shift is not much difference. Cooking in 7 to 12 yuan, the highest cooking pot is not more than 50 yuan, the price of food stalls "would no ground for blame. As for the "star treatment" it depends, in turn, can not see the star welcome, also didn’t see enthusiastic waiter, the tea is not, presumably this star treatment non ordinary people can enjoy.

shop door is "business" signs are still in the wind around the shop still desolate. In fact can not blame the boss did not carefully, in a group of street stalls in a decent hotel is a good intention, but want to learn to stand head and shoulders above others "before" do ", a happy little name perhaps more than children from the lower figure to be more in line with the modern aesthetic. Otherwise, even if customers want to consume, see "most"

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Rescue of 75 year old man trapped in Xinjiang

the arrival of the snowstorm in Xinjiang pastoral areas brought about by the trouble of the snow, not only affects everyone’s travel, but also for the safety of life and property caused by a threat. Fuyun County, Aletai area suffered heavy snow hit, many herders and livestock trapped.

began in November 10th, some parts of Xinjiang suffered heavy snowfall weather. Among them, Fuyun County, Aletai area some mountain snow over a meter, yesterday (18) night Fuyun County Public Security Bureau received a call for help, there are 10 herdsmen and more than and 500 livestock in transit way by the storm siege, the local is actively search and rescue. At present, the latest news CCTV news is: the early start of the search and rescue of the police have found the trapped herdsmen, to determine the location of large snow cleaning equipment is being rushed to the area where the herdsmen trapped.

According to

with the rescue forces to the scene of the CCTV reporter, at present, there has been a 75 year old herdsman was rescued, the better; most of the rescue forces from the herdsmen trapped place has been less than 1 kilometers, the rescue team is still struggling to clear the snow removal, and strive in the local herdsmen trapped rescued all before dark.

Although the United States and

snow scene, but for people’s lives and work will cause a lot of adverse effects, so both the public and the relevant departments should actively take measures to minimize the impact.

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Personalized supermarket achievements of your wealth dream

for the convenience of the supermarket people believe needless to say we all know, but one thing to open a large supermarket is not very easy, this will bring opportunities for the development of personalized service in the supermarket, the supermarket opened a personalized believe that you can receive money!