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Why waste station can in front of us

in our analysis of the way I feel it is generally analysis PR analysis included in the site and the reverse link, and domain name registration time from these aspects to determine the quality of the site he, it’s true, but we often ignore the website content and more to the new frequency, general search engine see this site is people management, even if we stop all are good, but it has no more than 1 years of people management, no update, ranking will certainly not good, it may be some error analysis.

third: the optimization level of the site, whether this will really optimization, we all know optimization methods and structure good, certainly can get more recognition engine, if our indicators are better than him, it may be the station optimization problem.

: the first site is updated every day, whether the original content.

: the first site while the design is not good, but the content of the website is mostly original or updated frequently, often see the site general rankings are not very good, he added that some search engines don’t love factors in looking at the same time, the structure he did reasonably simple, we stand to enrich the content, so good, but often browsing and search engine can’t find something.

‘s website is not to determine the basic factors of the external links of good or bad, we have to see his quality, good quality links to one of the top ten, or even hundreds, so we must not stand their good rankings. Of course, the number is sure to explain a problem, but it is not absolute.

More than The number of

second: domain name registration of the site for a long time, the old station usually said, the weight of the general search engine with their very high, but the indicators are not too good, but he really is very senior, this station general ranking will be.

second: website link number

when we are in the analysis of whether a good website that is rubbish station, if our analysis is no problem, in general they rank not better than us, or how well, it only shows that more engine is not normal, or that their website really excels, generally this is the case.

first, we want to determine whether before we analyze the problem of a good web site as a dumpster.

is now ranked the algorithm we really have no way to analyze, sometimes I am really confused, don’t know what to do, I think his site should not be in front of me, but he is in the front row, I think this way will be optimized but on the contrary, sometimes is really a search engine problems, but most of them are not doing our own, although their indicators are not as we stand, but perhaps only then one or two better than us, is this two, he was in front of us, I will analyze what is this two.

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After the Spring Festival holiday website ranking drop.

third, visits to greatly reduce

the above three points determines the ranking of the site will be greatly reduced, the snapshot time will be greatly delayed, but for those with the new year this time the full promotion of the website, the effectiveness will be great, today the word Zibo website search found a lot before not seen in the website and run to the first page. High ranking. This is verified in a word, Shanghai Longfeng guizaijianchi. A5 first.

Original: Before

during the Chinese new year, we are immersed in the thick smell of the year, especially the construction site in this industry, no one to care, no customers to find, so the several days do not have access to the results of the visit in Shanghai, love will be ranked accounted for a certain amount of traffic let love Shanghai to reduce the weight of the station is reduced.

every morning between 7:00-9:00 will have one or two original articles published in Shanghai have been accustomed to the spider love time to grab fresh content, like a person has a habit, but suddenly one day not see fresh things, he may still update the snapshot, but to the station trust has a slight change, and a few days still love, Shanghai spiders that does not have fresh content, so his arrival times will decrease before, once a day, it is now possible for a week and a month, which is the original article on the love of spiders in Shanghai.

second, stop the release of

external links

, I believe many of my friends have encountered this situation, after a year back after the website ranking fell, especially the daily management of relatively frequent sites, years ago station ( Zibo website construction of the word has been ranked first for 6 consecutive months did not fall, but after a year back to the second ranking found page, and love Shanghai also ran a week outside the snapshot, summarize the reasons on the ranking, the following three points:

Shanghai dragon has two key, one is the chain A is original, external links for love of spiders in Shanghai is also very obvious. As we all know, with the passage of time the external links will continue to reduce, if not fresh, high quality of the external links are added, the spider into the site from the external opportunity is greatly reduced. The last few days in the global "Tiancheng extravagant orgy ‘in, what external links would have thrown aside, love Shanghai spiders also put your site in order to throw.

first, stop the release of the original article


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Forum signature can continue as a network promotion way

introduced according to this rule, not a few days, the webmaster forum on the abolition of the forum signature. This makes many webmaster forum members, has been a great impact. As a result, the website will lose a lot has been included in the search engine forum resources. Preliminary judging, websites will gradually drop the words. Then, the flow, the conversion rate will have the corresponding floating.

A5 registration discount: 2013 GOMX global network marketing conference



needs some reading Related reading:

the role of the chain is important, such as the effect of keyword ranking. Now, the effect of the chain is still important. So, we need to pay attention to it, put some irrational elements, integrated and effective, improved accordingly. This paper concerns: 贵族宝贝shop.xinhuacang贵族宝贝

1, the chain quality problems. Some of the previously released outside the chain, the content can be said to be uneven. Even, directly put content into the chain sections, will also have the corresponding effect. Therefore, for this, the network marketing managers should focus on. As far as possible so that the content has some readability, meet visitors’

according to this phenomenon, it can also be used forum to do outside the chain? Whether can also play the corresponding effect? At this point, it is focused on the problem of many network promotion. According to the search by foreign chain audit to increase the degree of hope is nothing more than the chain circle, can have certain rules, subject to appropriate restraint, and no longer as before.

2, outside the chain of quality problems. Just to a section of the forum, issued a corresponding information. Previously, the search engine to this approach, take the default attitude. But now there is a big difference on the degree of hair, strict audit. Therefore, network promotion, need to do is to go to the appropriate forum. Or, the weight of the high place forum, publish relevant information, improve the quality of the chain.

to imagine the network promotion, should go to the chain work from the two aspects:

do network promotion, will leave your site regularly to the forum, blog, and other local communities. Thus, it can increase the effect of the chain. In the beginning of the network, can indeed play a very good effect. But recently, the search engine algorithm in continuous evolution. Such as Shanghai launched a "chain of love" this judgment plan, improving the degree of foreign chain. On the contrary, some of the chain is not friendly, the implementation of a certain punishment.

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Seize the hot topic for long tail keywords add traffic to the site


"51 tourism" keyword index of

website design hot topic page

"Shanghai 51 tourism area close to the long tail keywords, 51, Shanghai love index gradually increased

website optimization is different from the long tail keywords, long tail keywords is more to do with the hot, hot topic to attract users to browse the web site. Such as real-time hot events "51 holiday tourism, for tourism website, the hot topic will make the real-time web traffic to reach a small peak. According to the potential users of the topic search website, provide information to the user, to provide complete different grades of travel Raiders, were selected for different customer groups, naturally it is easy to attract users to browse.

at the same time, special topic page on the website of the will, a promotion, use social platform between users and website to reach two, the use of interactive; love Shanghai search engine itself platform for information dissemination, a hot topic of love Shanghai will release their pages (such as the sea love experience, love Shanghai know); three the site itself, optimizing the layout of the hot spot of long tail keywords, increase length >

subdivision hot topic do precise flow conversion


mining long tail keywords to obtain the corresponding flow, to think of website content can retain customers, for the use of hot topic for more traffic, to analyze the hot topics in the topic can survive long, it is necessary to design special pages corresponding hot topic before, take some time to become a hot topic, page the corresponding time required to improve operation weight. The design topic page to meet user experience, to design new innovation and retain customers, to impress clients.

website not only need home drainage, need more web pages to guide the flow of long tail keywords, long tail keywords source by users, and then obtain the corresponding flow. Select the location of long tail keywords is the webmaster of worries, what is the long tail word can attract users, but also can improve the conversion of traffic to the site, according to the author’s own operating experience, to discuss hot spot mining long tail keywords with you, add the flow corresponding to the site.

mining real-time hot topic to find hot after the long tail keywords, need more analysis on the website, hot topics, accurate segmentation positioning of the long tail keywords. The local tourism portal to improve site traffic, "51 holiday tourism" hot long tail word is not the most accurate, may "(local) * * 51 holiday tourism is more in line with potential users search, local portal site to provide more local living information, in order to make hot regional flow more precisely, the conversion rate will be higher.

The long-term operation of

hot topic mining hot words

The main keywords

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Another purpose of long tail keywords enhance website viscosity

website! The concept of

why do you turn on the computer to login QQ? Most people say this is a kind of habit, in fact, this habit behind also reflects some other meaning, if we let you change every day you would like to use MSN? Why not? MSN QQ is not easy to operate, or no its powerful? In fact not login QQ is a kind of habit, because this habit makes all of our customer contacts, including social relations all focused on QQ, if we have replaced the chat software, then it means that I will lose the human resources, which we are unable to bear so, QQ coincidentally caught the heart, so his promotion let many people put on QQ has become a habit, so he relied on "a personal care human resources, psychological success Create a deep viscosity Tencent

, for example, we all know that ten people use search engines, basically is eight with love Shanghai, two with Google, with Google are generally more professional people, why? Because professional will is to enjoy the technology level of Google, so to use Google, also can say Google is relying on its own technology "to" stick to his clients, including NetEase 163 mailbox is such a concept.

website viscosity there may be some strange friends, may not know what is in fact, popular to say, is the website website viscosity can visitors that viscosity, can not cause the visitors visit two times, or even several times to visit, this is the website viscosity best explanation, then the viscosity of what? As the anchor text can operate? Here we should care about is what we stick to the visitors! Actually this is a focus of the viscosity here in Hefei, Shanghai and Phoenix for example:


so here we ought to be able to clear understanding of the concept of website viscosity, that is to say the operation of the website or platform can stick to others again and again to visit our website, and our focus is still on our own platform or website can rely on what to attract the attention of others to improve the viscosity of the site,? It also said the focus of this article, that is the long tail keywords for another purpose, deepen the viscosity of

what is the long tail keywords without Hefei Shanghai Dragon said, since the understanding of the concept of the long tail word, so we should know how important the long tail keywords for the overall flow of the site, and his turnover rate is very high, the reason is the long tail word to accurately describe the problem, an accurate in order to express what is? In order to better solve the problem of customers, and the customer’s problems are solved, so that customers search objectives have been achieved, at the same time, he for our website on more than a virtually trust, and that trust is the starting point, the viscosity of the site is very important! So the other long term.


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Optimization details of Shanghai dragon super detailed share movie website

      after a period of time, when Links exchange is completed, the site also experienced about one or two months, the website data this time has been accumulated, can through the background statistics website to view various monitoring and analysis, through the analysis of traffic situation, will find some method of promotion occupation too much time, and there is not much use, and some of the past is not optimistic but effective, in this process, the site continues to grow, we also constantly get harvest. Well, this is here, feeds, by 2011 the latest movie address: 贵族宝贝ifengdy贵族宝贝/, please keep the link, thank you!

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10.23 love Shanghai algorithm update, web search results add thumbnails, more humane!

short, love Shanghai this update algorithm, the direct result is that web search results more humanized! However, how to avoid some of the people who have an ulterior motive, to take advantage of these new content? This is about to see, Baidu how our sword! Let us see


everyone as a Shanghai dragon Er, everyone must have to do some preparation! There is a word called "Shanghai dragon like ECG, unless you want to Everything is going smoothly. website is K for the love of Shanghai"! So the update algorithm, I have been very calm and said at least this one! The algorithm update said very calm! After all, basically the whole network sites are affected, in addition to a very few! As a general rule, love Shanghai is not the choice of the large-scale update on Tuesday night, a small update is common, so, I knew that Shanghai will return to the index of love in a short period of time

source: 贵族宝贝sjjzz贵族宝贝/2039.html

on Tuesday night, October 22nd, Shanghai love seems to be carried out an algorithm testing, adding a thumbnail function of search results! The immediate impact is 23, the major site of the index volume decreased significantly, but the ranking does not seem to be affected! Many rely on Shanghai Longfeng flow, but in the day will be lost not small (for example: Suning, Jingdong and so on)

algorithm to update Tuesday!

allows users to participate in the search engine ranking algorithm the intention is good, however, will participate in the user really real? You hard! Even if I share, but most with Shanghai dragon for the purpose of sharing behavior of brush! In most cases, users are lazy, not without benefit early disinterestaction, who will do it? Here is that in most cases

! !

love behind Shanghai snapshot date add a a small arrow, open you can see the "collection, sharing, report and other functions! And these three functions, regardless of which one function is to allow users to participate in the ranking algorithm in Shanghai love! Plus Tuesday, with sea update algorithm the (adding thumbnails in the search results and is not limited to), there are indications that the Shanghai love search results more human

! !

in fact my view is correct! Work just before 23 PM, love Shanghai on our website the index has returned to normal Thursday night! Love Shanghai algorithm again a small range of update, amount, accurate to say is a complement to the

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shlf1314 CEO billions of dollars in revenue, but he was a poor child in IndiaRockefeller don’t bet a

in shlf1314’s parent company Alphabet recently submitted to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission documents, the first disclosure of the current shlf1314 CEO India Sandahl · pichardo Iraq income. shlf1314 in the first year of "wood", more than one hundred million salary last year, received a $100 million 500 thousand salary.

, we started buying the largest and best refineries to manage them centrally so as to ensure that the company operates more economically and efficiently. The company is growing fast, far beyond our expectations.

, the India elder, is not a India American, but a banana growing in the United States. He is not from a family in the upper classes of India, but from a poor native born in India. He is Sandahl ·>

no one would have thought that the company would continue to develop and succeed. As I have always said, money is the most difficult problem to solve, conservative investors of the industry risk is not very interested in, although the asset rich people occasionally give me support to a certain extent, but they still can not get involved in this industry.

can be said, "whatever boarded shlf1314 CEO position after" overnight". Before the provisions of the relevant 2014 shlf1314 tube file, the top five highest paid executives, also did not see "firewood" figure.

at the beginning of 1860s, we formed a company, refining and selling oil, and began to enter the oil industry. Oil purification process is simple and easy to operate, at the beginning of a very high profit nature, people from all walks of life in droves, butcher, Baker, Candlestick maker have refining. Soon, the market for refined oil was in excess of demand. As a result, oil prices continued to decline, when the oil industry was seen as the most dangerous industry.

at the time of the great depression, we tried to negotiate oil products with our neighbors and friends and try to get the company on the right track. We want to expand the market, improve the production process, any company can independently accomplish these tasks, finally, can only rely on increasing capital investment, absorb excellent talent and advanced experience, the formation of scale, in order to solve the problem.


My old friend Thomas


"firewood" brother pay more than one hundred million


2, my business code,

when business is bad, people are always reluctant to face the reality and study their financial situation. There is no doubt that my business philosophy is conservative, and these two situations are self deceiving to me. Frankly accept their reality, face the facts, do not escape.

the days when I started my career, the way people do things may be different from what it is now. Some people defend themselves against foolish decisions and unprofessional business plans, which they find inevitable. People who say such things usually sell their goods at low prices, disrupting business plans for others in the industry. There’s another kind of people who never know what they’re doing and don’t know what their business is or what they’re doing.

soon, the company in the production process, transportation conditions, financial conditions, market development and so on have laid a solid foundation. It’s an emerging industry, and the company’s success is often questioned. We have to liquidate inventories regularly to maintain operations, but I am confident of the company.

According to the

1 new oil trade

· W · Armitage, he told me that the supply of oil can be readily depleted, demand will decline, he felt that the expansion of the plant and the expansion of business is a stupid decision. Many people have predicted that my company will suffer a crushing defeat and end up in bankruptcy.

the evening of August 10, 2015, shlf1314 announced that it would create a company called Alphabet Inc., the parent company for their own, shlf1314 founder Larry Larry Page · page and Sergei brin Sergey Brin · joy to do there was the overlord, believed to be the greatest shlf1314 company to a India the elder brother.

"firewood" salary is not high, for $652 thousand and 500, but the company gave him the 2017 implementation of the $99 million 800 thousand worth of restricted stock. In February this year, Alphabet was awarded the "restricted stock firewood" worth nearly $200 million, this is the shlf1314 CEO in the history of the largest amount of restricted shares. When Bloomberg reports describe, "firewood" will become the largest publicly listed company executives in 2015 earned.

in the first year of the shlf1314 Sandahl · nicknamed "firewood brother pichardo Iraq" this coke, because he in 2015 revenue exceeded $100 million. And he turned from a poor kid in India to shlf1314’s CEO, the most inspirational success story.

file, "firewood" income consists of 1% wage salary and 99% shares equity. The document also details the income of his various sections. As shown in the following figure.

seems that shlf1314’s decision last year to establish Alphabet, the parent company, has made the India man. The DT will take you back to your little brother India "firewood" magical experience.

from the start, we asked managers to be clear

poor children on the road to life’s peak, India

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How should a marketing website attract customers

with the quickening pace of life, more and more people have no patience for anything. Especially in the Internet this big trend, the information browsing time is gradually shortened, as a marketing type website, this is a huge challenge, how to attract customers, bring customers effectively for businesses, today we have to think about this question.

first, primary and secondary information clear

A lot of

marketing type website, why not a huge amount of customers browse, or their main location information is not accurate, the primary and secondary information is not clear, so many customers in a fuzzy state, for the loss of a lot of customers effectively, therefore, as a marketing website, must be clear their position, their characteristics are more prominent, the relationship between prioritize, so as not to make a lot of customers very confused.

second, detail handling,

The number of

marketing website is also growing, competition is more and more strong, to better attract customers, in addition to your own site strength, the details of the website if there is no deal, also make a lot of customers do not trust, after all, a site represents a state of every word and action, the enterprise presents customer.

third, color layout with

The number of

sites, representing the market competitiveness, we used in the picture or is the layout of the page, we must pay attention to the collocation of color, pay attention to the style of unity, on the place, we can use bright colors to attract customers, click, so as to achieve the sales.

fourth, text picture


to accelerate the pace of life, more and more people have more patience and documented information, many companies have found the problem, in order to meet the customer’s reading habits, we began to change the previous thinking, using words and pictures of the way, to attract consumers, we allow them to text effects, can also generate goodwill.

fifth, self promotion,

even better site, if there is no customer, and finally must be the failure of the effect. So we in the website promotion, must have a very good effect, pay attention to the website search, customer drainage characteristics, improve the site’s customer visits, actively use the old customers recommend new customers in a way that is also very good way to promote.


website attracts a lot of customers, and we focus more on customer satisfaction and demand, which is the most important.

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The low conversion rate of the counter attack sales strategy tactics

What is the

website as the most headache? Not the site does not flow, but to see a lot of traffic can not make money, it seems to be working in a bank staff, every day there were millions of money, but are not the same as their own, so increase website traffic conversion rate became a problem for many webmaster must overcome the so, many owners began to start upgrading website optimization, website user experience and so on, but after a period of time, but found the reality is so cruel! What is causing the stationmaster failure? Not work diligently, but awareness is not correct, improve the conversion rate of the object is not a flow, but the flow behind one of the the user, so the user is the key to improve psychological marketing, conversion rate.

1: personalized psychology

as the main force, network 80, 90’s personality is very clear, so these attract mainstream users, they must make their sites have different characteristics, many sites do not know the user’s psychology, in order to save money on the network Amoy some free template, but greatly weakened the personalization of the website, thus fundamentally lost much of the current mainstream users sought after, although these users occasionally because the content of your website to visit your site, but you want to let them become the users of your site will become very difficult, so as a webmaster, in the construction site, the site should be taken into account personalized, not only from the website design, but also the pursuit of personalized web content, personalized from the outside to the inside to be able to really attract the mainstream of the current Internet User.

two: the pursuit of new things, new concepts of psychological

The development of the Internet

change rapidly, when the beginning of the last century, the instant messaging QQ turned out, opened the public chat network first, and the advent of WEB2.0 era, more is to allow users to become the master of the Internet, the network has become worthy of the name sharing platform, brilliant colors, diverse cultural construction of the Internet, a a new concept, new applications and new gameplay, emerge in an endless stream, the new technology is the intersection of the current mainstream users are very concerned about, from the blog to micro-blog to WeChat, so many Internet users enjoy the pursuit of new concepts, so as a webmaster, if you are still immersed in the original broadcast operations, instead of using a distributed operation it is very difficult to make, the current mainstream users become loyal users of your site. The community website has is one of the most important applications, but maybe two years later, and there will be the emergence of new applications, and if you don’t know innovation fusion, it has been very difficult to succeed.

three: follow the trend of psychology is the constant nature of the Chinese people

is the essence of Chinese ancient times follow have, when the trend of the phenomenon of Ma Ji’s satirical sketches, and we have this age difference of nearly thirty years, but if we observe the behavior of people around us, follow the trend of the heart has not diminished, when said green beans can cure all diseases, mung bean record prices high, garlic, ginger.