quietly in December 2013, the last month of the year. This year for fresh electricity providers is a standardized and from the wilderness to the brand, platform, the story of the transformation of the year. Remember in May 11th, from the supply chain alliance China organization of the eleventh session of the Beijing logistics managers "fresh electricity supplier logistics special", brought together all the domestic fresh electricity supplier executives, Alibaba, Jingdong, SF preferred, Tootoo, excellent dish network, the original life, Chongqing agricultural products group, Tesco and other major fresh garden business executives gathered in Beijing, the depth of discussion open their mode of operation, to explore the future development ideas, opportunities and challenges of the industry…… All parties believe that this is the last one of China’s electricity supplier blue ocean, but how to make money, how to become a topic of concern.

today, when we review and summarize the 2013 fresh electricity industry structure, December 1st announced on-line since the SF preferred one of the largest expansion, normal category expansion to the country, where SF EXPRESS can reach the place will become the preferred SF service range, so SF preferably also officially became the national electricity supplier of food. This means that even if the Jingdong, shop No. 1 to distribution of the four or five line of the city, SF preferred with SF EXPRESS’s strong network penetration to seamless coverage.

this action inadvertently hinted: fresh electricity supplier in 2014, the new pattern is likely to detonate!

first, in 2013 China’s agricultural products, fresh electricity supplier policy and investment opportunities

policies and opportunities: in 2013 the country has a very important policy support for agriculture, from the beginning of the central document 1, to the year of November, the policies are beneficial to the development of agriculture. For the Third Plenary Session of the business, Liu Chuanzhi announced that all foreign high-profile Internet agriculture, the agricultural products such as millet mobile phone sold as. The investment of agricultural industry chain is not only Liu Chuanzhi, Ma this year from B2B, Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan, payment and logistics are infiltrated agriculture; Zhang Ruimin 6 billion to build the rural electricity supplier logistics market; Liu Qiangdong is on the five agricultural products exploration, is pushing the butt mode; the preferred SF Wang Wei from the start of May 2012, today has been across the board force, covering all the city.

two, inventory in 2013 China’s agricultural products, fresh electricity supplier formats

1, the platform business model:

Representatives of two typical

platform is Alibaba, SF preferred.

Alibaba is a multi-dimensional platform model, Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan and other multi-dimensional spread. This year there is an innovation, is the pre-sale pre-sale mode, American cherry, cold chain, fast air route allocation, at the end of the delivery of integrated services. The front end of the platform has been mature, back-end logistics can be said to be the future of the rookie cold chain logistics platform, is currently being built. Alibaba’s agricultural category is expected to reach 100 billion market in 2014.

Annual summary fresh electricity supplier at the moment of the mainstream gameplay and potential exp

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