type group purchase site competition fierce everyone should have heard, even for a period of time the industry reshuffle voices, which makes many personal Adsense group purchase network become jittery, always feel a little feeling we hang by a thread, as long as the party to work in another place, do not have to compete for this the focus of the industry, but for segmentation, such as moving area so you website group purchase, the pressure will be much smaller, below we summarize several methods! Tell you how successful operation of local group purchase website


: a bigger, the next line of the best online activities take into account the area, because there is a certain affinity in the local area, so the operation is very convenient, but also to cost less to obtain larger gains, which can be used to your advantage and disadvantage to others of your competition. Win nature is behoove, so we go to the place, is a very wise choice! You can greatly improve the success rate of

two: select products have characteristics, this is the biggest chip competition, what do not want to do, what they are doing well, the key is to do our characteristics, others and we have that advantage, so that people have the opportunity to compete with you, of course, appear this kind of circumstance is relatively small, but also gives us a train of thought of operation


three: business cooperation support, to know the group purchase network in addition to competition, there is a need for competition is the business, and now many business mode of operation and group purchase did not understand, when you need them to support the training, and tell them to bring a lot of profit for themselves through group purchase, 10 million don’t do a lot of love, a drain network group purchase business profits, causing businesses unwilling to cooperate with you in the future, resulting in their upstream supply problems! This is also the group purchase website taboo, do area network group purchase taboo, so foster business cooperation is very important!

four: regional group purchase network easier to find precise target in the promotion, for example, we can through the local community, as well as the forum and so on, can be popularized in the above, but also easy to find the source, but also through the forum in the form of cooperation, the effect will be better!

five: online and customers and businesses to communicate effectively, after all, is in the local well, and so the communication between the two is very easy, and customers and merchants and their website three are very easy to obtain the trust relationship, which is very important for the development of the group purchase website! Effective and timely communication is also a good way to


six: the main role in regional network group purchase is to give businesses and customers, always focus on service, this is the operation area network group purchase king, but must achieve this point will be consistent from beginning to end to merchants and customers to provide a high level of service, not only to make money, of course just to make money, and the means is to provide good service for



Several key points of the successful operation of local group buying network

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