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just opened in 2017, Baidu because Baidu chairman Robin Li’s 6000 words long internal and Baidu internal structure adjustment, once again become a hot focus in the Internet industry. However, in recent days to discuss more is the abolition of the Baidu Baidu medical department recently.

news broke through the media, the industry which quickly discuss. A party that Baidu abolition medical division means that Baidu suffered a setback in the internet medical business, will reduce the medical business investment; and the other is that Baidu will not give up the medical business, but for a position. Opinions vary, but some of them misread. Generally speaking, there are three aspects:

first Misreading: Baidu to abandon the development of medical services


a lot of people see Baidu abolition Medical Department news, you think this is a sign that Baidu abandon the development of medical services. Obviously, this is a clear misunderstanding.

first, starting from the big strategy of artificial intelligence, medical services is an important breakthrough Baidu. We know that the development of artificial intelligence technology is an important basis for large data. According to previously disclosed Baidu news, every day through the Baidu search box search volume of 6 billion passengers, 60 million passengers in search of a medical and Health Related words with diseases related to more than 15 million times a day, 3 million doctors, hospital related related 500 thousand, this is a huge amount of data. Therefore, Baidu has no reason not to find a breakthrough from here, and Robin Li hope in the Baidu medical brain is Baidu Institute of big data laboratory Baidu’s massive medical data based on the important achievements combined with artificial intelligence technology and research and development.

second, Baidu layout in the medical business for many years, not only before the formation of the Baidu medical department, set up a special technical team at Baidu Research Institute of artificial intelligence in the field of heavyweight product – Baidu medical brain, but also in recent years a lot of investment in the medical field start-up companies, including the good doctor online, 39 Health Network, Xunyiwenyao network, which proves that Baidu in the medical business of the lofty ideals and high aspirations.


Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li

in November last year at the World Conference on the Internet, Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li in Wuzhen has just published a "keynote speech" intelligent medical near the singularity, the future development of intelligent medical high hopes, and gives Baidu intelligent medical aspects of the detailed interpretation and thinking. This means that Baidu in the intelligent medical direction is clear, will not give up.

so the solution is: Baidu will not only continue to do medical treatment, and through internal structure adjustment and resource integration advantages, signs of more overweight force medical services. < >

About Baidu abolition medical department, three aspects are most likely to be misunderstood

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