first_imgBy FFWPU Cameroon: It was a bright Sunday morning, December 27th 2015 at the Cameroon’s National FFWPU Headquarters in Yaoundé- Centre region. The membership flocked in like seldom before. Many came in from the other regions and provinces of Cameroon to participate in the “Hand-over Ceremony” of the National Leadership from Mrs. Lau Asong to Rev Edwin.The Sunday Service hall was full to the extent that members stood in the hall way. Mrs. Lau Asong gave the Sunday Service by encouraging members to develop their original sincere heart. She emphasized that if we have a sincere heart, Heavenly Parent and True Parents will always show us the way in the midst of tribulations and difficulties. Mrs. Lau Asong said that the New National Leader Edwin Plekhanov is her beloved younger brother and son.Edwin Plekhanov was nurtured in his early years in the church by her husband Stephen Asong when he joined the Church in 1984 in the North of Cameroon (Garoua) later went out into the World on various public missions where he developed his heart and capabilities and became the wonderful man that he is now 21 years later he is back home with all what he got from outside. She thanked him for having accepted the mission and thanked his late wife “Sophie” in spirit World for having pushed Edwin into accepting the mission as he had given testimony of that the day before in a meeting with Cameroon leaders’ of True Parents’ organizations.Then brother “Innocent Fongoh” currently in charge of UPF – Cameroon as MC of this event explained the order of events to follow and conducted some singing and announcements. Mrs. Lau Asong and her husband; Stephen Asong, were invited to the stage to say a few words and introduce Rev Edwin Plekhanov.Mrs. Lau Asong started by giving a kiss to her husband and thanking him for supporting her in her mission for the last 13 years and beyond. She thanked all leaders, blessed families and members of Cameroon FFWPU who supported her and assisted her despite her inadequacy. Mrs. Lau also thanked her children for their support and patience in her public life. She finally apologized for what she did not accomplish, her mistakes and said that she is happy to “hand over” the leadership to someone that she thinks can do better.Mr. Stephen Asong said a few words and praised his wife for her integrity and sacrificial heart. He said that, she is the person who helps him grow spiritually and to be patient with others. He also gave testimony about the early days of Rev Edwin Plekhanov. He explained how he had noticed a great sense of justice and devotion in Edwin when he nurtured him in his early days in our church in Garoua (North of Cameroon).Soon Mrs. Asong and her husband introduced the new National Leader and their youngest daughter; Yeon-ae Asong came forward to offer flowers to the new National Leader.The MC then read the official document listing church belongings in terms of membership, finance and assets, that are had been handed over to the New National Leader. Three elders and previous National leaders were asked to come forward to sign the document. Mrs. Lau Asong (out-going National Leader) was the first to sign this document followed by Mr. Kamga Fotso Jacob; first African member to join our church in France and first National leader to Cameroon in 1982 was the first “witness” to sign the document. Then Mr. Essomba Desiré former National Leader to Cameroon from whom Mrs Lau took over also signed the document as “witness.A cheerful song was sung by the attendance and then Rev Edwin was given the stage to speak to the congregation. He was moved to tears and could hardly say a word. The members started singing again and again for a while after which he tried to speak but again was overwhelmed with tears and the singing went on accompanied by dancing. One could see both the old and the young members dancing to welcome and encourage the new leader, who so overwhelmed could not speak.Rev. Edwin said in his speech that he had left his Country 21 years ago and did not think of coming back. He had hoped to live a peaceful life taking care of his family; however, he was called by God into public life and public missions and could not refuse. Finally he was called back to Cameroon and pledges to do his best to succeed in his mission and hopefully be able to take his leave as soon as possible upon fulfilling his mission.He praised Mrs. Lau for all the hard work she did by shedding tears when saying “I take responsibility of all your failures please give me all the frustration you felt in your mission as National leader and go burden free”…. The hall was calm and attentive, concentrated on the words of the new leader and as he was speaking we could feel his sincere heart.During his speech he asked the members to rise and give respectful appreciation to Mrs. Lau and her entire family and asked all members to say “Mama Lau forgive us”. We could hear the sound of some members shedding tears while saying these words as this never happened before in any handover ceremony.To the members, Edwin Plekhanov said “Am your brother, your dad, your uncle, your Pastor and Leader so lets work together to take it from where mama Lau left it”. As he was saying this, we could see tears flowing from his eyes showing clearly that he was unable to control this outflow of emotions.Edwin Plekhanov emphasized that we will do ONLY what True Parents expect and direct us to do NOW. He said we will focus on True Mother’s directions and do ONLY that and NOTHING ELSE. That our mission and only way to save our nation is by raising successful “Heavenly Tribal Messiahs” and it will be our main activity. He went on saying, all organizations of True Parents should focus on this common goal and re-orient all their activities; conferences and seminars on this objective; Heavenly Tribal Messiah mission.He also called to the stage “Nadege Asong” (first daughter of the out-going National Leader) who got blessed in 2013 to another second generation from Ivory Coast. He said ‘’ look at my daughter. I am so proud of her. She received the blessing and recently just ate the fruit legally in front of Heavenly parent and mankind. Now she is free…’’ He did this to show how proud he was of her because some of her elder brothers and other second generations and Jacob children in Cameroon are reluctant to go the marriage blessing. He then called to the stage all second generations and Jacob children of 17 years and older and encouraged them to get the marriage blessing as soon as possible.Later on, the new National Leader talked about our responsibility towards the second generation and Jacob’s children and how we have to get them to the marriage blessing. He emphasized on it and said that we have to take responsibility when they go astray and bring them back. Saying that before we focus on bringing in new members we have to try to bring back our members; brothers and sisters who went astray because we cannot give birth to new children without raising the previous ones. He equally added that it will be like giving birth to a child, dumbing the child anywhere (thus abandoning the child) and giving birth to another one. With this example members could clearly see the importance of this move. ‘’The only way to do this, is by carrying on home church, tribal messiah activities.’’ He said.Finally, Rev. Edwin Plekhanov conducted a general prayer session with special candles that he received from Korea. He said that many miracles and spiritual interventions will be obtained when prayer is done with a sincere heart. He asked members to open their hearts and speak to Heavenly Parents and True Parents in prayer. He prayed for the nation, his mission, the members, the congregation and this went on for more than 30 minutes in sweat and tears. Some members started manifesting spiritual inspirations in shouts and thanks giving.New National Leader and members praying with candles moved to deep tears. The ceremony was concluded with a family picture and shaking of hands with the new National Leader. Most members were impressed and inspired and some said that Heavenly Parents and True Parents sent someone very special to lead the nation of Cameroon.A new breath of hope and spring for the future seems to be blowing throughout the nation in the hearts of our members.last_img

By FFWPU Cameroon It was a bright Sunday morning

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