Personal care stores

Weimaxi cosmetics is committed to the pursuit of customers in the purchase, possession and use of cosmetics and feel convenient, safe, beautiful, carefree this realm always. Help people who love their lives to complete their beautiful dreams, give them a surprise everywhere.

a, Vimarsi cosmetics

"beauty in Weimaxi" is the constant pursuit of Weimaxi cosmetics. Over the past hundred years, always adhere to the selection in the global cosmetics Weimaxi grown without environmental pollution of plants and Vegetable & Fruit as the main raw material, developed by Weimaxi top cosmetics skin research center, research and innovation of technology to extraction of plant essence and Vegetable & Fruit in skin care products. Each product is mild texture, do not add pigment, flavor and preservatives, to every consumer from the real beauty.

Personal care stores

two, the net up supplies



"the net up supplies" in the name of market positioning has exposed, the net up supplies is done to the market, Chinese most commonly used clothing, shoes and bags clean as the goal, the main clothing, shoes and bags cleaning supplies. Secondly, there is a clear brand positioning, and strive to build China’s most popular brands of consumer goods.

three, contact

ice cream

nvestment in the five most profitable industry rankings

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