can say that does not mean that some people would say, although also can say, but what they say, outspoken, so it is easy to offend others. Retail customers articulate, speak very strongly, have strong promoting effect on the sale of goods. However, language is a double-edged sword. Can let you shine, also can let you become a target for all. What the occasion to say what, say, more or less, there is a just perfect "degree", once lost the "degree", it is possible to pay the price.

some retail customers in other people’s gentle vision and enthusiasm is often unknowingly put some of the secrets of the customer also say, and sometimes is the privacy of others is not consciously exposed. To speak frankly is a virtue, but outspoken is kind of sad. Of course, not to call you to be a shrewd, but not because of outspoken and offending people, and annoying.

as the saying goes: three words to the mouth. Is to emphasize the talk as much as possible to consider the timing and occasions, to consider more than can say, how to say, but can not think of what to say, how to say how to say. Retail customers in the conversation with the customer, it is necessary to clarify what words should be said, what words say, when the export re export. Otherwise, not only can not achieve the purpose of the transaction, and even have a negative impact on their own character.

in the end what words should be said, what should not be said? Generally speaking, sincere, friendly, polite and praise, humility should talk to say. The malicious, false, demeaning, rude, aggressive, sarcastic language, you should not say. Because sincere, kind words help to improve interpersonal relationships, improve the probability of customers into the store, to some extent, is a win-win. And malicious, sarcasm or rude words, not only may cause conflict, hurt feelings, but also show their own narrow-minded, low quality.

retail customers should not argue with the customer, because if the outcome of the argument is that the other party to submit to your point of view, self-confidence is hurt, you will not buy your goods, you are a failure. If the customer gets the upper hand and beats you, it will be a rejection of your goods. To grasp the sense of propriety, can stimulate and hurt each other’s feelings, but not harsh, even humorous jokes, but also to grasp the sense of propriety.

business is actually a lot of taboo, retail customers if you want to make their own business has a good development, these taboos naturally need to pay attention to. The outspoken, outspoken, do business taboo. In the same way, different people will feel different. Therefore, in communicating with customers, must be careful to treat customers, try not to talk or less talk and commodity unrelated topic, even with the commodity unrelated topic, but also to avoid personal privacy, try not to talk about a person who is not. You know, it’s too high

Do not speak

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