first_imgThe Governor has just had a child and his wife is incredibly jealous of the attention that he gives to his son. The Governor’s brother, the Fat Prince, stages an insurrection on Easter Sunday. He kills the Governor and forces his wife to flee. In her haste, she leaves behind the child, who is found and taken care of by Grusha, a kitchen maid. Time passes as political upheaval continues. Azdak is appointed Judge and eventually he takes over the case of Grusha and the child. The Governor’s wife wants the child back while Grusha wants to keep the child, whom she has raised for the past two years and loves deeply. Matters come to a head as Azdak employs a unique strategy to resolve the situation. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The play by group Triveni, titled Gopal Ane Sayaji is a play written by Makarand Musale, to commemorate the 150th Birth Anniversary of the Maharaja Sayajirao III of the erstwhile Baroda state. Though a prince of a native state, he jealously guarded his rights and status even at the cost of annoying the British Indian Government. The play examines the crises in the life of Sayajirao, the ruler, and the conflict within him as a ruler and as a simple village man, Gopalrao. Both the central characters, Gopalrao and Sayajirao, travel through times of history, unfolding the crisis and drama with the British Raj and the social rigidity. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixAnother play Blackboard Land explores the psyche of human violence. The plot revolves around 3 people who are caught in an isolated place at the periphery of war. The place is situated near the merging borders of two states, or rather regions, which may have a common ethnic background.The dialects spoken by the characters differ from each other, which further aggravates the conflict between them to a point when the mistrust starts bordering on physical violence. This adapted presentation is an attempt to reach the depths of the human psyche through the layers of culture, religion, ethnicity and language. A play based on Brecht’s Exception and the Rule, adapted and translated into the Hindi by Shrikant Kishore, Saudagar basically speaks metaphorically of how First World countries have hollowed out the pre-existing societies under the pretence of discovery and modernisation. The Saudagar in the play is the bigger man who gets away with all the wrong-doing. With a hired guide and coolie, he sets out in search of oil to become even richer. He is unable to digest the fact that the guide and the coolie are becoming friends, and finally ends up shooting and killing the coolie.Once a wrong is committed it must be covered up, and so the plot proceeds.When: Till 15 Januarylast_img

Exception and Rules

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