first_imgAt the end of last month we learned that Square Enix has quietly been working on a new version of Dragon Quest VII that is set for release on the 3DS Best Price at Amazon early next year.Originally released as Dragon Warrior VII on the PlayStation back in 2000, the game sold over 4 million copies. Square Enix is surely hoping for a similar level of success with a re-release, and the first screenshots of the game show a lot of promise, as you can see.The lower screen on the 3DS will be used for showing maps of the area you are currently in as well as highlighting locations and objects within the world. During battles it will become your stats and options screen. The mini-games, of which there are several, are sure to make good use of the touchscreen, too.Dragon Quest VII is no small game. 100 hour playthroughs were the norm for the original, and the 3DS version should be no different. This time around though, you are going to have a much prettier game to look at as well as the option of 3D.Proof of how far along the game is in terms of being completed comes in the form of the release date. Japanese gamers will get to play it on February 7 next year. If a Western release is planned, and I’ve got no reason to think it isn’t, we should see a translated version arriving before the end of 2013. A simultaneous release with Japan would be great, but I’m not holding my breath for that.via All Games Betalast_img

Square Enix releases first Dragon Quest VII 3DS screens

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