city life rhythm is very fast, and the competitive pressure is also very large, especially for entrepreneurship, the pressure is not small. So sometimes the entrepreneurial small cities can be more attractive, but also more advantages. Now let’s take a look at what projects are suitable for small cities!

1) location: near the bus station, near the district; 2) Investment: the initial capital of 500 thousand yuan, the general location of a better store rent of about 200 thousand yuan / year, the purchase cost control in 100 thousand yuan, the best agent for cosmetics with nursing service guidance, a single brand, such as Herborist, you can avoid find purchase channels, advanced equipment and a series of complicated affairs, if you do a single, purchase could first go to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places to find sources, the first suppliers to explain the situation, each product advanced 1-2 samples, to avoid the purchase cost too much, in the varieties, daily necessities can be given into the more, such as moisturizing, cleansing and other basic health care products.

Suitable for small business projects which

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