first_imgI was one of the worst offenders.I fell back on it constantly. I abused it, misused it and frankly, treated it poorly. I just got lazy.Finally I gave it up for Lent, and because I have done so, I hope this column will be, ah, ah, ah, compelling. Or at least curious.What the heck am I talking about? Well, it’s the word we’ve all come to love. And I’ve come to hate.The word interesting.Yep. I suspect — if we thought about it a bit — we’d all agree. The word interesting is most often used as a fallback position, when we either don’t want to take a real position or are just a little too lazy to say what we really mean.And because we have so abused this word, it has really become white bread, warm milk, noncommittal. Dare I say, darn near useless.And … I … am … guilty.Let’s say, for example, you have been following The Columbian’s unscientific Web poll this week on which city councilor best represents your views. And the winner? “I have no idea who most of these people are.”My old response would have been “interesting.” Today? “Striking.”Bingo! I duly noted that I’d listened to the argument. And I could walk away feeling good that I, ah, took a stand. Unfortunately, my stand was mostly meaningless. But nonetheless, I made a contribution.last_img

Press Talk A curious column for sure

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