first_imgParker Bretby, part of Parker Hannifin, the global leader in motion control technologies, has integrated sophisticated AshGraffix software within its highly acclaimed Gamma Eye Bucket Monitor, as well as enhancing the product’s design. This latest innovation within the Gamma Eye range will give land remediation teams, including those working on mine reclamation projects, better and faster access to data on the material being excavated within the bucket of a mechanical digger.The product is designed to be used to provide a quick assessment of the bulk gamma contamination of excavated material. This is done by the driver of the mechanical digger resting the bucket containing the excavated material on the top of the Gamma Eye Bucket Monitor. The product provides a visual indication of the level of gamma contamination in the bucket within a few seconds via a traffic light system – red, amber and green, indicating the pre-determined threshold band within which the gamma contamination occurs.    With the new AshGraffix software, this gives the user faster access to the data, which can be exported in a .CSV file format and used in other applications. The software is capable of storing all the data about the sample material that has been tested and it can be quickly uploaded via USB to a PC or laptop and analysed, providing enhanced traceability. The new AshGraffix software also allows for the generation of reports in Microsoft Excel or generic spreadsheet format.In addition, the new frame design of the Gamma Eye means it is even more robust, with more steel and more welded ribs to prevent damage by mechanical equipment on site. Gary Wain, Product Manager at Parker Bretby, said: “These are major developments within the Gamma Eye Bucket Monitor, which make the technology even more appealing to land remediation companies. It is becoming increasing important for businesses to ensure that risks are minimised on remediation sites and our technology enables them to do this, whilst providing very accessible data and enhanced peace of mind.”The Gamma Eye Bucket Monitor was developed to help the land remediation industry to be able to effectively monitor bulk gamma contamination of excavated material within the bucket of a mechanical digger, whilst maximising operator safety. It offers quick throughput of material (one tonne per minute) and reduced measurement time, leading to less time spent on site and reduced reclamation costs. The Gamma Eye can easily be calibrated to test for a range of gamma contaminants. It has user selectable alarm levels and offers safe operation, as no personnel need to be close to take meter readings. It is also extremely durable and easy to transport around a site by telehandler with optional road legal trailer offered for transport to and from site.As well as offering the Gamma Eye Bucket Monitor, Parker Bretby also offers the Gamme Eye On-Belt monitor, a fully on-line system for use with conveyed loads.last_img

Parker Bretby offers quick material assessment solution for mine remediation work
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