entrepreneurial purposes do not need tall, is to make money, this is understandable. We don’t need to talk about ideals and aspirations before we realize our wealth. "I don’t think there’s any dream or wealth, even if it’s not guaranteed. So for me, the most important thing is to create wealth." – Yang Weiyang, co-founder of a company in Beijing, said.

in front of the boy is very young, 56 years old, tall, wearing black rimmed glasses, very cheerful smile. His name is Yang Weiyang, the founder of Beijing Addie l Intellectual Property Agency Co., ltd.. From the "big city" Tieling, he is very talkative, meet a short time, they began to clean up the embarrassment of the initial, and reporters chatted open.

"I was in LG HR, my partner and I was recruited into the company staff personally." When it comes to business stories, Yang Weiyang suddenly opened the chatterbox, "my partner and I was in the company when not in a department, but due to talk, so find a good personal relationship, chat in the process, we all want to independent business people, so there is a point to do what the idea of. One day, my partner to take the project to me, we hit it off."

and other entrepreneurs, Yang Weiyang’s business idea is very special. He believes that the choice of entrepreneurial projects is not so important, the key is the entrepreneurial approach. In his words "layman expert subvert many examples, so specifically what to do does not matter, the key is to see whether you have a new way of thinking, or whether they can get a profit you do well in the project."

"only cover a chapter, I will not allow customers to write a word." Yang Weiyang told reporters that in the course of business development, he is the most important sense of service.

in his business philosophy, no matter what industry, the details are very important. When choosing a partner, the price is on the one hand, but not the only one. So he attaches great importance to the training of staff awareness of service, the company is small, so if the conditions permit, he will personally training new employees, the purpose is to influence the consciousness of every employee to service his, he believes that this is more conducive to enterprise spirit of service, establish the service culture.

"the industry to sponsor

Beijing, a founder of the company pointed out that entrepreneurship is to make money

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