Rabat – Gasoline and diesel prices in Morocco during 2018 remained high until mid-December, according to Global Petrol Prices.Between October 1, 2018 and January 7, 2019, the average gasoline price per liter  in Morocco was MAD 11.05. The lowest price, MAD 10.21, was recorded on December 17 and the highest price, MAD 11.46, on October 1. However, Morocco’s average price of gasoline has been lower than the average world price of MAD 14.57 per liter during the same period. Diesel prices saw similar changes. The average diesel price was MAD 9.76 per liter. The lowest price, MAD 9.41, was recorded on December 17 and the highest, MAD 9.99, on October 1. The average world price of diesel was MAD 13.32 per liter during the same period.Gasoline and diesel prices have remained low into the first week of January. The Ministry in Charge of Public Affairs and Governance decided to implement a fuel price cap on December 12.Read Also: MAD 1.44 Billion Spent on Petroleum Exploration in Morocco in 2018The ministry’s decision came because a number of companies did not reduce fuel prices following the drop in oil prices in the international market.Morocco petrol prices among the highest in MENA regionAccording to Global Petrol Prices, Morocco, an oil importer, has much higher prices of gasoline than 13 countries in the Middle East and North Africa, largely oil-exporting countries.During the last week, Iran had the lowest gasoline price per liter in the Middle East at $0.29, followed by Kuwait ($0.34) and Qatar ($0.43). Sudan’s gasoline prices per liter are the lowest in North Africa $0.13, followed by Algeria at $0.35, Egypt ($0.43), Tunisia ($0.86), and Morocco ($1.07). Sudan has the second lowest gasoline price in the world after Venezuela ($0.08).When it comes to diesel prices, Morocco registered $0.99 per liter during the last week, a price much higher than Algeria ($0.19), Egypt (0.31), and Tunisia ($0.60).Three MENA countries, Jordan, Yemen, and Israel, all have higher gasoline prices than Morocco.Morocco also has lower gasoline prices per liter compared to the closest European countries, such as Spain ($1.33), Portugal ($1.58), and France ($1.60). The same applies for diesel prices, which cost $1.28 per liter in Spain, $1.47 in Portugal, and $1.57 in France.

Moroccos Petrol Prices 4th Highest in MENA Region
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