Rabat – “Diamantine”, a brand selling traditional Moroccan clothing, has opened a store in Beirut, Lebanon.Morocco’s ambassador to Lebanon, M’hamed Grine, took part in the inauguration ceremony, which was attended by local Lebanese celebrities.The brand has sought expansion outside of Morocco; there are currently stores  in France, Belgium, Kuwait and Qatar. Founded in 2002 by Softgroup, Diamantine offers both males and females traditional Moroccan clothes with a modern touch.Djellabas, caftans, gandouras, serouals, and selhams for both adults and children and available for purchase..The Softgroup affiliate brand markets itself as an “ambassador of Moroccan culture”.The brand says it “directly and indirectly employs thousands of craftsmen members of cooperatives operating in areas such as Fez, Sefrou and Marrakech.”It added that it seeks the valuable know-how of these artisans to make leather oriental slippers, belts, bags and other accessories used in the creation of clothing.

Moroccan Traditional Clothing Brand Diamantine Opens Store in Lebanon
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