first_imgMany small and mid-sized companies are beginning to realize that ECM isn’t just a technology that is useful for large companies. All companies, of all sizes, have files and documents that need to be secured, managed and made available in a way so that they are easy to search and retrieve when needed. ECM technology is mature and the cost of setting up an entry-level system is relatively small when compared to the value that such a system can bring.But where to start? The first step for setting up any ECM program is to identify documents and files that are of high value to the organization.– Which files are essential to the business and need to be retained and protected?– Which files are essential for day-to-day company operations?– Which files are important to keep but that are not accessed on a routine basis. These are possible candidates for archival.– Who should be able to see and access your documents? Defining security and roles is an important part of a successful solution.It is important to be able to identify classes of similar documents and with which you would want to associate similar pieces of metadata. Search functionality will let you locate documents quickly that you already know some key information about that can be used as part of your search criteria. Some thought should also be given to how to best organize documents so that they can also be browsed by category.To ensure a successful implementation, keep in mind that spending time upfront in doing analysis is essential.last_img

ECM: Where to Start?

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