first_imgWhen asked that question across a survey of more than 1000 CIOs, Those asked estimated that 25% of their total data stored was unstructured. But those estimates were off. The reality is though that more than 70% of data being stored is unstructured. Since the methods and tools for managing structured and unstructured data differ significantly, many of thos CIOs fees the need to refocus their energy on different requirements. In fact, the survey found that as few as 20.7% of companies were equipped with the right tools or were using the information management tools they do have effectively.IDC has found that the growth rate for structured data is around 21.8% annually while unstructured data is growing at 61.7% annually.Four areas that companies need to pay particular attention to include:business processes and workflowinformation discoveryinformation management policiessecurity / access controllast_img

Storage: How much of your data is unstructured?

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