is also a business, if you can master the relevant skills, entrepreneurship can naturally become a very easy thing. In order to allow more interested in the tea shop investors have a more comprehensive understanding of the industry, Xiao Bian to introduce a related survey. The survey to the Beijing Wufu tea houses, tea houses and other 80 Mingren tea houses 80 questionnaires, 73 copies.

the first step to open a teahouse – site selection is very important. At present, 38.8% of the tea house in the downtown business district of Beijing, the opening of the tea house in the upscale community, the park opened the teahouse accounted for only about 22.2% of the total number of tea shops in the park is only about 5.5%. Tea is a rich place of consumption, to be opened in the rich area, Beijing, Chaoyang District, Haidian District, Dongcheng District, a relatively large number of tea.

in the teahouse on the decoration style, 75% of the teahouse is an integrated style, most of which are equipped with a continental European style, Chinese style, Japanese style room, a comprehensive style of tea is currently the most popular style of Beijing tea house decoration.

investment in the context of state-owned enterprises accounted for 12.5% of investment, private investment accounted for 87.5%. The first purpose of state-owned enterprises to invest in tea is to serve the enterprise. Private investment, the proportion of partnership investment is slightly higher than the individual investment.

investors’ knowledge, gender and so on tea house decoration, business philosophy have a greater impact. People have always thought that the owner of the teahouse may be more women, the survey results show that the owner of the tea house accounted for 62.5% of men, women accounted for 37.5%. Most of the boss’s age is between 25 and 45, and those under the age of 24 and those over the age of 45 account for about $6.25%. Beijing teahouse owner’s overall quality is higher, with a college degree accounted for 68.75%, with a graduate degree accounted for 12.5%.

currently Beijing teahouse area, 100 – 300 square meters is the main body, accounting for 44.4%; 300 – 500 square meters accounted for more than 500 square meters accounted for more than $23.4%; and only below 100 square meters of 15.6%.

in the teahouse in terms of investment, investment of 1 million yuan in 50, the highest proportion, accounting for 58.3%; a total investment of 100 thousand yuan and 1 million yuan in the proportion of the same, both 8.3% and 10 – 300 thousand yuan; investment ratio of 16.6%.

in the current teahouse type, 75% of the tea is tea based, supplemented by other. .5% tea house is a single tea, tea, meals and tea, wine, coffee, tea houses accounted for 6.25%.

in the teahouse charges, 83.4% of the teahouse with tea water consumption, the lowest consumption and per capita consumption of tea each accounted for 8.3%.

Entrepreneurship survey how to open a teahouse

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