first_img8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts Tags:#Analysis#web Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic…center_img corvida 1 A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… The launch of the 3G iPhone is a little over a week away. With all the promotion that Apple and AT&T are getting, other carriers and mobile handset developers have been releasing touchscreen phones like crazy. From Blackberry to LG, there are tons of touchscreen handsets that will hit the market this year in order to take ground from the iPhone. However, they’re missing something very important. It’s not about the touchscreen guys, it’s mainly about the mobile apps.The Biggest Selling Point of the iPhoneThe iPhone has a ton of selling points. It sports an user interface that goes beyond anything ever seen on the Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and Palm OS’. The performance is fast! The interface is intuitive and it sports an iPod. How many people have phones with music playback capabilities, yet don’t transfer any songs to play on their phone? I’m one of those users and if you’re one too, you know you’d use the iPod that’s integrated with the iPhone with no hesitation. All in all, the iPhone is sleek, beautiful, and performs adequately. The biggest selling point though, is not necessarily the Safari browser, but the applications that have been developed to take advantage of Safari’s functionality on the iPhone.Why the Apps Make a Big DifferenceTouchscreen phones are being snapped up left and right. More than enough are already available including the LG Voyager (Verizon), Samsung Instinct (Sprint), HTC Touch (Verizon, Sprint), LG Vu (AT&T), and Samsung Glyde (Verizon). While this is great for those who may want to go against the rising tide of the iPhone, these phones will not break the iPhone’s stronghold. Why? Their browsers suck!The biggest reason most people would like an iPhone is because of the Safari browser. However, it’s not just the browser. It’s the mobile applications that are accessible via the browser. Have you seen the user interfaces for mobile apps made for the iPhone? The functionality is splendid. The design is flawless just like the iPhone. Execution these applications is in strict accordance with Apple-like standards. There are tons of mobile applications already available that don’t require you to download them. And after the WWDC, there are tons more on the way.Reaching for Something BetterWhile it’s nice to see more touchscreens on the market and phones that pick up where the iPhone natively slacks, meaning you don’t need to “jailbreak” them just to do something, they just don’t compare to what’s available for the iPhone. Sure there are more Windows Mobile applications floating around than iPhone apps, but take a look at the design and execution difference. When it comes to mobile apps, it doesn’t get any better than what the iPhone has at this point. However, I hope that mobile handset makers and carriers are striving for something better to break what is surely a monopoly that the iPhone will eventually hold on the mobile web.last_img

One of the Biggest Selling Points of the iPhone is the Mobile Apps

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