first_img9 Books That Make Perfect Gifts for Industry Ex… 5 Outdoor Activities for Beating Office Burnout 4 Keys to a Kid-Safe App Related Posts The LandscapeFairtilizer is entering a venue that is fairly competitive with a new unique sitescoming out with some frequency. This does not necessarily exclude success for this alphastartup but it does me their game and particularly their content is going to have toshine. Fuzz just came out this month, at least a dozen other similar sites already exist,and I am testing a very unique and interesting startup called VLES (or Virtual Lower East Side) that has themakings of something special. One bonus for this service is that all the tracks are fulllength with no previews or samples and I am sure Last.Fm fans will be happy to learnthis.ConclusionThere will always be room for artist oriented showcases like Fairtilizer but thebottom line of any of them will be staying afloat. Traffic and monetization being the keyelements, these sites will have to carve niches for hungry music lovers and attractartists either via their constituents or some form of enumeration.  Fairtilizer hassome stupendous new talent (and I should add some Rock Star losers too), butsimplicity and some basic tools may not cut it in the long run. In all fairness, this isa very new startup that appears to have a good vision. We will keep you updated on theirprogress; meanwhile if you can get in it is worth some time to kick back to some greattunes.J.F. Groff, CTO of Fairtilizer, graciously offered R/WW some invitations to thisalpha testing phase – so please let us know in the comments if you would like to check it out. phil butler 1center_img It’s About the MusicHonestly, a dozen sites have better atmosphere but music is about audio for most. Imust say that Fairtilizer has some killer tracks from a variety of exceptional artist froaround the globe. As an example for my tastes there are representations for virtuallyevery genre, and a few in particular took up about 2 hours of my visit. Two great vocalstandouts grabbed my attention, one being Lucky Joy who belts out lyricsala Zepplin with a song titled “On the road” that can be heardon the artist’s MySpace site.The second fine vocal artist I discovered was WalkTheTalk (Will Halliday)an Australian artist whose lyrics were not spot on, but singing the track “Draino”demonstrated a water smooth voice that can be tuned in via his web site too. Other genres arefilled with fantastic talent like Jazz/Ambient/Experimentalist TakeshiNishimoto and at least two dozen others that provided and show and a surprise forthis test pilot. Tags:#music#web The other day I tracked down another early alpha-testing startupcalled Fairtilizer, which is an online musiccommunity aspiring to define a new generation of music media. The premise behind thisstartup is that user generated music media is a threshold where online recommendations,distribution, artists and labels will pass the traditional TV, radio and print vehicles.In a not-so-new venue Fairtilizer, early on, has the key element for a successful musicstartup – some killer artists. The climate is harsh for entries into this arena butFairtilizer is just getting off the ground.New WaveP2P, MP3 and word of mouth avenues for reviewing new artists and content may providethe stimulus for a new age in the music industry according to the Fairtilizer developers,and they intend to position themselves in the gap as a conduit for excellent content.According to their “about” section people need a “trusted’ filterto capture great music, while artists want and need a real DIY amplifier to push theirmusic out of. The Fairtilzer “track centric” methodology, though not a newinnovation, does solve the pain of buying 10 terrible songs to get two great cuts.Fairtilizer, a  Geneva, Switzerland based company, was founded by Olivier Rosset aveteran of the music industry. Fairtilizer business details are not yet available as thecompany is seeking additional investors in these early stages.The MethodTracks submitted to Fairtilizer appear in the “Upcoming Section” where thetracks that get the most support make it to the Charting Section. Based on amember’s status (member, junior member or senior member) the tracks appear in abuffer zone where the community members and an Editorial Board validate the quality andthe ownership of the track. Members can see the tracks they have uploaded on their“My Tracks” page and each track is labeled with its status as it traversesthe Buffer Zone, Upcoming Section or Charting section. In short, Fairtilizer is first afilter for new artists and listeners to connect.The InterfaceFairtilizer uses a simple, clean interface that offers good navigation. The site isrelatively quick compared to some and organization is straightforward. Standard tools forany Web 2.0 offering include: an embed feature, my playlist, my tracks, ratings, myvotes, my profile and very good searchability either worldwide or localized. Searching orbrowsing on Fairtilizer is easy and though the artist submissions are not overly numerousthere is a good representation there already. Sometimes simple is just more elegant andthis is music not video man. Sharing via email, embed and RSS are options and mytracks downloaded to my iTunes player flawlessly. 12 Unique Gifts for the Hard-to-Shop-for People…last_img

Fairtilizer – New Online Music Service

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